You can include a Twitter widget anywhere in the main content area of your page by including an empty div element with the id 'wdn_twitter_box':

and including the plugin initialization (which will include UNL's UNLNews Twitter feed):

Alternatively, you could load the twitter widget with your own Twitter feed:

WDN.initializePlugin('twitter_widget', 'CSEatUNL');

You can also customize a few things by providing a JavaScript object like this:

WDN.initializePlugin('twitter_widget', { twitterAccount: 'CSEatUNL', rpp: 10, width: 300, height: 300});

Where each attribute is as follows:

Further, you can stylize your twitter widget with some colors by specifying the class of the div element:

<div id="wdn_twitter_box" class="energetic"></div>

Possible options for the class: bright, cool, energetic, neutral, primary, soothing (see the zenbox documentation for the colors these themes correspond to).