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Student Information System (SIS+) to use the NU ID.

On May 28, 2005, the UNL Student Information System (SIS+) will begin using the eight digit NU ID number that appears on the campus ID card rather than the Social Security Number as the primary student number. This change will affect both the on-line system and printed reports and documents that you receive such as class rosters and grade rosters. While the Social Security Number will be retained in the database, it will be used only where absolutely necessary. This step is being taken due to the continuing increase in identity theft and the greater concern expressed by both students and faculty regarding the use of SSN.

This change is one of the first steps to transition the campus from the widespread use of SSN to the use of the NU ID Number. To ease this transition users of the Student Information System will be able to use either the SSN or the eight digit NU ID Number to look up a student in the on-line system. If you type in a 9 digit number the system will assume you are using an SSN, if you type in an 8 digit number it will assume you are using the NU ID Number. In either case the number that will be displayed on the screen when you bring up a student will be the NU ID Number.

Also during this transition students will be able to use either their SSN or NU ID Number along with their PIN to access the WAM system.