Major Requirements

All majors must consult a Women’s and Gender Studies Advisor.
Requirements vary. Students must refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin from they year they entered UNL for Women's and Gender Studies Program requirements. The requirements listed below are effective Fall 2016.

A major may pursue either:

Option A: 36 hours from required courses and course listings
Option B: 30 hours from required courses and course listings, and at least 18 hours in a related minor to be determined by the Women's and Gender Studies adviser
  • Majors must take at least 6 hours of courses that fulfill the diversity requirement; at least 3 hours must fulfill racial/ethnic/global diversity.
  • Majors must take 12 hours of courses at the 300 level or above.
  • Majors must complete a portfolio to be submitted in WMNS 400.
  • In their last semester, majors must return an anonymous survey evaluating WGS.
  • In their last semester, majors may participate in an exit survey with the Associate Director or Director of WGS (optional).

All majors must fulfill the following requirements:

Required Core Courses (9 hours):

WMNS 101 Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies (ACE 9)
WMNS 400 Senior Seminar (offered Spring semester only) (ACE 10)
WMNS 485 Feminist Theories, Feminists’ Perspectives (offered Fall semester only)

History Courses (6 hours):

CLAS 440/WMNS 440 Gender & Sexuality in the Ancient World
HIST 204/WMNS 204 Women & Gender in United States History
HIST 225/WMNS 225 Women in History
HIST 329/WMNS 329 Women in European History
HIST 336/WMNS 336 Saints, Witches, & Madwomen
#HIST 356/ETHN 356/WMNS 356 African-American Women’s History
#HIST 358/ETHN 358/WMNS 358 Native American Women
#HIST 363/WMNS 363 History of Women & Gender in the American West
*HIST 402/WMNS 402 Sexuality in 19th & 20th Century America
HIST 441/WMNS 441 Seminar in U.S. Women’s & Gender History
#HIST 459/ETHN 459/WMNS 459 Women & Gender in African Societies
#HIST 476A/ETHN 476A/WMNS 476A Gender & Sexuality in Latin America
*WMNS 201 Introduction to LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies (ACE 9)§

Literature/Rhetoric and other Humanities Courses (6 hours):

*ENGL 212/WMNS 212 Introduction to Lesbian & Gay Literature
ENGL 215/WMNS 215 Introduction to Women’s Literature
ENGL 253A/WMNS 253A Introduction to Poetry Writing: Women’s Poetry
ENGL 315A/WMNS 315A Survey of Women’s Literature
ENGL 315B/WMNS 315B Women in Popular Culture
#ENGL 344B/ETHN 344B/WMNS 344B Black Women Authors
#ENGL 345N/ETHN 345N/WMNS 345N Native American Women Writers
ENGL 414/WMNS 414 Women’s Literature
ENGL 414B/WMNS 414B Modern & Contemporary Women Writers
ENGL 475A/WMNS 475A Rhetorical Theory: Rhetoric of Women’s Writers
FREN 388/ENGL 388/MRST 388/WMNS 388 Body Language: Love, Politics, and the Self in French Literature
JUDS 340/RELG 340/WMNS 340 Women in the Biblical World
PHIL 218/WMNS 218 Philosophy of Feminism
*WMNS 201 Introduction to LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies (ACE 9)§

Social Sciences Courses (6 hours):

ANTH 410/WMNS 410 Gender: An Anthropological Perspective
COMM 380 Gender & Communication
CRIM 339 Women, Crime, & Justice
*CYAF 447/WMNS 447 Working With GLBT Youth in Professional Contexts
ECON 375/HIST 375/WMNS 375 Women & Work in U.S. History
ECON 445/WMNS 445 Gender, Economics and Social Provisioning
POLS 338/WMNS 338 Women & Politics    
*PSYC 330 Psychology of Diversity
PSYC 421/WMNS 421 Psychology of Gender
PSYC 471/CYAF 471/EDPS 471/SOCI 471 Human Sexuality & Society
SOCI 200/WMNS 200 Gender in Contemporary Society
SOCI 226/WMNS 226 Families & Society
SOCI 325 /WMNS 325 Contemporary Family Issues
SOCI 490/WMNS 490 Sociology of Gender
TMFD 410/WMNS 410A Socio-psychological Aspects of Clothing
WMNS 385 Women, Gender & Science
*WMNS 201 Introduction to LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies (ACE 9)§

Electives (3-9 hours from the above lists or any of the additional elective courses listed below):

ARCH 481 Women in Design
GPSP 377/GEOG 377/WMNS 377 Women of the Great Plains
TMFD 325 Woven & Nonwoven Textile Design (depends on instructor)
TMFD 407 History of Costume (depends on instructor)
WMNS 189H University Honors Seminar
WMNS 210 Activism & Feminist Communities (ACE 8)
#WMNS 250 Sex and Gender Around the Globe (ACE 9)
WMNS 291 Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WMNS 391 Special Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
WMNS 399 Independent Study
WMNS 399H Honors Thesis (up to 6 hours)
WMNS 492 Special Topics in Masculinities
WMNS 497 Internship in Women’s & Gender Studies (up to 6 hours; Pass/No Pass only)
WMNS 498 Special Topics in Women’s & Gender Studies             

#Courses that fulfill racial/ethnic/global diversity requirement.
*Courses that fulfill the diversity requirement.   
§WMNS 201 may count for only one of the three areas.

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Nota bene: Requirements vary. Students must refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin from the year they entered UNL for Women's and Gender Studies Program requirements. Click here for the links to previous undergraduate bulletins.