The IDM tools should only be used for informational purposes only - IE as an indicator that a user may be logged in.

Until the login server can start sessions for the end-user, applications using CAS/SSO can tell the UNL template that a user is logged in. This is started by calling the WDN.idm.displayNotice(); method with the username (uid) of the user that is currently logged in.

Click here to call WDN.idm.displayNotice('bbieber2'), indicating Brett Bieber is logged in.

By default the logout URL will end the session with the CAS server at This URL can be customized so the session with the current application can be ended. To customize the logout URL, use WDN.idm.setLogoutURL('?logout');

Complete Example:

<script type="text/javascript">


Cookies are used to indicate whether log in notification should be displayed to the end user. As a result, this feature will only work for websites containing within the domain portion of the URL.