UNL offers free tutoring, mentoring, and consulting services to help you excel academically. These services are provided by undergraduate and graduate students who have excelled in the subjects and who have been trained to help support your success. Our tutors, mentors, and consultants won't do your homework for you, but they will show you how to be your own best resource. To learn more about each service and to schedule an appointment, please visit their websites.

Top Student Resources

Available Resources

Writing Assistance Center
Offers free one-on-one consulting on a wide variety of academic and creative writing projects. Consultants assist writers at every stage of the writing process from project planning and brainstorming to identifying key concepts, drafting, writing from research, revising, documenting and citing sources, and editing strategies.
Chemistry Resource Center
Offers free tutoring for undergraduate chemistry courses and a computer lab with specialized software.
Math Resource Center
Offers free assistance for undergraduate students who have questions related to any pre-calculus or calculus course offered by the Mathematics department.
Computer Science & Engineering Resource Center
Provides support and assistance with course assignments for students in science and technology majors.
Peer Mentoring Sessions
Provides study sessions by peer mentors in selected high-enrollment courses.
The Academic Success Lab by the Office of Academic Success and Intercultural Services
Provides free tutoring in the subject areas of math, physics, chemistry, and biology.
Engineering Mechanics Tutoring and Instructional Laboratory
Offers assistance in specified engineering mechanics courses.
Spanish Tutoring Center
Offers tutoring and conversation tables for students in all levels of Spanish.
Statistics Help Desk
Provides tutoring in statistics courses, assistance with SAS, and offers consulting services.
Private Tutoring and Math Lab provided by Student Support Services
Provides free tutoring in a wide-variety of courses and facilitates a drop-in Math Lab for assistance in math courses for students who meet eligibility requirements.
Academic Department Offices
If you need help in a particular subject area and don't see that services are offered, contact that department’s main office for assistance in identifying other support or an individual tutor. A tutor arranged through the department office may require payment.
Tutoring is available on campus

More Helpful Resources

Services for Students with Disabilities
Working for students with diagnosed disabilities by providing academic services and accommodations to in order to provide equal access to the University
Counseling and Psychological Services
Psychologists, social workers, counselors and psychiatrists who are available to respond to a broad spectrum of concerns and issues
Student Support Services
Offers a broad range of opportunities and services to promote the academic success of eligible college students.
Love Library
Create your own study group and reserve a room for free at Love Library. Individual study rooms, computer labs as well as a large reading room for quiet study are available.
Office of Academic Success and Intercultural Services
Offers academic, social and intercultural programming for all students with an emphasis on meeting the needs of ethnic minority students.