NCV Grants Contacts

Tiffani Hix: 402-472-8364 | | RM 102B

Grants Overview

The Grant Specialist offers assistance to the NCV community for their research endeavors. Working with the Grant Specialist can help increase the accuracy and success of external funding submissions.

Services Provided by the Grant Specialist:

Proposal Preparation:

  • Enter information in NUgrant routing form when notified by PI of a potential proposal; track proposal in NUgrant from RFA/RFP to award
  • Provide guidance and compliance resources where needed
  • Coordinate proposal/contract submission with PI, IANR Finance and Personnel, and Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Provide proposal templates, current rates for budget development, and other resources as needed
  • Review proposal and suggest edits to assure compliance with sponsor guidelines and UNL policy; compile documents and route for approval

Post Award:

  • Provide financial reports to PI for expenditure monitoring; suggest expenditure changes necessary to ensure compliance; implement expenditure changes at the direction of the PI
  • Send PAF requests to home department
  • Reconcile and document expenditures to ensure compliance with sponsor agreement; maintain proper justification on file
  • Coordinate final project closeout with Office of Sponsored Program

Important Updates

  • NIH is also looking to better track both graduate students and post docs funded with NIH money.  They now require Commons registration for any graduate student or post doc paid on NIH grants.  This will become evident as these individuals are included in the personnel report within the annual progress report.  If the individuals do not have a Commons registration, the progress report will be delayed until registration is complete.  Please work with Tiffani to get any active graduate students and/or post docs registered, as appropriate

  • All publications must have PMCID’s if they were NIH funded publications, this includes Biosketch’s and Bibliography’s. This information should be included before submission

  • MyNCBI is strongly recommended by NIH to use when reporting publications. This program will eventually become mandatory when completing annual reports through eRA COMMONS. Additional information and training will be available soon

  • FY 2014 NIFA Fellowships Grant Program- Due February 20th
NIH Standard Due Dates
  Activity Codes Program Description Application From Cycle I Due Date Cycle II Due Date Cycle III Due Date
  T Series Institutional National Research  SF424 (R&R) 25-Jan 25-May 25-Sep
    Service Awards        
  D Series Other Training Grants        
All - new, renewal, resubmission, revision   NOTE: Applicants should check with the relevant Institute or Center (IC), since some do not accept T series applications for all three receipt/review/award cycles. Applicants should refer to the IC Table of Contacts for information for each IC’s scientific/research contact for the NRSA T32 program.        
new K series Research Career Development SF424 (R&R) 12-Feb 12-Jun 12-Oct
new R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36 Other Research Grants SF424 (R&R) 16-Feb 16-Jun 16-Oct
renewal, resubmission, revision R01 Research Grants SF424 (R&R) 5-Mar 5-Jul 5-Nov
renewal, resubmission, revision K series Research Career Development SF424 (R&R) 12-Mar 12-Jul 12-Nov
renewal, resubmission, revision R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36 Other Research Grants SF424 (R&R) 16-Mar 16-Jul 16-Nov
new, renewal, resubmission F Series Fellowships  Individual National Research Service Awards (Standard)  SF424 (R&R) 8-Apr 8-Aug 8-Dec
new, renewal, resubmission   (see NRSA Training Page)        
All - new, renewal, resubmission, revision R13, U13 Conference Grants and Conference Cooperative Agreements SF424 (R&R) 12-Apr 12-Aug 12-Dec
new, renewal, resubmission F31 Diversity Fellowships Individual Predoctoral Fellowships (F31) to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research  (see NRSA Training Page) SF424 (R&R) 13-Apr 13-Aug 13-Dec
new, renewal, resubmission, revision All Activity Codes Cited Above AIDS and AIDS-Related Applications Based on Activity Code  7-May 7-Sep 7-Jan
Review and Award Cycles
  Cycle I Cycle II Cycle III
Scientific Merit Review June - July October - November February - March
Advisory Council Round August or October * January May
Earliest Project Start Date September or December * April July
NOTES: The actual date of the Advisory Council may occur in the month before or after the month listed.  For example, some ICs may actually hold the January Advisory Council meeting in February or the October Advisory Council meeting in September. Awarding components may not always be able to honor the requested start date of an application.  Before incurring any pre-award obligations or expenditures applicants should be aware of NIH policy governing pre-award costs prior to receiving a Notice of Award.  See the NIH Grants Policy Statement.  * Advisory Council Round for Cycle I applications may be August or October, and their earliest project start date may be September or December respectively.
Upcoming Target NIH FOA's
Title FOA Number Due Date Expiration Date Activity Code
Basic Research in the Pathogenesis of HIV Related Heart, Lung, and Blood (HLB) Disease in Adults and Children RFA-HL-14-029 Jan 8, May 8, Sep 8 1/9/2015 R21
RFA-HL-14-024 Jan 8, May 8, Sep 8 1/9/2015 R01
Research on Malignancies in the Context of HIV/AIDS PA-13-378 Jan 7, May 7, Sep 7 9/8/2016 R21
PA-13-377 Jan 7, May 7, Sep 7 9/8/2016 R01
Advancing the Impact of Effectove HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Inverventions PA-11-273 Jan 7, May 7 5/8/2014 R21
PA-11-271 Jan 7, May 7 5/8/2014 R01
Discovery, Development, and Testing of Novel Interventions to Advance HIV Prevention and Care PA-11-277 Jan 7, May 7 5/8/2014 R21
PA-11-275 Jan 7, May 7 5/8/2014 R01
Immunopathogensis of HIV/AIDS-realted Oral Manifestations and Host Immunity  PA-11-333 Jan 7, May 7, Sep 7 9/18/2014 R21
PA-11-334 Jan 7, May 7, Sep 7 9/18/2014 R01
Investigations on Primary Immunodeficiency Disease PAR-12-036 New-Feb 5, June 5, Oct 5 1/8/2015 R01
  Resub- Mar 5, Jul 5, Nov 5    
Targeting Persistent HIV Reserviors PAR-12-109 Apr. 25 4/26/2014 R21/R33
Basic Research on HIV Persistence PA-12-162 Jan 7, May 7, Sep 7 1/8/2015 R21
PA-12-161 Jan 7, May 7, Sep 7 1/8/2015 R01
Dual Purpose with Dual Benefit: Research in Biomedicine and Agriculture using Agricultally Important Domestic Animal Species-Partnered with USDA PAR-13-204 Sep. 24 9/25/2015 R01
Exploratory/Developmental Investigations on Primary Immunodeficiency Disease PA-13-315 AIDS-Jan 7, May 7, Sep 7 9/8/2016 R21
  Feb 5, June 5, Oct 5    
Sustain Release of Antivirals for Treatment or Prevention of HIV (SRATP) PA-13-349 7-Jan 1/18/2016 R01