LGBTQ / Sexuality Studies Minor Requirements

All minors must consult a LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies Advisor. Because courses have changed in recent years, please check the current bulletin and with the advisor if you have questions about courses you have already taken.

To earn a LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor, students must take 18 hours of courses, including:

List A:

CLAS 440/WMNS 440 Gender & Sexuality in the Ancient World
CYAF 447/WMNS 447 Working with GLBT Youth in Professional Contexts
ENGL 212/WMNS 212 Introduction to Lesbian & Gay Literature
ENGL 239 Film Directors: Gay & Lesbian Directors
HIST 402/WMNS 402 Sexuality in 19th & 20th Century America
ETHN 476A/HIST 476A/WMNS 476A Gender & Sexuality in Latin America
PSYC 421/WMNS 421 Psychology of Gender
PSYC 471/CYAF 471/EDPS 471/SOCI 471 Human Sexuality & Society

List B:

ANTH 410/WMNS 410 Women & Men: An Anthropological Perspective
*ENGL 345D/ETHN 345D Chicana &/or Chicano Literature
*ENGL 445/ETHN 445 Ethnic Literature
HIST 441/WMNS 441 Seminar in U.S. Women’s & Gender History
PHIL 218/WMNS 218 Philosophy of Feminism
PSYC 330 Psychology of Diversity
SOCI 448/ETHN 448 Family Diversity
SOCI 490 Sociology of Gender
WMNS 211 Applying Social Justice to LGBTQA Programs & Services
*WMNS 497 Internship in Women’s & Gender Studies (up to 6 hours; Pass/No Pass only)

Note: In courses with an asterisk, in order to count for the minor, a significant portion of course content must be related to LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies. Before enrolling check with an LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies advisor.

If you entered UNL during bulletin year 2007-2008, please consult the archived undergraduate bulletin for minor requirements.

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