research in the field

As a student researcher, you'll extend your knowledge beyond the classroom, taking the concepts you’ve learned in lectures and seminars and applying them to real-world situations. Research supports what you learn in the classroom and encourages deep learning.

Research also benefits you if preparing for graduate study or if you are entering the workforce. By performing research, you show that you are detail oriented and self-motivated. You can persistently see a project through from inception to completion.

As a student at UNL, you have a variety of opportunities for research. In addition to opportunities through UCARE and volunteer and paid positions on campus, you can gain confidence and experience through Research Courses and by conducting Research for Credit.

The Honors Program at UNL requires research or a creative activity as the foundation for the thesis. Find out more about requirements for the Honors thesis, including research and course requirements here.

Some departments offer honors as well. Requirements differ from department to department. Check with advisors within the particular program for information on current opportunities for departmental honors and requirements.

Research Courses

Research courses—upper-level courses designed to challenge students through applied problem-solving—introduce you to research methods. Research courses are marked by the code “rsh” in the course listings. Credit value varies from course to course; current information is listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Course offerings are diverse, from Introduction to Library Research (1 credit) to Research Methods and Data Analysis (psychology; 3 credits) to Research Proposal Development (music; 1 credit). Research courses exist for nearly every major.

Research Courses Abroad

Enrich their studies abroad through research. Contact Education Abroad to learn more about UNL-faculty-led research trips or consult with your department chair about overseas study abroad opportunities.

Research for Credit

You can also research for course credit. Most departments require permission from the department chair for a you to receive credit for research, and there are usually prerequisites that may include either specific classes or class standing as a Junior or Senior. All requirements are listed and maintained in the Undergraduate Bulletin. You can earn between 1 and 9 credits of research per semester, depending on the program and the extent of involvement.

Some programs limit the number of research credits per semester, and a limited number of credit hours earned through research may be applied to a degree. The Undergraduate Bulletin and the departmental policies have current information concerning those limits.

Departments and Colleges across campus maintain databases of opportunities. Check both the department and school websites for ongoing research projects and opportunities for undergraduate researchers.