UNL News Releases 08/15/03

Nearly 800 to Receive Degrees at Aug. 16 UNL Commencement

Lincoln, Neb., Aug. 15, 2003--Nearly 800 students are scheduled to receive degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in commencement exercises beginning at 9:30 a.m. Aug. 16 at the Bob Devaney Sports Center.

James Van Etten, William Allington distinguished professor of plant pathology at UNL and a recently-elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, will give the address.

Chancellor Harvey Perlman will preside over the ceremony, which will include graduates from 37 states, 30 countries and Puerto Rico.

A list of graduates follows. Information includes the graduate's name, college, degree and any applicable honors (degree with distinction, high distinction or highest distinction, and University Honors Program). Graduates who studied on the UNL campus but will receive degrees from University of Nebraska Medical Center or University of Nebraska at Omaha programs are indicated by UNMC or UNO.


Albion: Adam Russell Haave, bachelor of science; Rhonda Jane Ketteler, master of arts; Kelly Jean Tisthammer, master of secondary teaching.

Alliance: Amber Rose Ackerman, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Jennifer Marie Cordell, bachelor of arts; Katherine Diane Eder, bachelor of journalism; Danny Faber, bachelor of arts; Amanda Mary Rhoads, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Atkinson: Bradley Allen Jungman, B.S. in design (with distinction).

Auburn: Kyle L. Finke, master of education.

Aurora: Samuel Michael Eddy, B.S. in business administration.

Bayard: Shaina Lynn Green, master of professional accountancy; Kevin Dean Wolverton, B.S. in business administration.

Beatrice: Matthew Roy Beckman, master of science; Jeremy Scott Ideus, B.S. in business administration; Jill Marie Zlomke, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Beaver Crossing: Sarah Marie Pankoke, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Beemer: Jonathan Michael Martin, master of secondary teaching.

Bellevue: Andrew G. Chaves, bachelor of journalism; Valerie Lynnette Johnson, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Jennifer Jean Jones, master of science; Elizabeth S. Klimek, master of science; Melissa Jane Macloskey, bachelor of journalism; John Levi Marinovich, bachelor of arts; Ryan Michael Palmier, bachelor of journalism; Jonathan Paxon Reyes, bachelor of science; Alexandra Lynn Torkelson-Trout, doctor of philosophy; Elizabeth Susan Towey, bachelor of arts.

Bellwood: Amanda Lynn Nickolite, educational specialist.

Bennet: Rebecca Kay Robinett, master of secondary teaching.

Bennington: Joseph Allen Sather, bachelor of science.

Big Springs: Carmen Louise Bailey, bachelor of arts.

Blair: Matthew Joseph Foral, B.S. in biological systems engineering; Kathleen Ellen Goeken, bachelor of journalism; Abigail Marlene Klanderud, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Bloomfield: Timothy Walter Hannemann, bachelor of journalism.

Bridgeport: Jamie L. Fassett, master of science; Jana Lea Petersen, bachelor of arts.

Broadwater: John Anthony Backer, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO) (magna cum laude).

Brock: Judy Ann Green Grotrian, doctor of philosophy.

Bruning: Denise Kay Curry, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Central City: Rhonda Renae Betzold, master of secondary teaching.

Chappell: Matthew Ryan Behrends, B.S. in business administration.

Chester: Russell Alan Raatz, master of arts.

Clarkson: Benjamin R. Brabec, B.S. in design (with distinction).

Clatonia: Toby Alice Stalder, master of secondary teaching.

Clay Center: Laura Lee Burklund Mussman, master of arts.

Columbus: Jordon Lyle Anderson, B.S. in education; Darin Alan Blair, master of architecture; Carol Lee Brodecky, B.S. in business administration; Barbara Ann Cheloha, B.S. in business administration; Jeremy Edward Frazer, B.S. in business administration (with high distinction); Justin Duane Fry, master of professional accountancy; Daniel Martin Ryba, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Timothy Walter Moural, bachelor of science; Kenneth Eugene Robinson, master of science; Briana Bo Sanne, bachelor of fine arts; Alan Richard Swanson, B.S. in civil engineering.

Craig: Christopher Merl Oerman, master of education.

Creighton: Angela Renee Knuth, master of science.

Crete: Chad E. McDaniel, B.S. in construction management; Hai Nguyen, bachelor of arts.

Culbertson: Travis Raymond Fries, master of secondary teaching; Theresa Maxine Hock, master of secondary teaching.

Dakota City: Michelle Ann Broyhill, bachelor of arts (with high distinction); Mindy Lee Conrad, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Dannebrog: Theodore Lee Kohtz, B.S. in agricultural sciences.

David City: Victoria A. Buresh, bachelor of journalism; Lori Ann Divis, master of agriculture; Tracey Anne Matulka, B.S. in business administration.

Decatur: April Rapture Connealy, bachelor of science.

Duncan: Michael Anthony Maciolek, bachelor of journalism.

Elgin: Carissa Lynn Uhrenholdt, master of professional accountancy.

Elkhorn: Michelle Lynne Cordel, B.S. in business administration; Karree Anne Hillman, master of secondary teaching; Daniel John McGuire, bachelor of journalism; Megan Lyn Wortman, bachelor of journalism.

Elwood: Davina Jeanne Leezer, bachelor of journalism.

Fairbury: Jenna Sue Junker, bachelor of arts; Heidi Nicole Mannschreck, B.S. in education; Stephanie Ann Schultz, B.S. in business administration.

Falls City: Lisa Deanne Franzen, B.S. in human resources and family sciences (with distinction).

Firth: Maggie Michelle Butterfield, master of education.

Fremont: Brian Lee Anderson, doctor of philosophy; Sagar Subhash Kulkarni, master of science; Ehren Reid Parks, bachelor of journalism; Eric James Reimnitz, bachelor of music; Theresa N. Smith, B.S. in business administration (with distinction); Lawton N. Verner, B.S. in biological systems engineering (with distinction).

Geneva: Sarah L. Hughes, B.S. in education.

Gering: Jose Luis Lopez Jr., bachelor of science.

Grand Island: Conda Sorensen Allen, doctor of education; Mary Katherine Ashbury, bachelor of arts; Kelli Lynn Bowden, bachelor of journalism; Thomas William Camplin, B.S. in business administration; Emily Jordan Detweiler, bachelor of journalism; Keri Marie Hill, B.S. in business administration; Craig Alan Johnson, bachelor of arts; Jennifer Jamie Schoepe, master of education; Dane Andrew Shuman, master of science; Jennifer Lynn Sickler, B.S. in education; Andrew Morgan Smallwood, bachelor of arts; Megan Jean Stewart, master of science; Ila Jean S. Traudt, master of arts; Sandra Kay Waters, master of education; Jennifer Cloe Williams, bachelor of science; Sarah Marie Zink, bachelor of science.

Gresham: Kirk Alan Scheele, bachelor of arts.

Gretna: Kathryn Ann Hansen, bachelor of journalism; Timothy Joel Karstens, master of arts; Craig Lee Langfeldt, B.S. in construction management; Lauren Lyn Madsen, master of professional accountancy.

Harvard: Adam John Nelson, B.S. in business administration; Jaden Bradley Uken, B.S. in education.

Hastings: Brian Aric Bahr, bachelor of arts; Cynthia Rae Boss, master of arts; Suzanne Renee Golden, master of secondary teaching; Kyle Andrew Hartung, bachelor of arts (with high distinction) and B.S. in business administration (with highest distinction); Veronica Jean Krikac, bachelor of arts; Katie Jo Marx, master of education; James Patrick Michael, B.S. in business administration; Jeffrey L. Murman, B.S. in business administration; Benjamin David Swigle, master of science.

Hay Springs: Rhoda Lea Beutler, B.S. in agricultural sciences (with distinction) and bachelor of arts.

Hayes Center: Shannon Eugene Walker, bachelor of arts.

Hebron: Malissa Elizabeth Sittler, B.S. in business administration; Cristine Marie Walsh, B.S. in business administration.

Henderson: Chad Andrew Buller, B.S. in business administration; Brent J. Goertzen, doctor of philosophy.

Hickman: Jenny Marie Powell, certificate of specialization in educational administration and supervision.

Holbrook: Megan Leigh Long, bachelor of arts.

Holdrege: Matthew Gene Dick, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Heather Lynn Pearson, master of education.

Imperial: Teresa Denette Rinehart, master of education.

Inman: Kelly Josephine Henry, master of science.

Julian: Jay Matthew Burgert, bachelor of journalism.

Kearney: Elizabeth Anne Carranza-Rodriguez, master of education; Bree Lynn Dority O'Callaghan, B.S. in business administration (with highest distinction); Molly Michelle Finkner, bachelor of journalism; Bradley Scott Francis, master of secondary teaching; Joshua Paul Jorgensen, master of business administration; Owen Douglas King, bachelor of arts.

Kimball: Lacey Lee Madden, B.S. in business administration.

LaVista: Stacy Ann Redden, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Leigh: Daniel C. Ehlers, B.S. in agricultural sciences.

Lexington: Aimee Beth Jensen, B.S. in business administration.

Lincoln (A-D): Mary E. Abebe, master of education; Jennifer Lynn Agee, bachelor of science; Sue Ann Ahmann, master of arts; William Richard Albro Jr., master of science; Antonio Gloria Almazan, master of education; Alecia M. Andersen, B.S. in business administration; Mark Carl Anderson, bachelor of arts; Michael Jon Anthofer, bachelor of arts; Rebecca Jean Anthony, master of education; Lina Attaie, bachelor of arts; Traci Leigh Austin, doctor of philosophy; Sandra Jean Babcock, master of education; Heather Ann Banta, master of professional accountancy; Anirban Basu, master of science; Amy Beth Beckman, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); David Lee Bell, master of education; Debra Rae Beran, master of education; Stephanie Ann Berg, B.S. in business administration; Nicole Joy Blythe, B.S. in business administration; Brian Jason Bonne, master of professional accountancy; Akram Elia Farag Botrous, doctor of philosophy; Brian David Boyd, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Hilery Mae Bremenkamp, bachelor of science; Joshua Martin Brown Kramer, master of science; Margaret Marie Buchanan, bachelor of journalism; Molli Marie Buchanan, bachelor of journalism; Gerald Hugo Buettner III, bachelor of arts; Tammy Jorene Burton-Fikar, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Paul C. Cantu, master of science; Grant William Carter, B.S. in business administration; Thongchai Changto, master of science; Eugene Preston Chealey, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Alicia SangMi Cho, B.S. in business administration; Carla Joye Coorts, master of arts; Ashley Elizabeth Cradduck, bachelor of arts; Karley Ann Culwell, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Tuan Duc Dao, bachelor of science; Jennifer Louise Deets, master of education; Deena Marie Doyle, B.S. in business administration; Megan Marie Drayton, master of arts; Cynthia R. Dwyer, master of arts; Amie Lynn Dziowgo, B.S. in education.

Lincoln (E-J): Joel Stephen Eden, bachelor of arts; Michael James Eisenhauer, bachelor of science; Julia A. Ellis, bachelor of arts; Joel Avery Engel, B.S. in business administration; Hyle J. Erwin, B.S. in business administration; Rosemary Janice Esseks, doctor of philosophy; Amber Michelle Farley, B.S. in education; Jennifer Dee Faz, master of education; Christina K. Fechner, bachelor of journalism; Lori Sue Feldman, master of education; Michael Blake Fosdick, B.S. in business administration; Codi Linn Garrison, bachelor of arts; Carolynn LaRae Goodwin, master of education; George Robert Green, bachelor of arts (with highest distinction); Ramon J. Guerra, master of arts; Alyssa Suzanne Guzman, bachelor of arts; Erika Kristine Hamilton, master of arts; Monica Jean Hansen, B.S. in business administration; Todd Eugene Harrison, bachelor of arts; Carla Quaid Haydu, master of education; Heather Anna Heuke, bachelor of arts; Christopher Ryan Hinkle, bachelor of journalism; Heather Joy Hiskey, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Christopher Michael Hobza, B.S. in natural resources (with distinction); Deanne Lynn Hyde Mannion, master of arts; Jerry Wayne Idles, bachelor of science; Sarah Marie Ihrig, master of education; Omer Amin Isa, bachelor of science; Jeffrey Todd Jaeger, master of business administration; Michael Kevin James, B.S. in education; Adam James Jefferis, bachelor of arts; Diane Michelle Jennings, master of education.

Lincoln (K-P): Suzanne E. Kemp, doctor of philosophy; Meghan Maren Kent, B.S. in business administration; Joel Kerkman, educational specialist; Tahir Sarfraz Khan, bachelor of science; Evan Andrew Killham, bachelor of arts (with highest distinction); Elaine E. Klaege, bachelor of arts; Domar Shawn Knudson, bachelor of arts; Raymond Joseph Koziol, master of business administration; Arica L. Wieting, master of science; Joshua James Languis, B.S. in education; Pamela Jean Lerch, master of arts; Sheldon T.C. Lockhart, B.S. in electrical engineering; Kelly Brey Love, master of arts; Shari L. Maraman, B.S. in business administration; Sarah Lizabeth Martin, B.S. in business administration; Lazaro Martinez-Lopez, master of science; Kristi Gail Masten, B.S. in business administration; Barbara DeAnne Miller, master of education; Kirsten Marie Miller, bachelor of arts; Katherine Harding Mitchell, B.S. in education; Segomotso Dudu Mokgware, B.S. in business administration; Jodi Lynne Morgan, master of education; Andrew Wesley Naylor, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Dawn L. Nelson, bachelor of arts; Brian Conrad Newquist, master of science; Darcy Linnae Nicholsen, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO); Justin Michael Nielsen, B.S. in business administration; Denise Lee Nordloh, master of education; Alexander Ian Olney, doctor of philosophy; Jennifer Rose Overkamp, master of arts; Robert Gaston Pearce III, master of science; Venkata Prakash Perumal, master of science; Autumn Eve Petersen, bachelor of arts; Ashley SuzAnne Peterson, bachelor of journalism; Phuong Huynh Phan, bachelor of science; Timothy Edward Plander, master of business administration; Jill Marie Pollard, B.S. in business administration (with highest distinction); Erin Ranae Portner, master of education; Mark Thomas Porto, bachelor of arts.

Lincoln (R-Z): Natasha N. Ramsay-Jordan, bachelor of science; Anna Rebekah Ramsey, bachelor of arts (with high distinction); Christopher Reed Rasmussen, master of arts; Shari Beth Ray, bachelor of arts; Lea J. Reedy, bachelor of journalism; Heather Joan Rempe, bachelor of journalism; Karl James Richstatter, B.S. in education; Clayton Jay Ridenour, B.S. in natural resources (with distinction); Suzanne Elizabeth Roosmann, master of education; Tammy Sue Russell, bachelor of arts; Andrew J. Scherbarth, B.S. in human resources and family sciences (with distinction); Heather Tarah Schlismann, bachelor of arts; Albert Ernst Schrader IV, bachelor of arts; Elizabeth Jo Shearer, B.S. in education; Jeremy Scott Shedlosky, bachelor of arts; Kathryn Ann Snowden, bachelor of arts; Jill Marie Snyder, master of arts; Anita Megan Stelzer, bachelor of arts; Erin Marie McNeese Stutzman, educational specialist; Andrew Nelson Swanson, bachelor of arts; Budhi Tantra, bachelor of science; Thomas Wayne Tumbleson, master of education; Eric Duncan Turley, master of arts; Ashley Brooke Vodehnal, B.S. in education; Maria Dan Vu, master of arts; Judy Lynn Wadhams, master of education; Joshua Mitchell Waltke, bachelor of arts; Erin Leigh Watsek, master of science; Ian James Whitmore, bachelor of fine arts; Ann Frances Wolsleger, bachelor of journalism; Brooke Nicole Wolzen, bachelor of arts; Yik Ming Wong, bachelor of science; Rosemary Ellen Woodman, master of science; Ryan Daniel Worley, B.S. in business administration; Xiangjun Xue, master of science; Maharie Tesfaye Zewdie, bachelor of science; Andrea Nicole Zitek, bachelor of journalism.

Louisville: Kristy Gale Nelson, master of science.

Lyons: Amber Lea Olson, B.S. in agricultural sciences.

Macy: Barry Dean Webster, B.S. in education.

Madrid: Joshua N. Harm, B.S. in business administration.

Malcolm: Brianna M. Aerts, bachelor of journalism; Catherine Jenifer McClung, B.S. in business administration (with highest distinction); Aaron Dale Weaver, B.S. in business administration.

Malmo: Alissa Lynn Nutzman, master of science.

Martell: Meghan Elizabeth Sittler, master of science.

McCook: Jaime Lea Patera, B.S. in business administration; Heather Jean Svoboda, bachelor of arts.

Meadow Grove: Eric Benjamin Hughes, B.S. in design (with distinction).

Milford: Lindsey Christine Heyen, B.S. in education; John Michael Matzen, bachelor of arts (with distinction) and B.S. in business administration (with highest distinction); Mark Eugene Olson, master of education.

Minden: Amy Lynn Eckhoff, bachelor of arts; Adam Stearns Green, doctor of philosophy.

Nebraska City: Lisa Anne Kreifels, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Neligh: Kristen Renee Knievel, B.S. in business administration; Andrew Michael Seier, B.S. in business administration (with highest distinction).

Norfolk: Deanna S. Acklie, doctor of philosophy; Katie Elizabeth Bradbury, B.S. in business administration; Bethany Jean Gannon, bachelor of science (with distinction); Andrew Seth Horn, bachelor of science; Lindsay June Schellpeper, bachelor of arts; Charlene Renee Stortz, master of arts; Christine Marie Wilke, B.S. in business administration.

North Bend: Brooke Lynn Hamilton, bachelor of journalism; Jennifer Lyn Leftwich, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

North Platte: Jason T. Cooper, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Derek David Johnston, master of science; Paul Joseph Mooney, doctor of philosophy; Brad Alan Thomas, bachelor of arts; Eric David Williams, bachelor of arts.

Odell: Darrell Lee Vitosh, certificate of specialization in educational administration and supervision.

Ogallala: Chandra Christine Diaz-DeBose, master of education; Christopher Allen Hall, bachelor of arts; Brandy Melissa Kipple, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Abigail Leah Steenburg, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Sherri Lynn Tompkins, master of secondary teaching.

Omaha (A-L): Ryan Michael Albers, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Tiffany Chantee Alvoid, bachelor of journalism; Paul Charles Andrews, B.S. in business administration; Sarah Suzanne Barr, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Nicholas Alan Bassett, B.S. in business administration (with highest distinction); Kacie Ann Beals, bachelor of journalism; Jennifer Lynn Behrens, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Matthew Stephenson Biggs, bachelor of arts; Kelly Lynne Callahan, B.S. in education; Jody M. Christopherson, bachelor of arts; Amy Lee Cooper, B.S. in design; Gina Marie D'Agosta, bachelor of arts; Melissa Lynn Danko, bachelor of journalism; Patrick David Davis, bachelor of arts; Elizabeth Frances Dixon, bachelor of arts; David Edward Downs, B.S. in business administration; Christopher Lee Dryden, bachelor of arts; Robert Lee Dutiel, master of fine arts; Amy Michelle Dyrda, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Kristin Danielle Ewing, bachelor of science (with high distinction); Nicholas V. Ferrazzo, bachelor of journalism; Margaret Beatrice Fish, bachelor of science; Jennifer Leah Folger, master of secondary teaching; Edward Marion Fox, master of arts; Jennifer Louise Freyer, B.S. in business administration; Jason Paul Friedrichsen, bachelor of arts; Micah John Fusselman, bachelor of music; Lauren Elizabeth Gardels, B.S. in business administration; Barbara Rose Hewins-Maroney, doctor of philosophy; Megan Kathryn Jarosz, master of architecture; Megan Jennifer Jensen, B.S. in education; Bradford D. Jones, bachelor of arts; Larry James Kauffman, B.S. in design; Aja Deanne Kneip, bachelor of arts; Cheryl Ann Kotan, master of science; Benjamin Paul Kroll, B.S. in design; David Kusolthamarat, master of science; Justin Donald Larsen, B.S. in business administration; Julie Anne Lindauer, B.S. in agricultural sciences.

Omaha (M-Z): John Francis Manning, master of architecture; Rachel Lynn Marr, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Keri Roseanne Marth, B.S. in business administration; Duane Brent Martin, master of arts; Patrick Robert Martin, B.S. in construction management; Melissa Ann Martinez, B.S. in education; Debra Clare Mategrano, bachelor of arts; Diana Christine Mategrano, bachelor of arts; Kevin Michael McCroden, B.S. in business administration; Timothy Patrick McMahon, B.S. in business administration; Scott Eric Michael, bachelor of arts; Katie Orma Milligan, B.S. in education; Amber Stephanie Mohr, master of arts; Matthew Joseph Molettiere, bachelor of arts; Coleman Michael Naughton, master of arts; Geoffrey Edward Nelson, B.S. in business administration; Kathryn Allison O'Brien, B.S. in business administration; Debra Lynn Ohlinger, master of science; Amanda Sue Overmann, bachelor of fine arts; Rene L. Padilla, doctor of philosophy; Rebecca Marie Preston, master of professional accountancy; Regina Marie Raleigh, bachelor of arts; Karisa Dawn Randall, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Nicholas James Reuting, B.S. in business administration; Patrick Myron Ricketts, B.S. in business administration; Jamie Jo Schaible, B.S. in business administration; James Bryant Scott, bachelor of arts; Sara Michele Skinner, B.S. in education; Benjamin Robert Sturm, B.S. in business administration; Brynn Nicole Taylor, bachelor of arts; Jamie Lynn Thomas, B.S. in business administration; Ann Marie Tschetter, doctor of philosophy; Mitchell Todd Urosevich, B.S. in business administration; Susan Kay Vanderhoof, bachelor of journalism; Bethany Joy Vesely, master of arts; Crystal Renae Walls, bachelor of science; Kristen Lynne Waters, bachelor of journalism; Dawn Marie Wickersham, B.S. in business administration; Aaron Michael Williams, bachelor of journalism; Timothy Ervin Wilwerding, master of engineering; Justin J. Zahn, B.S. in business administration.

O'Neill: Cindy Kay Nelson, master of arts.

Oshkosh: Paula Jo Robinson Sissel, doctor of education.

Osmond: Kari Ann Wingert, B.S. in business administration.

Overton: Susan M. Jensen, doctor of philosophy.

Palmer: Nicholas Dean Simonson, B.S. in education.

Papillion: Jamie D. Glover, B.S. in education; Sarah Elizabeth Kreitlow, master of science.

Pender: Aaron Paul Bessmer, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Rachelle Lynn Moody, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Jonathan Lee Morse, B.S. in biological systems engineering (with highest distinction); Martin Gerald Smith, B.S. in agricultural sciences; Branden Joseph Strahm, master of science; Daniel Douglas Trimble, B.S. in business administration.

Peru: Anthony Dean Featherstone, master of secondary teaching.

Petersburg: Lisa Sue Wangler, bachelor of arts.

Phillips: Brandi Lee Albers, master of education.

Pierce: Mary Faye Krienke, bachelor of arts (with distinction).

Plainview: Julie Linnette Hoffman, bachelor of arts.

Plattsmouth: James Andrew Bronson, bachelor of arts; Kara Leanne Tilson, B.S. in business administration; Andrew C. Ulrich, master of arts; Angela Joy Vinduska, B.S. in business administration.

Polk: Owen Micah Saeger, B.S. in business administration (with distinction).

Ralston: Carly Jeanne Wendt, bachelor of journalism (with distinction).

Randolph: Jeffrey Dean Carstens, master of science.

Ravenna: Mandy Lee Christensen, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Republican City: Tyler Jon Carey, B.S. in business administration.

Richland: Nathan Arnold Oehlrich, B.S. in agricultural sciences.

Roca: Lisa Ann Bottsford, B.S. in human resources and family sciences (with distinction); Mali Helena Dyck, bachelor of arts; Kori Lynn Taylor, bachelor of arts; Cindy Lynn Wilson, master of education.

Rushville: Matthew John Willnerd, B.S. in agricultural sciences.

Saint Libory: Margaret Ann Zumbrum, bachelor of arts.

Saint Paul: Jesse Joe Hanisch, bachelor of science (with distinction).

Schuyler: William Harrison Broekemeier, B.S. in business administration.

Scottsbluff: Laurie Ann Casados, B.S. in business administration; Cynthia Ann Eitzman, bachelor of journalism; Nicholas David Harvey, bachelor of arts; Matthew Brian Sample, B.S. in business administration.

Scribner: Brian Joseph Cordes, B.S. in chemical engineering.

Seward: Dara Joan Greene, bachelor of science; Rhonda Kaye Mueller, master of education; Kurt Edward von Kampen, doctor of education; Susan L. Wortmann, doctor of philosophy.

Shickley: Katie C. Sissel, bachelor of arts.

Sidney: Sean Thomas O'Connell, B.S. in business administration; Jaime Harris Rauner, bachelor of arts.

South Sioux City: Adam Nicholas Byrne, B.S. in business administration; Patrick J. Graves III, bachelor of arts; Daniel Joseph Shannon, B.S. in business administration.

Spalding: William Benjamin Hookstra, bachelor of arts; Hilary Kay Maricle, master of science.

Spencer: Andrea Marie Hammon, B.S. in business administration.

Superior: Tracy Jayne Thelander, B.S. in criminal justice (UNO).

Sutherland: Kendra Margene Beatty, master of education.

Syracuse: Jason Ryan Berner, bachelor of arts; Brady Bryan Rohlfs, master of music.

Table Rock: Jeffrey L. Cumro, B.S. in education; Greg Steven Plager, B.S. in business administration.

Trumbull: Brandan Dean Lubken, bachelor of science.

Unadilla: Marcus Matthew Wilhelm, B.S. in agricultural sciences.

Valentine: Amanda Lynn Gant, B.S. in business administration.

Valley: Aubrey Ann O'Dell, bachelor of arts.

Verdon: Tamara Sue Bright McNabb, master of arts.

Wahoo: Ryan Arthur Gerdts, B.S. in mechanical engineering.

Waterloo: Mari Lu Walsh, bachelor of arts.

Wausa: Erin Rebecca Johnson, bachelor of arts.

Waverly: Christopher Lee Peterson, B.S. in education.

Wayne: Richard John Siefken, master of science.

West Point: Heather Rose Reeson Lambert, doctor of philosophy; Rachel Marie Ulrich, B.S. in business administration.

Winnebago: Colette Margaret Mast, master of arts; Donald Clifton McCauley III, bachelor of arts.

Wisner: Joshua M. Holtz, bachelor of journalism (with distinction).

Wood River: Jeffrey Mark Peters, bachelor of arts and bachelor of science; Chad A. Wiles, B.S. in construction management.

Wymore: Dawn Marie Michaelis, B.S. in business administration.

York: Miranda Mae Golliday, B.S. in business administration.


Semmes: : Stephanie Rebecca Conko, master of science.


Arcadia: Eugenia Hsu, doctor of philosophy.

Atwater: Raymond Scott Valladao, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Costa Mesa: Matthew Payne Bunker, doctor of philosophy.

Pacific Grove: Richard Christopher Owens, master of arts.

San Diego: Michael Charles West, master of education.


Boulder: Gwendolyn Megan Hustvedt, master of science.

Cortez: Walter Duane Carpenter, doctor of philosophy.

Denver: Alexis Thomas Berggren, bachelor of music.

Grand Junction: Tiffany Danielle Thompson, bachelor of arts.

Greeley: Sarah Jean Bremmer, B.S. in business administration.

Lakewood: Ryan Adrian Sanford, master of science.

Littleton: Amber Leann Burgess, bachelor of arts; Colleen Ann Stack, bachelor of arts.

Loveland: Nathan Roy Bischoff, B.S. in business administration.


East Hampton: Ann Frances Paradis, master of science.

Monroe: Gina Kae Wenzl, B.S. in business administration.


Newark: Clifford Julliard Moller, master of community and regional planning.


Baker: Rebecca Hope Madsen, master of business administration.

Lecanto: Keane Aaron Tarbell, master of arts.


Macon: Tracy Amanda Zayac, master of science.

Oakwood: Steven Edward Aanes, master of science.


Honolulu: Matthew Ryan Braig, bachelor of arts.

Mililani: Starr Nohealani F. Broderick, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.


Rigby: Brett Barney, doctor of philosophy.


Atlantic: Scott Wheeler Herring, B.S. in business administration.

Audubon: Steven J. Kitt, doctor of philosophy; Sarah Elizabeth Smith, master of education.

Bronson: Kyle Lee Brouwer, master of science.

Carlisle: Brian A. Coon, doctor of philosophy.

Carroll: Ann Marie Schapman, doctor of philosophy.

Clarinda: Audra Barbara Nothwehr, master of education.

Clear Lake: Tanya Lynn Wagner, master of science.

Council Bluffs: Scott Robert Fuchser, B.S. in mechanical engineering; Courtenay Ryan Higginbotham, educational specialist; Bonnie Jean Norton, B.S. in human resources and family sciences.

Denison: Charles Myron Hardekopf, master of science.

Glenwood: Ashley Anne Lothrop, bachelor of arts.

Ida Grove: David Joseph Patera, B.S. in business administration; Cristina Marie Pence, master of science.

Mediapolis: Nancy N. Pershing, master of education.

Monticello: Julie M. Ortgies, educational specialist.


Bolingbrook: Andrew Scott Gutshall, master of fine arts.

Charleston: Colby Erwin Kruse, master of science.

Chicago: Jane Elizabeth O'Leary, master of science.

Dixon: Matthew A. Melvin, doctor of education.

East Saint Louis: Adeline Mickens, master of education.

Joliet: Katherine M. Acosta, doctor of philosophy.

Lemont: Charles Jason Frost, B.S. in agricultural sciences (with high distinction).

Naperville: Matthew Brock Turner, bachelor of science.

Palatine: Michael Paul Buchanio, B.S. in mechanical engineering.

Rockford: Allison Marie Marks, bachelor of journalism.


Arkansas City: Jean Michelle Snell, master of arts.

Clyde: Stephen Paul Sizemore, bachelor of arts.

Manhattan: Georgette Protanides Yetter, doctor of philosophy.

Ness City: Kelli Suzanne Filbert, B.S. in business administration.

Parsons: Raymond Douglas Screws, doctor of philosophy.

Wichita: Joseph Lee Mitchell, B.S. in natural resources; Steven Lee Stephens, B.S. in chemical engineering; Ann Marie Tamplin, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Andrew Philip Thengvall, master of business administration.


Louisville: Kurt L. Hoskins, master of arts; Margaret Marie Richards, bachelor of arts.


Old Town: Kenda Kay Scheele, juris doctor.

Pittsfield: Chenoa Joy Mason, B.S. in business administration.


Boyds: Matthew Walker, master of arts.

Mitchellville: Rochelle Caira Matthews-Somerville, doctor of philosophy.


Centerville: Kevin James Delaney, doctor of philosophy.


Lakeview: Sarah Katherine Ivan, master of science.

Trenton: Steven Victor Egland, doctor of philosophy.


Minneapolis: Joseph C. McClanahan, doctor of philosophy.

Montevideo: Kelli Mae Bacon, master of arts.

Richmond: Jill Anne Wolf, master of arts.

Rochester: Philip David Nordness, doctor of philosophy.

Saint Paul: David Trenton Singh, B.S. in business administration.


Kansas City: Phillip Joseph LaSala, doctor of philosophy.

Saint Louis: Jerome V. Baumgartner Jr., doctor of philosophy; Matthew William Kuhn, master of architecture.

Washington: Shelly G. Eck, master of arts.


Paterson: Michelle Lecia Howe, master of arts.


Las Cruces: Delia Rosa Burila, bachelor of arts.

Los Alamos: William Howard Hamilton III, master of business administration.


Alden: Cynthia Calkins Mercado, doctor of philosophy.

Brooklyn: Jammal A. Lord, bachelor of arts; Barbara Ann J. Rieffer, doctor of philosophy.

New York: Stephen Robert Platt, master of science.

Norwich: David Harry Smith, doctor of philosophy.


Charlotte: Yvonne Antonia Jacobs, educational specialist.


Bismarck: Kelly Jo Goebel, B.S. in human resources and family sciences; Ryan Michael Welder, B.S. in business administration.

Fargo: Elizabeth Lucianna McCormick, master of professional accountancy; Andrea Jean Nelson, bachelor of arts.

West Fargo: Jennifer Rae Melander, B.S. in biological systems engineering.


Bryan: Daniel Kenneth Smith, master of business administration.

Loveland: Matthew Ryan Witulski, B.S. in business administration.

Toledo: Scott Andrew Tomes, bachelor of journalism.


Nyssa: Dora Alicia Ramirez-Dhoore, doctor of philosophy.


Lititz: Robert George Blomeier, bachelor of arts.

Middletown: Melissa Jackson Gnoth, master of education.

Mount Joy: Nathan W. Carter, master of arts.

Palmyra: Julian Marco Chaky, master of science.

Philadelphia: Jerrell Lamar Pippens, bachelor of arts.

State College: Guangdong Pan, master of science.


Humacao: Luis Gabriel Rosa, master of science.


Portsmouth: Peter Hudkins Haugen, bachelor of arts.


Armour: Kay C. Weber, master of education.

Beresford: Nicholas John Henderson, B.S. in business administration.

Brookings: Jamie Shane Patrick, B.S. in business administration (with distinction).

Hartford: Sara Anne Fuller, bachelor of arts.

Mitchell: Janel Renae Audiss, master of science.

Pierre: Brittany Brianne Bailey, master of secondary teaching; Kristen E. Job, master of secondary teaching.

Rapid City: Shawna Darlene Walz Fox, master of science; Patrick William Honeycutt, B.S. in business administration.

Sioux Falls: Kyle Leighton Graves, master of secondary teaching.

Spearfish: Kelly E. Miles Remily, master of science.


Nashville: Katherine Alece Scheer-Williams, B.S. in business administration.


Abernathy: Raymond Allen McDonald, doctor of philosophy.

Abilene: Adam Lynn Riddle, B.S. in business administration.

Arlington: Michael Derrell Demps, bachelor of arts.

Bedford: Liam Thomas Donahue, bachelor of arts.

Carrollton: Deanna Carol Meyler, doctor of philosophy.

Farmersville: Maria Christina Miller, bachelor of science.

Gatesville: Kimberli A. Lee, doctor of philosophy.

Grapevine: Neda Molai, B.S. in business administration.

Katy: Kathy Lynn Shapley, master of arts.

McAllen: Justin Brand Ferrell, bachelor of science.

Mesquite: Jason Nathanael Barr, B.S. in business administration.

Midlothian: David Paul Schrodt, doctor of philosophy.

Mount Pleasant: Myesha Channell Albert, master of arts.

Nacogdoches: Justin C. Seely, bachelor of arts.

New Braunfels: Patrick Joseph Sutherland, master of business administration.

Tomball: Dawn Lynn Gilley, master of arts.


Salt Lake City: Richard James Cowan, doctor of philosophy.

Sandy: Janet Evenson, doctor of philosophy.

Tooele: Michael Glenn Miller, bachelor of arts.


Burke: Michelle S. Minerich, master of science.

Cheriton: William Gregory Cridlin III, B.S. in agricultural sciences.

Norfolk: Melissa Hamilton Hayes, doctor of philosophy.


Longview: Rebecca Marie Goodvin, master of arts.

Seattle: Robert Nicholas Fitch, bachelor of arts; Carson Rice Simoes, doctor of philosophy.


Janesville: Patricia Rae Wuetrich Clasen, doctor of philosophy.


Laramie: Sarah Elizabeth Criswell, master of arts.


Nassau: Yolanda Antoinette Rolle, master of science.


Sao Paulo: Tulio Branco Macedo, doctor of philosophy.

Salvador: Herbert Alvaro Abreu de Siqueira, doctor of philosophy.

Sete Lagoas: Andrei Rezende Coelho, B.S. in business administration (with high distinction).

Uberlandia, Minas Gerais: Brescia Ribeiro Marcondes Terra, master of science.


Bruno, Saskatchewan: Leanne Frances LaBrash, master of science.

Edson, Alberta: Hushton Chance Block, doctor of philosophy.

Toronto, Ontario: Jennifer Lynn Baccarani, B.S. in education.

Winnipeg, Manitoba: Peter Joseph Norton, doctor of philosophy; Jamie Roy Stevens, bachelor of arts.


Beijing: Xuedong Ding, master of science; Yeqin Huang, doctor of philosophy; Wenli Liu, doctor of philosophy; Hui Tong, master of science; Xiangfa Wu, doctor of philosophy; Ruilin Zhang, master of science.

Cheng Du, Sichuan: Lian Liu, master of science.

Chongqing: Xiao Hu, master of science.

Dalian, Liaoning: Qin Li, master of science; Yuling Wang, master of arts.

Fengjie, Chongqin: Songxin Tan, doctor of philosophy.

Guangzhou, Guangdong: Kairong Li, master of professional accountancy.

Hongjiang, Hunan: Yungui Hu, doctor of philosophy.

Huazhou, Guang Dong: Min Ling, master of arts.

Kelamayi, Xin Jiang: Jiang Li, doctor of philosophy.

Linyi, Shandong: Sanjun Gu, doctor of philosophy.

Luan, Anhui: Yuanyuan Lu, master of science.

Macau: Kuok-Hou Gordon Chu, B.S. in education.

Nanan: Mei Li Huang, B.S. in business administration.

Nanchang, Jiangxi: Jinquan Wu, master of science.

Nanjing, Jiangsu: Lei Ji, doctor of philosophy.

Shanghai: Xiangrong Shen, master of science; Yizhen Weng, master of science; Jingfei Xu, master of science; Wei Zhou, master of science; Kefei Wang, master of science.

Shenyang, Liaoning: Zheying Yang, master of science.

Taian, Shandong: Tao Ren, doctor of philosophy.

Wuhan, HuBei: Yixun Zhu, master of architectural engineering.

Xi'An, Shaanxi: Yongbin Tian, master of science.

XianTao, HuBei: Hongwu Wang, master of science.

Yangzhou, Jiangsu: Hong Sheng, master of arts; Yuan Wang, master of arts.

Zhengzhou, Henan: Wenjing Duan, master of arts.

Zhuzhou, Hunan: Weixin Wu, master of science.


Quito, Pichinchu: Santiago Xavier Salvador, master of science.


Cairo: Karim Abdel Salam El-Shazly, B.S. in business administration.


Dornstetten: Evelyn Simone Allgeier, master of arts.

Wetzlor, Hessen: Stefan Johannes Kollet, doctor of philosophy.


Thessaloniki: Athinodoros Chronis, doctor of philosophy; Konstantia Misopoulou, bachelor of arts; Constantine M. Tarawneh, doctor of philosophy.


Bangalore: Mukund Gopalakrishna, master of science.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu: Vaijayanthi Thirumalai Anandanpillai, master of science; Sathish Kumar Ramamoorthy, master of science; Sathish Pallikonda Santhanam, master of science.

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh: Satya Pradeep Kanduri, master of science; Sudhir Polarouthu, master of science; Vishal Talpallikar, master of science; Phanivas Vemuri, master of science.

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh: Aradhna Srivastav, doctor of philosophy; Abhishek Tandon, master of science.

Madurai, Tamil Nadu: Manimozhiyan Arumugam, master of science.

New Delhi: Swati Jain, bachelor of science; Dhruva Sabharwal, B.S. in business administration.

Pune, Maharashtra: Arvind Visvanathan, master of science.

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh: Siva Mohan Sunkavalli, master of science; Yugandhar Vankadara, master of science.

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh: Phani Kumar V. Kosuri, master of science; Visweswara Rao Kottapalli, master of science.


Jakarta: Budi Martono, B.S. in business administration.


Yazd: Davood Tofighi, master of science.


Nairobi: Kenneth Njoroge, master of science.


Bishkek: Kanybek Dosbolovich Nur-tegin, master of arts.


Bukit Mertajam: Cheng Looi Yap, B.S. in business administration.

Kampar, Perak: Ngah-Wan Phoon, master of science.

Kuala Lipis, Pahang: Chiew Hui Kaw, B.S. in business administration (with high distinction); Chiew-Kwei Kaw, master of science.

Kuala Lumpur, Selangor: Kok-How Tan, master of science; Wei Bin Tan, B.S. in business administration; Soup Yee Hoo, master of science; Kartpagam Karthigeyan, master of arts.

Kuala, Melaka: Kian-Ann Teh, master of science.


Coatzacoalcos, Vera Cruz: Oscar Rios Pohirieth, bachelor of arts.


Wannabaafar: Jan Topor, bachelor of arts.


Owerri: George Onyekachi Onyeaghala, B.S. in electrical engineering.


Nablus, West Bank: Alaa Adel Qadi, master of science.


Moscow: Victoria Mariupolskaya, master of science.

Saint Petersburg: Tikhon Victorovich Bykov, doctor of philosophy.


Jeddah: Ibrahim Hassan Ago, B.S. in computer engineering and B.S. in electrical engineering.


Daegu, Daegu: Sang-Gun Lee, doctor of philosophy.

Seoul: Hong-hee Lee, master of arts; Shanggeun Rhee, doctor of philosophy; Kyoung-ah Woo, master of science.

Taegu: Junsik Lee, doctor of philosophy.


Sevilla: Joaquin Maria Munoz, B.S. in natural resources.


Malmo: Mikael Nifelhelm, B.S. in business administration.

V Frolunda: Abgar Gulo, B.S. in business administration.


Khujan: Shoista Gufronjonovna Zokirova, B.S. in business administration (with high distinction).


Bangbuathong, Nonthaburi: Nipon Jongpitaksseel, doctor of philosophy.

Bangkok: Oranuch Leelaporn, doctor of philosophy; Angela Pochanasomburana, master of arts.


Ankara: Songul Severmutlu, master of science.

Istanbul: Ali Osman Sezer, doctor of philosophy.

K. Cekmece, Istanbul: Cihan Kumru, master of science.

Kahramanmaras: Muharrem Dilbirligi, doctor of philosophy.


Abu Dhabi: Mashura Azad, master of science.


Arandjelovac, Serbia: Jelena Stanisavljevic, bachelor of arts.


Harare: Fungai Tongoona, B.S. in business administration.

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