Establishment of Chancellor's Commission on Environmental Sustainability

Purpose of the Commission

The general purpose of the Chancellor's Commission on Environmental Sustainability is to enhance environmentally responsible practices at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The Commission is to recommend to the Chancellor policies and programs that are both environmentally sound and cost-effective and promote best practices within the UNL community.


The Commission shall have two primary responsibilities:

  1. To develop and recommend to the Chancellor, and to other members of the administration where appropriate, environmentally responsible practices and policies and to communicate to the Chancellor the environmental and ecological implications of University policies and decision
  2. To develop and recommend to the Chancellor programs designed to educate the University community about environmentally and ecologically responsible practices

In exercising these responsibilities, the Commission shall consider the economic feasibility of its suggestions.

The Commission shall regularly assess campus environmental policies, solicit recommendations and advice from interested parties, and foster campus discussions of environmental and ecological issues.

Selection and Appointment of Members and Chair

Members of the Commission will be appointed by the Chancellor and, with the exception of the student members, will serve three-year terms renewable at the Chancellor's discretion. The Commission shall consist of the following:

  • Four faculty members appointed with the advice and consent of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee
  • Three students, including at least one graduate student, appointed with the advice and consent of ASUN to serve one-year terms
  • One College Dean
  • One managerial/professional employee
  • One office/service employee

In the first year, these members will elect a Chair and a Chair-elect to serve a one-year term, concurrent with the members' term on the Commission. In the second year, the Chair-elect will become the Chair and from that time forward members will elect annually a Chair-elect who will become Chair after one year. The Chair will be responsible for calling meetings, preparing the agenda and presiding at meetings. The Chair-elect will undertake these duties in the Chair's absence.

Additionally, a designee appointed by the Chancellor from each of the following units will also be members of this Commission, but will not be eligible to serve as Chair or Chair-elect or to vote:

  • Office of the Chancellor
  • Business and Finance
  • Institutional Research and Planning
  • University Housing
  • University Athletics
  • Facilities/Landscape Services


The Commission may meet on such basis as its membership determines, or at the call of either the Chancellor or the respective Chair. The Commission shall meet at least four times during the academic year.

Harvey Perlman, Chancellor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dated August, 2008