UNL News Releases 12/20/02

1,300 to Receive Degrees at Dec. 21 UNL Commencement

Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 20, 2002 -- Approximately 1,300 students are scheduled to receive degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in commencement exercises beginning at 9:30 a.m. Dec. 21 at the Bob Devaney Sports Center.

Harold Andersen, retired publisher and chief executive officer of the Omaha World-Herald Co., will give the address. Marian Battey Andersen of Omaha will receive an honorary doctor of humane letters degree.

Chancellor Harvey Perlman will preside over the ceremony.

The graduates hail from 34 states and 37 countries.

A list of graduates follows. Information includes the graduate's name, college, degree and any applicable honors (degree with distinction, high distinction or highest distinction, and University Honors Program). Students who studied on the UNL campus but will received degrees from University of Nebraska Medical Center or University of Nebraska at Omaha programs are indicated in parentheses (UNMC or UNO).


Adams: Ginger Ivy Jo Wingate, B.S. in biological systems engineering.
Ainsworth: Bradley Dean Adcock, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Stacy Dawn Vogelsang, bachelor of music.
Albion: Jonathan David Mohr, master of community and regional planning.
Alliance: Brian N. Davis, B.S. in business administration; Jennifer Ann Faber, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Ginger Rose George, bachelor of science; Holly Marie Herian, bachelor of journalism; Courtney Dawn Morehead, bachelor of arts; Geoffrey Dean Reno, bachelor of journalism; Anthony William Rischling, bachelor of music in education.
Alma: Michael Robert Montgomery, certificate of specialization in educational administration and supervision.
Amherst: Joni Lyn Bosshamer, B.S. in human resources and family sciences with distinction.
Arapahoe: Kristal Kay Brabec, master of education; Andrew Wade Thompson, B.S. in mechanical engineering.
Arlington: Michael Paul Fuchs, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Bradly Gene Soll, bachelor of science.
Arnold: Matthew Dean Coleman, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Ashland: Eva Brook Carson, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Jennifer Lynn Hanson, bachelor of arts; Christopher Duane Jacobs, B.S. in business administration; Brian Andrew Keiser, bachelor of arts.
Atkinson: Brian James Buller, B.S. in agricultural sciences with highest distinction; Amber Marie Kennedy, B.S. in business administration; Kevin Raymond Ogden, B.S. in education; Alan D. Wedige, B.S. in construction management.
Auburn: Julie Lynn Dierberger, bachelor of arts; Eric Thomas Fulton, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Christopher Steven Kelsay, B.S. in business administration; Emily Rose Moran, bachelor of journalism; Michael Scott Ramsey, B.S. in business administration; Andrew James Rikli, master of education; Alicia Marie Schizas, B.S. in chemical engineering; Nicholas Allen Shaw, B.S. in business administration; Heather Gail Swanson, bachelor of journalism.
Aurora: Trevor Russell Bair, B.S. in business administration.
Axtell: Andrew Michael Phillips, B.S. in civil engineering; Matthew Scott Wells, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Bayard: Hollie Nicole Gonzales, bachelor of arts.
Beatrice: Shawn Anthony Ayotte, B.S. in business administration; Justin Allan Cramer, bachelor of science with high distinction; Angela Dawn Mittan, master of arts; Robin Marie Nedley, B.S. in nursing with high distinction (UNMC); Patty Kay Roschewski, doctor of philosophy; Jeanine May Shepherd, B.S. in education; Amber Renee Steffen, B.S. in business administration; Megan Marie Weyer, B.S. in education; Kevin Michael Williams, B.S. in mechanical engineering.
Beaver Crossing: Michael James Wichman, master of business administration.
Belden: Sherri Lyn Biernbaum, B.S. in business administration.
Bellevue: Justin DuPree Cermak, B.S. in biological systems engineering; Robert William Cook, B.S. in business administration; Krista J. Evans, B.S. in biological systems engineering; Joshua Judd Fite, master of business administration; Eric Matthew Freier, bachelor of science; Paula Marie Jakopovic, B.S. in education with distinction; Scott Alexander Moore, bachelor of arts.
Bellwood: Jillian Ann Hough, B.S. in business administration; Anthony Richard Kobza, B.S. in business administration.
Benedict: Brad Alan Nelson, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Benkelman: Monica Kaye Miller, master of arts; Monica Kaye Miller, juris doctor.
Bennet: Randi Renee Coakley, B.S. in industrial engineering; Sara Lorene Kuhlman, bachelor of arts with distinction; Sara Lorene Kuhlman, B.S. in business administration with high distinction.
Bennington: Jared Christopher Heald, B.S. in electrical engineering.
Bertrand: Greg Allen Barnes, doctor of education; Jeremy Philip Lavene, juris doctor with distinction.
Bladen: Jennifer Ann Larrick, B.S. in nursing with high distinction (UNMC).
Blair: Gretchen Suzanne Anderson, bachelor of arts; Jon Andrew Buller, bachelor of arts; Michael Joseph Fanoele, bachelor of arts; Elizabeth Ann Hansen, bachelor of arts; Leigh Michelle Havekost, B.S. in business administration; Lindsay Rae Heard, B.S. in education; Jessica Ann Larsen, bachelor of arts; Erin Maree Wachter, bachelor of arts.
Bloomfield: Megan Opal Bargman, B.S. in business administration; Jeffrey Bryan Hanson, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Blue Hill: Erik Edward Burken, B.S. in agricultural sciences; John Marvin Price, B.S. in business administration.
Brainard: Carissa Marie Reinsch, B.S. in business administration with distinction.
Bruno: Kristin Kate Chmelka, B.S. in education.
Burwell: Philip Wade Simpson, master of science; Vickie Jean Zulkoski, B.S. in education.
Cairo: Gary Alan Eggers, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Callaway: Aimee Lynn Anderson, B.S. in education; Paul Stephen Phelps, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Cambridge: Staci Jo Trumble, B.S. in business administration.
Cedar Bluffs: James Leonard Nosbish II, bachelor of journalism; Erin Jo Pallas, B.S. in business administration.
Cedar Rapids: Jackie Lynn Langan, bachelor of arts.
Central City: Sara Sabrina Blodgett, master of science; Brady Lee Clayton, B.S. in computer engineering; Benjamin Joseph Galatzan, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Rebecca K. Kaiser, bachelor of arts; Anne Lindquist Larson, B.S. in business administration; Mick Thomas Rodysill, B.S. in education; Nora Kay Vetter, bachelor of journalism.
Chadron: Kenette Wynne Harford, master of arts.
Chambers: Kerrie Ellen Hoffman, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO).
Chappell: Gale Leigh Paulsen, B.S. in mechanical engineering.
Clarkson: Michael John Podany, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Clatonia: James Ryan Janda, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Clay Center: Abigail Anne Miller, bachelor of arts; Julie Ann Senff, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Clearwater: Dana Robert Kester, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Coleridge: Peter Ernest Brummels, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Kendra Alison Papenhausen, B.S. in business administration.
Columbus: Todd Charles Arasmith, B.S. in education; Mollie Ann Botsch, bachelor of arts; Matthew James Buggi, B.S. in construction management; Adam Lee Cieloha, bachelor of journalism; Kristina Ann Denison, B.S. in business administration; Michael Andrew Dierks, B.S. in electrical engineering; Phillip A. Dobesh, B.S. in natural resources; Angela Sue Duran, B.S. in human resources and family sciences with distinction; Erik Ryan Hash, master of business administration; Amy Lynn Hassebrook, master of professional accountancy; Lisa C. Kaslon, master of science; Melanie Rachael Kluever, bachelor of journalism with high distinction; Jesse Daniel Kuhlen, B.S. in civil engineering; Sarah Mae Menke, bachelor of arts; Mark William Otte, B.S. in civil engineering; Ryan Lawrence Pavel, B.S. in business administration; Lisa Marie Pfeiffer, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Cindy Vicky Rinkol, B.S. in education; Kevin Jerome Sypal, B.S. in business administration; Kyle Daniel Tillinghast, B.S. in chemical engineering; Evan James Trofholz, B.S. in business administration; Paula Renee Veal, bachelor of arts with distinction; Eric Scott Wortman, B.S. in business administration.
Cook: Andrew Keith Wellensiek, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Cordova: Shandra Lea Krasser, bachelor of arts.
Cortland: Craig Clinton Fix, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Cozad: Adam Wayne Brockmeier, B.S. in education.
Crete: Nicholas John Brethouwer, B.S. in business administration; Michael Joseph Brhel, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Amy Catherine Wettstead, bachelor of arts with high distinction.
Crofton: Ann Elizabeth Cain, B.S. in education; Erin Lynn Goeden, B.S. in business administration.
Dakota City: Kally Rose Malcom, bachelor of arts; Gary Lee Riibe, B.S. in electrical engineering; Jennifer Lee Rose, B.S. in business administration.
Davey: Emily Elisabeth Hornung, master of education.
David City: Gabe Richard Bathen, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Mandy Marie Thomas, B.S. in business administration.
Daykin: Erin Marie Blobaum, B.S. in business administration; Tami Jean Sobotka, bachelor of arts.
Deshler: Carrie Jean Wilbeck, bachelor of arts.
Dodge: Mark Brandon Pojar, master of business administration; John Michael Rolf, B.S. in business administration.
Doniphan: Kristal Joy L. Stoner, master of science.
Dorchester: Brian Jay Bergmeyer, B.S. in business administration; William Robert Wolesensky, doctor of philosophy.
Duncan: Annie Elizabeth Slusarski, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Elgin: Jeffrey Robert Henn, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Elkhorn: Stephen Michael Bills, bachelor of arts; Joshua John Brummels, B.S. in construction management; Mark David Gragert, B.S. in electrical engineering with distinction; Christina Marie Junior-Hanson, bachelor of arts; Robbyn Dawn Nelson, master of science; Cathy Kaye Olson, B.S. in education; Maureen Megan Quinn, B.S. in education; Stephanie Autumn Taylor, bachelor of fine arts.
Elm Creek: Jennifer Anne Burkey, bachelor of arts.
Elmwood: John Herman Dankleff, bachelor of fine arts; Mollie Ann DeBrie, bachelor of arts with highest distinction; Mollie Ann DeBrie, B.S. in business administration with highest distinction.
Elsie: Nicholas James Hanson, master of professional accountancy.
Emerson: Nicholas R. Henderson, B.S. in construction management.
Ericson: Jo Ann Castor, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Christopher George Waddle, juris doctor.
Eustis: Alisa Christine Maurer, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.
Exeter: Ashley Robann Richter Gloystein, bachelor of journalism; Robert Wayne Michl, certificate of specialization in educational administration and supervision.
Fairbury: Lisa Marie Davis, B.S. in business administration; Nathan Richard Hoppe, bachelor of arts.
Fairfield: Jennifer Ann Voorhees, master of professional accountancy.
Falls City: Angela Kaye Bryan, bachelor of arts; Christopher Chapman Halbert, juris doctor; Rachel Ann Lemerond, B.S. in education; Samantha A. Merz, bachelor of journalism.
Firth: Jess Edward Baker, B.S. in business administration.
Fremont: Jordan W. J. Bowers, bachelor of science; Jason Paul Carlson, B.S. in business administration with high distinction; Wesley James Cody, bachelor of arts; Donald Fredrick Cunningham, certificate of specialization in educational administration and supervision; Randall Everette Laughridge, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Lisa A. Lux, bachelor of arts; Angela Kaye Pannier, master of science; Tyler Nicholas Pannier, B.S. in computer engineering with distinction; Gina Rae Peshek, bachelor of arts; Amy Jean Rohrberg, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Brian A. Stork, B.S. in business administration; Holly Kay Voss, master of science; Jeremy Douglas Warren, B.S. in business administration.
Friend: Robert Kenneth Drake, Jr., B.S. in mechanical engineering.
Fullerton: Michael James Richardson, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Garland: Christina Marie Payne, B.S. in education.
Geneva: Matthew William Domeier, B.S. in electrical engineering.
Genoa: Cherri A. Carlson, B.S. in business administration; Nancy Floy Carlson, master of arts; Sara J. Francis, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Lori Ann Swantek, B.S. in education.
Gering: Whitney Leigh-Anne Browne, bachelor of journalism; Jeremy James Franke, B.S. in electrical engineering; Rebecca Bea Gibbs, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); John Robert Schlothauer, B.S. in business administration.
Gibbon: Stephen S. King, doctor of education; Jennifer Ann Sinclair, bachelor of journalism; Amy Michele Williams, master of business administration.
Glenvil: Brenda Kay Nejezchleb, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.
Gothenburg: Haley Kriston Bartlett, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Grand Island: Teresa Elizabeth Blanchard, B.S. in business administration; Paul E. Crittenden, doctor of philosophy; Cynthia Renee Dobbins, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Ashlei Ann Good, bachelor of arts; Meghan F. Hemmingsen, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Kelli Jean Jensen, master of secondary teaching; Melanie Michelle Kershaw, B.S. in business administration; Malay B. Khammaly, B.S. in business administration; Landon J. McCormick, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Thomas Paul Morris, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Tracey Marie Orsburn, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Brandon Darrell Penas, B.S. in education; Heather Lanell Poore, B.S. in education; Amy Elaine Stevens, B.S. in construction management; Shawn Michael Sweley, juris doctor; Nick Tasich, B.S. in education; Kylie Rae Unger, B.S. in business administration; William H. Westering, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Grant: Daniel Keith Swan, master of professional accountancy.
Greeley: Ken Eugene Harvey, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Gretna: Stephen Gerard Heinauer, B.S. in education; Erik Dennis Mattes, B.S. in business administration; Chad N. Wohlers, B.S. in business administration.
Hardy: Luke Howard Miller, B.S. in mechanical engineering.
Hartington: Trisha Marie Kuchta, B.S. in business administration; Michael Timothy Weier, B.S. in business administration.
Harvard: Nicholas Gene Anderson, B.S. in business administration; Shane Lawrence Koehler, B.S. in business administration; Vincent Lee Koehler, B.S. in business administration.
Hastings: Melissa Dawn Anderson, B.S. in civil engineering; Amy Beth Bydalek, B.S. in natural resources; David Dean Clausing, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Troy Erik Coler, B.S. in agricultural sciences; George Samuel Krueger, bachelor of science; Karissa JoLynn Kumke, bachelor of arts; Seth Michael Porter, B.S. in business administration; Jessica Rene Schroer, B.S. in education; Angela Kristine Schultz, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Julie Kristin Tork, bachelor of arts; Denise Erin Wegener, bachelor of journalism; Angela L. Williams, master of arts; Jennifer Marie Wolfe, master of arts.
Hebron: Jeffrey Scot Ehlers, B.S. in electrical engineering; David Andrew McKenzie, bachelor of arts.
Hershey: Laura Jane Colvin, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Travis Jay Ehlers, B.S. in business administration; Victor Adam Martinez, B.S. in business administration.
Hickman: Sophia Joy Yelkin, B.S. in education.
Holdrege: Cody Stephen Benjamin, B.S. in construction management; Jared Lynn Burkholder, master of arts; Amy E. Eisenhauer, B.S. in education; Jeffrey Lee Moon, master of arts; Justin L. Trompke, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Homer: Ryan Lee Baker, B.S. in agricultural engineering; Ned Warren Hummel, master of science.
Hooper: Jennifer Velleria Riibe, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.
Howells: Becky S. Prusa, B.S. in business administration with distinction.
Humboldt: Mark Rahmat Abraham, B.S. in business administration.
Humphrey: Lori Verleen Preister, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Imperial: Lance Owen Kuenning, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Michelle M. Rigel, B.S. in electrical engineering; Brenda Jo Sanchez, master of arts.
Indianola: Amanda Sue Jeffrey, bachelor of journalism.
Johnson: Joseph Michael Casey, B.S. in business administration.
Juniata: Brandon J. Katzberg, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Kearney: Mike David Beshore, master of science; Scott E. Dicke, master of community and regional planning; Isaac Matthew Eckert, B.S. in business administration with high distinction; Amy Marie Ibsen, bachelor of arts; Kerri Sue Janzen, bachelor of arts; Thomas Ivan Loschen, B.S. in computer engineering; Clayton Dallas Mead, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Colin Andrew Mues, B.S. in business administration with distinction; Laura Ellen Peterson, B.S. in business administration with distinction; Leif Erik Sidwell, bachelor of arts; Marcus Theodore Witter, bachelor of arts.
Kenesaw: Eric John Augustin, B.S. in business administration.
Kimball: Robert Thomas Kelley, B.S. in civil engineering.
Lamar: Jason Michael Kunkel, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Laurel: Megan Melissa Adkins, B.S. in education with distinction; Andrew Marlin Bose, B.S. in business administration; Andrea Nichol Ebmeier, master of science; Katherine Annalisa Monson, bachelor of science with high distinction; Jason Bradly Penlerick, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Mitchell Francis Smith, B.S. in business administration.
LaVista: Lisa Marie Fisher, bachelor of arts; Scott Richard Hoyt, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Michelle Marie Lashinski, master of professional accountancy; Christopher Michael Moran, bachelor of science; Anthony Michael Susa, doctor of philosophy.
Lawrence: Jeffrey David Hlavac, B.S. in electrical engineering; Amanda Sue Lemke, B.S. in education.
Leigh: Sommer Lee Jindra, bachelor of arts.
Lexington: Rebecca Rose Broshears, B.S. in business administration; Bradley James Carpenter, bachelor of science; Matthew Joseph Maloley, B.S. in business administration; Bryce David Martin, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Liberty: Holly Renee McGuire, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.
Lincoln (A-C): Mansour Abdoli, master of science; Timothy Richard Acklin, master of community and regional planning; Lori Ann Adams, B.S. in education; Abdullah Al-Alawy, bachelor of science; Soleman Mohamed Al-Otayk, doctor of philosophy; Sarah Ann Armes, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Tabitha Lorraine Athey, B.S. in business administration; Mamta Bajaj, bachelor of science; Don Mark Baldridge, bachelor of arts; Nicholas Andrew Barber, B.S. in biological systems engineering; Bradley Scott Barker, doctor of philosophy; Jennifer Theresa Behrens, B.S. in education with distinction; Katrina Theresa Beil, B.S. in education; Sarah Anne Bills, B.S. in business administration; Ahmet Binerer, B.S. in business administration; Edward K. Blagogee, master of science; Scott P. Blomberg, B.S. in education; J.D. Bogdon, B.S. in business administration; Nichole Suzanne Bogen, juris doctor; Heather Lin Bohling, B.S. in education; John Todd Bohling, B.S. in education; Sarah Paige Bowhay, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Jennifer Lynn Brabec, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Joshua J. Brabec, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Rebecca A. Branting, B.S. in business administration; Kelly Robert Brink, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Andrew Phillip Broer, bachelor of arts; Scott Thomas Brown, B.S. in business administration; Patrick Alan Buck, master of arts; Mark Edwin Buhrdorf, bachelor of arts; Trevor Duaine Bullock, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Scott Ronald Burklund, B.S. in business administration; Kristin Katrina Calinger, bachelor of arts; Seth Paul Chambers, bachelor of fine arts; Alicia Anne Chmelka, bachelor of science; Chi Young Cho, juris doctor; Jason Paul Christianson, B.S. in education; Peter Lowell Clark II, master of science; Sarah Marie Claus, bachelor of journalism; Kimberly T. Clements, bachelor of arts; Emily Suzanne Coker, B.S. in education; Kia L. Hulvershorn Colborn, B.S. in education; John Thorp Connor III, master of arts; Heather Leigh Conway, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Aaron K. Cotter, master of business administration; Lelia M. Coyne, master of secondary teaching; Sharity Kay Czolgos, B.S. in education.
Lincoln (D-G): William Arthur Dabbert, bachelor of science with distinction; Jerod Thomas Dahlgren, bachelor of journalism; Teyona Raeann Damon, bachelor of arts; Teyona Raeann Damon, bachelor of science; Mary Ellen Dawson, bachelor of arts with distinction; Erica Lynn DeFrain, bachelor of arts; Jay M. DeGraw, master of secondary teaching; Courtney Ann Demeter, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Amy Lee DeWild, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Desislava Dimitrova, B.S. in business administration; Robert Scott Dinh, B.S. in industrial engineering; Omar Eid Dirani, master of engineering; Pamela Jean Edwards, master of business administration; Brian David Egr, B.S. in construction management; Emily Irene Eisenhauer, bachelor of arts; Lindsey Ellis, bachelor of arts; Aaron E. Epps, bachelor of science; Aaron E. Epps, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Kathryn Perry Erickson, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Megan Leigh Erwin, B.S. in education with distinction; Megan Paige Euler, B.S. in construction management; Holly Miranda Feese, bachelor of arts; Ryan R. Forry, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Jeremy Wayne Fox, B.S. in business administration; Russell James Francis, bachelor of science; Chad Calan Francisco, B.S. in business administration; Kenneth Narayan French, master of arts; Andrea Lynn Fullerton, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Kellie Ann Galusha, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Benjamin D. Gessford, bachelor of science; Connie L. Gibb, master of science; Ian G. Gibson, bachelor of journalism; Justin Dallas Gill, B.S. in business administration with highest distinction; Matthew Scott Glenn, B.S. in business administration; Susan Nicole Gondolfi, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Jeffrey Scott Granberg-Rademacker, doctor of philosophy; Jennifer Ann Grant, bachelor of arts with high distinction; Terry Lee Green, B.S. in industrial engineering; Patrick John Grosserode, B.S. in business administration; Jennifer Ann Gutierrez, master of arts.
Lincoln (H-J): Jason Allan Haake, B.S. in business administration; David Ho-Jin Hahn, bachelor of arts; Stewart Robert Hakenewerth, B.S. in business administration; Maggie Dale Hall, bachelor of arts; Michael Robert Hansen, B.S. in education; Christy J. Hargesheimer, doctor of philosophy; Benjamin Ross Harry, B.S. in electrical engineering with distinction; Wendy Marie Hartung, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Melissa Marie Hauck, B.S. in business administration; Ling Ling He, master of music; Gavin A. Healey, bachelor of arts; Nancy Jean Heithoff, master of secondary teaching; Stacy Ann Henn, B.S. in business administration; Andrew Arthur Herman, B.S. in natural resources; Jason Elmer Herr, master of science; Lynne Renee McKnight Herr, doctor of philosophy; Philip John Hiemer, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Jenifer Lyn Highstreet, master of education; Jennifer Ann Hilligas, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Ryon William Hitzeman, B.S. in business administration; Paula Catherine Ortiz Hoage, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Lori Ann Hoagland, master of science; Patricia Rose Hoffman, doctor of philosophy; Chad McGregor Houk, bachelor of music; Christine Denise Huff, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Ryan Robert Huff, master of science; Kevin Alan Hunt, B.S. in business administration; Kyle Kenneth Hunt, bachelor of arts; Justin Eric Hyde, bachelor of arts; Karen Jo Hywood Potter, master of science; Bryce Michael Jakub, B.S. in business administration; Justin Wade Jakub, master of science; Judith D. James, master of arts; Kimberly Michelle Janssen, bachelor of arts; Carrie L. Jarzynka, master of arts; Benjamin Ronald Javorsky, bachelor of arts; Jami Nicole Johnson, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Jeffrey Scott Johnson, master of business administration; Marcella V. Johnson, bachelor of arts; Pamela Irene Johnson, B.S. in business administration.
Lincoln (K-M): Jessica Duncan Kennedy, master of arts; Daniel A. King, master of arts; Kirsten Evangeline King, master of science; John Paul Klem, B.S. in business administration; Michelle Nichole Kloefkorn, master of secondary teaching; David Robert Koesters, bachelor of arts; David Robert Koesters, bachelor of journalism; Tina Nicole Kopf, B.S. in business administration; Heather Marie Kramer, B.S. in education; Ryan John Krull, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Gina Darice Kruml, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Gregory Kryukov, doctor of philosophy; Shannon Briana Kuehn, bachelor of arts; Maggi Anne Lambert, B.S. in education; Vitali V. Lapko, B.S. in business administration with distinction; Nichole J. LaPorta, B.S. in business administration; Kathryn Eileen Lau, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Frankie Calvin Lee, master of business administration; Nathan John LeFeber, bachelor of music in education; Carol J. Leonhardt, master of education; Tracy Janelle Lines, master of professional accountancy; Carrie A. Littlewood, B.S. in natural resources; Michael Forrest Loos, bachelor of arts; Jennifer Dawn Luettel Schweer, master of arts; Trang Minh Luu, B.S. in business administration; Oleg Romanovich Lys, B.S. in business administration; Timothy Mahaffey, bachelor of arts; Elaine Rose Malone, master of education; Tara Dawn Mariska, B.S. in education; Dennis Ray Martin, certificate of specialization in educational administration and supervision; Melissa Erica Martinez, B.S. in design; Matthew John Masters, B.S. in construction management; Krystyn Olga Matczyszyn, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Amy Diane McCracken, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Tad R. McDowell, master of community and regional planning; Jon Michael McGrew, B.S. in business administration; Valerie Rose McHargue, B.S. in criminal justice cum laude (UNO); William John McNeill, B.S. in business administration; Shannon Elizabeth Meister, bachelor of arts; Jennifer Lynnelle Mertz, bachelor of arts; Devon James Miller, bachelor of journalism; Erin Jean Miller, bachelor of arts; Elizabeth A. Moorhouse, B.S. in business administration with highest distinction; Amy Elizabeth Morgan, B.S. in business administration; Nathan Alan Morrill, B.S. in business administration; Kyle O'shea Morrow, B.S. in business administration; Samuel Henry Myhre, bachelor of arts.
Lincoln (N-R): Pedram Nabegh, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Jeffrey John Nekola, B.S. in business administration; Anne Nichole Neumayer, B.S. in education; Kathryn Elaine Newby, bachelor of arts; Erin Yen Nguyen, bachelor of science; Toan Tri Nguyen, B.S. in computer engineering; Tammy Lynn Nyhof, bachelor of journalism; Heidi Beth O'Connell, bachelor of arts; Kelley Ann Oligmueller-Rodaway, bachelor of arts; Janelle M. Olson, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Joyce Ann Pacula-George, B.S. in business administration; Justin J. Panasiuk, B.S. in business administration; Dustin Lee Paul, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Jon Jarrod Pearl, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Erik Duane Pearson, bachelor of science; Gary Wayne Perry, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Michael Dennis Pflueger, Jr., B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Tamyra Leigh Pickering, doctor of education; Alyssa Camille Pilus, bachelor of science; Christopher W. Podeschi, doctor of philosophy; Brittani Leigh Potadle, B.S. in education; Hilary Abigail Raikes, master of arts; Cameya Luciana-G. Ramirez, bachelor of arts; DeLana Lugarda-G. Ramirez, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Kimberly Ann Stewart Rathe, master of education; Jeffrey Charles Rawson, bachelor of science; Margaret A. Rehm, bachelor of arts; Andrew Ryan Ripley, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Nathan Paul Ritterbush, master of secondary teaching; Joseph Jan Roberts, B.S. in business administration; Linda L. Robison, master of music; Jamie Michelle Rogers, master of professional accountancy; Janelle Susann Turek Rokke, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Carolyn Teresa Rose, bachelor of journalism; Josh E. Rosenberger, bachelor of arts; Nathan Clark Rosenstock, master of science; Amy E. Roux, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.
Lincoln (S): Rhiannon Rose Sanford, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); James Mark Sanks, master of community and regional planning; Wayne A. Schaber, master of arts; Patrick Robert Schafer, B.S. in business administration; Laura Marie Scherbak, B.S. in education; Jamie Marie Schiffbauer, bachelor of arts; Diana Maria Schlesselman, master of arts; Chad Michael Schmidt, bachelor of arts; Natalie Nicole Schmitz, B.S. in business administration; Mikhaila Marie Schneider, bachelor of arts with distinction; Joshua Edward Schroeder, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Michael James Schwab, bachelor of arts; Tania Renee Sercl, bachelor of arts; Stephanie J. Sessler, B.S. in business administration; Barbara Sue Shamburg, master of arts; John Paul Shandera, bachelor of science; Angela Elizabeth Shupe, bachelor of arts; Hong Shen, master of science; Kacy Lynn Siemsen, bachelor of arts; Karen Michelle Simms, B.S. in human resources and family sciences with distinction; Jesse James Sire, B.S. in civil engineering; Patrick Gene Sittner, B.S. in business administration; Julie M. Sizemore, B.S. in business administration; Amy M. Smith, master of business administration; Natasha J. Smith, bachelor of arts; Nicholas Jacob Snyder, bachelor of science; Leah Kristin Sorensen Hayes, master of arts; Rachel Lynn Spiry, bachelor of science with high distinction; Amanda Helene Stark, bachelor of arts; Joel Andrew Stauffer, bachelor of journalism; Tracy Lynn Steinkruger, B.S. in natural resources; Kimberly S. Stork, bachelor of journalism; Jayne E. Stratton, doctor of philosophy; Michelle Christine Stroh, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Benjamin Scott Stromberg, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Timothy John Suhr, bachelor of science; Patricia Ann Sullivan, bachelor of arts; Jeremy S. Sutton, bachelor of arts; Jennifer J. Svoboda, B.S. in natural resources.
Lincoln (T-Z): Nicholas Wayne Tarlowski, bachelor of arts; Julie Carolyn Thai, bachelor of arts; Michael Jon Thilges, bachelor of arts; William Glen Thomas, bachelor of arts; Bethany Lee Throener, master of arts; Talia Marie Tieso, bachelor of arts; Hoainam Nguyen Tran, bachelor of science with distinction; Ryan E. Trausch, B.S. in business administration; Rhonda Shereen Tucker, bachelor of arts; Anne Elizabeth Ullstrom, bachelor of arts; Angela Lynn Valverde, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Hang Nhu Van, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Linsey Seale Venhaus, B.S. in business administration; Jason Lee Vincent, B.S. in business administration; Albert Gene Ward, bachelor of science; Jennifer Jo Watson, bachelor of arts; Amy LaRayne Weatherman, bachelor of fine arts; Xiaoping Wen, master of science; Alexander Todd Wendt, master of architecture; Brian Thomas Wertz, B.S. in electrical engineering; Bruce S. Wertz, B.S. in civil engineering; Handoko Widjojo, bachelor of science; Christopher Daniel Wiebke, bachelor of arts; Joni Dawn Wiedrich, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Justin Alan Willey, bachelor of arts; Theresa Anne Wilson, B.S. in education; Leah Jene Wolf, B.S. in education with distinction; Katherine Melissa Wolfe, bachelor of journalism; Richard McCollister Wood, bachelor of arts; Jais Michael Woolf, B.S. in business administration; Conly Steven Wythers, B.S. in business administration; Guohua Xia, doctor of philosophy; Jamie Lynn Yeager, bachelor of journalism; Joan P. Youngquist, master of arts; Kathy Burns Zanner, master of science; Jacob Michael Zoucha, B.S. in business administration.
Lindsay: Lee J. Reichmuth, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Louisville: Justin John Barnes, B.S. in education; Brent Randall Jensen, bachelor of journalism; Gary Andrew Mixan, bachelor of arts; Terim Lynn Richards, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Loup City: McLain Joseph Dorsey, bachelor of journalism.
Lyons: Ross Anthony Bacon, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Kara Daye Heideman, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Molly Ann McKenzie, B.S. in business administration.
Macy: Tracey Roxanne Nowland, B.S. in education.
Madison: Daniel Robert Gillis, B.S. in design.
Malcolm: Laura Marie Schmidt Wiese, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Malmo: Jonathan P. Speichinger, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Marquette: Jerrid D. Christenson, bachelor of science.
McCook: Bianca Rose Gonzales, B.S. in business administration; Joshua David Mihm, bachelor of science; Travis Anthony Porter, B.S. in natural resources; Korinne Nicole Riley, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
McCool Junction: Elizabeth Renee Real, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Mead: Christopher Rand Gustafson, B.S. in agricultural sciences with high distinction; Aaron Roland Nelson, B.S. in natural resources; Casey Lynn Reid, B.S. in business administration.
Merna: Timothy Edward Bartak, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Milford: Ascha Jo Armstrong, B.S. in education; Joseph R. Mardenborough, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Tiffany Jo Troyer, B.S. in education.
Mills: Alicia Jo Bammerlin, B.S. in education.
Minden: Trent A. Amstuz, B.S. in business administration; Abbi Marie Dorn, B.S. in biological systems engineering; Emily Jo Jorgensen, B.S. in business administration; Lindsay Ann Larson, B.S. in business administration; Nathan Andrew Palmer, bachelor of science with high distinction.
Mitchell: Matthew Earl Gompert, B.S. in mechanical engineering.
Murdock: Amber Dawn Henk, bachelor of arts; Stacia Marie Miller, B.S. in business administration with highest distinction; Jill Elizabeth Petersen, master of education; Perry Roy Read, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Murray: Sarah Michelle Oviatt, bachelor of arts.
Nebraska City: Courtney Michelle Dunbar, master of community and regional planning; Patricia Marie Grundman, bachelor of science with high distinction; Amy Lynn Jeanneret, B.S. in business administration.
Nehawka: Michelle Ann Snyder, bachelor of arts.
Neligh: Jessica Joyce Jessen, B.S. in business administration.
Nenzel: Kristin Rae Nollette, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Newcastle: Jerimiah Eugene Hinz, B.S. in mechanical engineering.
Norfolk: Josh Alan Ambroz, bachelor of fine arts; Aaron Jay Fisher, bachelor of science; Justin Alan Ketelsen, B.S. in civil engineering; Sarah Kathleen Kubik, bachelor of arts; Patrick D. McCabe, master of arts; Heith Charles Podany, B.S. in natural resources; Scott Alan Schram, B.S. in civil engineering; Lori A. Schulenburg, B.S. in business administration; Melissa Jo Waite, B.S. in agricultural sciences with high distinction; Robert Andrew Wolff, B.S. in business administration; David Harry Wright, certificate of specialization in educational administration and supervision.
North Bend: Suzanne Marie Minarick, B.S. in business administration; Nicole Marie Richardson, B.S. in business administration.
North Platte: Christopher Gage Birch, bachelor of science with high distinction; Zachary John Brandl, B.S. in business administration; Todd Matthew French, bachelor of music; Derek Von Geise, master of arts; Todd Michael Jedrzejczyk, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Brian Alan Karre, bachelor of science; Mark Richard Manning, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Michael Edward Shearer, B.S. in business administration; Christa Maria Vieyra, B.S. in business administration; Justin Robert Wambold, bachelor of journalism; Jenny Williams, B.S. in education.
Ogallala: Eric John Brott, B.S. in business administration; Jill Nicole Ivers, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Brandie J. Kitt, bachelor of arts; Candace Kristin Klitzke, bachelor of arts; Trent K. Kolste, B.S. in business administration; Tracy Kay O'Donnell, bachelor of journalism; Carly Jane Theiler, B.S. in education.
Omaha (A-E): Anthony D. Albin, B.S. in business administration; Annie Marie Aldinger, bachelor of journalism; Mohamed Muridi Ali, B.S. in industrial engineering; Said M. Ali, bachelor of arts; Rebecca Louise Allen, B.S. in education; Meghan Catherine Anderson, B.S. in criminal justice cum laude (UNO); Sarah Marie Anderson, B.S. in biological systems engineering with distinction; David S. Astuto, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Lisa Marie Avila, bachelor of science; Abraham John Babcock, B.S. in construction management; Kiley Jo Baker, B.S. in business administration; Andrew Michael Balus, B.S. in civil engineering; Jessica Ellen Beard, bachelor of journalism; Jason Lee Beiter, master of engineering; Rita M. Berthelsen, doctor of philosophy; Robert Zachary Biodrowski, B.S. in business administration with distinction; Katie Melissa Bonniwell, bachelor of journalism; Erahn Michaela Bower, bachelor of arts; Andrew Christian Braun, bachelor of music in education; Amanda Louise Brown, B.S. in education; Benjamin D. Burleson, B.S. in computer engineering; Michael Charles Butterfield, B.S. in civil engineering; Kelly Cristine Campbell, bachelor of arts; Jay Brian Cappellano, bachelor of science; Melissa Ann Carver, B.S. in education; Lisa Ann Cook, doctor of philosophy; Katie Yvonne Costanzo, B.S. in business administration; Stephanie Marie Dagerman, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Regina Jo Daniel, bachelor of journalism; Thomas David Danielson, B.S. in business administration; Bradford J. Danner, master of science; Todd Haines Davis, master of community and regional planning; Jeffrey Dean Dickau, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Jamie Marie Evans, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Omaha (F-L): Katherine Ann Fitch, B.S. in business administration; Catherine Ann Flynn, B.S. in construction management; Kirk M. Fonfara, bachelor of arts; Daniel Joseph Ford, bachelor of arts; Angela Marie Freudenburg, B.S. in business administration; Zachary A. Gemar, B.S. in construction management; Elizabeth Rene Gillen, B.S. in education with high distinction; Jill Elizabeth Goossen, bachelor of arts; Andrew David Graham, B.S. in biological systems engineering; Andrew Richard Haith, bachelor of science; Brett Michael Hegge, B.S. in construction management; Andrew Nels Hershey, bachelor of fine arts; Wendy Marie Hicks, bachelor of journalism; Amy Corin Higa, B.S. in education; Jacqueline Amber Hill, B.S. in education; Brian E. Houser, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Sonja Nicole Hyman, bachelor of arts; Scott Andrew Jefferson, bachelor of science; Kristie Rose Johnson, B.S. in education; Patrick Ryan Jungers, bachelor of arts; Patrick Ryan Jungers, B.S. in business administration; Scott Michael Karnish, B.S. in construction management; Shannon Colleen Kelly, bachelor of arts; John Thomas Kennedy, B.S. in construction management; Adam Clay Korkow, B.S. in business administration; Jennifer Marie Kuhl, bachelor of arts; Michelle Joyce Larkin, B.S. in business administration with distinction; Daniel Thomas Leland, bachelor of journalism; Stacey Jean Leonard, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Elonie Joy Lewis, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Megan Ann Lien, bachelor of science; Michaela Marie Lincoln, B.S. in education.
Omaha (M-R): Chad Andrew Marquart, B.S. in electrical engineering; Todd J. Mattox, B.S. in business administration; Megan J. McGargill, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Amanda Marie McGill, bachelor of arts with distinction; Amanda Marie McGill, bachelor of journalism; Erica Marie Meents, B.S. in business administration with distinction; Stacey Marie Mendlik, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Derek Lee Miller, master of community and regional planning; Amy E. Morin, B.S. in human resources and family sciences with distinction; Andrew Micheal Morrissey, bachelor of journalism; Mia Rose Murante, B.S. in business administration; Mary A. Nguyen, B.S. in business administration; Angela Lee Nichols, B.S. in education; Amanda Marie Nock, B.S. in business administration; Anson James Nowka, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Denise Marie Passmore, B.S. in education; Wayshalee Ashwin Patel, B.S. in chemical engineering; Jessica Ruthleta Payton, bachelor of arts; Kyle Lyndon Pitschka, bachelor of science; Stephanie Lynn Pivovar, bachelor of journalism; Joseph Edward Poler, Jr., bachelor of arts; Rebecca M. Preston, B.S. in business administration; Erica Jade Ramaekers, bachelor of journalism; Marisa Kay Ramsey, bachelor of arts; Nicole Antoinette Reda, B.S. in business administration; Benjamin Neil Reicks, B.S. in construction management; David A. Rexin, B.S. in construction management; Matt J. Rezac, B.S. in business administration; Meagan Kathleen Riordan, B.S. in education; Lindsay Ann Rogers, B.S. in natural resources; Adam Nathaniel Rosenthal, bachelor of fine arts.
Omaha (S-Z): Steven Charles Safranek, bachelor of arts; Allison Brooke Sagehorn, bachelor of journalism with distinction; Marissa Christine Scheer, B.S. in business administration; Ronald Duane Scheer, B.S. in biological systems engineering; Lisa Marie Schreiber, doctor of philosophy; Carl William Schroeder, B.S. in business administration; Zachary John Severin, B.S. in business administration; Molly Elizabeth Sharon, B.S. in education with distinction; Kimberly Elizabeth Simeon, master of arts; Nancy Ann Sinkule, bachelor of fine arts; Eric Thomas Skaff, B.S. in business administration; Meghan Marie Slattery, bachelor of journalism; Hilary Anne Sleeper, bachelor of arts; Robert Anthony Smilley, B.S. in business administration; Morgan Christopher Smith, bachelor of arts; Chad Michael Snow, B.S. in business administration; Michael Paul Sorum, B.S. in business administration with high distinction; William Douglas Staley, doctor of philosophy; Amy Lynn Sterling, master of science; Molly Frances Stickels, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Matthew J. Stottle, bachelor of science; Matthew Brandon Suder, bachelor of arts; Renee JoAnn Summers, bachelor of arts; Sarah Lyn Sunderman, bachelor of science; Melissa Jo Temme, B.S. in education; Thea Beth Tracy, B.S. in education; Emily Marie Turner, B.S. in business administration; Beverly Francis Urbach, doctor of philosophy; Daniel Anthony VanMoorleghem, bachelor of journalism; Katie Quinn Vap, bachelor of journalism; Adam Michael Vehe, B.S. in natural resources; Mandy Renee Versaw, bachelor of science; Lawrence Allen Voegele, bachelor of arts; Sarah Kathleen Volkman, B.S. in chemical engineering; Rhonda Rae Wiesner, master of secondary teaching; David Michael Zach, bachelor of science.
O'Neill: Makala Shea Maple, B.S. in business administration with distinction; Brian Paul McClanahan, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Traci Myleen Prauner, B.S. in business administration with distinction; SueElla Marie Smith, B.S. in education.
Ong: Tiffany Ann Johnson, B.S. in nursing with distinction (UNMC).
Ord: Paula Rae Womack, B.S. in human resources and family sciences with high distinction.
Osceola: Amber Marie Adam, B.S. in business administration.
Oshkosh: Jesica Marie DeWitt, B.S. in human resources and family sciences with distinction; Trent Eugene Santero, B.S. in business administration.
Osmond: Rochelle Suzanne Mowinkel, master of secondary teaching.
Overton: Mindi Ann Michel, master of professional accountancy.
Oxford: Kalan Dawn Broeker, bachelor of arts.
Palmyra: Curtis Gerald Dowding, B.S. in agricultural engineering.
Papillion: Kimberly Diane Kavan, master of arts; Rachel Elizabeth Ogden, bachelor of journalism; Joseph Edward Rudolph, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Kimberly Rae Sand, master of professional accountancy.
Pender: Tamara Marie Schantell, bachelor of arts.
Peru: Preston D. Shires, doctor of philosophy; Sylvie A. Shires, master of arts.
Petersburg: Waylon Joseph Petsche, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Pickrell: Jaclyn Rose Blair, bachelor of journalism.
Pilger: Hillary Elise Carson, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Plainview: Daniel George White, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Platte Center: April Ashley Reins, bachelor of journalism.
Plattsmouth: Jaila Michelle Charnley, B.S. in business administration; Adam Michael Dubas, B.S. in business administration with highest distinction; Nathan J. Ingwerson, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Alicia Ann Vinduska, B.S. in business administration.
Prague: Amanda Rose Sousek Malina, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Prosser: Matthew Max Hinrikus, bachelor of arts.
Ralston: Tami Jo Foehlinger, B.S. in business administration with high distinction; Adam David Studts, B.S. in civil engineering.
Randolph: Monte Allen Lewis, B.S. in mechanical engineering; David John Meyer, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Ravenna: Erik Michael Axelsen, B.S. in business administration; Gary Michael Warner, master of professional accountancy.
Raymond: Nicholas John Kumpula, bachelor of journalism; Kurt Thomas Virgil, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Rising City: Jaime S. Henderson, bachelor of arts.
Roca: Gwendolyn Dawn Crawford, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Saint Edward: Angela Marie Aden, B.S. in business administration; Scott Allen Shanle, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.
Saint Paul: Brandi Suzanne Redinger, B.S. in business administration with highest distinction; Nicholas Ryan Sok, bachelor of science; Joel Anthony Wood, B.S. in mechanical engineering with distinction.
Schuyler: Ryan Patrick Burnett, bachelor of science; Cody Charles Carlow, B.S. in business administration; Justin Lynn Hruska, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Amanda Catherine Sucha, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Scotia: Alex William Babcock, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Melinda Lynn Root, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Scottsbluff: Darby Michelle Dickinson, B.S. in business administration; Thomas Alan Gardner, master of arts; Matthew David Klein, B.S. in business administration; Celeste Christina Knapper, master of professional accountancy; Jason Reed Rein, B.S. in business administration; Stephan Nicolas Reyes, bachelor of arts; Matthew Grant Rogers, B.S. in construction management; Courtney Lee Stiers, bachelor of journalism.
Scribner: Kimberly Kay Camp, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Jason Lynn Kassmeier, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Karleen Ann Munderloh, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Seward: Aimee Renee Eicher, master of professional accountancy; Amy Lynne Johnson, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); Nathan A. Kolterman, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Chad Christopher Leggott, B.S. in business administration; Brandy Leigh Lingwall, bachelor of science; Donald Lee Vos, master of business administration; Mitchell Lee Walden, B.S. in business administration.
Shickley: Jessica Kay Bond, bachelor of arts; Travis Michael Reinsch, B.S. in business administration.
Sidney: Deborah J. Brauer, master of business administration; Wendall F. Gaston, master of business administration; Sara K. Hughes-Dailey, B.S. in nursing (UNMC); John Thomas Marrin, Jr., B.S. in business administration.
South Bend: Katie Ann Van Housen, B.S. in business administration.
South Sioux City: Alicia Renae Danielson, B.S. in education; Alex Justin Hansen, B.S. in construction management; Jason Duane Jensen, B.S. in business administration; Gregory Charles Lanning, B.S. in business administration with distinction; Matthew John Mast, bachelor of journalism; Adam Wrigley Pfeifer, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Charlie Kay Rogers, bachelor of arts; Kim Beth Simons, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.
Springfield: Jamie A. Gottsch, B.S. in business administration; Sarah Marie Plotz Ulrich, bachelor of fine arts.
Stanton: Randall Brian Boldt, B.S. in electrical engineering; Roger Adam Player, B.S. in business administration.
Strang: Randall D Messman, B.S. in education.
Stratton: Brian E. Kollmorgen, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Stromsburg: Christina M. Bell, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Rebecca Jean Lamoree, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Stuart: Scott P. Krobot, B.S. in education.
Superior: Tonia Rae Thelander, B.S. in business administration.
Sutton: Amber Dawn Burklund, B.S. in education.
Syracuse: Timothy Alan Farley, master of education; Nathan Lynn Kastens, B.S. in construction management; Christopher Steven Lade, master of business administration.
Table Rock: Dale L. Plager, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Talmage: Jeremy Bradford Bennett, bachelor of science.
Tecumseh: Brent Carl Richard, B.S. in chemical engineering.
Tilden: Laura Elizabeth Whitwer, master of arts; Michael V. Zwingman, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Trenton: Katie Sue Drain, B.S. in business administration.
Trumbull: Scott David Dangler, B.S. in education.
Utica: Carolyn Marie Hirschfeld, B.S. in education.
Valentine: Stephanie Sue Tonniges, B.S. in business administration.
Wahoo: Joshua Lee Barry, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Jason R. Johnson, bachelor of arts; Justin E. Kemerling, bachelor of journalism; Sherri Lynn Lee, bachelor of fine arts; Rebecca Anne Massie, B.S. in education; Julie Ann Rezac, master of education; Lori Michelle Snitily, bachelor of arts; Mark E. Texel, B.S. in business administration with distinction; David Thomas Zimola, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Wakefield: Kevin Joseph Johnson, B.S. in business administration; Brandon C. Kai, B.S. in agricultural sciences with distinction.
Waterloo: Patia Alane Christy, master of community and regional planning.
Waverly: Guy William Griebe, B.S. in education; Jamie Renea Madsen, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Nickolaus John Rockwell, B.S. in business administration; Jacob Christopher Whitefoot, B.S. in construction management.
Wayne: Laura Jewell Bauermeister, master of science; April Ruth Beckenhauer, B.S. in education; Erin Marie Fendrick, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Erin Marie Fendrick, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Gayle Jean Olson, bachelor of journalism.
Weeping Water: Douglas Stephen Meyer, B.S. in education.
Western: Christopher Michael Woerner, B.S. in agricultural sciences with distinction.
West Point: Tara L. Foss, bachelor of journalism; Linda Danelle Hegemann, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Jeffrey Allen Meister, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Bradley James Plagge, bachelor of journalism.
Wilber: Melissa Sue Auman, B.S. in business administration; Danielle Suzanne Eickman, B.S. in education with highest distinction; Jenny Lynne Fritz, bachelor of journalism; Kili JoAnn Haselbush, bachelor of science; Rees Brandon Lahman, bachelor of music; Kay Le, bachelor of arts; Jack R. Lehr, B.S. in business administration; Tami Lynn Pallas, B.S. in business administration.
Winside: Marlasha K. Miller, B.S. in education.
Wisner: Christin Marie Brown, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Wymore: Sara Elizabeth Waltke, bachelor of arts; Michelle Merae White, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO).
York: James Roy Boyle, doctor of philosophy; Erin E. DeHart, master of education; Maureen E. Nowak, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Tricia Ann Regier, B.S. in education; Lisa Marie Stahr, B.S. in biological systems engineering with distinction; Valerie Ann Vanous, B.S. in education with high distinction.
Yutan: Heather Marie Waite, bachelor of fine arts.


Oxford: Vera Elizabeth Branch, B.S. in education.
Rutledge: Denise Leshan Pruitt, master of community and regional planning.
Uniontown: Sarah Jean Lewis, doctor of philosophy.


Glendale: Jonathan E. Clanton, B.S. in education; Rebecca Marie Oltman, bachelor of science.
Mesa: Patrick James Haney, B.S. in civil engineering.
Tempe: Darryl Parker Tonemah, doctor of philosophy; Michelene Elizabeth Yentes, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Tucson: Helen Elizabeth Davis, master of arts.


Concord: Nicole Lynn Brown, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.
Encinitas: Brittany Lyn Cohen, bachelor of journalism.
Fresno: Michael Dean Crisco, master of community and regional planning.
Pacifica: John Haywood Gathings, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Redondo Beach: Joseph Lee Nadalsky, B.S. in business administration.
Sacramento: Erica Renee Aaron, B.S. in education.
San Carlos: Erin Lee Mumford, B.S. in business administration.
San Jose: Christmas Noelle Covell, doctor of philosophy.
South Pasadena: Cassandra Volanges Stajduhar, juris doctor.
Upland: Kenneth Craig Rebeck, doctor of philosophy.


Aurora: Mandy Lynn Poppe, B.S. in business administration.
Burlington: Justin Randall Peterson, B.S. in agricultural sciences with high distinction.
Colorado Springs: Trevor Howard Johnson, bachelor of arts.
Fort Collins: Christa Dawn Balderson, bachelor of arts; Chase William Smith, bachelor of arts.
Littleton: Patrick Michael Bates, B.S. in business administration; Kelly D. Rheem, bachelor of journalism.
Loveland: Carson James Bischoff, B.S. in business administration.


Bradenton: Stephanie Elisha Glaser, B.S. in business administration.
Fort Myers: Leroy Hommerding, doctor of education.
Gainesville: Kasey Dale Kerber, master of secondary teaching.
Jacksonville: Daniel Aaron Adonnis Johnson, bachelor of arts.
Miami: Loren John Enns, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO).
Orlando: Kathy Ann Mason, B.S. in education.


Byron: Rachel Claire DuPree, bachelor of arts.


Belleville: Angela Michelle Simon, master of arts.
Chatham: Riana Lynette Wright, B.S. in business administration.
Danville: Heather Marie Cronkhite-Key, B.S. in design.
Gurnee: Megan Elizabeth Potter, doctor of philosophy.
Hazelcrest: Michael James Learmouth, bachelor of arts.
Jacksonville: Phyllis Ann Herring, master of science.
Libertyville: Michael W. Jones, B.S. in education.
Mazon: Christina Marie Othon, master of science.
Oak Lawn: Rachel Lynn Verbeek, bachelor of arts.
Oswego: Lindsay Leanne Gangwish, B.S. in business administration.
Rock Island: Brian Charles Arnold, B.S. in business administration.
Steger: Melissa Renee Haviland, master of fine arts.
Urbana: Rachel Starr Suntop, master of arts.


Altoona: Kara Lynn Conner, bachelor of arts.
Avoca: Brady Lyn Hess, B.S. in business administration.
Burlington: Ryan M. Hunter, master of secondary teaching.
Cedar Falls: Joshua Adam Sawyer, bachelor of arts.
Des Moines: Sarah Elizabeth Ebers, bachelor of arts.
Farragut: Eric John Anderzhon, B.S. in construction management.
Glenwood: Ryan James Ebmeier, B.S. in biological systems engineering with high distinction.
Gridley: Sara Ashleigh Cordes, master of arts.
Harlan: David Mark Knoell, bachelor of arts.
LeMars: Randy Richard Ries, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Jason M. Ryan, bachelor of science.
Lenox: Alisa Priscilla Nelson, bachelor of journalism.
Marion: Eric Michael Krichbaum, master of business administration.
Minden: Laura Marie Lefeber, B.S. in education.
Missouri Valley: Keith Lynn Wohlers, master of professional accountancy.
New Hampton: Brian John Goebel, master of science.
Orange City: Nicole Marie Eis, bachelor of science.
Paullina: Lynn Michelle Ostrem, master of business administration.
Red Oak: Ashley M. Davis, B.S. in business administration.
Rock Valley: Elizabeth Mary McGill, bachelor of science.
Sioux City: Daniel Brian Godfrey, bachelor of science; Thomas Michael Hepperlen, doctor of philosophy; Brian Alan Mohl, B.S. in business administration; Tara Amber Rench, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Edward Joseph Townley, master of business administration.
Tingley: Tony Kent Trullinger, doctor of philosophy.
Waucoma: Kim Joann Baumler, master of arts.
Wayland: Anthony Farrington, doctor of philosophy.
West Des Moines: Leah Michelle Lamale, bachelor of science with distinction.


Abilene: Barbara Lynn Baker, B.S. in education; Carol Marie Matas, bachelor of arts with high distinction.
Atwood: Kristy Lynn Waterman, master of business administration.
Colby: D'Ette Sue Scholtz, master of science; Scott Dayton Schroeder, master of science.
Hanover: Angela Bianca Lewis Koehler, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Leawood: Carey Ann Pawlowski, doctor of philosophy.
Olathe: Todd Philip Cole, master of science.
Overland Park: Rebecca Anne Kling, B.S. in education with distinction; Suzanne M. Lee, bachelor of arts; Emilie Ann Shannon, bachelor of arts.
Scott City: Amber Lee Fagan, bachelor of journalism; Theodore Andrew Thieman, bachelor of arts.
Topeka: Travis Blaine Foland, master of science.
Wallace: Matthew Evan Pearce, B.S. in agricultural sciences.
Wichita: Debra Sue Moody, master of education; Laura Ann Roy, master of arts.


Pikeville: Aaron Dwayne Gibson, master of business administration.


Baton Rouge: Jai Nigel Burks, master of education; Marianna Richardson Burks, master of science.
New Orleans: Jemond As'Jene Smith, bachelor of arts.


Clarksville: Donna Louise Woudenberg, master of science.
Lanham: Francisca Moreno Trexler, master of science.
Owings Mills: William John Bridges, doctor of philosophy.


Boston: Hasan Huseyin Otu, doctor of philosophy.
Sandwich: Nils Eric Flodberg, bachelor of arts.


Chelsea: Stephanie R. Wesolowski, master of science.
Clarkston: Janice Michele Rumph, doctor of philosophy.
Lansing: Betsy Lyn Booren, master of science.
Marquette: David Francis Whitt, doctor of philosophy.
Portage: Amber Lydett Hallauer Topping, master of business administration.


Minneapolis: Connie Kay Harris, doctor of philosophy.
Montevideo: Cristopher John Skonard, doctor of philosophy.
Redwood Falls: Vicki Lee Rankin, bachelor of arts with high distinction.
Tyler: Kent David Steen, doctor of philosophy.
Woodbury: Andrew Richard Timming, master of arts.


Boonville: Elizabeth McMahon Burns, doctor of philosophy.
Holts Summit: Christine Renee Hollingsworth, master of science.
Joplin: Christy Jean Thomas, master of community and regional planning.
Lee's Summit: Marla June Whitsitt, bachelor of music in education.
Republic: Tawnya LeAnn Blades, master of science.
Saint Louis: Melanie Marie VanDyke, doctor of philosophy.
Troy: Karen Michelle Lopez, B.S. in education.


Hamilton: Jeffrey John Bowdino, bachelor of journalism.
Missoula: Elizabeth Ann LaBonty, B.S. in agricultural sciences.


Cherry Hill: Esther Sohn, master of arts.
Nutley: Kerri F. Dunn, doctor of philosophy.


Chestnut Ridge: Philip Oranye Ozuah, doctor of philosophy.
Hyde Park: David Charles Schmitter, master of science.
Valhalla: Yolanda Mary Avidano, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.
White Plains: Eric Allen Sivers, master of science.


Asheville: James Elwood White III, bachelor of science.
McMurray: Christopher Daniel Bowman, bachelor of science.


Fargo: Patricia Ann Bair, bachelor of science; Elizabeth Lucianna McCormick, B.S. in business administration with high distinction.
Grand Forks: Kent Stewart Mitchell Briggs, B.S. in business administration.
Minot: Gregory Allen Bertsch, B.S. in education.
Park River: Justin Robert Coleman, bachelor of arts.


Garfield Heights: DeJuan Anthony Groce, bachelor of arts.
Huron: Donna Lynn Green, master of science.
Medina: Matthew William Shook, B.S. in business administration.
Toledo: John Carroll Mohn, Jr., master of business administration.


Foyil: Joshua Clell Brown, bachelor of arts.


Doylestown: Scott Matthew Warren, B.S. in education.


Hartsville: Emily Faith Tyner, master of arts.


Aberdeen: Maria Elizabeth Trierweiler, bachelor of arts.
Brandon: Jon Jordan McInerney, master of business administration.
Chamberlain: Kodi Marie Steckelberg, B.S. in business administration.
Huron: Kimberly Jean Knudson, bachelor of journalism.
Leola: Nathan James Knutson, bachelor of music.
Madison: Adam Kyle Cummins, B.S. in business administration.
Mitchell: Brooke Marie Shawd, bachelor of arts.
Mobridge: Steven David Jackman, doctor of philosophy.
Pierre: Brent Thomas Sogaard, B.S. in industrial engineering.
Presho: Stacie Leigh Andersen, bachelor of science.
Sioux Falls: Aaron Lee Comes, B.S. in business administration; Erin Marie Dimick, B.S. in business administration with distinction; Lindsey Kathleen Otto, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Kristen Breann Papka, B.S. in business administration with highest distinction; Jacqueline Rae Scoular, B.S. in education with highest distinction.
Spearfish: Donee Dale Hawley, B.S. in biological systems engineering.
Watertown: Brooke Lynne Graf, B.S. in nursing (UNMC).
Winner: Robin Ginger McClanahan, master of community and regional planning.
Yankton: Lindsay Diann Johnson, bachelor of journalism.


Louisville: Bonnie Lou Hilger, master of community and regional planning.


Austin: Valerie Marie Cormani, master of science.
Canton: Sarah Elizabeth Turner, bachelor of arts.
Carrollton: Heather Lynn Slawson, master of arts; Heather Lynn Slawson, juris doctor.
Cypress: Wendy Michelle Ligon, bachelor of arts.
El Paso: Edward J. Robledo, master of business administration; Jennifer Christina Varenhorst, bachelor of arts.
Houston: Brooke Morris Spoede, B.S. in education with high distinction; Michael Eric Stuben, bachelor of arts; Adam Edward Wirth, master of business administration.
San Antonio: Holly Michelle Airheart, bachelor of music.
Sugar Land: Justin Michael Boeker, B.S. in business administration.
Tomball: Jonathan D. Adam, B.S. in construction management.
Tulia: Benny Edd Mote, B.S. in agricultural sciences.


Rocky Mount: Shirley A. Blanchard, doctor of philosophy.


Castle Rock: Andrea K. Kazeck, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.
Port Orchard: Jamie Lee Swyers, bachelor of arts; Jeannette M. Zimmer, bachelor of arts with high distinction; Jeannette M. Zimmer, bachelor of science with high distinction.
Spokane: Melody Lynn Wollan, doctor of philosophy.


Fairmont: Matthew Lowell Hokom, master of arts.


Beaver Dam: Albert Joseph Luckas, master of science.
Edgerton: James Adam Burns, doctor of philosophy.
Hudson: Rachel Karis Cleveland, master of science.
Madison: Amanda Rae Andrae, juris doctor; Lucas Pier Johnson, bachelor of arts.
Oconomowoc: Timothy Edward Howe, doctor of musical arts.
Wilton: Jane A. Birkholz, doctor of philosophy.


Casper: Jeffrey Paul Avey, B.S. in business administration.
Newcastle: Jessica Jean Rasmussen, bachelor of arts.


Buenos Aires: Gustavo Alcides Concheiro Perez, master of science; Christian Perversi, master of science.


Nassau, New Providence: Tanya Felicia Lloyd, master of science.


Dhaka: Abdullah Al Ferdous, master of arts.


Gaborone: Patrick Monametsi Kgwatalala, master of science.


Rio de Janeiro: Flavio de Oliveira Mesquita, B.S. in business administration.


Varna: Teodor Ivanov Ivanov, B.S. in computer engineering.


Calgary, Alberta: Shannon Lindsey Tanaka, bachelor of journalism with high distinction.
Cochrane, Ontario: Riva Dawn Wig, B.S. in business administration.


Beihai, Guangxi: Sheng Zhang, master of science.
Beijing: Lintao Wang, doctor of philosophy; Xiaojian Xu, doctor of philosophy; Jianping Xue, master of education; Junlan Yao, doctor of philosophy; Zhou Xuquo, doctor of philosophy.
Cangzhou, Hebei: Juanmei Liu, master of science.
Changzhi, Shanxi: Rui-hua Cheng, doctor of philosophy.
Chengdu, Sichuan: Chunzhen Xu, doctor of philosophy.
Hefei, Anhui: Ye Xu, master of science.
Huangmei, HuBei: Yifeng Zhu, master of science.
Jinta, Gansu: Zhifang Wang, master of science.
Langtang, Hebei: Jin Zhang, master of science.
Lian Yun Gang, Jiang Su: Yan Li, master of science.
Lu'an, Anhui: Bo Xu, doctor of philosophy.
Nanjing, Jiangshu: Song Xu, master of professional accountancy.
Oing Dao, Shang Dong: Xue-Jin Zhang, bachelor of science.
Shanghai: Gang Gu, master of science.
Shenyang, Liaoning: Jian Zhou, doctor of philosophy.
Shenzhen, Guangdong: Chao Chen, bachelor of science.
Tianjin: Kun Lu, master of science; Lu Yuan, master of science.
Wenshui, Shanxi: Xiangdong Liu, master of science.
Xi'an, Shaanxi: Hong Wu, doctor of philosophy.
Xian You, Fujian: Yongheng Huang, doctor of philosophy.
Yangzhou, Jiangsu: Hai Pan, doctor of philosophy.
Zhengzhou, Henan: Mengjun Bai, doctor of philosophy.


Bogota: Maria Carolina Molano, master of science; Jimmy Jose Pino Zarza, bachelor of science. CZECH REPUBLIC

Brno: Miroslava Belik, doctor of philosophy.


Loja: Thalia Krupskaya Veintimilla, bachelor of arts.


Alexandria: Sherif Ahmed Eldeek, master of science.
Cairo: Haitham Safwat Hamza, master of science.


Ramstein: Leon Duane Brown, B.S. in business administration.
Wiesbaden: Sabine Carola Becker, B.S. in agricultural sciences.


Bangalore, Karnataka: Mukunda Gopalakrishna, master of science.
Bokakhat, Assam: Achintya Nayan Bezbaruah, doctor of philosophy.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu: Saleem Mohammed, master of science.
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu: Venkata Prakash Perumal, master of science.
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh: Siva Rama Krishna Valluru, doctor of philosophy.
Guwahati, Assam: Debashis Talukdar, master of engineering.
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh: Leela Alamalakala, doctor of philosophy; Mohan Krishna Chirumamilla, master of science; Srikanth Karre, master of science; Mohiuddin Syed, master of science.
Lucknow: Cecil Lawrence, master of science.
Mangalore, Karnataka: Archana Jayakumar, master of science.
New Delhi: Gagandeep S. Bakshi, master of business administration.
Orissa: Suchismita Mishra, doctor of philosophy.
Pune, Maharashtra: Ritesh M. Fating, master of science; Rajesh Bulchand Israni, master of science.
Rohtak, Haryana: Yogesh Kumar Makkar, master of science.
Visakha Patnam, Andhra Pradesh: Praveen Kallakuri, master of science.


Jakarta: Putik Rindu Burhanuddin, master of business administration.


Behbahan, Khozestan: Lotfollah Najjar, doctor of philosophy.


Tel Aviv: Erin Elisabeth Cummings, B.S. in education.


Lazise: Mario Callegaro, master of science.


Ginowan City, Okinawa: Takashi Komesu, doctor of philosophy.
Sapporo, Hokkaido: Shoko Fukuzawa, bachelor of science.
Tokyo: Jun Ago, bachelor of arts.


Amman: Abdullah E. Dirani, B.S. in civil engineering.


Gopeng, Perak: Lee-Men Cheong, bachelor of arts.
Johor Bahru: Yee Peng Kee, B.S. in business administration with distinction; Hoong Ling Koo, B.S. in business administration with high distinction.
Kampar, Perak: Choong Wai Yuen, bachelor of science.
Kuala Kangsar, Perak: Chon-Ming Lee, master of science.
Kuala Lumpur: Fee Poh Ang, B.S. in business administration with highest distinction; Kai Lee Lim, B.S. in business administration.
Kuantan: Sok Ann Yap, bachelor of science.
Penang: Shu Ching Ng, B.S. in business administration.
Port Klang, Selangor: Lih-Yunn Lee, master of arts.
Sandakan, Sabah: Yan Wei Chan, bachelor of science.
Selangor: Jiuan Jiuan Gan Guan, bachelor of science.


Kathmandu: Sunil Ojha, doctor of philosophy.


Panama City: Eric Alberto Gonzalez, master of arts.


Saint Petersburg: Svetlana Pashkevich, doctor of philosophy.


Masan: Jeong-Il Kim, doctor of philosophy.
Seoul: Sungjae Choi, master of science; Sang Jun Lee, doctor of philosophy; Yonpae Park, doctor of philosophy.


Peradeniya: Rohana Premachandra Dassanayake, master of science.


Damascus: Alayham Munzer Al-Awaj, B.S. in industrial engineering.


Miaoli: Su-Lin Chiu, master of education.
Paiho: Chun-Yi Su, master of arts.
Taipei: Jen-Hao Hou, master of science.


Bangkok: Saranya Innadda, doctor of philosophy; Tunlawit Satapanajaru, doctor of philosophy.


Ankara: Asiye Kumru, doctor of philosophy.
Bergama, Izmir: Ahmet Ekici, doctor of philosophy.
Bogazliyan, Yozgat: Hikmet Budak, doctor of philosophy.
Ceyhan, Adana: Cengiz Ikten, doctor of philosophy.
Istanbul: Ismail Gobulukoglu, doctor of philosophy.
Samsun: Iskender Tiryaki, doctor of philosophy.


Izmail, Odessa: Nataliya Vladimirovna Ivankova, master of arts.


Tashkent: Sobirdjon Samardinovich Aliev, B.S. in business administration.


Maracay, Aragua: Gonzalo Martinez, doctor of philosophy.


Bulawayo: Henry Sabelo Ngoni Maphosa, bachelor of science.
Harare: Batsirai Neliah Kasu, B.S. in business administration.

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