Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Awards


Deadline for applications: Noon, February 1, 2015

Dunning Award Application

Description: Each spring, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program sponsors the Karen Dunning Award for a Scholarly Paper, Research Project, or Creative Activity in Women’s and Gender Studies. Awards of $200 each will be presented to two undergraduate students and two graduate students on the basis of relevance to Women’s and Gender Studies, quality of the work, originality, and potential impact.

Eligibility: To apply, students must be currently registered at UNL but do not need to be a WGS major, minor, nor graduate specialization student. Only one submission is allowed per applicant.

Application Process: The judges will read a black and white copy of your scholarly paper and description; they will view original artwork, slides, digital images, etc.

To facilitate the judging: Submissions should be double-spaced. Do not put your name anywhere on the paper, project, or description.

Completed applications will consist of:

  1. Completed application form (available online at www.unl.edu/wgs).
  2. Copy of the project, which may consist of one of the following:
    • Scholarly research paper/project
    • Creative project or activity (a creative project may be poetry, artwork, drama, photography, dance, music, etc., and   could also be submitted as slides, CD, DVD or in another appropriate format when available).
  3. A paragraph describing how the entry relates to Women’s and Gender Studies.
  4. Research and creative project entries should include a paragraph describing how and why it was developed and examples of how it was used in the community.          

Application Deadline
Submit the application form, your paper or project, and any supporting materials to the WGS administrative support associate, Paige Glasshoff, via email at paige.glasshoff@unl.edu. If unable to submit your project digitally via email, you may hand-deliver it to the WGS Office, 327 Seaton Hall.

Awards Presentation: The award will be presented at the Women’s and Gender Studies Graduation Reception and Awards Ceremony in April 2015 (time and date to be announced).

If you have questions, please contact Paige Glasshoff at paige.glasshoff@unl.edu or (402) 472-9392.

Download Dunning Award Application

Judging Criteria for Karen Dunning Award

Each submitted project will be evaluated using the following criteria:

1. Relevance to Women's and Gender Studies: Although many projects will be situated within the context of a discipline other than WGS, gender should be a central construct of the project that is addressed in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

2. Quality of the Work: The projects should reflect high quality work, taking into account the students' discipline and educational level (e.g., graduate v. undergraduate).

For papers in the sciences: Is there a theoretical basis for the work? Do the hypotheses logically follow from previous work? Are the methods and analyses sound? Are the implications of the work discussed?

For papers in the humanities: Does the work thoroughly and insightfully address the topic? Does the author provide adequate and appropriate information for understanding the issue? Does s/he engage in critical analysis of the material? When appropriate, does s/he identify the theoretical perspective from which s/he approaches the material?

For creative projects (e.g., arts, creative writing): Does the work engage the reader/viewer and provoke thought? What is the artistic merit of the work? Does it reflect relevant skills (e.g., artistic or dance techniques)?

3. Originality: Does the topic address a novel issue in WGS? Alternatively, does it approach a more established issue from a new perspective or with a new methodological approach?

4. Potential Impact: Does the work have the potential to contribute to and inform the WGS literature, the community, and/or important issues facing women and men? For creative projects, has the work been shown/performed/read in the community?

Other Awards


For University of Nebraska students who go to Columbia University for their Graduate Studies

Description & Eligibility: This fellowship is available to graduate students at Columbia, prefereably, but not necessarily, to a woman graduating from or graduated from the University of Nebraska.

Required Documentation:

• A copy of the student's transcript from the University of Nebraska.

• A letter of reference from a faculty of the University of Nebraska.

If you have questions, please call the Women's and Gender Studies office at 472-9392,

or contact either Chantal Kalisa, Director, 472-9300, mkalisa2@unl.edu,

or Rose Holz, Associate Director, 472-9380, rholz2@unl.edu.

Columbia University Financial Aid Website

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