Graduate Program in Women's and Gender Studies

About the Graduate Program in WGS

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program offers two degree options for graduate study. Both options provide students with a challenging opportunity to extend their graduate education in gender and diversity by drawing on the innovative interdisciplinary perspectives of Women’s and Gender Studies. Women’s and Gender Studies graduate courses strengthen students’ qualifications for advanced graduate programs and for employment in their primary discipline or in a variety of occupations.

The graduate specialization and the graduate minor offer: 
  • a simultaneous focus on gender, race, ethnicity, class, ability, global feminism, and sexual orientation;
  • an historical perspective on Women’s and Gender Studies as an area of scholarly inquiry, teaching, and activism both across and within disciplines;
  • a challenge to the traditional separation of academic theory from political and professional practice;
  • feminist perspectives and scholarship that challenge disciplinary barriers and paradigms;
  • models of  scholarship, pedagogy, and professional activity that prepare students for employment in a variety of professions related to women’s and gender issues;
  • mentoring by faculty recognized for interdisciplinary research and teaching in subjects related to women and gender.
Special Opportunities

Students who pursue the Graduate Specialization or Graduate Minor in Women's and Gender Studies are encouraged to participate in extracurricular events that enrich their background in Women's and Gender Studies and enhance their professional preparation. Students are encouraged to present their scholarship and creative work at the No Limits Conference, a regional forum for women's and gender studies research. The Women's and Gender Studies Colloquium Series each semester provides opportunities for graduate students to meet and interact with Women's and Gender Studies faculty and visiting scholars about their research. Students may also participate in teaching, research, and community internships.

WGS Graduate Specialization:

The following departments have been approved for the Specialization: Anthropology, Art and Art History, Communication Studies, English, History, Political Science, and Sociology. However, we welcome qualified applicants from other departments and colleges. Contact the WGS Graduate Secretary to determine whether your department qualifies.

WGS Graduate Minor:

If a student is unable to pursue the Specialization, s/he can apply to do the Minor. Requirements for the Specialization and the Minor are the same.

Graduate Specialization Students

Further Information

Requirements and application information for the Graduate Specialization and Graduate Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

For more information please contact the Program Director, Chantal Kalisa, 402-472-9300.

Graduate Specialization Students