UNL News Releases 02/13/03

Fall Semester Deans' List/Honor Roll Announced

Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 13, 2003--Following is a list of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln students named to the Deans' List/Honor Roll for the fall semester of the 2002-2003 academic year.

Minimum grade-point averages vary among the colleges. The following are the grade-point averages for each of the colleges/divisions and the name of the deans or director. The letters in parentheses are the key to the students' colleges in the list.

* College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (Ag) - 3.750 or better grade-point average (4.0 equals A) while carrying 12 or more graded semester hours -Dean Steven F. Waller.
* College of Architecture (Arch) represent the top 10 percent of the students in the college - Dean Wayne Drummond.
* College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) - 3.700 or better grade-point average (4.0 equals A) while carrying 12 or more graded credits -Dean Richard Hoffmann.
* College of Business Administration (CBA) - 3.6 or better grade-point average (4.0 equals A) while carrying 12 or more graded credits - Dean Cynthia Milligan.
* College of Engineering and Technology (E&T) - 3.5 grade-point average (4.0 equals A) while carrying 12 or more credit hours - Dean David Allen.
* Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts (FPA) - 3.700 or better grade-point average (4.0 equals A) while carrying 12 or more graded credits - Dean Giacomo Oliva.
* Division of General Studies (Honor Roll) (GS) - 3.6 or better grade-point average (4.0 equals A) while carrying 12 or more graded credits - Director Donald Gregory.
* College of Human Resources and Family Sciences (HRFS) - 3.75 or better grade-point average (4.0 equals A) while carrying 12 or more graded credits - Dean Marjorie Kostelnik.
* College of Journalism and Mass Communications (JMC) - 3.5 or better grade-point average (4.0 equals A) while carrying 12 or more graded credits - Dean Will Norton Jr.
* Teachers College (TC) - 3.60 or better grade-point average (4.0 equals A) while carrying 12 or more graded credits - Dean James O'Hanlon.

An asterisk (*) following a student's name denotes a 4.0 grade-point average.


Adams: Krystal Rae Lee, senior, psychology (A&S); Mark Phillip Troupe, junior, accounting (CBA); Ashley Weber*, freshman, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Ginger Ivy Wingate, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T).

Ainsworth: Jessica Bejot*, junior, pre-education (TC); Christina Marie Cassel, junior, biochemistry (A&S); Anne Elizabeth Gerdes*, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Jesse Scott Kreycik, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Nathan Lechtenberg, senior, education (TC); Jessica Marie Miles, senior, communication studies (A&S); Daniel Arthur Tucker, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T); Katie Jan Weichman, sophomore, marketing (CBA).

Albion: Ryan Michael Berney, freshman, undecided (GS); Adam Joseph Flanagan, freshman, actuarial science (CBA); Katherine Marie Frey*, sophomore, agribusiness (Ag); Tina Marie Gray, sophomore, undeclared (A&S); John Charles Krohn*, freshman, agronomy (Ag); Elizabeth Ann Maricle, freshman, animal science (Ag); Curtis Richard Michael, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Jana Noble, senior, elementary education (TC); Jessica Jean Noble, sophomore, political science (A&S); Leslie Rasmussen, senior, speech-language pathology (TC).

Alexandria: Emily Stewart, sophomore, pre-speech-language pathology (TC).

Allen: Alaina Lynn Bupp, junior, English (A&S); Erik Olson, senior, education (TC).

Alliance: Melissa Marie Ackerman, freshman, mathematics (A&S); Miranda Lynn Curtiss, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Adam James Fischer, freshman, actuarial science (CBA); Erin Renee Harris, senior, business administration (CBA); Amanda Herian, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Thompson Herman, senior, pre-education (TC); Matthew Dean Kirchner, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Benjamin Eugene Leeper, freshman, civil engineering (E&T); Shelly Leeper, sophomore, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Benton Lee Messersmith, junior, civil engineering (E&T); Sarah Diane Miller, freshman, undecided (GS); Melinda Jo Potmesil, freshman, business administration (CBA); Sarah Anne Stewart, freshman, music education (FPA); Brent James Taylor*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Anthony William, senior, music education (FPA).

Alvo: Sara Marie Ganz, junior, nursing (GS).

Ames: Andrea Denise Paseka, junior, undeclared (A&S); Anne Pribnow, freshman, pre-speech-language pathology (TC).

Anselmo: Brycen McMullen, freshman, exercise science (TC).

Arapahoe: Kendall John Christensen, junior, business business management (CBA); Joni Hinz, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Zachary Nott, senior, community health education (TC); Tiffany Wilson, junior, exercise science (TC).

Arlington: Andrew Steven Andersen, senior, finance (CBA); Brandon John Buss*, sophomore, mathematics (A&S).

Arnold: Jenni Halstead, senior, elementary education (TC).

Arthur: Spencer Lawrence Larsen, freshman, business business management (CBA).

Ashland: Joy Katherine Bentzen, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Jennifer Lynn Hanson*, senior, dance (FPA); Elizabeth Nicole Lutton, junior, pre-education (TC) and international business (CBA); Jessica Lutton, freshman, advertising (Journ); Matthew Edwin McCumber, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Aaron John Nygren*, senior, agronomy (Ag); Bradley Dean Rinschen, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Dillon Robert Sadofsky*, freshman, computer science (A&S); Lucas Christian Stock*, senior, English (A&S).

Atkinson: Janel Marie Simons*, junior, English (A&S).

Auburn: Darci Bantz, sophomore, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Elizabeth Bogle, senior, elementary education (TC); Julie Lynn Dierberger*, senior, English (A&S); Mark David Dietz*, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Linda Rachel Drasler, freshman, undecided (GS); Stacy Lynn Oakley, sophomore, nursing (GS); Michael Scott Ramsey, senior, accounting (CBA); Scott Alan Reierson, freshman, construction management (E&T).

Aurora: Colin James Anderson*, freshman, undeclared (E&T); Philip Thomas Christenson, senior, agricultural engineering (E&T); Karla Jo Farrand, freshman, marketing (CBA); Kathryn Handrup, junior, elementary education (TC); Cora Huenefeld, junior, pre-education (TC); Brian Lee Kell*, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Miriam Perez, freshman, pre-education (TC); Melissa Ramsour*, junior, elementary education (TC); Jocelyn Ann Robertshaw*, senior, business administration (CBA); Ryan Christopher Robertshaw, freshman, construction management (E&T); Andrew Clinton Rudebusch*, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T); Faith Ann Tournor*, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Nicole Louise Vrana, junior, accounting (CBA).

Axtell: Andrew Michael Phillips, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Samuel James Phillips, sophomore, business administration (CBA).

Avoca: Nickolas Ryan Kepler, junior, international business (CBA).

Bancroft: Andrew Joseph Guenther, freshman, undecided (GS); Paul Leigh Guenther, senior, animal science (Ag); Christopher Duane Tietz, junior, diversified agriculture (Ag).

Barneston: Jessie Marie Petersen, sophomore, finance (CBA).

Bartley: Brett Douglas Harsh, senior, construction management (E&T); Nathan Lynn Harsh, junior, business business management (CBA).

Bassett: Derek Joseph Knorr, senior, finance (CBA).

Battle Creek: Tracey Sue Bauer, senior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Boden Daniel Bierman, junior, business administration (CBA).

Bayard: Margaret Louise Miller*, senior, ag education (Ag).

Beatrice: Joseph Angelo Armstrong, junior, business administration (CBA); Brandon Curtis, freshman, advertising (Journ); Jamie Jo Dorn*, senior, film studies (minor only) (A&S); Anne E. Greenwell, freshman, pre-dental hygiene (A&S); Sara Nicole Haddix*, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Kara Jobman, freshman, pre-education (TC); Jarod Richard Johnson*, junior, anthropology (A&S); Erin Elizabeth Malchow, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Jennifer McConnell, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Brooke Nicole Peters, freshman, nursing (GS); Clarence Wayne Price, freshman, undecided (GS); Jeanine Shepherd, senior, elementary education (TC); Jeffrey Scott Van Winkle*, senior, agribusiness (Ag); Justin Juan Villafane, senior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Rebecca Marie Waltke*, freshman, accounting (CBA); Crystal Kay Wiebe, senior, news-editorial (Journ) and English (A&S); Kimberly Ann Williams, freshman, accounting (CBA).

Beaver Crossing: Crystal Claire Henke, junior, business administration (CBA); Cody Ryan Knisley, senior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Elizabeth Luebbe, senior, elementary education (TC).

Beaver Lake: Michael Daniel Houston, senior, construction management (E&T); Clinton Alan Piper, junior, business administration (CBA).

Belgrade: Andi Rae Moseman*, senior, agribusiness (Ag).

Bellevue: Christopher Brooks Adams, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Bradley Robert Anderson, junior, finance (CBA); Kylee Marie Anderson*, junior, pre-architecture (Arch); Jason Andrew Booth, junior, computer science (A&S); Elizabeth Janice Brown, sophomore, actuarial science (A&S); Romie Brown, junior, pre-education (TC); Daniel James Bussian, junior, music (FPA); Tanishia Butler*, senior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Jolene Leigh Caldwell, junior, psychology (A&S); Brian Joseph Cieslik, junior, construction management (E&T); Jayme Cornell*, junior, elementary education (TC); Jesse Lee Cox*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Tara Lynn Dorn, junior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Laura Anne Engelhardt, sophomore, undecided (GS); Kara Evans, freshman, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Krista J. Evans*, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Kimberly Frederick*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Heather Dawn Glenboski, senior, art (FPA); Jessica Rae Hutchinson*, senior, theatre arts (FPA); Claire Mariko Iwai, freshman, English (A&S); Paula Jakopovic, senior, elementary education (TC); Jennifer Kiefel, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Ryan Joseph Kolarik, junior, biochemistry (Ag); Andrew Kevan Kousgaard, freshman, construction management (E&T); Jeremy Jeffrey Lang, junior, business business management (CBA); Lisa Marie Maxwell, sophomore, international studies (A&S); Jennifer Cho McCarron, junior, political science (A&S); Robin Lynn Musch 2nd Degree interior design (Arch); Katie Ruth Muth, senior, English (A&S); Leilani Marie Needham, senior, political science (A&S); Elizabeth Noble*, senior, elementary education (TC); Rolando Leon Perez, junior, education (TC) and history (A&S); Kristen Rigard*, junior, elementary education (TC); Matthew Martin Rolling, junior, fisheries and wildlife (Ag); Blake William Sanders, sophomore, finance (CBA); Lindsay Kate Seim, senior, broadcasting (Journ) and theatre arts (FPA); Kandi Alicia Stallings, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Lindsey Ann Stevens, senior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Ryan Louis Stevens, sophomore, business business management (CBA); Michael Gerard Unrein, senior, English (A&S); Sara Caitlin Unrein, sophomore, English (A&S); Andrew Charles Warnes, junior, business administration (CBA); David Weisser, senior, theatre and education (TC); Todd Alan West, sophomore, pre-medicine (A&S); Justin Guy White, junior, business business management (CBA).

Bellwood: Mark Alan Hassebrook*, senior, diversified agriculture (Ag).

Benkelman: Matthew Beck, sophomore, exercise science (TC); Bradley James Osborn, junior, business business management (CBA).

Bennet: Randi Renee Coakley, senior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Sarah Dahlberg*, senior, elementary education (TC); Wendy Marie Kreifels, junior, marketing (CBA); Sara Lorene Kuhlman, senior, business business management (CBA); Benjamin Alan Leber, sophomore, undecided (GS); Justin James Pflanz, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Bennington: Kari Katherine Micheel, sophomore, pre-physical therapy (A&S).

Bertrand: Carrie Elizabeth Wilcox, sophomore, undecided (GS).

Big Springs: Matthew Douglas Rose, sophomore, finance (CBA); Chase William Sauder, junior, agronomy (Ag).

Bladen: Erin Mayree Bartels, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Michelle Marie Pavelka*, sophomore, biochemistry (Ag).

Blair: Dawn Marie Barta, junior, communication studies (A&S); Andrew Taylor Gerdes, junior, business administration (CBA); Emily Elizabeth Gross, freshman, undecided (GS); Angie Lynne Guinan*, junior, international business (CBA); Elizabeth Ann Hansen, senior, English (A&S); Leigh Michelle Havekost, senior, economics (CBA); Mary Alice Howland, freshman, accounting (CBA); Kristan Denyse Janning*, junior, business administration (CBA); Jessica Lynn Nichols, senior, chemical engineering (E&T); Chelsea Elaine Phillippe*, junior, environmental studies (Ag); Eric Shanahan, senior, education (TC); Tracy Silva*, senior, education (TC); Dreyson Lamar Solano, junior, business administration (CBA); Jason L. Thiemann, junior, history (A&S).

Bloomfield: Claire Evan Herzog*, senior, sociology (A&S); Jeffrey Douglas Schmeckpeper, junior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Brian Paul Schroeder, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Ann Cain*, senior, elementary education (TC).

Blue Hill: Andrew Robert Karmazin, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Lindsay Parr*, senior, elementary education (TC).

Boelus: Tracy Ann Klausen, junior, environmental studies (A&S).

Bradshaw: Andrew James Watt, junior, computer science (A&S).

Brady: Katy Lee Nelson, junior, mathematics (A&S).

Brainard: Jennifer Nichole Fate, freshman, Spanish (A&S); Jordan Mitchell Spatz, junior, animal science (Ag).

Brewster: Nikkia Dunkel, senior, elementary education (TC).

Bridgeport: Rebecca Jeane Dunn, freshman, psychology (A&S); Charles Patrick Gleason*, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Erin Michelle Sestak, freshman, accounting (CBA).

Brock: Shauna Lyn Piper*, senior, psychology (A&S).

Broken Bow: Bradley James Ahlers, senior, construction management (E&T); Jeremy Scott Albin, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Ryan Eugene Cole, senior, veterinary technology (Ag); Tyson James Stewart, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Edwin Thamer, junior, elementary education (TC); Andrew Elliott Vaughan*, junior, biochemistry (A&S).

Brule: Ryan David Johnson, junior, construction management (E&T).

Bruno: Adam Kastl, senior, elementary education (TC).

Burwell: Bobbi Beat, sophomore, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Adam David Donner*, senior, business business management (CBA); Johanna Lyn Sitz, sophomore, grazing livestock management (Ag); Paul Smith*, senior, education (TC).

Butte: Nicholas Patrick Reiser*, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T).

Byron: Jacqualyn Kuhlmann, junior, pre-special education (TC).

Cairo: Tracy Jo Hadenfeldt, freshman, animal science (Ag); Brian Stoltenberg, sophomore, exercise science (TC).

Callaway: Hilary Nichelson*, senior, education(TC).

Cambridge: Christopher C. Arnold, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Walker Lee Jones, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Kyle William Minnick, junior, business business management (CBA).

Cedar Bluffs: Amy Kay Charter, junior, accounting (CBA); Karalee Ann Lozo, freshman, business administration (CBA).

Cedar Rapids: Thomas John Jarosz, senior, animal science (Ag); Sarah Krings*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Brian Thomas Schuele, junior, finance (CBA).

Central City: Caitlin Starr Brandes, sophomore, theatre arts (FPA); Katie Anne Grosshans, sophomore, pre-radiologic technology (A&S); Dana Nicole Philippi, freshman, undecided (GS); Kristen Rae Ryan, senior, pre-dentistry (A&S).

Ceresco: Carie Adams*, senior, elementary education (TC); Adrienne Elise Butler, sophomore, business business management (CBA); Jamie Leigh Guenther*, junior, dance (FPA); Heather Kramer, senior, elementary education (TC); Emily Lowell, sophomore, broadcasting (Journ).

Chadron: Daniel Robert Carnahan, senior, finance (CBA); Blair Anne Hoffman, freshman, business business management (CBA); Forest Merriman Honerkamp, freshman, mathematics (A&S); Autumn F. Merriman-Honerkamp, senior, mathematics (A&S); Eric William Roberts, freshman, computer engineering (E&T).

Chappell: Breanna Gabehart*, sophomore, advertising (Journ);Linsey Ray, sophomore, family and consumer sciences (HRFS).

Clarkson: Benjamin Randall Brabec, senior, architecture (Arch); Brady Alexander Brabec, freshman, pre-medicine (A&S); Megan Marie Cada, junior, biochemistry (Ag); Michael Gillotti, junior, pre-education (TC).

Clatonia: Tara Bao DeCamp, sophomore, undecided (GS); Naomi Solomon, freshman, pre-education (TC).

Clay Center: Jared Lane Carriker, senior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T).

Clearwater: Sarah Christine Michael, freshman, biological sciences (A&S).

Coleridge: Kendra Alison Papenhausen, senior, business administration (CBA); Holly Stone, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

Colon: Virginia Lynn Banghart, junior, actuarial science (CBA).

Columbus: Tyler Grant Anderson, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Larissa Bartholomew*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Jennifer Bellar, junior, pre-education (TC); Lyndsay Nicole Bonwell*, freshman, marketing (CBA); Matthew James Buggi, senior, construction management (E&T); John David Burton, senior, physics (A&S); Jason David Cieloha, junior, marketing (CBA); Leah Dicke*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Robert Patrick Diederich*, senior, marketing (CBA); Phillip Arthur Dobesh, senior, fisheries and wildlife (Ag); Sarah Dornacker, junior, pre-education (TC); Amy Engquist, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Joshua Carroll Euteneuer, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Jonathan Michael Frazer, freshman, history (A&S); Beth Ellen Fry, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Pamela Rae Fry, sophomore, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Brian Charles Gartrell*, sophomore, pre-medicine (A&S); Jeffrey Lee Gartrell*, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Jeremiah Scott Grell*, junior, physics (A&S); Jonathan Duane Jakub*, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Melanie Kluever, senior, advertising (Journ); Adeline Kluth, freshman, pre-education (TC); Jodi Long, junior, advertising (Journ); Ryan William Luckey, senior, horticulture (Ag); Amanda Mae Mausbach, freshman, psychology (A&S); Abby Rae McLaughlin, senior, psychology (A&S); Brent Albert Melliger, senior, agronomy (Ag); Michelle Moser*, junior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Daniel John Neiman, freshman, computer science (A&S); Andrew Darrel Osten, freshman, ag education (Ag); Laura Elizabeth Painter*, freshman, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Craig Matthew Pekny, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Laura Jo Pilakowski*, senior, marketing (CBA); Lindsey M. Pritchard, sophomore, biological systems engineering (E&T); Sara Rief, senior, elementary education (TC); Erica Lynn Robak*, sophomore, English (A&S); Thomas Michael Rogers, junior, chemical engineering (E&T); Therese Ronkar, freshman, exercise science (TC); Tiffany B. Ryck, senior, marketing (CBA); Stephanie Schaefer*, junior, exercise science (TC); Stephanie Schaefer*, junior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Lindsay Janelle Schmidt, freshman, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Andrea Slonecker, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Amanda Rachelle Sutton, junior, psychology (A&S); Annie Marie Swedenburg, junior, pre-medicine (A&S); Jeffrey John Swoboda, senior, business administration (CBA); Jennifer Nicole Trabert, junior, international business (CBA); Kari Vanek, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Paula Renee Veal, senior, theatre arts (FPA); David Anthony Walker*, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Zachary John Wolff, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Allison Ann Zelasney, freshman, psychology (A&S).

Comstock: Jonathan Howard Dockhorn, junior, electrical engineering (E&T).

Concord: Danielle Cherie Bertrand, sophomore, psychology (A&S).

Cook: Michelle Panko, freshman, pre-education (TC); Kari Ruenholl, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Laura Seeba, junior, elementary education (TC); Tiffany Sue Wellsandt, freshman, undecided (GS).

Cotesfield: Elizabeth Marie Keep*, freshman, horticulture (Ag).

Cozad: Adam Brockmeier, senior, exercise science (TC); David Cumming, junior, pre-education (TC); Jaymes Heath Drieling, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Brandon Paul Fleischmann, sophomore, electrical engineering (E&T); Andrea Hansen, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Natalie Carver Hart, freshman, biochemistry (Ag); Travis James Holm, junior, business administration (CBA); Archie Lynn Schmeeckle, sophomore, undeclared (A&S).

Craig: Edwin Arthur Pearson*, sophomore, diversified agriculture (Ag).

Creighton: Andrew Terell Huber, freshman, business business management (CBA); Brett Martin Vandersnick, senior, computer science (A&S).

Creston: Gina Luedtke, sophomore, broadcasting (Journ).

Crete: Nicholas John Brethouwer, senior, business business management (CBA); Jesse Lee Chrastil, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Jill Elizabeth Quinn, freshman, undecided (GS); Richard Dean Weibye, senior, chemical engineering (E&T).

Crookston: Michelle Tetherow*, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS).

Culbertson: Amy Marie Hock, junior, accounting (CBA); Jeanie Hock*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Phillip James Varilek, senior, civil engineering (E&T).

Curtis: Molly Elizabeth Herman*, freshman, international studies (A&S); Crystal Ann Powers, junior, biological systems engineering (E&T).

Dakota City: Kristin Blair Broyhill, junior, international business (CBA) and international studies (A&S); Michelle Ann Broyhill*, senior, international business (CBA) and Spanish (A&S); ; Kayla Renae Diediker, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Ashley Marie Eckert, freshman, nursing (GS); Catherine Jean Kotalik, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Morgan Lee Tyler, senior, music education (FPA).

Dannebrog: Casey Michael Schleicher, junior, horticulture (Ag).

Davenport: Reese Arvid Pearson*, junior, history (A&S); Sarah Pedersen, junior, pre-education (TC).

Davey: Lee Robert Martin, freshman, business administration (CBA); Kathrine Anne Umberger, sophomore, undecided (GS).

David City: Ashley Hilger, freshman, pre-education (TC); Chad Kershner, senior, exercise science (TC); Michaela Longenecker, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Branden Rech, senior, exercise science (TC); Mark Joseph Sabata, junior, business administration (CBA); Cynthia Anne Stara*, senior, accounting (CBA); Kristy Lori Vanis, senior, business administration (CBA).

Daykin: Erin Marie Blobaum, senior, marketing (CBA); Holly Lynn Heidemann, junior, accounting (CBA); Tami Jean Sobotka*, senior, communication studies (A&S).

Denton: Nicole Erin Wilkinson, junior, music education (FPA).

Deshler: Timothy George Kruse*, freshman, computer engineering (E&T); Kimberly Schardt, senior, speech-language pathology (TC).

Deweese: Emily Ann Buescher*, senior, animal science (Ag).

DeWitt: Justin Allan Cramer, senior, computer science (A&S).

Dodge: Jerusha Eikmeier, junior, exercise science (TC); Jerry Widhelm, sophomore, broadcasting (Journ).

Doniphan: Christopher Robert Hartley, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Brenda Kay Woodward*, senior, fisheries and wildlife (Ag).

Dorchester: Jedidiah Michael Burkey, junior, finance (CBA); Megan Rains, junior, elementary education (TC); Jason Phillip Weber, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Megan Weber*, senior, advertising (Journ).

Douglas: Anna Wenz, sophomore, exercise science (TC).

Dunning: Lisa Webb, senior, elementary education (TC).

Dwight: Melanie Emilie Kouma, sophomore, horticulture (Ag); Ryan Andrew Pekarek, freshman, horticulture (Ag); Jeremy Allen VanDerslice, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Eagle: Amanda Rae Peters, sophomore, undecided (GS).

Edgar: Knud Thiel Elting, senior, diversified agriculture (Ag); Anthony Roger Fehr*, sophomore, biochemistry (Ag).

Elgin: Matthew Glenn Bode, freshman, accounting (CBA); David James Borer, junior, agribusiness (Ag); Melodie Kristine Koenig*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Shanna Rose Koenig, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Brock Roth Thorberg*, junior, agribusiness (Ag).

Elk Creek: Eric Christopher Beethe*, freshman, finance (CBA); Ryan Patrick Beethe, freshman, finance (CBA).

Elkhorn: Nichole Balus*, senior, elementary education (TC); Nathan Andrew Barry, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Jonathan Steven Black, senior, biochemistry (A&S); Joshua John Brummels, senior, construction management (E&T); Kati Burnett, junior, exercise science (TC); Benjamin Patrick Coyne*, senior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Larry Richard Goodenough*, senior, mathematics (A&S); Mark David Gragert*, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Natalie Anne Hansen, senior, art history and criticism (FPA); Diana Kay Johnson, freshman, undecided (GS); Matthew Ray Johnson, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Sara Rebecca Lumb*, junior, art history and criticism (FPA); James Scott Martin Jr.*, senior, music education (FPA); Nicole Paasch, sophomore, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Andrea Parrish*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Maureen Quinn, senior, elementary education (TC); Katie Ringenberg, junior, pre-education (TC); Courtney Taylor, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Katy Elizabeth VanEkeren, sophomore, undecided (GS); Christopher Wildhagen, senior, broadcasting (Journ); Kirsten Yahnke*, sophomore, pre-speech-language pathology (TC).

Elm Creek: Brenda Harter*, junior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Mathis Rieck, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

Elmwood: Nathan Custard, sophomore, advertising (Journ); Mollie Ann DeBrie, senior, international business (CBA) and German (A&S).

Elsie: Laura Hanson, senior, special education (TC).

Elwood: Christine Bader, senior, elementary education (TC); Ryan Boyle, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Johan Robert Marquardt*, senior, agronomy (Ag).

Emerson: Jonathan Lewis Gutzmann, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Angela Lynn Henderson, senior, psychology (A&S); Nicholas R. Henderson, senior, construction management (E&T); Jessica Lamp, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Paul M. McTaggart, sophomore, business business management (CBA); Benjamin Jacob Vraspir, freshman, business administration (CBA).

Enders: Stephanie Rozanne Spady, freshman, music (FPA).

Eustis: Chad Aaron Keller, junior, civil engineering (E&T).

Ewing: Joshua Reynold Thoendel, freshman, civil engineering (E&T).

Exeter: Elizabeth Ann Ekeler, senior, finance (CBA); Allison Leigh Michl*, sophomore, communication studies (A&S); Brian Murphy*, junior, pre-education (TC).

Fairbury: Darci Anne McGee*, sophomore, animal science (Ag); Stephanie Ann Schultz, senior, business administration (CBA).

Fairfield: Molly Briggs, senior, elementary education (TC); Bronsen Reid Schliep*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Nicholas Taylor Woods, junior, biochemistry (Ag).

Fairmont: Ryan Gene Betka*, freshman, agribusiness (Ag); Candice Boyer, junior, broadcasting (Journ); Christin Pauline Lovegrove, freshman, marketing (CBA).

Falls City: Amanda Kay Bartek, senior, finance (CBA); Lisa Franzen, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Cody Jean Hankins, freshman, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Matthew Aaron Jenkins, senior, psychology (A&S); April India Kirkendall, freshman, English (A&S); Darcy Ann Runyan, senior, marketing (CBA).

Firth: Jess Edward Baker, senior, business business management (CBA); Brett Richard Behrends, senior, agribusiness (Ag); Megan Chrystal Dorn, freshman, nursing (GS); Timothy Gary Dorn, senior, ag education (Ag).

Fordyce: Bill Arthur Jansen, freshman, construction management (E&T).

Fort Calhoun: Lindsay Heard*, senior, elementary education (TC).

Franklin: Erin Ingram, junior, elementary education (TC); Carissa Ann Walton, sophomore, business administration (CBA).

Fremont: April M. Anderson, freshman, marketing (CBA); Niki Jo Austin, junior, accounting (CBA); Jill Kaitlin Bartels, freshman, music (FPA); Jason Paul Carlson, senior, economics (CBA); Andrew Henry Clements*, freshman, actuarial science (A&S); Jamie Lynn Dirkschneider*, junior, biochemistry (A&S); Michelle Fish, junior, elementary education (TC); Jesse Flanagan, junior, community health education (TC); Andrea Lynn Fuchser, senior, physics (A&S); Daniel Justin Giebler, junior, business administration (CBA); Lauren Hegarty*, freshman, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Mark Brigham Johnson, junior, economics (CBA); Jonathan Winston Jones*, sophomore, political science (A&S); April Marie Joslin*, freshman, psychology (A&S); Allison Anna Kaup*, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Lisa Ann Lux, senior, European studies (A&S); Chase Michael Meyer, junior, actuarial science (CBA); Sarah Elizabeth Moum*, senior, English (A&S); Tyler Nicholas Pannier, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Eric Michael Parkening, senior, chemical engineering (E&T); Kisa Elizabeth Parker, senior, music (FPA); Andrew Steven Parr, freshman, computer engineering (E&T); Jason Andrew Paseka*, junior, English (A&S); Erin Elizabeth Poe, junior, music education (FPA); Justin Lee Puffer, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Brian Christopher Reinhart, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Bethany Jane Shadbolt*, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Alexis Nichole Shanahan, freshman, undeclared (A&S); Scott Ryan Siebler, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Theresa Nichole Smith, senior, accounting (CBA); Jason Loye Steinbach, senior, mechanized systems management (Ag); Ryan Michael Strunk, sophomore, music education (FPA); Jenna Lynne Venema, senior, communication studies (A&S); Heidi Vering, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Lawton N. Verner*, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Kevin Michael Wagner, sophomore, actuarial science (CBA); Michelle Lea Warner, junior, theatre arts (FPA); Morgan Sarene Weber, junior, dance (FPA); Darin Lee Whitmer*, freshman, accounting (CBA).

Friend: Erin Kay Cockson, junior, psychology (A&S); Alan Joseph Holdren*, senior, business administration (CBA).

Fullerton: Genna Mae Frenzen, junior, animal science (Ag); Timothy James Larsen, freshman, civil engineering (E&T); Nathan Alan Steen, junior, international business (CBA).

Funk: Andrew Charles Peterson, senior, architecture (Arch).

Garland: Kimberly Ann Bristol*, junior, agribusiness (Ag).

Geneva: Mark Ryan Belau, junior, civil engineering (E&T); Kenzi JoLee Clark, freshman, food science and technology (Ag); Renee Elaine Domeier, freshman, food science and technology (Ag); Jeff Andrew Hawks, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Melissa Kay Hughes, freshman, undecided (GS); Sara Lynell Kaiser, junior, business administration (CBA); Timothy Daniel Scarborough, freshman, physics (A&S).

Genoa: Laura Connelly, senior, elementary education (TC); Kara Seier, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS).

Gering: Robert Baltensperger, junior, pre-education (TC); Brenton Ellison, senior, exercise science (TC); Kathleen Marie Fullen*, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Melanie Ann Johndreau, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Carl James Mathis, junior, accounting (CBA); Kayla Joy Patterson, freshman, accounting (CBA); Megan Jo Ruzicka, freshman, business administration (CBA); Zachary Flaten Smith, sophomore, undecided (GS); Evan Bryce Wearne*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Brian James Wlaschin, senior, electrical engineering (E&T).

Gibbon: Roberta Makowski, junior, broadcasting (Journ); Elizabeth Wilson, sophomore, pre-Business 7-12 (TC).

Giltner: Krystal Lynn Bachman, senior, accounting (CBA); Sarah Bachman, junior, elementary education (TC).

Glenvil: Kelsi Murman, freshman, exercise science (TC).

Gothenburg: Bob Benjamin Buckley*, sophomore, agribusiness (Ag); Ashley Cammack, freshman, undeclared (A&S); Elizabeth Anne Hult*, freshman, undeclared (A&S); Jamie Jorgensen, freshman, news-editorial (Journ); Kelly Kathryn Keiser, freshman, business administration (CBA); Necole Krepcik, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Erica Jo Peterson, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S).

Grand Island: Scott Elliott Anderson, freshman, business administration (CBA); Alissa Lynn Axford, senior, marketing (CBA); Kevin Michael Beaty, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Nicholas Thomas Bernard, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Sarah Jane Boehle*, junior, accounting (CBA); Nicolette Marie Brenton, junior, horticulture (Ag); Katie Cadwallader*, junior, advertising (Journ); Timothy Michael Carmann*, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Bret Maxwell Clark, freshman, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Adam Patrick Cook, senior, computer science (A&S); Susan Czaplewski*, senior, special education (TC); Joseph Philip Dondlinger, junior, business administration (CBA); Tracy Ernstmeyer, senior, elementary education (TC); Ashley Michelle Fiedler, senior, news-editorial (Journ) and German (A&S); Eric Michael French, junior, political science (A&S); Mark Christopher Giddings, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T); Emily Jo Goering*, senior, psychology (A&S); Ashley Rae Gragert, senior, speech-language pathology and audiology (A&S); Brooks Greene, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Abbigail Lynn Grim, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Kristina Guerrero, junior, pre-education (TC); Rochelle Hansen*, junior, elementary education (TC); Megan Ashley Hatheway, junior, accounting (CBA); Nancy Janean Hayes, freshman, music education (FPA); Kyle Hemje, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Christine Dorothy Higgins, sophomore, history (A&S); Jessica Lee Holmes, senior, psychology (A&S); Brynne Elizabeth Holsten, sophomore, English (A&S); Jessica Jarecke, junior, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Andrea Jane Kayl*, junior, psychology (A&S); Katie Kerr*, freshman, broadcasting (Journ); Melissa Dawn Korensky, freshman, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Jennifer Julie Krecklow, senior, music education (FPA); Patricia Krohn, senior, education (TC); Alan Mark Kully, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Nicole Marie Leiser, freshman, horticulture (Ag); Casey Lyn Mader, junior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Kirsten Marie Mader*, junior, anthropology (A&S); Kurtis R. Mann*, freshman, mechanized systems management (Ag); Curt Robert McDermott*, senior, English (A&S); Tandra Jo Meier, freshman, undecided (GS); Scott Melcher, senior, education (TC); Justin Ryan Millhouse, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Heather Fay Morris, junior, art (FPA); Katie Myers, freshman, pre-education (TC); Kimchi Thi Nguyen, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Amber Nutter, senior, elementary education (TC); Kelly O'Boyle*, junior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Caterina Pecoraro, senior, elementary education (TC); Gregory Eugene Perry, freshman, civil engineering (E&T); Megan Melissa Peters, sophomore, nursing (GS); Tiffany Brooke Peterson, senior, Spanish (A&S); Tori Rochelle Peterson, sophomore, chemistry (A&S); Lien Tu Phan, freshman, computer engineering (E&T); Cole Pomeroy, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Nicholas James Price, senior, finance (CBA); Megan Prior*, freshman, pre-elementary and early childhood education (TC); Kirsten Lee Ramsey, freshman, pre-medicine (A&S); Samuel Brent Rapien, junior, art (FPA); Jennifer Joy Renter, junior, business administration (CBA); Rachel Marie Reuss, freshman, food science and technology (Ag); Adam Wayne Roeser, junior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Jennifer Ann Rudnick*, sophomore, pre-medicine (A&S); Ashley Scheil, freshman, pre-education (TC); Stephanie Schmitt, senior, education (TC); Matthew Scott, junior, pre-education (TC); Jared Andrew Stoeger, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Kayla Street*, sophomore, athletic training (TC); Jason Strong*, senior, education (TC); Scott Christopher Tran, junior, music (FPA); Joanna Lea Usher*, senior, music education (FPA); Joseph Jay Vavricek*, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Susan Mae Zlomke*, freshman, pre-medicine (A&S).

Grant: Aaron Michael Bishop*, senior, psychology (A&S).

Greenwood: Jeffrey Ryan Backemeyer, senior, agricultural engineering (E&T); Kevin Gilmore Kasten*, senior, economics (CBA); Crystal Steidley, junior, pre-special education (TC).

Gresham: Tiffany Heidtbrink*, freshman, news-editorial (Journ); Philip Wayne Romohr*, senior, economics (CBA).

Gretna: Jennice Avery*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Britny Ann Hall, junior, English (A&S); Ashlee Lynn Heitman, junior, marketing (CBA); Kristine Marie Hull*, senior, accounting (CBA); Jon Garet Kroenke, junior, business administration (CBA); Cara Suhr, sophomore, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS).

Hallam: Tiffany Williamson*, senior, elementary education (TC).

Hampton: Jason John Kohtz, junior, business administration (CBA); Eric Jay Smith, junior, undecided (GS).

Hardy: Luke Howard Miller, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Harrisburg: Sarah Lease, senior, elementary education (TC).

Hartington: Maria Becker*, junior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Sarah Higgins, junior, pre-education (TC); Jeffrey Ronald Jones, sophomore, finance (CBA); Austin Hugo Lammers, sophomore, agricultural engineering (E&T); Craig Stephen Marsh*, freshman, agribusiness (Ag); Gina Noecker, freshman, pre-education (TC); Tonya Ann Pick*, junior, ag education (Ag); Audrey Lynn Schieffer, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Aubrey Steffen, freshman, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS).

Harvard: Meghan Houston*, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Vincent Lee Koehler, senior, finance (CBA); Brandy Leichleiter*, junior, education (TC); Nicholas John Voorhees, junior, business administration (CBA).

Hastings: Laura Lee Bowersox, freshman, accounting (CBA); Vincent Steven Cogley*, senior, history (A&S); Matthew Walter Cunningham, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Jacob Daniel Gerber, freshman, political science (A&S); Evan Michael Gunn, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch); Benjamin Aylward Hamburger, senior, International Affairs (A&S); Kyle Andrew Hartung*, senior, finance (CBA) and Spanish (A&S); Diane Lynn Hastings, sophomore, finance (CBA); Matthew Gearhardt Hinrichs, junior, political science (A&S); Shannon Charles Hoff, senior, finance (CBA); Stephen Thomas Howard*, junior, economics (CBA); Shea Jacobs, freshman, undecided (GS); Jessica Marie Jungck, freshman, marketing (CBA); Jordan Michael Kautz*, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Benjamin John Keele*, freshman, political science (A&S); Andrew Alan Kehr*, freshman, finance (CBA); Timothy Martin Kehr*, senior, business administration (CBA); George Samuel Krueger, senior, computer science (A&S); Nicholas Larkins, freshman, broadcasting (Journ); Garrett Douglas Lierman, senior, psychology (A&S); Nicolaus Straub McCready, freshman, biological systems engineering (E&T); Nicholas David Montague, sophomore, political science (A&S); Jennifer Munsell*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Thomas Anthony Oldham, junior, English (A&S); Tara Parr, sophomore, exercise science (TC); Derek Scott Peterson*, freshman, undeclared (A&S); Lori Rezac, junior, speech-language pathology (TC); Jessica Schroer, senior, elementary education (TC); Michael Edward Schultes*, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Padraic Liam Stack, junior, civil engineering (E&T); Kenneth Streff, junior, pre-education (TC); Cole Alexander Wycoff*, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch).

Hay Springs: Rhoda Lea Beutler, senior, international studies (A&S); Julie Marie Frey*, senior, agribusiness (Ag).

Hayes Center: Stacy Large, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

Heartwell: Chad Alexander Johansen, freshman, business administration (CBA).

Hebron: Jeffrey Scot Ehlers, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Zachary Kassebaum*, senior, education (TC); Kamaray Kniep*, senior, elementary education (TC); Michael James Koerwitz, junior, computer science (A&S); Clarissa Kroll*, junior, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Brian Scott McKenzie, senior, sociology (A&S); Conner Lee Rocole, freshman, computer engineering (E&T).

Henderson: Chad A. Buller, senior, business administration (CBA); Jason Friesen, junior, pre-education (TC); Katie Friesen*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Tyler Drew Peters , freshman, pre-architecture (Arch).

Hershey: Kelly Bodenhamer, freshman, pre-education (TC); Todd Michael Jarecke, sophomore, horticulture (Ag); AmyEllen Elizabeth Jorgenson, junior, nursing (GS); Samantha Jorgenson, freshman, exercise science (TC); Maggie Jean Stark*, freshman, Spanish (A&S).

Hickman: Mitchell Rothwell Cady, freshman, undecided (GS); Adam Michael Hahn*, sophomore, international studies (A&S); Ryan Jeffrey Krejci*, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T); Brittany Anne Lesoing, freshman, agribusiness (Ag); Sarah Miller, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Bradley James Plouzek*, junior, psychology (A&S); Ronnie R. Smith, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Jill Wieskamp, freshman, education (TC); Sara Yendra, senior, pre-education (TC).

Holdrege: Carolyn Black, sophomore, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Gregory Sam Dick*, freshman, electrical engineering (E&T); Matthew Gene Dick, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Kristin Hodge, freshman, athletic training (TC); Kelly Hudson, senior, news-editorial (Journ); Janelle Leigh Reed, junior, art (FPA); Leah Anne Sawyer*, sophomore, business business management (CBA); Brent Gordon Soneson, freshman, animal science (Ag).

Holland: Andrew Moseman, freshman, news-editorial (Journ).

Holstein: Stephanie Johansen, freshman, pre-education (TC); Rebecca Ann Riese, freshman, agribusiness (Ag).

Hooper: Teri Lynn Hasemann, senior, finance (CBA); LeAnn Lyn Kriete*, sophomore, agribusiness (Ag); Nathan Dale Mueller, sophomore, agronomy (Ag); Kara Kristine Schlaebitz, senior, business administration (CBA) and communication studies (A&S); Nathan John Schole*, freshman, diversified agriculture (Ag); Robert Steven Sprick, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Elizabeth Von Seggern, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS).

Hordville: Melissa Jean Blase, sophomore, communication studies (A&S).

Howells: Matthew Aschoff, junior, elementary education (TC).

Hubbard: Brian Lynn Krause, freshman, undecided Agricultural Sciences (Ag).

Humboldt: Michelle Leigh McKnight, senior, business business management (CBA); Angela Marie Waters, senior, electrical engineering and construction management (E&T); Jill Bethany Weber*, sophomore, business administration (CBA).

Humphrey: Curt John Greisen, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Hyannis: Erica Lynn Anderson, freshman, biological sciences (A&S).

Imperial: Lance Owen Kuenning, senior, agribusiness (Ag); Misti Dawn Kuenning*, senior, agribusiness (Ag); Jess Daniel Paisley*, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Sarah Ann Terryberry*, senior, accounting (CBA).

Indianola: Lindsey Ann Haag, junior, business administration (CBA).

Ithaca: Rebecca Teetor, junior, pre-education (TC); Nicholas Henry Williams, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Jackson: Jamie Lynn DeRoin*, senior, animal science (Ag).

Jansen: Michelle Gonderinger*, senior, elementary education (TC); Sarah Hermsmeier*, sophomore, advertising (Journ).

Johnson: Michael John Gerdes*, junior, finance (CBA) and mathematics (A&S).

Johnstown: John Allen Steuter, junior, biological sciences (A&S).

Juniata: Jeffrey Scott Ahlman, junior, history (A&S); Tanner Reed Augustin*, sophomore, biological systems engineering (E&T); Tate Adam Augustin*, sophomore, biological systems engineering (E&T); David Loran McCoy, junior, marketing (CBA); Derek James Robinson*, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Leah Jill Schneider, freshman, geology (A&S); Gina Marie Witt, sophomore, nursing (GS).

Kearney: Megan Adkins, senior, education (TC); Erin Altmaier, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Ashley Kyle Batie, sophomore, biochemistry (Ag); Angela Benson, junior, education (TC); Nathan Adam Bolen, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Megan Bredthauer, senior, elementary education (TC); Lynn Broekemier, junior, pre-education (TC); Richard Hockaday Brown, sophomore, English (A&S); Leslie Renae Burchell*, sophomore, horticulture (Ag); Todd Andrew Cox, junior, chemical engineering (E&T); Matthew David Demmel, senior, chemical engineering (E&T); Bree Lynn Dority O'Callaghan, senior, economics (CBA); Emily Eckloff, freshman, pre-education (TC); Alexis Erickson, junior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Marcy Gibbons Ganz, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Katie Elizabeth Glover*, freshman, communication studies (A&S); Joshua Ryan Hawkins*, senior, German (A&S); Brigitte Hemmerling, freshman, pre-elementary and early childhood education (TC); Christine Nicole Hofman, sophomore, music (FPA); Chelsea Lynne Jensen*, sophomore, history (A&S); Jessica Barbara Johnson, freshman, undeclared (A&S); Rebecca Ann Kowalczyk, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Karmeca Larsen, freshman, pre-education (TC); Krista Kay Loschen, freshman, pre-optometry (A&S); Thomas Ivan Loschen*, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Sarah Jean Mack*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Mary Katherine McCarney, freshman, English (A&S); Lindsey Ann Miller, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Carissa Nicole Nelson, senior, marketing (CBA); Theresa Niedbalski, junior, pre-education (TC); Amber Rae O'Meara, junior, psychology (A&S); Alison Ward Peterson, freshman, undecided (GS); David Mark Schanbacher, senior, German (A&S); Christina Jo Schwartz, junior, communication studies (A&S); Jamie Shada, senior, elementary education (TC); Nicholas John Shada*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Jarod Jeffrey Shearer, senior, computer science (A&S); Benjamin Sinnard, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Natalie Sue Smith, senior, marketing (CBA); April Marie Stocker*, sophomore, English (A&S); Douglas Patrick Sutko, senior, marketing (CBA); Shane Louis Unick*, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Lindsay Vlasin, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Jordon Robert Wiggins, senior, accounting (CBA); Luke Aaron Woodside, sophomore, electrical engineering (E&T).

Kennard: Traci Lynn Christensen, freshman, mathematics (A&S) and dance (FPA).

Kilgore: Kari Schneider*, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

Kimball: Brett Edward Avila, senior, Spanish (A&S); Adam Lynn Bohac, junior, finance (CBA); Ryan J. Bourlier, junior, business administration (CBA); Scott Hogeland Cederburg, senior, finance (CBA); Cheryl Ann Halstead, sophomore, agribusiness (Ag); Taren Lockwood*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Matthew James Moehr*, junior, psychology (A&S); Raymond Allen Rawlings, junior, construction management (E&T); Rustin Allen Rawlings, freshman, chemistry (A&S); Joshua Gene Straub, freshman, music (FPA).

Laurel: Rik Rimel Smith*, junior, agribusiness (Ag).

LaVista: Sarah Bachman*, senior, news-editorial (Journ); Ryan Joseph Benish, senior, business business management (CBA); Sean Bilodeau*, senior, broadcasting (Journ); Lisa Marie Fisher, senior, psychology (A&S); Catherine Ann Flynn, senior, construction management (E&T); Landon Daniel Hauge, sophomore, English (A&S); Angela Kristine Schultz*, senior, horticulture (Ag); Shane William Sorrell, junior, business business management (CBA); Aaron John Wiegert, junior, finance (CBA).

Lawrence: Maria Ostdiek*, senior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Marie Renee Pohlmeier, sophomore, pre-radiologic technology (A&S); William Eugene Pohlmeier, freshman, animal science (Ag).

Lexington: David Jacob Anthony, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Trisha Lyn Atwood, senior, interior design (Arch); Rebecca Rose Broshears, senior, marketing (CBA); Travis Damme, junior, broadcasting (Journ); Carmen Helvey*, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Nicholas Paul Konen, junior, marketing (CBA); Aaron John Konen*, freshman, business administration (CBA); Shari Diane Kopf, freshman, undecided (GS); Daniel Lopez, junior, pre-education (TC); Stephanie Anna McClain, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Curtis Andrew Rickertsen, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Joshua Daniel Roos, freshman, political science (A&S).

Lewellen: Van Jensen, junior, news-editorial (Journ).

Liberty: Benjamin Thomas McGuire, senior, electrical engineering (E&T).

Lincoln (A-B): Shelby Aaberg, junior, education (TC); Amanda Adams, senior, elementary education (TC); Lori Adams, senior, elementary education (TC); Jeremiah Adem Afuh, junior, business administration (CBA); Dana Ahlman*, junior, education (TC); Erik Ahlquist, junior, pre-education(TC); Renee Crystal Albrecht, junior, theatre arts (FPA); Eric Benjamin Alloway*, freshman, psychology (A&S); Kimberly Ann Alspaugh, junior, music education (FPA); Carlie Ames, freshman, advertising (Journ); Blake Alan Anderson, senior, finance (CBA); ShaRee Anderson, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Sarah Andreesen, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Alicia Armbruster, senior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Michelle Arnold*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Alison Arter*, senior, education (TC); Katherine Arthur, junior, elementary education (TC); Renee Darlene Baack*, junior, biochemistry (Ag); Heather Rose Babcock, sophomore, sociology (A&S); Ryan Babl, senior, exercise science (TC); Jonathan Bach*, senior, education (TC); Dustin Andrew Bailey*, junior, horticulture (Ag); Jill Christine Baker, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Tara Baker, senior, education (TC); Nicholas Andrew Barber, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Joel Edward Barkley, junior, computer science (A&S); Miranda Barth, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Amanda Renee Baskin, sophomore, undecided (GS); Gabe Richard Bathen, senior, horticulture (Ag); Ambra Nicole Batson*, junior, international studies (A&S); Joshua Christopher Bauer, junior, anthropology (A&S); Danielle Beason, senior, elementary education (TC); Kevin Arle Beavers, senior, biochemistry (Ag); Rachel Beck, senior, education (TC); April Beckenhauer*, senior, education (TC); Kelli Marie Behne, sophomore, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Jennifer Behrens*, senior, elementary education (TC); Michael Ryan Beideck, sophomore, finance (CBA); Andrew Walter Beil*, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Katrina Beil, senior, elementary education (TC); Stacy Ann Bemis, junior, art (FPA); Kara Bennett, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Todd Michael Benson, junior, finance (CBA); Andrew Bent, senior, pre-education (TC); Kelly Bent*, senior, community health education (TC); Alice Ann Berger, senior, art (FPA); Amanda Paulette Bergeron, senior, communication studies (A&S); Brianna Bergholz, junior, elementary education (TC); Margit Ann Bergquist-Tracey*, senior, women's studies (A&S); Terri Bernadt, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Nicholas Patrick Berry, freshman, undecided (GS); Jenny Marie Bindrum, junior, pre-architecture (Arch); Jerod Orval Blayney, senior, art (FPA); Scott Blomberg, senior, elementary education (TC); Angela Blomgren, freshman, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Emilia Sue Boeschen, junior, psychology (A&S); Erin Boeshart*, junior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Heather Bohling, senior, elementary education (TC); Jason Bryan Bottlinger, senior, English (A&S); David Augustin Bougger, junior, construction management (E&T); Brooke Bozek, sophomore, pre-elementary and early childhood education (TC); Jason Clark Bradford, sophomore, undeclared (E&T); Danielle Marie Brady, senior, art (FPA); Kevin Matthew Brasch, junior, accounting (CBA); Tamara Bratt*, senior, elementary education (TC); Anna Bratton, senior, news-editorial (Journ); Sarah Bremer, junior, exercise science (TC); Sean Henrick Brennan, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Andrew Todd Brennfoerder, freshman, biochemistry (A&S); Katie Elizabeth Brestel, freshman, music (FPA); Aaron Geier Brindell, freshman, psychology (A&S); Benjamin Joseph Britten, junior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Sara Elizabeth Brostrom, sophomore, chemistry (A&S); Alyce Brown, senior, education (TC); Chad Aaron Brown, junior, theatre arts (FPA); Kalli Brown, senior, elementary education (TC); Richard Hockaday Brown Jr., sophomore, music (FPA); Jason Brunken, senior, education (TC); Jason Mark Brunott, junior, art history and criticism (FPA); Deborah Ruth Buchholz, junior, Spanish (A&S); Scott Allen Buchholz, senior, art (FPA); Elizabeth Coleman Buckley*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Lester Gregory Buckley, senior, accounting (CBA); Cheyanna Bucknell, senior, elementary education (TC); Delia Marie Buerstetta, senior, fisheries and wildlife (Ag); Nathan Ronald Buhrman, sophomore, mathematics (A&S); Ryan Thomas Burbach, senior, construction management (E&T); Delia Burila, senior, pre-education (TC); Jamie Burner*, junior, exercise science (TC); Daniel Crawford Burrow, junior, business administration (CBA); Rachel MaryRuth Burton, junior, interior design (Arch); Brian Richard Butler, sophomore, chemistry (A&S); Carrie Diane Butler*, senior, integrated studies (FPA); Lacey Butler, junior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Sarah Elizabeth Butler, senior, communication studies (A&S); Lindsay Nicole Bybee*, junior, finance (CBA).

Lincoln (C): Joseph Paul Camp, sophomore, business business management (CBA); Jeffrey Campbell, junior, pre-education (TC); April Marie Campfield, freshman, undecided (GS); Andrea Regina Cantarero, freshman, art (FPA); Phu Tho Cao, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Sara Carmoney, junior, elementary education (TC); Tonya Carriker*, senior, elementary education (TC); Joseph Michael Casey, senior, finance (CBA); Kelly Christine Casey, junior, nursing (GS); Chad Adam Cecrle, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Erin Chambers, senior, elementary education (TC); Jason Chambers*, junior, community health education (TC); Lishan Chen, freshman, undecided (GS); Philip Gordon Chen, freshman, art (FPA); Shirley Chen, sophomore, chemistry (A&S); Elizabeth Cherry, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Alicia Anne Chmelka, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Kristin Chmelka*, senior, elementary education (TC); William David Christen, senior, finance (CBA); Aaron Paul Christensen, junior, art (FPA); Stephanie Christensen*, sophomore, advertising (Journ); Christopher Warren Churchill, junior, actuarial science (A&S); Richard Allen Clabaugh, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Ballad Clark, senior, elementary education (TC); Jason Daniel Clark, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Kenia Rezende Coelho, freshman, international business (CBA); Kia Colborn*, senior, elementary education (TC); Brandon Cole*, sophomore, news-editorial (Journ); Tia Cole, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Ashley Marie Colglazier*, junior, agronomy (Ag); Marie Christine Colling, sophomore, undecided (GS); Jessica Ann Collins, senior, anthropology (A&S); Jessica Lynn Colombe, senior, horticulture (Ag); LuAnne Cook, junior, pre-special education (TC); John Patrick Cooper, senior, construction management (E&T); John Robert Cooper, junior, finance (CBA); Michael John Corkle, sophomore, theatre arts (FPA); Megan Beth Correll, freshman, undecided (GS); Sara Correll, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Debra Lynn Cox, senior, undecided (GS); Matthew Earl Crandell, junior, undecided Agricultural Sciences (Ag); Brian Andrew Cratsenberg*, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Jeffrey Michael Crawford, freshman, undecided (GS); Adrienne Croissant*, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Tara Lynn Cudly*, senior, sociology (A&S); Amanda Cue, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Cara Cutshall, senior, elementary education (TC).

Lincoln (D-E): William Arthur Dabbert, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Nadia Halima Dahab, junior, civil engineering (E&T); Emily Allison Daharsh*, senior, dance (FPA); Benjamin Tory Dake, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Jill Marie Danaher, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Scott Dangler*, senior, elementary education (TC); Kossivi M Dantey*, junior, biochemistry (Ag); Stephen Matthew Davis, sophomore, Interdisciplinary Engineering (E&T); Linda Katherine Dawson, freshman, undecided (GS); Mary-Ellen Dawson, senior, art history and criticism (FPA); Christopher John Deaton*, sophomore, music (FPA); Janetta Nikolaevna Deatrick, senior, music education (FPA); Melissa DeBoer, junior, speech-language pathology (TC); Jason Michael Decker, sophomore, undecided (GS); Ronald Daniel Decker, junior, computer science (A&S); Ryan Decker*, senior, pre-education (TC); Elisha Denter, senior, education (TC); Madeline Leigh Derickson, senior, Spanish (A&S); Lindsay Dethlefs, senior, pre-education (TC); Justin Wayne DeVries*, freshman, mathematics (A&S); Benjamin Noah Dey, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Sarah Christine Dicke, sophomore, biological systems engineering (E&T); Nathan Randal Dilworth, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Cristine Renee Dittmer, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Jeffrey S. Dixon, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Lindsey Jean Domangue, freshman, undecided (GS); Korey Charles Donahoo, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Mary Rose Donahue, freshman, anthropology (A&S); Gavin Douglas Donaldson, senior, Spanish (A&S); Christina Joy Dorsey, senior, psychology (A&S); Amanda Dosch, junior, elementary education (TC); Jill Dotson, junior, elementary education (TC); Brian Douglas, senior, education (TC); Stuart Reid Douglas, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Sara Leanne Duhachek, freshman, chemistry (A&S) and biochemistry (Ag); Andrea Elizabeth Dukich, freshman, biochemistry (A&S); Zachary William Dunbar, senior, chemical engineering (E&T); Erin Christina Duncan*, sophomore, marketing (CBA); Stephanie Duncan, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Angela Duran*, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Jennifer Lynn Durst, junior, marketing (CBA); Emily Dvorak, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Jennifer Dwyer, senior, elementary education (TC); Adnan Dzumhur, sophomore, German (A&S); Scott Jeremy Eastman*, senior, art (FPA); Sokchoeun Eath, junior, undecided (GS); Christina Effle, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Lacey Lee Egbert, senior, English (A&S); Stacey Leigh Eggers, senior, art (FPA); Jeffery Alan Eihusen, junior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Julie Eihusen*, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Laurie Christine Einspahr*, freshman, anthropology (A&S); Cynthia Kay Elder, junior, film studies (minor only) (A&S); Kristen Adele Elias, junior, English (A&S); Emily Patricia Else, sophomore, undecided (GS); Rachel England, junior, advertising (Journ); Karlene Ernest, junior, athletic training (TC); Deslie Dianne Ervin-Owen, junior, art (FPA); Aaron Thomas Eske*, sophomore, history (A&S); Megan Paige Euler, senior, construction management (E&T).

Lincoln (F-G): Christopher Lee Falter, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Maria Gabriela Fano, freshman, English (A&S); Holly Miranda Feese, senior, English (A&S); Julie Lynne Ferrin, sophomore, undecided (GS); Nicole Bence Figard*, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Jennifer Steffen Filip*, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Stephanie Lynn Fisher*, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Holly Flanagan, senior, elementary education (TC); Brian Douglas Fleissner, sophomore, electrical engineering (E&T); Rebecca Ann Fleissner, junior, psychology (A&S); Tami Jo Foehlinger, senior, marketing (CBA); Luke Minarick Francis, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Lindsay Freed, junior, education (TC); Julia Renee French, junior, ag education (Ag); Todd Matthew French, senior, music (FPA); Christopher Frey*, junior, exercise science (TC); Jasmine Fuerhoff, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Bridget Nicole Furry, senior, accounting (CBA); Maureen Oldham Gallagher, senior, English (A&S); Teresa Garcia, senior, education (TC); Richelle Lynn Gardner 2ND art history and criticism (FPA); Kellie Anne Garrett, junior, political science (A&S); Erin Kathleen Garrison, senior, fisheries and wildlife (Ag); Kelly Cathleen Gates, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Shannon Gellatly*, senior, elementary education (TC); Heath Ryan Gewecke, sophomore, music (FPA); Nicholas Ray Gewecke, sophomore, mathematics (A&S); Anne Claire Ghormley, sophomore, music education (FPA); Katherine Ghormley, junior, pre-education (TC); Daniel Lee Gibson, junior, advertising (Journ) and psychology (A&S); Cristine Giebenrath*, senior, elementary education (TC); Katie Ann Gill, senior, psychology (A&S); Kathryn Glenn, junior, pre-education (TC); B. Garth Glissman, sophomore, political science (A&S); Kelly Goebel, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Nathan Scott Gollehon, senior, business business management (CBA); Andrea Grant Gomes, junior, biochemistry (A&S); Cheryl Gonnerman, freshman, pre-education (TC); Laura Leigh Gonnerman, junior, mathematics (A&S); Stephanie Marie Goodding, sophomore, music education (FPA); Sara Gould, senior, elementary education (TC); Jennifer Ann Grant*, senior, art history and criticism (FPA); Scott Grass, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Elizabeth Jennie Green, senior, mathematics (A&S); George Robert Green*, senior, political science (A&S); Guy Griebe, senior, elementary education (TC); Kristin Lynne Grohs*, senior, dance (FPA); Kevin Thomas Grosshans, junior, biochemistry (A&S); Kevin Guse, senior, education (TC); Erin Gustafson, junior, elementary and early childhood education (TC).

Lincoln (H): Joseph Haack*, senior, pre-education (TC); Karen Haffey, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Taylor Lee Hahn, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Ohood Hakim, junior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Allison Ruth Haley, senior, psychology (A&S); Ranee Marie Hall, sophomore, finance (CBA); Neil Marvin Hams, junior, construction management (E&T); Regina Hannigan, senior, special education (TC); Andrew Zachary Hansen*, freshman, history (A&S); Nicole Renee Hansen, junior, nursing (GS); Amanda Hanson*, senior, elementary education (TC); Heather Hanson, senior, education (TC); Melanie Dale Harrell, sophomore, sociology (A&S); Emmy Harris, freshman, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Kaisha Harris, senior, speech-language pathology (TC); Kristen Harrison*, senior, elementary education (TC); Benjamin Ross Harry, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Jared M. Hartman, freshman, animal science (Ag); Patrick Ryan Hartman, freshman, undecided (GS); Megan Danielle Harvell-Hoffman*, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Mary Ann Harvey, sophomore, French (A&S); Yoshiaki Hasegawa, freshman, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Kristen Hasner*, junior, elementary education (TC); Rebecca Hass, senior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Troy Hassebroek, senior, education (TC); Angela Hastreiter, senior, elementary education (TC); Justice Hatfield, senior, education (TC); Adam Lee Hayes, junior, business administration (CBA); Jennifer Lynd Headlee, senior, music education (FPA); Tiffany Hecker, senior, speech-language pathology (TC); Kelsey Hedrick*, freshman, advertising (Journ); Jeffrey David Heinrich*, freshman, agribusiness (Ag); Daniel Aaron Helfman*, sophomore, philosophy (A&S); Susan Ruth Hellerich*, senior, speech-language pathology and audiology (A&S); Mitchell Helms, senior, education (TC); Autumn Henderson, senior, elementary education (TC); Stacy Ann Henn, senior, finance (CBA); Marissa Jo Herbon, junior, psychology (A&S); Timothy Wayne Hermanson, freshman, finance (CBA); Joel Antonio Herrera*, junior, history (A&S); Kelsey Adam Hiatt, freshman, business business management (CBA); Rachel Nicole Hicks, freshman, undecided (GS); Kristin Hiemer, sophomore, advertising (Journ); Ryan Tyler Hilger*, junior, chemistry (A&S); James Frederick Hill, sophomore, undecided (GS); Kylie Kae Hill, freshman, business administration (CBA); Erin Hilsabeck, junior, news-editorial (Journ); Spencer Hilsabeck, senior, education (TC); Minh-Trang Thi Ho*, senior, business business management (CBA); Christopher Michael Hobza, senior, Water Science (Ag); Kristin Hoch*, senior, elementary education (TC); Heidi Hochstetler*, junior, pre-education (TC); Amber Hoge, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Amie Hollins, senior, elementary education (TC); Matthew Wayne Holman, freshman, undecided (GS); Joshua Holtz, senior, advertising (Journ); Thuy Ngoc Hong, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Margaret Suzanne Hoppe, senior, English (A&S); Tyson Horn*, senior, education K-12 (TC); Ryann Patricia Houlihan, senior, music education (FPA); Frederick Charles Howard, senior, anthropology (A&S); Sarah Elaine Hranac*, freshman, music education (FPA); Leng Mi Hua*, junior, computer science (A&S); Jill Hudnall, junior, elementary education (TC); Cody Huisman, senior, pre-education (TC); Aaron Christopher Hurlbut*, senior, business administration (CBA) and biochemistry (A&S); Kyle Ryan Hurlbut, sophomore, undeclared (A&S); Megan Renae Huss, junior, psychology (A&S); Elizabeth Erin Hutchison*, junior, English (A&S); Debra Hynek, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS).

Lincoln (I-K): Melissa Ingram, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Travis Ingram, sophomore, broadcasting (Journ); Veronica Kay Inlow, junior, marketing (CBA); Thomas Charles Irvin, junior, undeclared (A&S); Jennifer Jackson*, junior, elementary education (TC); Amy Jacobs*, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Emily Kate Jahde*, senior, music education (FPA); Rachel Jahn*, senior, elementary education (TC); Sara Janousek, junior, advertising (Journ); Barry Patrick Janssen*, sophomore, agribusiness (Ag); Adam James Jefferis, senior, theatre arts (FPA); Sara Elizabeth Jelden*, freshman, accounting (CBA); Jessica Christine Jensen, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Keith Jensen, freshman, exercise science (TC); Ryan Kirk Jester, junior, civil engineering (E&T); Amy Johnson, junior, elementary education (TC); Andrew Johnson, junior, pre-education (TC); Jeremy Edward Johnson, senior, art (FPA); Kelsey Dawn Johnson, freshman, undecided (GS); Michael Johnson, junior, advertising (Journ); Julia Christina Kadavy, senior, art (FPA); Kimberly Anne Kahman, senior, dance (FPA); Keerun Linda Kamble*, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Jason Lynn Kassmeier, senior, agribusiness (Ag); Rory Travis Kay, senior, business administration (CBA); Ashley Keith*, freshman, pre-education (TC); Ashley Lynn Kent*, sophomore, international business (CBA); Emily Kiburz, junior, pre-education (TC); Derek A. Kieper, sophomore, undecided (GS); Nicole Lea Kilgore*, freshman, psychology (A&S); Evan Andrew Killham*, senior, English (A&S); Brad Eugene Kindler, sophomore, anthropology (A&S); Kelli King, senior, education (TC); Teresa King, senior, education (TC); Matthew Daniel Kipper, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Benjamin David Kissling, sophomore, biochemistry (A&S); Elizabeth Anne Kistler, junior, English (A&S); Lynette Marie Klein, sophomore, pre-interior design (Arch); Corrine RaShelle Kliment, junior, biochemistry (A&S); Katie Knapp, sophomore, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Melissa Knight, junior, pre-education (TC); Todd Knobbe, senior, education (TC); David Lee Knoepke, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Jennifer Knoll*, freshman, pre-education (TC); Domar Shawn Knudson, senior, psychology (A&S); Jennifer Knudson, sophomore, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Naoko Kobayashi, freshman, fisheries and wildlife (Ag); James Koel, senior, education (TC); Kaitlyn Elizabeth Koenigsman, sophomore, Spanish (A&S); Susan Kokjer*, senior, elementary education (TC); Shiu Beng Kooi, junior, computer science (A&S); James Peter Koperski, senior, music education (FPA); Richard Keller Kopf, senior, fisheries and wildlife (Ag); Stacie Ann Kotschwar*, junior, French (A&S); Mark Anthony Koziol, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T); Sarah Krause*, senior, speech-language pathology (TC); Kevin Kenneth Krausnick, senior, English (A&S) and theatre arts (FPA); Cassandra Krebs, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Scott Krobot*, senior, exercise science (TC); Nathan Krug*, sophomore, exercise science (TC); Justin James Kubick, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T); Maggie Kuebler*, senior, elementary education (TC); Alissa Kuehn*, junior, pre-speech-language pathology (TC).

Lincoln (L): Lindsay Jo Ladman, senior, music education (FPA); Joshua Languis, senior, education (TC); Michelle Joyce Larkin, senior, international business (CBA); Cynthia Anne Larsen, junior, psychology (A&S); Michelle Lau, senior, speech-language pathology (TC); Skyler Elaine Lawyer, junior, accounting (CBA); Hoang-Oanh Thi Le*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Nghia Trung Le, freshman, undecided (GS); Brandon Lechtenberg, senior, pre-education (TC); Jessica Renee Lee, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch); Poi Wah Lee, junior, food science and technology (Ag); Laura Lehl, sophomore, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Jill Lehn, senior, elementary education (TC); Edwin Leon, freshman, advertising (Journ); Jessica Letheby, senior, elementary education (TC); Michael Bak-Heng Leung, junior, computer engineering (E&T); Carissa Levering, junior, education (TC); Amanda Levos*, senior, education (TC); Elonie Lewis*, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Steven Richard Lewis*, freshman, finance (CBA); Jessica Rae Lien, sophomore, nursing (GS); Laura Liggett, freshman, broadcasting (Journ); Elizabeth June Linke, senior, international business (CBA); Jocelyn Leigh Ferris Lippincott, sophomore, art (FPA); Tracy Lipson*, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Andrea Marie Loomis*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Nicholas Charles Loomis, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Jill Loschen, junior, exercise science (TC); Jia Lu, freshman, finance (CBA); Ryan Luedtke, senior, elementary education (TC); Brandy Renee Lueshen, sophomore, pre-interior design (Arch); Jon H. Lundeen*, senior, English (A&S).

Lincoln (M): Kevin Leslie MacElhaney, junior, business business management (CBA); Joshua Rueben Machacek, senior, physics (A&S) and electrical engineering (E&T); Jennifer Margaaret MacKichan, sophomore, pre-interior design (Arch); Jessica Barbara MacKichan*, sophomore, art (FPA); Stephanie Madsen, junior, broadcasting (Journ); Mark Copen Mager, freshman, computer engineering (E&T); Stephanie Nicole Mahlin, junior, business business management (CBA); Andrew Nathan Malone, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Brian Patrick Malone, freshman, economics (CBA); Travis John Mann, freshman, undeclared (A&S); Tyler James Mann*, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Brent Joseph Maresh*, junior, psychology (A&S); Nicholas Jay Marquardt, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Chad Andrew Marquart, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Piper Marsh, junior, pre-education (TC); Amy Kathryn Mart*, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Aislynne Martin, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Kimberly Sue Martin, freshman, finance (CBA); Joseph Martinez, senior, pre-education (TC); Kathy Mason, senior, elementary education (TC); Daniel Esteban Mason-D'Croz, senior, international business (CBA); Daniel Matthes, senior, exercise science (TC); Amber McClung*, junior, education (TC); Catherine Jenifer McClung*, senior, accounting (CBA); Wesley James McClure*, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Madelene McCracken, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Erin McElvain, junior, pre-education (TC); Katie McGuire*, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Jason Lee McIntosh, senior, construction management (E&T); Shaun McMahon, senior, education (TC); Erica McNeese*, senior, elementary education (TC); William John McNeill, senior, business business management (CBA); Melissa Mecham*, senior, elementary education (TC); Martin Tesina Mehrhoff, sophomore, economics (CBA); Jerad Lee Meinke, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Shannon Elizabeth Meister, senior, psychology (A&S); Anna Menter*, freshman, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Judah J. Menter, senior, computer science (A&S); Kristen Mercier, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Daniel Phillip Messineo*, junior, theatre arts (FPA); Lisa Metcalf*, senior, elementary education (TC); Joshua Adam Meyer, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Kyle Meyer, senior, education (TC); Nicole Ann Meyer, freshman, pre-medicine (A&S); Kathryn Ashley Milius, freshman, biological systems engineering (E&T); Erin Jean Miller*, senior, psychology (A&S); Gregory Gene Miller*, senior, horticulture (Ag); Marlasha Miller*, senior, elementary education (TC); Ryan Miller, junior, exercise science (TC); Megan Marie Milligan, freshman, undeclared (A&S); Leif Walden Milliken, sophomore, history (A&S); Andrew Benjamin Misle, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Katherine Mitchell, senior, elementary education (TC); Kelsey Mitchell, freshman, exercise science (TC); Angela Beth Mizell, senior, nursing (GS); Nicholas Adam Molacek*, freshman, biochemistry (Ag); Andrew Lee Molthan, senior, meteorology-climatology (A&S); Joseph Wilson Moore, sophomore, mathematics (A&S); Shaun Moore, freshman, pre-education (TC); Elizabeth Ann Moorhouse, senior, economics (CBA); Leigh Allison Moraczewski, senior, finance (CBA); Angela Moran, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Yuko Mori*, senior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Mizuki Moriyama, freshman, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Kristin Morphew, senior, elementary education (TC); Melissa Morris, senior, education (TC); Sara Elizabeth Morrissey, freshman, food science and technology (Ag); Annette Morrow*, sophomore, pre-special education (TC); Daniel John Morrow, sophomore, marketing (CBA); Jillian Clay Morse*, senior, music and theatre arts (FPA); Michelle Mueller, senior, education (TC); Joshua David Muench, junior, undecided (GS); Jacob David Muhleisen, sophomore, finance (CBA); Jessica Rae Mumgaard, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Lindsey Murray, junior, pre-education (TC); Samuel Henry Myhre, senior, communication studies (A&S).

Lincoln (N-O): Jamie Naeve, senior, elementary education (TC); Brooke Nannen, junior, elementary education (TC); Catherine Frances Nekolite, sophomore, art (FPA); Karen Nelson*, senior, elementary education (TC); Gibson Nene, senior, agribusiness (Ag); Anne Neumayer*, senior, elementary education (TC); Christine Louise Newell*, junior, psychology (A&S); Dao Hong-Thi Nguyen, senior, business business management (CBA); Hung Phuc Nguyen*, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Larry Nguyen, sophomore, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Ly Thien Nguyen, sophomore, pre-pharmacy (A&S); MyHanh Thi Nguyen, freshman, computer science (A&S); Samantha Nguyen, senior, elementary education (TC); Tammy Nguyen, senior, elementary education (TC); Theresa Nguyen, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Viet Duc Nguyen*, junior, mathematics (A&S); Alan Elias Nichols, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Sheree Nichols, senior, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Carrie Nickless*, senior, elementary education (TC); Virginia Nixon*, senior, elementary education (TC); William Milton Noel*, senior, Spanish (A&S); Rebecca Lynn Norman, junior, psychology (A&S); Jenna Norris, freshman, pre-education (TC); Justin Paul Null, senior, business administration (CBA); Alyson Nutter, freshman, pre-education (TC); Christopher Jarrett Ober, freshman, finance (CBA); Philip Paul Obermeyer, senior, computer and electrical engineering (E&T); Kevin Richard Olmer, senior, sociology (A&S); Jonathan Olson, freshman, pre-education (TC); Robert Alan Olson, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Timothy Lee Oltman, junior, computer science (A&S); Oluwakemi Iyabode Olubodun*, junior, finance (CBA) and actuarial science (A&S); Sydney Omo, junior, elementary education (TC); Tara Dian Ondrak, sophomore, pre-pharmacy (A&S); John O'Neil, junior, pre-education (TC); Kimberly Anne Osborn, senior, chemical engineering (E&T); Carrie Elizabeth Osborne, junior, undecided (GS); Christina O'Toole, senior, community health education (TC); Stephanie Otto*, senior, exercise science (TC).

Lincoln (P-Q): Rachel Papenhausen*, senior, elementary education (TC); Stephanie Lee Parker*, senior, anthropology (A&S); Jaime Lea Patera, senior, marketing (CBA); Mary Lynn Pattavina, junior, art (FPA); Lisa Paul, junior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Mary Pavelka, freshman, advertising (Journ); Micala Peate*, senior, elementary education (TC); Jared Anthony Pehrson, junior, business business management (CBA); Anna Grace Pelton, freshman, political science (A&S); Travis Joel Perdew, freshman, accounting (CBA); Brittany Perry, freshman, pre-education (TC); Laura Michelle Pervis, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Liza Pescatore, senior, elementary education (TC); Michelle Peters, senior, elementary education (TC); Stephanie Lyn Peters, sophomore, sociology (A&S); Dara Joann Petersen, junior, art (FPA); Emily Petersen, freshman, pre-education (TC); Anders Reynold Peterson*, sophomore, Spanish (A&S); Andrea Lynn Peterson, junior, art (FPA); Jennifer Joy Peterson*, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Laura Peterson*, sophomore, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Mark Thomas Petro, freshman, theatre arts (FPA); Alyssa Camille Pilus*, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Jaime Pisci, junior, elementary education (TC); Melissa Moreland Pittenger, senior, communication studies (A&S); Anne Pleskac, senior, education (TC); Jamie Pointer, junior, pre-education (TC); Jill Marie Pollard*, senior, business administration (CBA); Benjamin Jon Polly, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Aaron Robert Pomeroy, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Adam Ray Pont*, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Marisa Ashley Pont*, freshman, business business management (CBA); Heather Poore*, senior, elementary education (TC); Valerie Porter*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Adam Lee Potratz, senior, international business (CBA); Laticia Beth Preble, senior, nursing (GS); Anna Leigh Pressler, sophomore, business business management (CBA); Brent Andrew Price, sophomore, undecided (GS); Lisa Marie Prochaska, sophomore, political science (A&S); Heather Diane Quitmeyer, senior, psychology (A&S).

Lincoln (R): Andrew Rainbolt, senior, education (TC); Camilo Mauricio Ramirez, sophomore, international business (CBA); Anna Rebekah Ramsey*, senior, anthropology (A&S); Aaron Scott Rankin, senior, finance (CBA); Jared Carter Rathe, senior, business administration (CBA); Matthew James Rauscher, junior, business administration (CBA); David Aaron Rawson*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Erica Rea*, freshman, classics (A&S); Elizabeth Ann Reeks, freshman, music education (FPA); April Reins, senior, advertising (Journ); Craig Thomas Reinsch, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Julie Reinsch, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Kathryn Reinsch*, senior, education (TC); CarLee Ann Reiser, freshman, undecided (GS); Mary Louise Reiser*, junior, accounting (CBA); Heather Rempe, senior, advertising (Journ); Scott D. Rempe, senior, marketing (CBA); Katherine Renner*, senior, advertising (Journ); Misty Rentschler*, senior, elementary education (TC); Emily Reznicek*, senior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Elizabeth Ann Rhodes, senior, English (A&S); Jeffrey James Richardson*, sophomore, biochemistry (A&S); Jon Paul Richardson, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Lindsay Layne Richardson, senior, business administration (CBA); Clayton Jay Ridenour, senior, fisheries and wildlife (Ag); Kathryn Murphy Rife, junior, finance (CBA); Kylin Riley, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Simon Ringsmuth, senior, education (TC); Cindy Rinkol, senior, elementary education (TC); Sallie Ann Rinkol, senior, psychology (A&S); Renee Rinschen*, senior, broadcasting (Journ); Kelsey Robbins, junior, pre-education (TC); Julie Robertson*, senior, speech-language pathology (TC); Daniel Jacob Robinson, sophomore, art (FPA); Ashley Elizabeth Robison, sophomore, animal science (Ag); Victoria Robison, junior, advertising (Journ); Karista Rodgers, junior, special education (TC); James Rodrigue, junior, pre-education (TC); Miranda Roesler, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Mark Dante Romano, freshman, theatre arts (FPA); Bridget Alyssa Rooney, freshman, undecided (GS); Victoria Elizabeth Rosenberger, junior, anthropology (A&S); Erin Michele Roth, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Kastan Elizabeth Rothrock, senior, dance (FPA); Annie Rowan*, junior, pre-education (TC); Chandra Ariel Ruff, junior, international studies (A&S) and ag economics (Ag); Molly Anne Ruhlman, senior, anthropology (A&S); Jeffery Scott Runnings*, junior, English (A&S); Monica Ryan*, senior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Erin Ryckman, freshman, pre-education (TC).

Lincoln (S): Brian Marshal Sabata, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Namita Sakhuja, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Rebecca Sallinger, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Briana Bo Sanne, senior, art (FPA); Sandra Sapien*, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Sarah Jane Sasse, senior, marketing (CBA); Andrew James Sauer, senior, communication studies (A&S); Ryan Nicholas Schacht, sophomore, anthropology (A&S); Steven James Schadegg, senior, undecided (GS); Ryan Michael Scharf, junior, undecided (GS); Adam Michael Scheer, junior, chemical engineering (E&T); Jenna Leigh Scheffert*, freshman, pre-radiologic technology (A&S); Jessica Erin Schell*, junior, fisheries and wildlife (Ag); Laura Scherbak, senior, elementary education (TC); Andrew Scherbarth, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Todd Ryan Schkade*, senior, economics (A&S); Danielle Schlicht, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Kira Ross Schlitt, junior, theatre arts (FPA); Kathryn Schmer, senior, elementary education (TC); Larissa Angelique Schmersal, sophomore, psychology (A&S) and dance (FPA); Nichole Elizabeth Schmid, junior, undecided (GS); Eric Carl Schmidt, sophomore, actuarial science (CBA); Gretja Lea Schnell*, junior, environmental studies (A&S) and animal sciece (Ag); Anna Schrad, junior, exercise science (TC); Kimberly Anne Schroeder, senior, music and dance (FPA); Darnell Rae Schuettler*, senior, psychology (A&S); Alyssa Laine Schukar, freshman, English (A&S); Jennifer Schulte, senior, education (TC); James Daniel Schulz, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Meghan Leigh Schulz, freshman, undecided (GS); Erin Schweitz, junior, exercise science (TC); Elizabeth Selig, senior, elementary education (TC); Clay Smith Sheaff, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Michael Edward Sheely, junior, horticulture (Ag); Alisha Danielle Shepard*, senior, business business management (CBA); Becky Sherman*, senior, elementary education (TC); Jasmine Shimerda*, junior, elementary education (TC); Elizabeth Showers, junior, pre-education (TC); Elizabeth Shubert, junior, exercise science (TC); Angela Elizabeth Shupe, senior, psychology (A&S); Jennifer Shupe, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Tiffany Nichol Siegrist, junior, undecided (GS); Kacie Elizabeth Siewert, sophomore, undecided (GS); Brett Wayne Simmonds, senior, theatre arts (FPA); Karen Simms*, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Kristen Stacy Simpson, senior, psychology (A&S); Lori Allison Simpson, senior, Spanish (A&S) and mechanical engineering (E&T); Isaac Daniel Singer*, senior, computer and electrical engineering (E&T); Deepak Kumar Singh, sophomore, undecided (GS); Danielle Jean Singleton, freshman, undecided (GS); Jessica Ellen Skinner, junior, sociology (A&S); Jamie Skorupa*, junior, pre-education (TC); Nathaniel Wyatt Skrivanek, sophomore, undecided (GS); Angela Smaus*, senior, elementary education (TC); Erin Smith, sophomore, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Jason Foster Smith*, senior, psychology (A&S); Kelly Smith*, senior, elementary education (TC); Kenneth John Smith, junior, computer engineering (E&T); Matthew Smith, junior, advertising (Journ); Paul Douglas Smith, senior, Great Plains studies (A&S); Kristin Lynn Sneller, junior, marketing (CBA); Adam Jordan Snoberger*, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Emily Snodgrass, freshman, pre-education (TC); Brenda Snoke, senior, advertising (Journ); Kaley Kristine Snyder*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Monica Marie Solc, freshman, theatre arts (FPA); Brandi Jo Sommer*, junior, chemistry (A&S); Hilary Sorensen, sophomore, advertising (Journ); Michael Samuel Soto*, senior, marketing (CBA); Andrea Soukup, senior, education (TC); Shawn Lee Speidel, senior, horticulture (Ag); Anna Renee Spilker*, junior, speech-language pathology and audiology (A&S); Timothy Scott Splichal*, senior, anthropology (A&S); Brooke Spoede*, senior, elementary education (TC); Travis Mark Spomer, junior, computer science (A&S); Heidi Marie Sprague, junior, international business (CBA); Rachel Sprengel, senior, broadcasting (Journ); Barbara Stalp* 2ND nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Heather Stark, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Devan Marie Starks*, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Adam David Starr, sophomore, international studies (A&S); Jay Daniel Steinkruger, freshman, undecided (GS); Betsy Rae Steinkuhler, freshman, psychology (A&S); Anita Megan Stelzer, senior, English (A&S); Kathryn Ann Stenberg, sophomore, chemical engineering (E&T); Courtney Stiers, senior, advertising (Journ); Keri Stofer*, senior, speech-language pathology (TC); Todd Gregory Stohs*, junior, mathematics (A&S); Jame Strand, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Stephanie Streigle*, senior, elementary education (TC); Ann Stubbendeck*, senior, pre-education (TC); Lisa Stukenholtz, junior, elementary education (TC); Amy Stutzman, junior, elementary education (TC); Paul John Sueper, senior, agribusiness (Ag); Jung-Hyun Suh, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Laura Lynn Suhr*, junior, psychology (A&S); Adrienne Noel Sullivan, sophomore, undecided (GS); Sandra Sullivan*, junior, pre-education (TC); Angela Swanson*, senior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Lori Swantek*, senior, elementary education (TC); Sarah Lohry Swisher, junior, electrical engineering (E&T).

Lincoln (T-V): Susanne Kay Taege, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Nicole Amber Talbot, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Andrew Stephen Taylor*, senior, English (A&S); Anthony Stephen Taylor, senior, business administration (CBA); Katie LaRae Taylor*, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Lindsey Taylor, senior, elementary education (TC); Lucas Kent Taylor, senior, actuarial science (CBA); Gaelle-Dorinda Biviga Tchipandi, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Lisa Jean Terry, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Stephanie Christine Thaden, sophomore, nursing (GS); Thomas Thoene, senior, advertising (Journ); Paul Curtis Timm*, senior, ag education (Ag); Keri Lynn Timmerman*, sophomore, English (A&S); Brent David Timperley, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Christopher John Tiwald*, freshman, political science (A&S); Dane Christopher Todd*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Conrado Tognetti, junior, news-editorial (Journ); Christopher Ryan Toothaker, sophomore, pre-architecture (Arch); Natalia Esperanza Torres, junior, Spanish (A&S); Devin Paul Townsend, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Justin Douglas Tritch, junior, business administration (CBA); Sara Tuckerman, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Amber Tupa, senior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Amber Turner, freshman, pre-education (TC); Melissa Turner, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Andrew James Uithoven, senior, finance (CBA); Bryan Thomas Unger, sophomore, undecided (GS); Dawn Marie Uribe-Williams, junior, undecided (GS); Melody Usher, senior, elementary education (TC); Jodi Ann Vaccaro, junior, music (FPA); Justin James Vala*, senior, chemical engineering (E&T); Molly Van De Water, senior, elementary education (TC); Jill Van Den Hemel, junior, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Ricque Van Gerpen, junior, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Lindsay Nicole Vanier*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Michael Jon Vanier, senior, business administration (CBA); Daniel VanMoorleghem, senior, advertising (Journ); Patricia Vannoy*, sophomore, news-editorial (Journ); Jacob Crumley Varvel, junior, music education (FPA); Jason Vasa, junior, education (TC); Adriana Velasquez, senior, food science and technology (Ag); Joshua A. Verzal, sophomore, electrical engineering (E&T); Bryan Vetter, senior, education (TC); Melissa Louise Veys, senior, theatre arts (FPA); Colleen Viehl*, senior, elementary education (TC); Aubrey Ann Vifquain*, freshman, food science and technology (Ag); Shelley Vlasin-Poore*, senior, elementary education (TC); Ashley Vodehnal, senior, exercise science (TC); Kristin Voges*, senior, elementary education (TC); Megan Elizabeth Voss, senior, ag education (Ag); Lindsay Votava*, junior, pre-speech-language pathology (TC).

Lincoln (W-Z): Geri Wagner, junior, elementary education (TC); Melissa Jo Waite*, senior, animal science (Ag); Gregory Walklin*, freshman, news-editorial (Journ); Azure Dee Wall, sophomore, undecided (GS); Catherine Fay Wallis, senior, theatre arts (FPA); Benjamin William Walter, junior, undecided (GS); John Daniel Walters, senior, art (FPA); Luke Leeder Waltman*, sophomore, computer science (A&S); Brian Wandzilak, senior, education (TC); Scott Michael Wandzilak, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Sean Edward Warnke, sophomore, music education (FPA); Ashley Watsek, freshman, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Ryan Elliott Watson, senior, architecture (Arch); Tyler Ross Watson, sophomore, undecided (GS); Jessica Watts, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Brad Webb*, senior, exercise science (TC); Alicia Marie Weber, freshman, undecided (GS); Kimberly Welchert*, senior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Michelle Wellwood, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Larry Joseph Wendt, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Sarah Elizabeth Wesely, freshman, pre-interior design (Arch); Sara Westling, senior, elementary education (TC); Seth Joseph White, senior, business administration (CBA); Ian James Whitmore, senior, art (FPA); Luke Whitmore, senior, education (TC); Matthew Wichman, junior, education (TC); Abby Widdowson, junior, elementary education (TC); Carrie Ann Wiechmann, junior, nursing (GS); Joel Logsdon Wiegert, senior, marketing (CBA); Brande Lynn Wikoff, junior, business administration (CBA); Jessica Ann Wiles, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Catherine Will, freshman, advertising (Journ); Amber Williams, junior, pre-education (TC); Kevin Michael Williams, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Michael Paul Wilmot, junior, English (A&S); Theresa Wilson*, senior, elementary education (TC); Jesse Bennett Windle, junior, mathematics (A&S); Alexis Kathleen Wismer*, freshman, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Dana Witherby*, junior, broadcasting (Journ); Elise Marie Woita, senior, English (A&S); John Wolf, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Leah Wolf*, senior, elementary education (TC); Ryan Wolf*, junior, education(TC); Paula Womack*, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Kelly Wood*, junior, education (TC); Mandy Wortman, senior, education (TC); Erin Wright, freshman, pre-education (TC); Leann Nicole Wright, junior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Sai Kit Wu, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Ashley Renee Wyatt, freshman, nursing (GS); Kyle Carsten Wyatt, senior, English (A&S); Keith Wysocki, freshman, news-editorial (Journ); Rose Bi Yao*, junior, computer engineering (E&T); Sharon Yoder, senior, pre-education (TC); Jonathan Yost, junior, exercise science (TC); Bradley Young, freshman, broadcasting (Journ); Julie Young*, sophomore, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Danielle Marie Yung*, junior, history (A&S); Brian Lee Zabloudil*, senior, architecture (Arch); Michael David Zalewski, senior, environmental studies (Ag); Abigail Zehr, senior, elementary education (TC); Derek Charles Zimmerman, junior, business administration (CBA); Jill Zlomke*, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Vicki Zulkoski*, senior, elementary education (TC); Erin Renae Zwart, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Adam Kent Zwickle, senior, anthropology (A&S).

Lindsay: Ginger Buhl*, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS).

Litchfield: Scott Allen Burns, senior, agricultural engineering (E&T); Abby Jane Hird, junior, horticulture (Ag); Heather Riessland, senior, community health education (TC); Caleb Stephen Strate, junior, civil engineering (E&T).

Lodgepole: Nathan Glenn Wells, senior, mathematics (A&S); Jason Michael Wiest, freshman, undecided (GS).

Loomis: Kimberly Duncan*, junior, elementary education (TC); Tiffany Janelle Duncan, freshman, undecided (GS); Tessa Marie Nelson*, senior, biological sciences (A&S).

Louisville: Bradley William Becker*, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Rebecca Kay Bogenreif, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Jill Marie Dolan, junior, business administration (CBA); Laurie Anne Hlavac, senior, business business management (CBA); Malinie Ann Johnson, senior, business administration (CBA); Michael Brandon Krambeck, freshman, undecided (GS); Alysia Mayfield, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Anthony G. Mixan, junior, psychology (A&S); Stephanie Lynn Pankonin*, sophomore, international studies (A&S); Amanda Jane Stander, freshman, music (FPA).

Loup City: Tracy Guy King, junior, construction management (E&T); Derek Thomas Kowalski, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Rebecca Kusek*, junior, exercise science (TC); Abby Dawn Obermiller*, junior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag).

Lynch: Neah Lechelle Galloway*, senior, education (TC) and Spanish (A&S); Casey Robert Wade, junior, undecided (GS).

Lyons: Kyle Beacom, freshman, pre-education (TC); Kellen Kenneth Headlee*, senior, electrical engineering (E&T).

Madison: Annie Beth Daberkow, junior, business business management (CBA); Seth Otto Freudenburg, freshman, political science (A&S); Sheana Irene Reigle, junior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T).

Madrid: Nicole Cherie Hanson*, freshman, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Caleb J. Harms*, senior, animal science (Ag); Melissa Regier, freshman, pre-special education (TC).

Malcolm: Kimberly Bohling*, freshman, broadcasting (Journ); Anthony Lee Heidtbrink, freshman, nursing (GS); Casey James Spilker, junior, business business management (CBA).

Marquette: Tifany Kay Albrecht, junior, business administration (CBA); Adam Luke Jacobsen, junior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Jordan Jeffrey Jacobsen, junior, finance (CBA); Nicholas William Kauffman, freshman, economics (CBA).

Martell: Janelle Lynn Bartels*, freshman, environmental studies (Ag); Jordan Wynde Milliken, sophomore, international studies (A&S); Stephanie Wittstruck, freshman, pre-education (TC).

Maxwell: Ryan Matthew Bailey, junior, business administration (CBA).

Maywood: Marc William Werkmeister, freshman, undecided (GS).

McCook: Michael Robert Bonge*, junior, geography (A&S); Jessica Burns*, senior, elementary education (TC); Ashley Nicole Fagot*, sophomore, biochemistry (A&S); Douglas Cameron Grafel, senior, psychology (A&S); Julie Gumb, junior, pre-education (TC); Laura Marie Lyons, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Renee Jolyn Minary*, sophomore, animal science (Ag); Adrienne Pauline Nielsen, junior, undecided (GS); Warren Jennings Odgers, sophomore, mathematics (A&S); Stefanie Soden, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Dustin Robert Uerling, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T); Erin Vaughn, senior, education (TC); Erin Renea Vaughn, senior, Spanish (A&S); Adam Joseph Wolford, freshman, undecided Agricultural Sciences (Ag).

McCool Junction: Dana Lea Bailey, senior, ag education (Ag); Lacey Miller, senior, pre-education (TC).

Mead: Anneke Lee Gustafson*, sophomore, ag economics (Ag); Sara Ann Konecky, junior, undecided (GS); Adam Lawrence Petersen, junior, computer engineering (E&T).

Meadow Grove: Eric Benjamin Hughes, senior, architecture (Arch).

Merna: Christopher Adrian Myers, sophomore, construction management (E&T); Jason Wesley Parsons, freshman, history (A&S).

Milford: Amanda Lambe, junior, pre-education (TC); John Michael Matzen*, senior, accounting (CBA) and Englilsh (A&S); Zachary W. Schlegel, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Joel Alan Wesely*, junior, agribusiness (Ag).

Miller: Jesse Clifford Fees, senior, business business management (CBA); Ryan Lawrence Wolfe, junior, computer engineering (E&T).

Mills: Alicia Bammerlin*, senior, elementary education (TC).

Minden: Julie Bloomfield, junior, elementary education (TC); Ryan Evans, senior, elementary education (TC); Libby Deine Johnson, sophomore, animal science (Ag); Emily Jo Jorgensen, senior, international business (CBA); Susanna Kathleen McCormick, freshman, mathematics (A&S); Nathan Andrew Palmer*, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Michael Ryan Paulsen, sophomore, undecided (GS); Abigail Lincoln Thomsen*, senior, Spanish (A&S); Nicholas Andrew Tomsen*, freshman, biological systems engineering (E&T).

Mitchell: Jennifer Eastman, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

Morrill: Katherine Elizabeth Lundgren, senior, psychology (A&S); Megan Laine Lutz, junior, architecture (Arch).

Mullen: Shauna Buchfinck*, senior, elementary education (TC).

Murdock: Kristen Rose Bolles*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Randall Lee Eager, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Gloria Friesell, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Carrie Johnson*, sophomore, broadcasting (Journ); Nicholas Glenn Miller, freshman, business business management (CBA).

Murray: Byron Eugene Gruber, junior, business administration (CBA).

Nebraska City: Rosita Aldana, senior, elementary education (TC); Jacqueline De Kock, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Matthew John Duling, sophomore, undecided (GS); Patricia Marie Grundman, senior, mathematics (A&S); Jessica Hegr, senior, education (TC); Jesse Jon Hottovy, freshman, undeclared (E&T); Rebecca Kay Widoe*, senior, psychology (A&S); Robert Anton Wirth, freshman, accounting (CBA); Steven George Wirth*, junior, chemistry (A&S); Megan Elizabeth Witty, freshman, sociology (A&S).

Nehawka: Jennifer Zierott, freshman, pre-education (TC).

Neligh: Nicole Rashell Forsell, sophomore, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Jessica Joyce Jessen, senior, business business management (CBA); Kristen Renee Knievel, senior, business business management (CBA); Andrew M. Seier, senior, business business management (CBA); Craig A. Zuhlke, freshman, electrical engineering (E&T).

Newman Grove: Abbie Hallgren, junior, elementary education (TC); Matthew Gregory Johnson, freshman, electrical engineering (E&T); Trishawna Quincy, senior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS).

Niobrara: Lizzie LaPlante, junior, pre-education (TC).

Norfolk: Lindsay Jo Acklie*, senior, accounting (CBA); Jennifer Jean Ardery, junior, pre-dental hygiene (A&S); Anthony Lee Baumgart, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Jacob Lawrence Bayer, freshman, computer engineering (E&T); Matthew Steven Bayer, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Kathleen Rae Brazeal*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Brett Robert Cover, junior, finance (CBA); Aaron Matthew Davis, freshman, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Charlotte Dendinger, senior, education (TC); Erin Christine Dickie, senior, sociology (A&S); Levi Michael Drake, freshman, undeclared (A&S); Rachel Drummond, freshman, human resources and family sciences (HRFS); Kristina Leigh Funk, junior, marketing (CBA); Bethany Jean Gannon, senior, biochemistry (A&S); Jonathan Hansen, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Sarah Elizabeth Herley*, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Dawn L. Hjorth, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Sara Hoffman, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Adam James Holmberg, senior, computer engineering (E&T); James Richard Johnson, freshman, civil engineering (E&T); Mary Ann Johnson, sophomore, art (FPA); Stephen Eric Karmazin, freshman, pre-dentistry (A&S); Jill Kathol*, senior, elementary education (TC); Justin Alan Ketelsen, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Jana Marie Kortje, freshman, undecided (GS); Adam John Langan, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Kristopher Cole Mather*, freshman, business business management (CBA); Michael Julius McWilliams, junior, finance (CBA); Stacey Nelson, freshman, pre-education (TC); Megan Louise Patefield*, freshman, actuarial science (CBA); Daniel Dale Patterson, freshman, accounting (CBA); Victoria Lee Pelan, sophomore, pre-physical therapy (A&S); Amber Potts, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Audrey Michel Potts, junior, interior design (Arch); Shane Neal Potts, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Thomas James Pryor, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Renee Schumacher*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Cassie Alane Shacklett, freshman, psychology (A&S); Andrew James Speidel, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Sara Steckelberg*, senior, elementary education (TC); Crystal Taylor*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Megan Nichole Thomas, sophomore, marketing (CBA); Lori Vesely*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Jessica M. Waite, sophomore, anthropology (A&S); Mackenzie Renee Waltke*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Paul Frederick White, sophomore, sociology (A&S); Michael Dane Wrenholt, senior, biochemistry (A&S); Jennifer Renate Zohner, freshman, nursing (GS).

North Bend: Lincoln Arneal, junior, news-editorial (Journ); Elizabeth Gillis, junior, education (TC); Tami Lynn Hunke, senior, finance (CBA); Niki Lee Hunke*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Ashley Johnson, senior, education (TC); Lynn Minarick, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Andrea von Rein*, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Alexander John Wolf, senior, business administration (CBA).

North Loup: Nicole Amelia Scheideler, junior, agribusiness (Ag).

North Platte: Jeremy John Befort, senior, civil engineering (E&T); David Andrew Bernard-Stevens, freshman, music education (FPA); Sharleen Adele Boerner, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Andrea Jean Briley, freshman, marketing (CBA); Andres Burgoa, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Andres Aaron Burgoa, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Abbie Farrar, freshman, advertising (Journ); Kathryn Marie Gutschenritter*, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Melissa Jo Halverson, junior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Jennifer Lynn Huebner*, junior, food science and technology (Ag); Todd Michael Jeffers, freshman, marketing (CBA); Richard Johnson, senior, education (TC); Chelsey A. Jungck, freshman, political science (A&S); Christina Kelly, senior, elementary education (TC); Sara Jeannette Kelsey*, senior, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Rebecca Lynn Logan, senior, psychology (A&S); Jessica Lynn McCall*, sophomore, agribusiness (Ag); Elizabeth Ann McCrone, sophomore, undecided (GS); Sarah O'Neill, junior, elementary education (TC); Emily O'Rourke, senior, advertising (Journ); Amy Catherine Rasmussen, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Brian Andrew Roehrs, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T); Timaree Leigh Schmit, junior, psychology (A&S); Crystal Weaver*, freshman, advertising (Journ).

Oakland: Jessica Corbin, junior, pre-education (TC); Victoria Pearson, freshman, pre-education (TC); Celeste Nicholle Walmer, junior, psychology (A&S).

Oconto: Leah Camille Paulsen, junior, nursing (GS).

Odell: Jared Vitosh*, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

Ogallala: Amanda Anne Adams, junior, accounting (CBA); Holli Jo Barrett, freshman, Spanish (A&S); Ashley Marie Bassett, sophomore, art (FPA); Philip Stewart Buchholz, freshman, undecided (GS); Paul Ryan Demmel, senior, physics (A&S); Sarah Ann Demmel, freshman, English (A&S); Katie Jane Engdahl*, senior, communication studies (A&S); Brenda Graff*, junior, elementary education (TC); Kathryn Mary Kozal, senior, business business management (CBA); Angela Norman, sophomore, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Bradley Slaughter, sophomore, advertising (Journ).

Omaha (A-B): Ashley Abboud, senior, elementary education (TC); Stephanie Rachelle Alm, junior, anthropology (A&S); Joshua Tyler Amick, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Keri Lee Andersen*, senior, horticulture (Ag); Melissa Joy Andersen, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Amber Eve Anderson*, sophomore, art (FPA); Julia Lynne Anderson, freshman, political science (A&S); Mary Anderson*, junior, elementary education (TC); Sarah Marie Anderson*, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Troy Patrick Anderson, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Mark Frederick Antonson, freshman, business business management (CBA); Nathan Michael Arends, junior, business administration (CBA); Rachael Armijo, junior, elementary education (TC); Daniel Wayne Avery, junior, economics (A&S); Corey Judson Ayers, junior, finance (CBA); Abraham John Babcock, senior, construction management (E&T); Michelle Kaye Backlund, senior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Erin Bader, junior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Jordan James Bader*, freshman, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Carrie Bahde, freshman, broadcasting (Journ); Michael Bahe, sophomore, exercise science (TC); Jennifer Bahle, senior, education (TC); Jocelyn Kaye Bailey*, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Jason Wyatt Bakewell*, junior, business administration (CBA); Andrew Michael Balus, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Christopher Rayne Balwanz, sophomore, biochemistry (A&S); Cody Kalin Bandars, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Emily Audra Bannick*, senior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); William Justin Barager, junior, finance (CBA); Nicholas Alan Bassett, senior, finance (CBA); Kyle Chase Baxter*, sophomore, anthropology (A&S); Elizabeth Anne Beer*, senior, classics (A&S); Miranda Lynn Benak*, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Daniel Patrick Benesh*, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Stephanie Michelle Beran*, junior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Katie Daveline Berge, freshman, actuarial science (A&S); Kristina Alexis Berns*, freshman, pre-nuclear medical technology (A&S); Andrew Berthold, senior, education (TC); Robert Zachary Biodrowski, senior, finance (CBA); Joseph Daniel Bizzarri*, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Danielle Jean Bojanski*, junior, English (A&S); Aaron Anthony Boni, sophomore, undecided (GS); Ashley Marie Borchers, freshman, pre-interior design (Arch); Leonard Joseph Boury, junior, construction management (E&T); Cassandra Brady, junior, pre-education (TC); Andrew Christian Braun, senior, music education (FPA); Aaron Robert Braun*, senior, biochemistry (Ag); Bartholomew Paul Braunger, senior, business business management (CBA); Adam Thomas Brehm, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Janelle Patricia Brinster*, sophomore, finance (CBA); Todd Ryan Brockett, senior, biochemistry (A&S); Daniel Nathan Bruce, junior, undecided (GS); Michael Bruntz, freshman, news-editorial (Journ); Scott Michael Burdick, junior, business administration (CBA); Kimberly Sara Buske*, senior, biochemistry (A&S); Brian Michael Butler, junior, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Brittany Lynn Butler, junior, business administration (CBA); Michael Charles Butterfield, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Matthew Thomas Byars, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Omaha (C-F): Rachel Jane Campbell, senior, music education (FPA); Heather Jo Cannon, sophomore, undecided (GS); Annika Lynn Carlson, senior, chemistry (A&S); Seth Adam Carlson, junior, psychology (A&S); Dana McKee Carne, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Jill Marie Carroll, junior, business administration (CBA); Nathan Allen Charlow*, sophomore, history (A&S); Cassandra Ann Christensen, junior, biochemistry (A&S); Nicholas Nelson Clatterbuck*, sophomore, economics (CBA); Zachary Daniel Clawson, senior, theatre arts (FPA); Meagan Cody, senior, pre-education (TC); Jessie Leigh Combs, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Marshall Scot Comisar, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Sandra Elizabeth Conley, freshman, business administration (CBA); Christi Connelly, senior, elementary education (TC); Kara Connor, senior, education (TC); Brian Richard Cory, freshman, chemistry (A&S); Stacy Cramer*, senior, elementary education (TC); Shannon Kay Culek, senior, philosophy (A&S); Anneliese Cuttle, junior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Sandra Czapla, junior, broadcasting (Journ); Sarah Dagerman, junior, education (TC); Stephanie Dagerman*, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Kelly Ann Danaher, junior, psychology (A&S); Alicia Danielson*, senior, elementary education (TC); Andrew Michael Davis, junior, mathematics (A&S); Patrick David Davis, senior, philosophy (A&S); Kathryn Nicole Deichert, sophomore, chemistry (A&S); Lindsey Deitloff, senior, elementary education (TC); Sara Dawn DeLashmutt, senior, finance (CBA); Rachel Stephanie Dellovechio, freshman, anthropology (A&S); John Lincoln DeMaris, senior, computer engineering (E&T); William Jason DeRoin, sophomore, pre-architecture (Arch); Thomas Dickey, senior, education (TC); David Diehl, senior, education (TC); Emily Dolphens, junior, elementary education (TC); David Edward Downs, senior, marketing (CBA); Paul Alexander Drewes*, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Anna Marie Drozda, sophomore, art history and criticism (FPA); Patrick William Ducey, freshman, geology (A&S); Ryan Scott Duell, freshman, computer engineering (E&T); Steven Douglas Dugger, senior, business business management (CBA); Timothy James Dunne, junior, marketing (CBA); Jennifer Lynn Edwards, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Mark J. Egermier, junior, finance (CBA); Danielle Eickman*, senior, elementary education (TC); Marie Joelle Ellis, sophomore, theatre arts (FPA); William Isaac Epperson, senior, international business (CBA); Beth Noelle Erickson, sophomore, chemical engineering (E&T); Elizabeth Dianne Evans, freshman, nursing (GS); Kristin Danielle Ewing, senior, psychology (A&S); Nathan Kyle Ferrel, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Brian Joseph Ferris*, junior, international business (CBA); Adam Christopher Fitzgarrald, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Diana Lynn Fitzpatrick, junior, international business (CBA); Rachel Fluehr*, junior, speech-language pathology (TC); Adrieene Lynn Foley, senior, finance (CBA); Jessica Frank, junior, education (TC); Tricia Ann Fredrickson, junior, actuarial science (CBA); Angela Ann Furry*, senior, classics (A&S).

Omaha (G-I): Lauren Elizabeth Gardels, senior, business business management (CBA); Adam Lee Gartner, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Andrew Thomas Gelenter*, sophomore, computer science (A&S); Jeffrey Craig Gerard, freshman, computer science (A&S); Joanna Gerken, junior, advertising (Journ); Laura Gervase*, junior, pre-education (TC); Daniel Joseph Gillen, sophomore, nursing (GS); Elizabeth Gillen*, senior, elementary education (TC); Alicia Ann Gilmore, freshman, physics (A&S) and mechanical engineering (E&T); LeClara Gilreath, junior, pre-education (TC); Jessica Lynne Glasgow, freshman, theatre arts (FPA); Kelly Gomez, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Kelly Gomez, freshman, pre-education (TC); Christine Michelle Goodman, freshman, business administration (CBA); Carly Halleen Grabner, sophomore, business business management (CBA); Ann Grace, senior, advertising (Journ); David Swanson Graff, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Justin Graham, junior, advertising (Journ); Marlene Grayer*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Christine Michelle Greene, freshman, psychology (A&S); Michael Greene-Walsh*, senior, education (TC); Melissa Grohmann, sophomore, advertising (Journ); Levi Daniel Grosskopf, senior, marketing (CBA); Josie Grzebielski, junior, elementary education (TC); Michael Aaron Haley, sophomore, chemical engineering (E&T); Lindsey Marie Haller, junior, communication studies (A&S); Sally Hallett*, senior, elementary education (TC); Blake Austin Hamby, junior, biochemistry (A&S); Bonnie Hanselman*, senior, elementary education (TC); Brenda Marie Hanselman, junior, accounting (CBA); Sarah E. Hanson, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Kathryn Sullivan Harman*, freshman, undeclared (A&S); Chad Robert Harrill, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Mark Hautzinger, sophomore, news-editorial (Journ); Kirk Manning Havick, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Jacqueline Heard*, senior, elementary education (TC); Monica Ann Hejkal*, sophomore, Spanish (A&S); Matthew Warren Heller, senior, business business management (CBA); Luke Christopher Herdzina, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Steven Jacob Herdzina, sophomore, business business management (CBA); Jonathan Patrick Herzog*, senior, history (A&S); Nicholas Daniel Hess, sophomore, finance (CBA); Jennifer Hickey, senior, elementary education (TC); Daniel Whitmore Hill, junior, finance (CBA); Jeremy Michael Hite, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Julie Bowling Hodgson, senior, English (A&S); Lindsay Hoefer, junior, pre-education (TC); Jennifer Marie Hoffman, freshman, undecided (GS); Jonathan Lars Hollingsed, freshman, dance (FPA); Nathan Ricky Hollman*, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Andrew Holz, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Daniel James Honz, junior, chemical engineering (E&T); Brian E. Houser, senior, horticulture (Ag); Jaime Rene Howell, senior, business business management (CBA); Brandy Marie Ingles*, senior, psychology (A&S); Bradley Michael Isom, junior, computer engineering (E&T).

Omaha (J-L): Theresa Elaine Jack, senior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Kathryn Elise Janiak*, freshman, pre-physical therapy (A&S); Matthew Dean Jansen, senior, finance (CBA); Jeffrey Russell Johnson, junior, business business management (CBA); Kristie Johnson, senior, education (TC); Kyle Johnson, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Monica Johnson, junior, advertising (Journ); Elizabeth Ann Jordan, sophomore, English (A&S); Nels Axel Jorgensen*, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Elizabeth Ann Kallstrom, senior, advertising (Journ) and art (FPA); Aaron Karl Kanne*, sophomore, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); David Andrew Kemp, freshman, accounting (CBA); Jennifer Kincaid, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Ashley King, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Allison Lyn Kirschbaum, freshman, psychology (A&S); Amy Christine Kopecky, freshman, undecided (GS); Krista Ann Korbel, sophomore, biological systems engineering (E&T); Matthew Thomas Korgie, senior, business administration (CBA); Adam Clay Korkow, senior, business administration (CBA); Shelley Kropp, junior, education (TC); Emily Krupski, freshman, pre-education (TC); Beau Daniel Kuipers, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Margaret Justyna Kukula, senior, marketing (CBA); David Raymond Landrie, sophomore, economics (CBA); Jason Patrick Lanoha, senior, marketing (CBA); Becky Larson, senior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Melissa Lausten*, senior, elementary education (TC); Cindy Sami Lee, freshman, business administration (CBA); Elizabeth Kathryn Lefler*, senior, psychology (A&S); Jessica Lynn Lehman, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Jeffrey James Leise, junior, psychology (A&S); Dane Lenhard, sophomore, advertising (Journ); Andrew Aaron Lenhart, freshman, electrical engineering (E&T); Elizabeth Ann Lenihan*, junior, biochemistry (A&S); Michaela Marie Lenihan, freshman, speech-language pathology and audiology (A&S); Erin Patricia Lewis, sophomore, communication studies (A&S); Jaclyn Mary Lewis*, junior, marketing (CBA); Stefanie Nicole Lierz, junior, anthropology (A&S); Kimberly Linstrom, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Kristopher Ryan Linstrom, senior, electrical engineering (E&T); Jonathan A. List, junior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Lisa Kristin Livers, junior, international business (CBA); Kirbi Jo Long, freshman, music (FPA); Jessica Ann Lopez, senior, business business management (CBA); Erin Elizabeth Lowe, junior, psychology (A&S); Sara Ludemann-Davis*, junior, marketing (CBA).

Omaha (M-O): Donald Christopher Mac, senior, construction management (E&T); Kristen Mackiel*, junior, pre-education (TC); Matthew Stephen Maher, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Sergey K. Manouilov, freshman, international business (CBA); Stephanie Renee Martin, sophomore, communication studies (A&S); Melissa Martinez, senior, elementary education (TC); Alison Marie Mashek*, senior, psychology (A&S); Andrew Steven Mashek, sophomore, civil engineering and construction management (E&T); Jesse Jamal Mason, freshman, film studies (minor only) (A&S); Daniel Duane Mauler, senior, business business management (CBA); Kirstin Jewel Maurstad, senior, business administration (CBA); Lindsey Maurstad, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Hillary Mausbach*, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Emily Ann May, junior, music education (FPA); John Randall McCart, freshman, pre-architectural engineering (E&T); Lyle James McConaughy*, junior, marketing (CBA); Carina Marie McCormick*, sophomore, news-editorial (Journ) and psychology (A&S); Marissa Lynn McCoy, senior, marketing (CBA); Daniel Ryan McCrillis, senior, marketing (CBA); Jane McDonald*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Michele Marie McDonald, freshman, undecided (GS); Lyndsey Michelle McElderry, freshman, nursing (GS); Melanie McGill, sophomore, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Anne McGinty*, senior, elementary education (TC); Douglas Matthew McKenney, junior, international studies (A&S); Molly Ann McKenzie, senior, marketing (CBA); Kyle Matthew McWhirter, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Rachel Mennenga, freshman, advertising (Journ); Jessica Lynn Merrill, freshman, accounting (CBA); Preston Michael Mesick, freshman, computer engineering (E&T); Matthew Joseph Meyer*, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Bridget Anne Miller, senior, business administration (CBA); Amanda Mimick, sophomore, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Michelle Mimick*, senior, elementary education (TC); Stephanie Ann Mohr, junior, education (TC) and French (A&S); Nicole Renee Moore, junior, psychology (A&S); Amy Morin, senior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Sarah Jane Morris, freshman, English (A&S); Amy Moylan, junior, pre-education (TC); Andrea Jane Mullen, senior, chemistry (A&S); Kelly Mulligan, senior, elementary education (TC); Shane Michael Murphy, junior, mathematics (A&S); Erik Michael Neemann, sophomore, meteorology-climatology (A&S); Jennifer Elaine Nelson, sophomore, English (A&S); Jason Newman, freshman, pre-education (TC); Robert J. Nichols, junior, history (A&S); David Alan Nielsen, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Eric Roger Nielsen, junior, accounting (CBA); Renae Novak, senior, advertising (Journ); James Michael O'Brien, senior, biochemistry (A&S); Amy Olsen, senior, exercise science (TC); Frank Robert Opal, junior, chemical engineering (E&T); Grant Jeff Orley, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Thomas Takeo Osugi*, senior, computer science (A&S); Kristen Michelle Otterson*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Krystal Overmyer, sophomore, news-editorial (Journ).

Omaha (P-R): Megan Panzer*, junior, elementary education (TC); Jennifer Leigh Paskach, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch); Denise Passmore, senior, elementary education (TC); Melissa Kay Patterson, junior, food science and technology (Ag); Elizabeth Pavalis*, senior, elementary education (TC); Douglas James Paziak, freshman, civil engineering (E&T); Bradley James Pearson, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Emily Pearson, junior, pre-education (TC); Erin Peitzmeier*, freshman, athletic training (TC); Paul Thomas Penke, freshman, business administration (CBA); Emily Austin Pennington, freshman, pre-occupational therapy (A&S); Kristen Renee Peter, freshman, pre-physician's assistant (A&S); Evan John Peterson, sophomore, undecided (GS); Patricia Anne Peterson, senior, marketing (CBA); Robert Charles Peterson, junior, undecided (GS); Kelsey Lynn Pfeffer*, junior, business administration (CBA); Megan Piernicky, senior, education (TC); Emily Marie Pierson, senior, Spanish (A&S); Travis Robert Pillen, sophomore, finance (CBA); Jaime Leigh Pittenger*, junior, education (TC) and marketing (CBA); Rebecca Lynn Potter*, senior, English (A&S); John Swanson Prauner, senior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Vincent Jacob Prescher, senior, chemistry (A&S); Michael Shane Primrose*, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Sarah Elizabeth Pufall, junior, undecided (GS); Bryan Michael Purdy*, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Keith Andrew Purdy, sophomore, pre-architecture (Arch); Riesa Shannon Rarick, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Nicole Antoinette Reda, senior, marketing (CBA); Thomas Frederick Reilly, sophomore, undecided (GS); Adam Joseph Reimer, senior, music education (FPA); Matthew J. Rezac, senior, business business management (CBA); Teresa Rhodes, freshman, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Michael Phillip Richman, junior, dance (FPA); Patrick Myron Ricketts*, senior, business administration (CBA); Colin Michael Riley, junior, computer engineering (E&T); Brandon Colin Rinehart, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Brian Robeson, senior, elementary education (TC); Karisa Robino, senior, pre-elementary and early childhood education (TC); Melissa Faye Rohrbaugh, senior, interior design (Arch); Roy Romine-Furr, junior, marketing (CBA); Trevor Dean Rooker, junior, business administration (CBA); Julie Loran Rosenbaugh*, freshman, marketing (CBA); Scott Kenneth Rosenbaugh*, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Diane Lynn Rossbach*, freshman, civil engineering (E&T).

Omaha (S-V): Laura Sacoman, junior, elementary education (TC); Megan Kathleen Sather, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch); Robert Joseph Schaffart*, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Jamie Jo Schaible, senior, international business (CBA); Matthew Dean Schieber, sophomore, pre-dentistry (A&S); Mark David Schmitz, freshman, actuarial science (CBA); Daniel C. Schneider, junior, philosophy (A&S); Laura Schreier, sophomore, broadcasting (Journ); Jessica Lea Schroeder, sophomore, mathematics (A&S); Melissa Lynn Schwieger, junior, sociology (A&S); Jeffrey O'Neil Scott, senior, architecture (Arch); Jamie Christine Seeman, freshman, business business management (CBA); Amy L. Shanahan, senior, business business management (CBA); Lindsay Anne Shanahan, senior, psychology (A&S); Hallie Blount Sharkey, sophomore, English (A&S); Andrew Joseph Siepker*, junior, finance (CBA); Chad David Sievers*, junior, business administration (CBA); Michael Jon Sillman, junior, business administration (CBA); James Brandon Simpson, senior, history (A&S); Kyle Alexander Sinclair, freshman, business administration (CBA); Craig James Sitzman, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Melissa Marie Smart, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Alison Marie Smith, senior, art (FPA); Christopher James Smith, senior, music education (FPA); SueElla Smith*, senior, elementary education (TC); Ryan Christopher Sneed, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Chad Michael Snow, senior, business administration (CBA); Nicole Lynn Sorensen, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); Emily Grace Sorrell, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch); Michael Paul Sorum, senior, business management (CBA); Julie Splittgerber*, senior, education (TC); Adam Stahlecker, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Amanda Christine Stahlnecker, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Sarah Stehno, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Jennifer Lynne Stephenson*, freshman, pre-dental hygiene (A&S); Kimberly Ann Steventon, senior, finance (CBA); Jason Martz Studt, senior, construction management (E&T); Anne Swanda, freshman, news-editorial (Journ); Shannon Tate, junior, elementary education (TC); Melissa Temme, senior, exercise science (TC); Joel Rolland TerMaat, junior, chemical engineering (E&T); Alicia Marie Thorson*, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Diane Nicole Topolski, freshman, mathematics (A&S); Christopher Hays Triptow, senior, construction management (E&T); Mary Elizabeth Vacha*, sophomore, mathematics (A&S); Sarah Van Zee, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Kelly Vanek, senior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Benjamin VanKat, freshman, news-editorial (Journ); Courtney Sue Vicario*, sophomore, Spanish (A&S); Ronda Renee Virant, junior, psychology (A&S); Van My Vuong, junior, art (FPA).

Omaha (W-Z): Ananda Joy Walden, freshman, art (FPA); Ashley Wampler, senior, elementary education (TC); Frank James Ward, freshman, theatre arts (FPA); David John Warner, senior, architecture (Arch); Rachel Jane Warren, senior, music education (FPA); Nicole Anne Watzke, senior, music (FPA); Jessica Lynn Weddington, freshman, psychology (A&S); Michaela Dawn Weeks, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Daniel David Weiland, junior, computer science (A&S); Mitchel William Weiler, junior, business administration (CBA); Alison Wells, senior, elementary education (TC); Carly Wendt, senior, advertising (Journ); Alan Jay West, freshman, accounting (CBA); Amy Marie West*, senior, computer science (A&S); Nicole Song Westercamp, junior, pre-medicine (A&S); Colleen Diane Whalen, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Kyle Frederick Whitehead, freshman, mathematics (A&S); Ryan Douglas Wilkins*, junior, marketing (CBA); James Ryan Willcockson, sophomore, mathematics (A&S); Jerrod James Wilson, junior, business management (CBA); Emily Winter, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Abbigail Louise Wollenburg, senior, marketing (CBA); Anthony John Wynn, junior, computer science (A&S); Traci Leigh Wyzgoski, senior, communication studies (A&S); Sarah Ashley Yost, freshman, business administration (CBA); Christinna L. Young, freshman, Spanish (A&S); Douglas Jermain Youngblood, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Justin James Zahn, senior, marketing (CBA); Behrouz Zand, senior, psychology (A&S).

O'Neill: Christopher Steven Bahrij, freshman, civil engineering (E&T); Kelli Danielle Grenz, sophomore, nursing (GS); Angela Dawn McClanahan*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Brian Paul McClanahan, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Donald Andrew Moss, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS) and animal science (Ag); Trista Anne Pruden, freshman, nursing (GS); Erin Nicole Schaaf, junior, business administration (CBA); Emily Schmitz, freshman, pre-education (TC); Stacia Marie Troshynski, senior, English (A&S); William James Troshynski, sophomore, history (A&S); Amber Fay Wiekamp*, freshman, international studies (A&S).

Orchard: Tiffany Jo Belik, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Corey Allan Hahn, senior, electrical engineering (E&T).

Ord: Carl Evan Bartholomew, senior, business administration (CBA); Christopher Thomas Estudillo, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Brenda Mae Hansen, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Alicia Kay Klanecky*, freshman, psychology (A&S); Casey Paul Lammers, senior, finance (CBA); Colin Lansman, freshman, pre-education (TC); Heidi Peterson*, sophomore, exercise science (TC); Jessica Lynn Peterson, senior, biochemistry (A&S).

Orleans: Jan Jaree Bose, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Jeffrey Luther, sophomore, athletic training (TC).

Osceola: Nicolas Marc Plurien, junior, political science (A&S); Kelly Adam Rutter, freshman, undecided (GS); Toni Jo Watts, junior, construction management (E&T).

Oshkosh: Derek Richardson, senior, elementary education (TC); Tobin James Santero*, senior, computer and electrical engineering (E&T).

Osmond: Ashley Kay Oltjenbruns, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch); Christina Prince*, sophomore, broadcasting (Journ); Jacalyn Prince, freshman, advertising (Journ).

Oxford: Shauna Lynn Bose*, senior, biochemistry (A&S); Kalan Dawn Broeker, senior, English (A&S).

Palmer: Keith Justin Kurz, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Kelly Kurz*, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

Palmyra: Andrew Joseph Tipton, junior, accounting (CBA).

Papillion: Kiley Abdouch*, freshman, news-editorial (Journ); Robert Emil Adam*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Emily Christina Adams*, sophomore, education (TC) and art (FPA); Nicholas Robert Anderson*, freshman, biological systems engineering (E&T); Elisabeth Ann Chretien*, freshman, biochemistry (Ag); Andrew James Conroy, freshman, English (A&S); Elizabeth Duros, senior, education (TC); Elizabeth Marie Ebsen, junior, marketing (CBA); William Egbert*, freshman, pre-education (TC); Lauren Gubbels*, senior, education (TC); Monica Charlene Hanson, sophomore, undecided (GS); Nicole Rose Hanson*, freshman, marketing (CBA); Shaunna Christine Hovorka, freshman, business administration (CBA); Andrew L. Hulme*, junior, mathematics (A&S); Rachel Huntoon, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Jennifer Lynn Kane, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Lauren Kish, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Casey Kizzier, senior, elementary education (TC); Brandee Lyn Knopik, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Elisabeth Marta Kuper, senior, history (A&S); Lindsay Madson*, sophomore, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); John Charles Masters, freshman, business management (CBA); Sarah Mohr, senior, elementary education (TC); Chole Morgan Newington*, sophomore, international business (CBA); Kristen Olson, junior, broadcasting (Journ); Amy Joy O'Neil, freshman, theatre arts (FPA); Amanda Lea Partusch, freshman, actuarial science (CBA); Heidi Marie Peters*, freshman, international studies (A&S); Brandi Leigh Petersen*, senior, broadcasting (Journ) and communication studies (A&S); Mark Steven Pohl*, freshman, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Bartholomew Paul Ramplin, senior, chemical engineering (E&T); Justin Ryan Robarge, freshman, undecided (GS); David Aron Roth, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Lauren Renee Roth, freshman, Russian (A&S); David Arden Rupiper*, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Sean Eric Saunders, senior, construction management (E&T); Karen Seibold, freshman, pre-education (TC); Danielle Leah Sommer, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Jessica Lynn Stiles, sophomore, music education (FPA); Leigh Suhr, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Megan Volz, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Kellie Watson, senior, elementary education (TC); Timothy Earl Yates, senior, Spanish (A&S).

Parks: Amber Ham, senior, pre-education (TC).

Pawnee City: Bobbi Jo Laun, freshman, accounting (CBA); Jamie Weinman Poskochil*, senior, biochemistry (A&S); Travis Allan Spier, senior, finance (CBA); Tony Gene Wood, junior, business business management (CBA).

Paxton: Tanner Christian Anderson, junior, business administration (CBA); Joshua N. Harm, junior, marketing (CBA); Justin Paul Snyder*, freshman, political science (A&S).

Pender: Jessica Ann Cooper, freshman, undecided (GS); Michael Lee Hansen, junior, agribusiness (Ag); Jonathan Lee Morse*, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T).

Peru: Amber Jean Whisler, freshman, mathematics (A&S).

Phillips: Sally Ann Chambers*, junior, finance (CBA); Jaclyn Marie Gustafson*, senior, finance (CBA); Jennifer Stewart*, freshman, pre-education (TC).

Pickrell: Makala Shea Maple, senior, finance (CBA); Ashley Lanita Strader, senior, music (FPA).

Pierce: Jamie Lynn Jelinek*, junior, business administration (CBA); Ryan Andrew Spatz, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Jamie Lynn Watson, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S).

Pilger: Ellie Kuester, senior, elementary education (TC).

Plainview: Ashley Rose Anderson, freshman, undecided (GS); Jamie Jo Brom, sophomore, nursing (GS); Eric Loy Fluckey, senior, business business management (CBA); Jason Dwayne Stark, sophomore, agricultural engineering (E&T).

Platte Center: Brandon Joshua Mueller, sophomore, computer science (A&S).

Plattsmouth: Molly Danielle Brandt, freshman, undecided (GS); Adam Michael Dubas*, senior, accounting (CBA); Stacie Nicole Dubas, sophomore, business administration (CBA); John How, junior, pre-education (TC); Jennifer Ann Ingwerson*, junior, animal science (Ag); Gregory Alan McKnight, freshman, civil engineering (E&T); Jeana Sue Pecha, sophomore, undecided (GS); Benjamin Richard Ptacek, sophomore, civil engineering (E&T); LeAnn Jean Senf, junior, nursing (GS); Sarah Marie Senf*, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Apryl Snell, junior, education (TC); Jeffrey John Sorensen, sophomore, architecture (Arch).

Pleasant Dale: Lindsey Heyen, senior, elementary education (TC); Tamera Lynn Robotham, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S).

Pleasanton: Laura Ellen Peterson, senior, business business management (CBA); Melissa Kimberly Zwiener, sophomore, business business management (CBA).

Plymouth: Jennifer Becker, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

Polk: Johanna Christine Saeger, sophomore, undecided (GS); Owen Micah Saeger, junior, business administration (CBA); Jennifer Sealey, senior, education (TC); Clay Dennis Stevens*, sophomore, undeclared (A&S).

Ponca: Richard William Morris, junior, political science (A&S).

Potter: Elizabeth Ann Elwell, freshman, mathematics (A&S); Jennifer Larson*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Dennis Wayne Nelson, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Prague: Jill Cathleen Storm, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S).

Prosser: Matthew Max Hinrikus, senior, psychology (A&S).

Primrose: Suzanne Marie Burda, junior, anthropology (A&S); Jennifer Marie Walrath, junior, political science (A&S); Ryan Daniel Walrath*, freshman, fisheries and wildlife (Ag).

Ralston: Christina Foehlinger, senior, advertising (Journ); Emily Germer, freshman, pre-education (TC); Robert John Gregg, junior, actuarial science (CBA); Christopher Ryan Onken, senior, actuarial science (CBA).

Randolph: Anthony Allen Dowling*, junior, agribusiness (Ag); Janelle Romohr, freshman, pre-education (TC); Melissa Romohr*, senior, elementary education (TC).

Ravenna: Rick Allen Basnett*, sophomore, business administration (CBA).

Raymond: Bridget Rose Barry*, sophomore, history (A&S); Brian James Buller*, senior, agronomy (Ag); Rebecca Buller*, senior, education (TC); Trevor Jasen McGerr*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Lisa Kay Schuelke, senior, advertising (Journ) and history (A&S).

Red Cloud: Jennifer Kugler, senior, elementary education (TC); Christopher John McGuire*, senior, animal science (Ag).

Rising City: Dirk Chatelain, junior, news-editorial (Journ).

Roca: Lisa Bottsford, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Tabitha Jo Fix, freshman, business administration (CBA); Adam Michael Heimes*, junior, diversified agriculture (Ag); James Lee Huguenin-Love*, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Jessica Lynn Kelling, junior, business business management (CBA); Ross Karim Krawczyk, freshman, psychology (A&S); Michael Austin Montgomery, junior, English (A&S); Frederick Sullivan Scott, freshman, music (FPA); Kori Lynn Taylor, senior, political science (A&S); Laura Marian Vonk, sophomore, international studies (A&S).

Rushville: Matthew William Vincent, senior, economics (CBA).

Ruskin: Lesha Marie Eggers, freshman, animal science (Ag); Leah Kastrup, junior, pre-education (TC); Justin Paul Petersen, junior, civil engineering (E&T).

Saint Edward: Erin Shanle, senior, speech-language pathology (TC); Ryan Thompson, senior, education (TC); Jesse John Whidden, senior, business business management (CBA); Crystal Zabka, junior, exercise science (TC) and nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS).

Saint Helena: Christopher Allen Bruening*, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Katie Lynn Jones, freshman, undecided (GS).

Saint Libory: Tiffany Boehle, senior, education (TC); Carly Rae Ueckert*, senior, psychology (A&S).

Saint Paul: Jonathan Micheal Anderson*, senior, animal science (Ag); Elizabeth Leigh Brehm, sophomore, pre-dentistry (A&S); Sharon Ruth Czarnek, freshman, international business (CBA) and theatre arts (FPA); Jesse Joe Hanisch, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Michael Dean Kezeor*, junior, finance (CBA); Andrea Lea Martinsen, junior, civil engineering (E&T); Angela Mlinar*, sophomore, exercise science (TC); Jeffrey John Platek, sophomore, undecided (GS); Andrew Soneson, freshman, education (TC); Joel Anthony Wood*, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Nathan Andrew Wood*, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Salem: Brooke Marie Stitzer, freshman, finance (CBA).

Saronville: Amanda Diane Ferrell, senior, English (A&S).

Schuyler: Kristyn Cavanah, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Marcus Scott Faltys, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Sean Hagewood, freshman, news-editorial (Journ); Scott Thomas Hagewood*, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Angela Kracl, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Nicole Kay Seckman, junior, business administration (CBA); Holly Sobota, senior, elementary education (TC); Kristy Lynn Theilen*, junior, psychology (A&S).

Scottsbluff: Jeremy David Becker, junior, agricultural engineering (E&T); Laura Rae Boeckner, freshman, international studies (A&S); Tonya Carrier, freshman, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Rebecca Leigh Chain, sophomore, biochemistry (Ag); Charles Robert Fraass, senior, accounting (CBA); Jonathan Kortney Gillam*, sophomore, sociology (A&S); Nathan Michael Green, senior, business administration (CBA); Morgan Jean Hartman*, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Laura Catherine Heitman, freshman, political science (A&S); Erika Leigh Hofmeister, senior, communication studies (A&S); Joshua Charles Howard*, freshman, mathematics (A&S); Scott Corbin Keller, freshman, economics (CBA); Amy Leigh Krieg, junior, marketing (CBA); Jennifer Margheim, junior, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Spencer James Pahlke*, junior, psychology (A&S); Jamie Reisig*, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Michael James Salas, senior, English (A&S); Adam Kendal Shaver, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Michael Orin Yung, sophomore, business administration (CBA).

Scotia: Megan Erwin*, senior, elementary education (TC); Kaylin Marie Linke, junior, undecided (GS); Jason Gerald Vogeler, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Curtis Allen Wray*, sophomore, mathematics (A&S).

Scribner: Jason Rodney Wietfeld, junior, finance (CBA).

Seward: Amanda Katherine Banzhaf*, senior, finance (CBA); Julie Beaudry, senior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Kylie Renee Brand, junior, ag education (Ag); Amanda Kim Bruce, senior, marketing (CBA); Brittany Paige Campbell, freshman, business administration (CBA); Jonathan George Dolak, sophomore, pre-architectural engineering (E&T); Geoffrey Ben Ewing, senior, undecided (GS); Kevin Fuller, sophomore, advertising (Journ); Amy Hecker*, freshman, athletic training (TC); Megan Lee Hecker, freshman, undecided (GS); Paul Jeffrey Hrnicek, senior, marketing (CBA); Lynn Ann Jirovsky, senior, animal science (Ag); Andrew David Kinworthy*, junior, business administration (CBA); Chad Christopher Leggott, senior, finance (CBA); Benjamin James Martens*, junior, finance (CBA); Zachary John Martens, freshman, undecided (GS); Lisa Marie Pfeiffer*, senior, ag economics (Ag); Nicolas J. Plamann, junior, computer engineering (E&T); Michael Donald Plessel, junior, civil engineering (E&T); Luke Leo Rief, freshman, civil engineering (E&T); Blake Joel Schulz*, sophomore, finance (CBA); Daina Soflin*, junior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Tara Kay Tonniges, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Casey Jo Werth, freshman, pre-medicine (A&S).

Shelby: Jesse J. Compton, junior, business administration (CBA); Curtis Lee Tomasevicz, senior, electrical engineering (E&T).

Shelton: Alan Austin Fairbanks, sophomore, international business (CBA); Steven James Gangwish, junior, civil engineering (E&T).

Shubert: Cole Thomas Zentner, junior, mechanized systems management (Ag).

Sidney: Matthew Leroy Maddox, sophomore, classics (A&S) Kyle Paul Narjes, sophomore, construction management (E&T) Carley Norton, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS) Sean Thomas O'Connell, senior, finance (CBA) David James Pelster*, senior, computer and electrical engineering (E&T) John Elliott Schiel*, senior, chemistry (A&S) Jeremy Alan Tidemann, junior, electrical engineering (E&T).

Silver Creek: William Francis Sabatka, junior, agricultural engineering (E&T); Megan Leigh Swertzic, freshman, finance (CBA).

South Bend: Scott Allen Aschenbrenner, senior, electrical engineering (E&T).

South Sioux City: Hajira Fatima Ahmad, sophomore, biological systems engineering (E&T); Karl O. Albrecht, senior, chemical engineering (E&T); Scott Bobier, senior, education (TC); John Conrad Ehrich, freshman, history (A&S); Jacqueline Jensen*, senior, elementary education (TC); Jamie Julia Kneifl, junior, psychology (A&S); Gregory Charles Lanning, senior, finance (CBA); Jamie Lynn O'Dell, senior, undecided (GS); Wendy Pedersen, senior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Adam Wrigley Pfeifer, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Aaron Thomas Rager, senior, finance (CBA); Reginald Dale Rector*, freshman, agricultural engineering (E&T); Risara Ruenprom, junior, business administration (CBA); Steven Michael Wiltgen*, junior, mathematics (A&S); Jessica Grace Winterlin*, sophomore, psychology (A&S).

Spalding: Alisha Marie Molt, junior, business administration (CBA); Heather Brooke Mosier, senior, political science (A&S); Jessica Valasek, junior, elementary education (TC).

Spencer: April Sue Behrend, senior, mathematics (A&S); Brooke Roseanne Keller, senior, marketing (CBA).

Springfield: Sarah Diane Glock*, senior, psychology (A&S); Roseann Ilene Masek, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch); Jamie Lee Timm*, senior, business administration (CBA); Jennifer Sue Timm, junior, horticulture (Ag).

Stanton: Jason Dolliver*, senior, education (TC); Jeffrey Kollath, junior, pre-education (TC).

Staplehurst: Karrie Lynn Martin, sophomore, biochemistry (A&S).

Stapleton: Kimberly Anna Ryland, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T).

Stella: Jeremy Lynn Bebb, senior, mechanized systems management (Ag).

Sterling: Aimee Anderson, senior, elementary education (TC); Cheryl Sue Nieveen, junior, nursing (GS); Annette L. Parde*, sophomore, history (A&S).

Strang: Randall Messman, senior, community health education (TC).

Stratton: Neelee Clare Glasco, senior, business administration (CBA).

Stromsburg: Tabitha Nicole Jameson*, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Bradley Joseph Moore, freshman, computer science (A&S).

Stuart: Marie Therese Schaaf, junior, biological sciences (A&S).

Superior: Allison Leigh Eitzmann*, senior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); James Ross Fenimore, freshman, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T).

Sutherland: Tyler Hampton, senior, education (TC).

Sutton: Amber Burklund, senior, elementary education (TC); Julie Ann Douglas, sophomore, agribusiness (Ag); John Peter Falk*, freshman, business business management (CBA); Lisa Ann Hofmann, junior, agribusiness (Ag); Carrie Nuss, freshman, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Nishja Nuss, senior, education (TC); Christine Marie Pauls, freshman, nursing (GS).

Swanton: Glen Alan Kratochvil, junior, political science (A&S).

Syracuse: Lyndsey Anne Volkmer, sophomore, ag education (Ag).

Talmage: Michael Timothy Costello, freshman, computer engineering (E&T); Carley Ranae Gerdes, freshman, undecided (GS).

Tecumseh: Russell Eugene Davis, sophomore, economics (CBA); Amy Beth Ebeler, sophomore, nursing (GS); Erin Lynn Ebeler*, junior, finance (CBA); Brent Carl Richard, senior, chemical engineering (E&T).

Tekamah: Jarrod Lyle Brand*, senior, history (A&S); Stephanie Foulk, senior, elementary education (TC).

Thedford: Todd Wesley Ayres, junior, theatre arts (FPA); Kristina Ann Holt*, junior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag).

Thurston: Scott Thomas Albrecht, sophomore, agricultural engineering (E&T).

Tilden: Kathleen Pittack, senior, family and consumer sciences (HRFS); Travis Joseph Rutjens, junior, computer engineering (E&T).

Trenton: Cody James Lashley, junior, ag economics (Ag).

Ulysses: Benjamin Joseph Zitek, senior, psychology (A&S).

Unadilla: Andrew Scott Crownover, junior, film studies (minor only) (A&S).

Utica: Joliette Marie Gadeken, sophomore, pre-architecture (Arch); Heidi Sherman*, senior, elementary education (TC); Kelly Stoll, junior, community health education (TC).

Valentine: Ramzi Jewel Dewing*, junior, business administration (CBA) Erin Elizabeth McCormick, junior, speech-language pathology and audiology (A&S) Cassandra Jo Ramm, sophomore, nursing (GS) Christina Lynn Stroup*, sophomore, political science (A&S) Katie Michelle Weaver, sophomore, marketing (CBA) Jamian Jean Wobig*, senior, psychology (A&S).

Valley: Judith Lynn Batten, senior, art (FPA); Tanner Wayne Hoffman, sophomore, mechanized systems management (Ag); Aubrey Ann O'Dell, senior, communication studies (A&S).

Virginia: Valerie Dawn Johnsen*, freshman, business business management (CBA); Craig Allen Mahler, junior, electrical engineering (E&T).

Waco: Shannon Marlene Cummins*, sophomore, economics (A&S) and art history and criticism (FPA); Chelsea Ann Kraft, sophomore, nursing (GS); Jesse Aaron Luebbe*, junior, agribusiness (Ag).

Wahoo: Ryan Patrick Bouc, junior, marketing (CBA); Hillary Kay Johnson, senior, business administration (CBA); Steven James Kapple, senior, business business management (CBA); Andrew Robert Knudsen*, senior, mathematics (A&S); Rebecca Massie*, senior, elementary education (TC); Shannon Snelling, senior, elementary and early childhood education (TC); Sara Jayne Spicka, junior, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Tyler Joe Toline, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Stephanie Turman, sophomore, advertising (Journ); Kevin Tvrdy*, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

Wakefield: Nickolaus Lyle Ekberg, freshman, finance (CBA); Joshua Ryan Henderson, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Wallace: Cynthia Artz*, junior, elementary education (TC); Eric Thomas Psota, senior, electrical engineering (E&T).

Walton: Joshua Sterns, senior, news-editorial (Journ); Sean David White*, freshman, history (A&S).

Waterbury: Andrea Lauren Swetnam, freshman, psychology (A&S).

Waterloo: Lisa McEvoy, freshman, broadcasting (Journ); Ryan Paul Mendlik*, freshman, accounting (CBA); Amy Merryweather, freshman, pre-education (TC).

Waverly: John Habib Bishay, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Morgan Brittany Buffum, freshman, business administration (CBA); Leslie Lynn Hill, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch); Justin McGill, junior, pre-education (TC); Lyubov Popov, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Tad Roffers*, senior, education (TC); Keri Marie Smith, senior, accounting (CBA); Kile Douglas Smith, sophomore, agribusiness (Ag); Karen Wilson, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

Wayne: Elizabeth Paige Campbell, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Jon Benjamin Gathje, senior, music education (FPA); Andrea Marie Simpson, freshman, pre-interior design (Arch); Erin Simpson, junior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Ann Elizabeth Temme, freshman, undecided (GS).

Weeping Water: Nathan Thomas Beins*, freshman, biological systems engineering (E&T); Megan Nicole Spilinek*, senior, business administration (CBA).

Wellfleet: Kyla Crom, senior, speech-language pathology (TC).

West Point: Karla Baumert, freshman, advertising (Journ); Kristin Kay Baumert, senior, business business management (CBA); Elizabeth Ann Engelmeyer, junior, business administration (CBA); Brittany Marie Leffler, sophomore, theatre arts (FPA); Craig Robert Schmaderer, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T).

Whitman: Jenny Weems, junior, elementary education (TC).

Wilber: Megan Marie Becher*, senior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag); Kiley Ann Florian, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Kristin Nicole Fulton*, junior, chemistry (A&S); Charlene A. Kastanek*, sophomore, agribusiness (Ag); Tori Pallas, sophomore, exercise science (TC); Eric Joe Sasek, freshman, business administration (CBA).

Wilcox: Suzanna Adam, sophomore, news-editorial (Journ); Jill Marie Gitt*, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Colt Aaron Swanson, sophomore, agribusiness (Ag); Austin Victor Young, sophomore, undecided (GS).

Winnebago: Amy LaPointe, senior, pre-education (TC).

Winnetoon: Kylee Jean Wagner, senior, ag economics (Ag).

Wisner: Christopher John Borgelt, senior, mechanized systems management (Ag); Lia Erickson*, senior, education (TC); Hilary Jean Kindschuh*, junior, news-editorial (Journ) and Spanish (A&S); Jennifer Mendlik*, senior, elementary education (TC).

Wolbach: Travis Lee Wegner, junior, agronomy (Ag).

Wood River: David Jantzi, senior, exercise science (TC); Ryan James Peters, sophomore, finance (CBA).

Wymore: John Knabe, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Sara Elizabeth Waltke, senior, political science (A&S).

York: Jared Alan Hardy, junior, business administration (CBA); Rebecca Ann Holthe*, freshman, marketing (CBA); Megan Kelly, senior, elementary education (TC); Kyle Lee Kennedy, senior, computer and electrical engineering (E&T); Rebecca Moore, junior, pre-education (TC); Anslee K. Ostergard, sophomore, nursing (GS); Brendan Joseph Perrin, sophomore, accounting (CBA); Sara Marie Sjuts*, junior, business administration (CBA); Brian Michael Stahr, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Nathan Conn Utech, senior, film studies (minor only) (A&S).

Yutan: Jeremy Andrew Bowers, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Justin Andrew Rose, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Kyle Douglas Rose, sophomore, undecided (GS).

Shkoder: Gerard Gjonej*, senior, computer science (A&S).
Tanner: Timothy Michael Niessen*, senior, anthropology (A&S).

Eagle River: Andrew John Russell, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S).
Kenai: Kathleen Hayes Peters*, sophomore, marketing (CBA).

Bariloche: Conrado Tognetti, junior, English (A&S).
Bryant: Zachary Mason Martin, sophomore, marketing (CBA).
Little Rock: Elizabeth Kirstin Harris, sophomore, nursing (GS).
State University: Zachary David Kippenbrock, junior, biological systems engineering (E&T).

Cave Creek: Anthony Joseph Pasternak, senior, accounting (CBA).
Phoenix: Jonathan Todd Douglas, junior, finance (CBA); Valerie Vanous*, senior, education (TC).

Alta Loma: Jacob S. Adamson*, sophomore, finance (CBA); Anne Kuethen, sophomore, broadcasting (Journ).
Bakersfield: Emily Marie Becker, freshman, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag).
Benicia: Anne Marie Patterson, junior, music (FPA).
Bieber: Aine Marie Gianoli*, senior, ag journalism (Ag).
Chula Vista: Rebecca Marie Harvey, junior, political science (A&S).
Escondido: Ashly Porter, sophomore, pre-education (TC).
Goleta: Sarah Noelle LaPatka*, junior, veterinary and biomedical sciences (Ag).
Moreno Valley: Ashley Lynn Mercurio, senior, marketing (CBA).
Oceanside: Cama Charlet, senior, elementary education (TC).
San Carlos: Erin Lee Hageman, senior, business management (CBA).
San Pedro: Erin Jean Starks, junior, international business (CBA).
Santa Rosa: Tia Marie DeSoto*, junior, anthropology (A&S).
Santee: Paige Brittany Sutton, senior, communication studies (A&S).

Boulder: Christopher C. Richardson, junior, theatre arts (FPA).
Burlington: Justin Randall Peterson*, senior, ag economics (Ag).
Colorado Spring: Meghan Jean Collins, freshman, marketing (CBA); Rebecca Anne Hitz, freshman, civil engineering (E&T); Matthew David Schmitt*, freshman, psychology (A&S); Tess Marie Schrader*, freshman, psychology (A&S); James Michael Sutula*, freshman, computer science (A&S).
Denver: Alexis Thomas Berggren, senior, music (FPA); Lindsay Carlson*, senior, elementary education (TC); Aaron Christopher Pierce*, junior, biochemistry (A&S).
Fort Collins: Michelle Sue Boyce, freshman, English (A&S); Elizabeth Havekost*, freshman, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Kathryn Knutson, freshman, broadcasting (Journ); Olivia Marie Landgraf, junior, business administration (CBA).
Greeley: Melissa Brooke Houtchens, freshman, business administration (CBA).
Greeley: Maggie Lynn Morgan, junior, English (A&S); Ian Michael Ruge, senior, broadcasting (Journ) and English (A&S).
Highlands Ranch: Elyse Danielle Beilby, freshman, undecided (GS); Paige Denise Beilby, sophomore, actuarial science (CBA).
Littleton: Lindsey Kate Ingram, sophomore, undecided (GS); Pamela Ann Karakusis, freshman, marketing (CBA); Travis Todd Miller, junior, mechanical engineering (E&T).
Longmont: Jon Fredric Hahn*, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T); Nicole Renee Kopetzky, senior, music education (FPA).
Loveland: Tiffany Frost*, senior, education (TC); Fraser MacDonald*, freshman, pre-education (TC).
Parker: Lindsay Schroeder, junior, education (TC).
Thornton: James Edward Schneider*, junior, computer engineering (E&T).
Woodland Park: Megan Marie Dickson*, senior, music education (FPA).

Washington: Yanyan Zhu, freshman, accounting (CBA).

Bradenton: Stephanie Elisha Glaser, senior, marketing (CBA).
Fort Myers: Tiffany Troyer*, senior, elementary education (TC).
Naples: Gregory Scott Mitchell, junior, business administration (CBA); Crystal Oswald, junior, elementary education (TC).
Orlando: Tiffany Byrd*, junior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Sarah Davy*, sophomore, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS).
Saint Petersburg: Mary Dyson, senior, elementary education (TC).
Stuart: Joshua Daniel Kristenson, senior, finance (CBA).
Tallahassee: Tiffany Orra Park*, junior, veterinary technology (Ag).

Byron: Rachel Claire DuPree, senior, English (A&S).

Aiea: Merynn Ito, sophomore, news-editorial (Journ); Cherise Suzuki, senior, elementary education (TC).

Boise: John Samuel Mohr, junior, political science (A&S).
Twin Falls: Javid Dabestani, senior, pre-education (TC).

Chillicothe: Brandi Bobette Bracht, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S).
Gibson City: Adam Jeffrey Petersen*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S).
Hoffman Estates: Brian Kounovsky, senior, education(TC).
Lagrange: Katherine Elizabeth Easley, sophomore, biochemistry (Ag).
Langgrove: David Jared Johnson, junior, mathematics (A&S).
Lemont: Charles Jason Frost, senior, ag economics (Ag).
Libertyville: Bethany Jessica Hall, freshman, theatre arts (FPA); Kurt Hall, junior, broadcasting (Journ).
Lincolnshire: Tyson John Goings, junior, psychology (A&S).
Montgomery: Kari Jo Schwager, junior, business management (CBA).
Nashville: Tara Lynn Dinkelman, senior, chemical engineering (E&T).
Oak Brook: Richard Gregory Zbasnik, sophomore, food science and technology (Ag).
Orland Park: Lisa Christine Kot, sophomore, animal science (Ag).
Palatine: Adam Charles Rush, freshman, undecided (GS).
Peoria: Jonathan Gilbert Becker*, junior, mechanized systems management (Ag).
Quincy: Kelly Nicole Hollmann, sophomore, nursing (GS).
Springfield: Ann Terese Gaffigan, junior, computer science (A&S).
Verona: Thomas Russell Yarmer, freshman, computer and electrical engineering (E&T).
Warrenville: Sarah Milano, sophomore, pre-education (TC).
Wheaton: Katherine Cloke, sophomore, pre-education (TC).

North Manchester: David Philip Bazzoni, sophomore, undecided (GS).
Plymouth: Anne Kristen Hines, sophomore, undecided (GS).
West Lafayette: Megan Weyer*, senior, elementary education (TC).

Algona: Jack Wendell Limbaugh, junior, business administration (CBA).
Ames: Jennifer Marie Alexander, freshman, undecided (GS).
Ankeny: Kellen Huston*, junior, exercise science (TC); Maggan Kitten*, senior, education (TC).
Atlantic: Meridith Jones, senior, elementary education (TC).
Audubon: Burdell Hansen, freshman, undecided (GS); Ashley Lynn Miltenberger, senior, marketing (CBA).
Cedar Rapids: Jeffrey Randall Nothwehr*, junior, meteorology-climatology (A&S); Benjamin Peter Smith, senior, music education (FPA).
Clarion: Jamie Lorraine Mraz, senior, chemistry (A&S).
Coralville: Alicia Ann Gullickson, sophomore, finance (CBA).
Council Bluffs: Garret Higginbotham*, senior, elementary education (TC); Larry Lunnin, junior, news-editorial (Journ); Amy Steenson, freshman, pre-education (TC); Mike Harold Stuntz, sophomore, undecided agricultural sciences (Ag).
Davenport: Jeffrey James Behan*, senior, music education (FPA); Emily Hoeller*, junior, elementary education (TC).
Des Moines: Kelli Alice King, senior, history (A&S); April Sherman*, senior, elementary education (TC).
DeSoto: Bryan Nicholas Whitney, senior, art (FPA).
Ely: Lisa Diane Klinsky*, junior, music (FPA).
Emerson: Sheena Maye Turner, freshman, computer engineering (E&T).
Farragut: Eric John Anderzhon, senior, construction management (E&T).
George: Amanda Jane Venenga, freshman, economics (CBA).
Glenwood: Ryan James Ebmeier*, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T).
Graettinger: Joshua Buechler, freshman, exercise science (TC).
Hamburg: Jamie Ella Hatfield, freshman, undecided (GS).
Hancock: Amanda Kay Leaders, senior, music (FPA).
Harlan: Jennifer Ann Heim, senior, sociology (A&S); Ross Edward Mathiasen*, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Gina Schmitz*, freshman, family and consumer sciences (HRFS).
Hull: Joshua Ryan Pollema, sophomore, electrical engineering (E&T).
Kingsley: Andrea Leigh Curtis, junior, English (A&S).
Kirkman: Brianne Linnay Hansen*, sophomore, pre-physical therapy (A&S).
Kiron: Katharine Wellsandt*, junior, elementary education (TC).
Le Mars: Ashley Lynn Bowers, freshman, biological sciences (A&S).
Minden: Andrea Fischer, senior, broadcasting (Journ).
Onawa: Allison Lee Stangel*, junior, biochemistry (A&S).
Paullina: Daniel Anthony Schroeder, freshman, computer and electrical engineering (E&T).
Pocahontas: Brad Colee*, freshman, broadcasting (Journ).
Salix: Kelly Uhl*, senior, advertising (Journ).
Sioux Center: Nathan Daniel Dickes, junior, pre-medicine (A&S).
Sioux City: Sarah Elizabeth Barchinger*, sophomore, biochemistry (A&S); Jamie Lynne Goodwin, senior, marketing (CBA); Jason Scott Koebel, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Scott Thomas Krull*, senior, computer engineering (E&T); Kendra Mae Larson, freshman, psychology (A&S); Casey Austin Mills, freshman, political science (A&S); Stephen Mark Mohring*, senior, music education (FPA); Anne Marie Reilly, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Sara Robidoux, sophomore, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Maria Raban Sitzmann, junior, chemical engineering (E&T); Amanda Kay Watkins, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Sara Jane Willson, junior, marketing (CBA).
Spencer: Christina Renee Hummel, freshman, business administration (CBA).
Spirit Lake: Abigail Dyan Sedlacek, sophomore, English (A&S).
Storm Lake: Nathan Adam Dierking, senior, finance (CBA).
Tabor: Tiffani Marie Trowbridge, sophomore, accounting (CBA).
Urbandale: Jessica Mary Ginther, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch); Sarah Elizabeth Kesse, freshman, dance and Art (FPA).
Walford: Carl Stewart Galloway, senior, biochemistry (Ag).
Webster City: Jayme Marie Nicklasson, junior, marketing (CBA).
West Des Moines: Ryan Scott Hiatt, sophomore, undecided (GS).

Abilene: Carol Marie Matas, senior, psychology (A&S).
Andover: Matthew Steven Johnson*, freshman, computer science (A&S).
Clyde: Stephen Paul Sizemore, senior, English (A&S).
Colby: Matthew Lane Murray, sophomore, business management (CBA).
Concordia: Jason Michael Renner*, freshman, pre-law (A&S); Katherine Elizabeth Renner*, senior, marketing (CBA).
Derby: Heather Luehring, sophomore, pre-speech-language pathology (TC).
Garden City: Margaret Reichmuth, senior, pre-education (TC); Bradly Scott Weishaar, senior, business management (CBA).
Iola: Jennifer Lynne Muller, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T).
Lawrence: Kristen Michelle Jordan, sophomore, business management (CBA).
Leavenworth: Chad Christopher Clauser, junior, finance (CBA); Sara Katherine Krondak, senior, psychology (A&S).
Leawood: Alece Molgard*, senior, elementary education (TC).
Lenexa: Anita Gupta, freshman, computer science (A&S); Sunita Gupta, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T); Russell Edward Kearn, junior, computer science (A&S).
Manhattan: Christina Marie Havlicek, freshman, business administration (CBA); KoKo Kristen Tacha, freshman, undecided (GS).
Mulvane: Andrea Lynn Deichert*, senior, finance (CBA); Evan Deichert, sophomore, broadcasting (Journ).
Newton: Kristal Dawn Flaming, senior, psychology (A&S).
Olathe: Pamela Hodge*, senior, elementary education (TC); Nicole Denise Sanderson, sophomore, nursing (GS).
Overland Park: Colleen Erin Brady, junior, music (FPA); Michael John Daley, sophomore, finance (CBA); Brandy L. Kopecky, junior, English (A&S); Kathryn Martin, sophomore, athletic training (TC); Erin Elizabeth Williams, junior, music education (FPA); Ruth Anne Williams, freshman, undecided (GS).
Randolph: Angela Marie Kunze, junior, business administration (CBA).
Salina: Sarah Fox, senior, news-editorial (Journ).
Silver Lake: Matthew Flores, sophomore, pre-education (TC).
Topeka: Elizabeth Helen Lippold, sophomore, chemistry (A&S).
Westwood: Giang Truc Pham, freshman, computer engineering (E&T).
Wichita: Mark Jerald Stigge*, senior, mathematics (A&S).

Frankfort: Eric John Phillips, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Annapolis: Kyle Martin Melia, freshman, business administration (CBA).
Cockeysville: Andrew David Lund*, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T).
Laurel: Peter Hudkins Haugen*, senior, English (A&S).
Waldorf: Charles Henry Dean, sophomore, international business (CBA).

Kalamazoo: Sara Jane Baker, freshman, undecided (GS).
Otsego: Shari Paulson*, junior, elementary education (TC).
Portage: Krista Marie Nelson, freshman, business administration (CBA).
Saline: David Gregory Pedersen, sophomore, English (A&S).

Arden Hills: Amy Hinrichs*, freshman, advertising (Journ).
Austin: Thor Anthony Johnson, senior, business management (CBA).
Bloomington: Kristi Elizabeth Rickerd*, junior, psychology (A&S).
Burnsville: Andrew Kaiser, senior, exercise science (TC).
Eden Prairie: Christian Stephen Mogensen, senior, art (FPA); Adam Jamason Saunders, freshman, finance (CBA).
Ellsworth: Janelle Valarie Jenniges, sophomore, meteorology-climatology (A&S).
Hills: Brittney Lynn Olson, freshman, pre-dentistry (A&S).
Lakefield: Jennifer Jean Gyberg, junior, finance (CBA).
Lakeville: Lindsay Erin Schulte, sophomore, accounting (CBA).
Lindstrom: Kelsey Nicole Fautsch, freshman, undecided (GS).
Minnetonka: Martha Susianna Ostrom, sophomore, undecided (GS).
Moorhead: Charles John Breneman, junior, business administration (CBA); Rachel Lyn Landgraf*, junior, psychology (A&S).
Northfield: Patrick Johnson Kennedy, junior, biochemistry (A&S).
Roseau: Matthew Lew Erickson, freshman, undecided (GS).
Sauk Centre: Jacquelyn Mary Beste, freshman, undecided (GS).
Wilmont: Shannon Melissa Hoffman, sophomore, undecided (GS).

Ballwin: Erin Leigh Donovan*, sophomore, mathematics (A&S).
Bigelow: Brian Andrew Tubbs*, freshman, ag economics (Ag).
Blue Springs: John Garrison, senior, special education (TC); Christy Harms, junior, pre-education (TC); Allison Mayfield*, senior, elementary education (TC); Emily Jane Raveill*, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); John Michael Wirtz*, junior, business administration (CBA).
Columbia: Jean Schumacher, senior, advertising (Journ); Clarissa Rene Steele, senior, business management (CBA) and psychology (A&S); Jennifer Melissa Steele, sophomore, English (A&S).
Craig: Stephen Michael Welch, sophomore, undeclared (A&S).
Edgerton: Stacia Reineke, junior, broadcasting (Journ).
Gallatin: Austin Eugene Story, freshman, agricultural engineering (E&T).
Holts Summit: Jason Wayne Oswald, junior, mathematics (A&S).
Kansas City: Jennifer Lynn Bungart*, sophomore, speech-language pathology and audiology (A&S); Brian Thomas Holley*, junior, computer science (A&S); Mark Andrew Montford*, junior, psychology (A&S); Lindsay Morris, junior, pre-education (TC); Laura Elizabeth Riley, freshman, undecided (GS).
Kearney: Michael Griffin, senior, pre-education(TC).
King City: Sidney Marie Tobin, freshman, marketing (CBA).
Lee's Summit: Melissa Hix, sophomore, exercise science (TC); Aaron Daniel Keller, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Eric Randall Snell, junior, computer science (A&S).
Liberty: Jamie Klare, junior, elementary education (TC); Kyle David Sajevic, senior, business management (CBA).
Maryville: Jacqueline Frisbie*, junior, education (TC); Jodi Leigh Throckmorton, sophomore, French (A&S).
Nixa: Alicia Michelle Stephens, senior, psychology (A&S).
Saint Charles: Jonathan R. Henning, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Sarah Anne Nowacki*, freshman, music education (FPA).
Skidmore: Travis Scott Stiens, junior, mathematics (A&S).
Troy: Karen Lopez, senior, elementary education (TC).
Wildwood: Rebecca Kappel, sophomore, pre-speech-language pathology (TC).

Sidney: Sophia D. Steinbeisser, freshman, undecided (GS).

Carson City: Ethan Evan Cleveland, senior, finance (CBA).
Henderson: Erica Christine Ginn, freshman, business management (CBA).

Bedford: Diane Kristen Sylofski, junior, English (A&S).

Chatham: Michelle Heslington*, freshman, meteorology-climatology (A&S).
Point Pleasant: Barbara Lynn DeButts, freshman, art (FPA).

Farmington: Ashley Arden Spencer*, senior, psychology (A&S).
Las Cruces: Brandy Jean Hobbs*, sophomore, computer science (A&S).

LeRoy: Blair Schuyler, junior, pre-education (TC).
Manlius: Tara Danielle Tobia, freshman, accounting (CBA).
Yaphank: Rosemarie Christa Zyburo*, junior, English (A&S).

Asheville: Brenton Michael Stanfield, senior, economics (CBA).
High Point: Derek Richard Drost, sophomore, agronomy (Ag).
Wilmington: Amy Rose Miller, senior, biochemistry (A&S).

Fargo: Scott Michael DeVos, freshman, business administration (CBA); Anna Gaffrey Knier*, junior, political science (A&S); Elizabeth Lucianna McCormick, senior, accounting (CBA); Philip Coghlan McCormick, junior, business administration (CBA).
Forbes: Nathan James Knutson, senior, music (FPA).
Grand Forks: Krystal Evon Larson, sophomore, international business (CBA) and biological sciences (A&S); Aaron Tyler Marsden, junior, business administration (CBA).
Jud: Wendy Anne Allen, senior, biological sciences (A&S).
Warwick: Samantha Jo Eversvik, sophomore, undecided (GS).
West Fargo: Torri Ann Stein, freshman, business administration (CBA).

Norwood: Brandy Martina Goodman, freshman, undecided (GS).
Reynoldsburg: Adewale Olukoya Olubodun, freshman, undecided (GS).

Bartlesville: Stuart James Van Dyke, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T).
Broken Arrow: Adam Blain Benton, senior, marketing (CBA); Amber Ann Ellett*, freshman, pre-architecture (Arch).
Claremore: Heather Dawn McGuire, senior, music education (FPA).
Edmond: Darren Edward Johnston, sophomore, computer engineering (E&T).
Tulsa: Jeffrey Blevins, senior, education (TC); Emily Waibel*, senior, education (TC).

Bellefonte: Melissa Lise Downsbrough, senior, physics (A&S).
Butler: Jonathan Allan Weiland, freshman, anthropology (A&S).
Tyrone: Debaleena Mukherjee, freshman, finance (CBA).

Bluffton: Matthew Ryan Breunsbach, sophomore, business management (CBA).

Aberdeen: Chad Henry Bettmann, senior, chemical engineering (E&T); Chelsea Lynne Gehring*, sophomore, horticulture (Ag); David Porter Hall, freshman, music (FPA).
Black Hawk: Austin Matthew Wentz, freshman, computer engineering (E&T).
Bonesteel: Betsy Jo Divine, junior, international studies (A&S); Mollie Irene Grim, freshman, animal science (Ag).
Brookings: Eric Scott Graber, freshman, international business (CBA); Meghan Marie Lyons*, sophomore, electrical engineering (E&T).
Bruce: Leslie Kleinjan, junior, exercise science (TC).
Chamberlain: Erin Nicole VanErt, freshman, pre-medicine (A&S).
Clark: Allison Yanish, freshman, broadcasting (Journ).
Dakota Dunes: Joshua Nicholas Kaiser, junior, finance (CBA); Heather Marie Schulz, sophomore, finance (CBA).
Flandreau: Maren Nicole Skroch*, sophomore, business administration (CBA).
Freeman: Karalee Kaye Evenson, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S).
Garretson: Kari Leigh Martens, junior, civil engineering (E&T).
Harrisburg: Kristina Leigh Eide, freshman, chemistry (A&S); Larissa Huber*, junior, elementary education (TC); Kathryn Jo Messerli, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Alexis Marie Messerli, junior, undeclared (A&S).
Harrold: Darlene Hillmer, junior, elementary education (TC).
Hot Springs: Darci Leigh Day, junior, business management (CBA).
Ideal: Trent Duane Blare*, junior, ag economics (Ag).
Madison: Erin Lindsey Beecher, junior, psychology (A&S); Alison Jean Friedow, junior, English (A&S); Lisa Marie Satter, sophomore, pre-architecture (Arch); Tyler James Schuurmans, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Chad Thomson, junior, pre-education (TC).
Mitchell: Chance Eugene Caffee, freshman, business administration (CBA); Kara Shawd, senior, textiles, clothing and design (HRFS); Josh Lee Suelflow, sophomore, finance (CBA).
Olivet: Sandra Kay Schaeffer, freshman, undecided (GS).
Pierre: Kasey Marie Anderson, junior, international studies (A&S); Katie LaDell Heyd, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Matthew Jahraus, senior, exercise science (TC); Brent Thomas Sogaard, senior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Kendra Elizabeth Woodburn, sophomore, pre-dentistry (A&S).
Presho: Rachel Lintvedt*, freshman, advertising (Journ).
Rapid City: Travis Eugene Batchelder, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Shaundra Lana Eichstadt*, freshman, biochemistry (A&S); Drew Jason Lewis, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Courtney Dawn Morehead*, senior, English (A&S); Sydney Marie Quinn, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Carrie Marie Todd, junior, biochemistry (A&S).
Roscoe: Elaine Margaret Kub, sophomore, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T).
Roslyn: Vincent Raymond Henning, sophomore, psychology (A&S).
Sioux Falls: Kyle Alan Berg, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T); Benjamin Paul Blomberg, junior, electrical engineering (E&T); Matthew James Breck, freshman, business administration (CBA); Lori Ann Brue, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Tina Marie Butterfield, junior, nursing (GS); Neil Wanamaker Carmody, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T); Ashley Miller Davis, junior, finance (CBA); Amy Gwen Dimick, freshman, biological systems engineering (E&T); Erin Marie Dimick, senior, business management (CBA); Jacqueline Renee Emerson, senior, chemistry (A&S); Jillian Michelle Green, freshman, undecided (GS); Thomas Griebel, senior, education (TC); AnnMarie Michelle Halverson, freshman, nursing (GS); Anthony Michael Hohn, junior, finance (CBA); Kiki Jean Hopp, freshman, nursing (GS); Heather Hubert, sophomore, pre-education (TC); Megan Elizabeth Huizenga, freshman, international business (CBA) and Spanish (A&S); Matthew Allen Jorde, freshman, mathematics (A&S); Jacqueline Jean Kayl*, junior, psychology (A&S); Beau Daniel Konz, junior, industrial and management systems engineering (E&T); Lindsey Ann Lambert, junior, accounting (CBA); Amanda Kelli Larsen*, freshman, civil engineering (E&T); Laura Anne Mair*, sophomore, psychology (A&S); Nicole Ann Makens*, senior, music education (FPA); Erin Lee McCarthy, senior, music education (FPA); Jennifer Rae Melander, senior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Tammy Lois Miller, senior, interior design (Arch); Derek Andrew Nelsen, freshman, undecided (GS); Alexis Louise Rae, senior, biological sciences (A&S); Jessica Reiffenberger, sophomore, exercise science (TC); Emily Ann Rolfsmeyer, freshman, undecided (GS); Matthew David Sage, freshman, chemical engineering (E&T); Catherine Marie Schiltz, sophomore, international business (CBA); Joshua John Slykhuis, sophomore, business administration (CBA); Brandon Michael Smith, freshman, computer and electrical engineering (E&T); Daniel Lawrence Sova, sophomore, biological sciences (A&S); Kim Elaine Suga, sophomore, undecided (GS); John Jeffrey Wenande, senior, geography (A&S); Ashley Anne Wenger*, junior, psychology (A&S); Amy Marie Worthington, freshman, biological sciences (A&S); Sarah Elizabeth Young*, junior, psychology (A&S); Amelia Margaret Youngers, sophomore, music (FPA).
Sturgis: Rachel Luptak, freshman, athletic training (TC).
Tea: Marques John Eckhoff, junior, music education (FPA); Jason Allen Hascall*, senior, civil engineering (E&T); Angela Parr, sophomore, news-editorial (Journ).
Watertown: Kevin Matthew Cahill, freshman, mechanical engineering (E&T); Sean Rory Creager, freshman, electrical engineering (E&T); Kristen Breann Papka, senior, accounting (CBA); Matthew Thomas Roby, freshman, marketing (CBA); Lindsay Wayt, junior, pre-education (TC).
Winner: Nichole Lea Brockhoft, freshman, business administration (CBA); Darla Joy McClanahan, sophomore, business management (CBA).
Yankton: Carrie Lynne Althoff, junior, biological sciences (A&S); Randy Francis Ankeny, junior, biological systems engineering (E&T); Timothy Michael Hausmann*, sophomore, music (FPA); Sarah Rose Kuhl, freshman, pre-pharmacy (A&S); Leann Beth Maska*, senior, psychology (A&S); Benjamin Henley Williams, junior, computer engineering (E&T).

Oakdale: Tara Cox, freshman, pre-education (TC).

Amarillo: Marci Diane Giese, senior, marketing (CBA); Shannon Spargo, senior, elementary education (TC).
Arlington: Shelly Green, junior, elementary education (TC).
Beaumont: Christina Lynn Daman, junior, psychology (A&S).
Cypress: Wendy Michelle Ligon, senior, psychology (A&S).
Dallas: Erin Elizabeth Jeffery, freshman, food science and technology (Ag).
Houston: Dana Day Oberg*, freshman, mathematics (A&S); Brittney Catherine Schirber, freshman, chemistry (A&S).
Kingwood: Kelsey Nicole McChane, sophomore, English (A&S).
Plano: Jaclyn Andrea Reed, sophomore, English (A&S).
Runge: Joseph Fermin Tamez, senior, sociology (A&S).
San Juan: Jose E. Martinez, senior, international business (CBA).
Sugar Land: Justin Michael Boeker, senior, business management (CBA).
The Woodlands: Byron Nelson Blunk, sophomore, business management (CBA).

West Valley: Hope Flodman, senior, elementary education (TC).

Bradford: Jennifer Munson*, senior, elementary education (TC).

Midlothian: Burke William Street, freshman, business administration (CBA).
Purcellville: Karen Keenan, senior, education (TC).

Bellevue: Kira Ross Schlitt, junior, English (A&S).
Bothell: Adam Michael Feist, senior, chemical engineering (E&T).
Lacey: Calandra Jean Hersrud, senior, international business (CBA).
Lynnwood: Gareth Andrew Merrifield, sophomore, business administration (CBA).
Port Orchard: Jamie Lee Swyers, senior, sociology (A&S); Jeannette Marie Zimmer*, senior, international studies (A&S).
Seattle: Thomas Ryan Donlin, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Cudahy: Wendy Aline Schultz, freshman, geology (A&S).
Madison: Brenda Michelle Lindsay, senior, psychology (A&S).
Marshfield: Gwen Carpenter, senior, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS); Meredith Fern Carpenter*, freshman, pre-medicine (A&S).
Milwaukee: Natasha Marie Luepke, sophomore, English (A&S).
Neenah: Carrie Marie Gloudemans, sophomore, undecided (GS).
Sun Prairie: Landon Lynn Matz, sophomore, mechanical engineering (E&T).

Alcova: Allegra Louise Stephenson, junior, music education (FPA).
Cheyenne: Brandee Illingworth, junior, broadcasting (Journ); Shannon Elizabeth Kelly, sophomore, marketing (CBA); Michael Ryan Stevens, senior, mechanical engineering (E&T).
Laramie: Timothy Williams, sophomore, exercise science (TC).
Newcastle: Christina Rasmussen, freshman, pre-speech-language pathology (TC); Jessica Jean Rasmussen, senior, political science (A&S).
Sheridan: Dianne Reed*, freshman, nutritional science and dietetics (HRFS).

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