International Women's Studies Programs

In alphabetical order by country


The Alicia Moreau De Justo Foundation
Corrientes 1485
1st 'A'
1042 Buenos Aires
Phone: 40-5077-40 1805
Contact: Elana Tchalidy
Works to preserve the history of women. Carries out social research on women's problems and on the life of Dr. Alicia Moreau de Just. Offers conferences, short courses, and seminars. Publishes its work.

Centre for the Study of Women
Olleros 2554 PB
1426 Buenos Aires
Contact: Gloria Bonder

Centre of Women's Studies
Nicaragua 4908
1414 Buenos Aires
Documents and researches women's problems. Organizes courses, conferences, and seminars.

GT Condicion Femenina CLACSLO (The Feminine Condition)
Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (Latin American Council of Social Science)
Avda, Pueyrredon 510-70
1032 Buenos Aires
Contact: Maria del Carme Feijo

Women's Library Association
Marcelo T. de Alvear 1155
1058 Buenos Aires
Catalogues work of women's movements and collects written material on women. Provides educational seminars and courses.


Deakin University
Geelong Campus
Geelong, Vic. 3217
Phone: 052-27-1271
Contact: Alison Parker
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Home of the Australian Women's Research Center.

Edith Cowan University
2 Bradford Street
Mount Lawley, WA 6050
Phone: 09-370-6323
Contact: Lekkie Hopkins
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Part of the Western Australian Inter-University
Centre for Research on Women.

James Cook University of North Queensland
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Townsville, Tld 4811
Phone: 077-81-4266
Contact: Cheryl Taylor

Monash University
Clayton, Vic. 3168
Phone: 03-565-2996
Contact: Katherine Gibson
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Home of the Centre for Women's Studies.

Murdoch University
South Street
Murdoch, WA 6150
Phone: 09-360-6234
Contact: Ien Ang
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Part of the Western Australian Inter-University
Centre for Research on Women.

The Australian Institute for Women's Research and Policy
C/- Faculty of Humanities
Griffith University
Queensland 4111
Phone: 07-3875-5578
Fax: 07-3875-5333

University of New England, Armidale
Armidale, NSW 2351
Telephone: 067 73 2580
Contact: Bronwyn Davies
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

University of New South Wales
P.O. Box 1
Kensington, NSW 2033
Telephone: 02 697 2303
Contact: Brigitta Olubas
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

University of Queensland
Qld 4072
Phone: 07-365-2743
Contact: Barbara Garlick
Graduate work in Women's Studies;
Home of the Women, Culture and Ideology Unit.

University of Sydney
127 Dalington Road
Sydney, NSW 2006
Phone: 02-692-3638
Contact: Carole Adams
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Home of the Women's Studies Centre and Research Unit.

University of Wester Sydney, Nepean
P.O. Box 10
Kingswood, NSW 2747
Phone: 02-678-7352
Contact: Deborah Chambers
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Home of the Women's Research Centre.

University of Adelaide
GPO Box 498
Adelaide, SA 5001
Phone: 08-228-5267
Contact: Margaret Allen
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Home of the Research Centre for Women's Studies.

University of Melbourne
Parkville, Vic. 3052
Phone: 03-344-5959
Contact: Maila Stivens
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Home of the Key Centre for Women's Health in Society.

University of Western Australia
Nedlands, WA 6009
Phone: 09-380-2063
Contact: Delys M. Bird
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Part of the Western Australian Inter-University
Centre for Research on Women.

Women's Working Centre
160 Harrington
Phone: (03) 62 347007
FAX: (03) 62 343219


Centre for Women's Research
Vienna Communication Centre for Women in Austria
Wahringerstrasses 59
1090 Vienna

Feminist reference library.
Stichwort--Archive of the Women's and Lesbian Movement
Bergasse 5/24
1090 Vienna
Phone: 0222-31-48-544
Multi-media feminist library and documentation center.

Women's Centre
Wahringstrasses 59
1090 Vienna
Phone: 0222-48-50-57

Women's Research Documentation Centre
Institut für Wissenschaft und Kunst
Berggrasse 17/1
1090 Vienna
Research and documentation on Austrian women.


Women for Women: A Research and Study Group
15 Green Square
Green Road
Phone: 50-46-97
Contact: Nazma Chawdhury
Researches and publishes on the lives of Bangladeshi women. Offers seminars and produces videos.


DAWN (The Development Alternative with Women for a New
School of Continuing Studies
University of the West Indies
Pinelands, St Michael
Phone: 426-9288
Contact: Peggy Antrobus
The University of the West Indies is also the home of WAND (The Women and Development Unit).


Universitaire Instellung Antwerpen
1 Wilrijk
2610 Antwerp
Phone: 03-820-28-50 ext. 2862
Contact: Nicole Derijckere
Interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate courses.

Universite Libre de Bruxelles
50 avenue Fr. Roosevelt
CP 142
1050 Brussels
Phone: 02-650-39-56
Contact: Eliane Gubin
Graduate work in Women's Studies.


Women's Centre for Information and Development
Avda Villazon 1958
Oficina 3A
30 piso
Casilla 22433
La Paz


Women's Affairs Unit
Department of Culture
Registration and Social Welfare Matters
Private Bag 00185


Nucleo de Estudios Sobre a Mulher
(Centre for the Study of Women)
The Pontifal Catholic University
Rua Marques de Sao Vicente, 225 Gavea
Rio de Janiero 22453
Phone: 529-9288
Contact: Fanny Tabak
Works to develop Women's Studies courses and to publish work on women.

Women's Network
Rua Joao Ramalho 991
Bairro Perdizes
CP 1803
01051 Sao Paulo
Documentation center.


Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women
151 Slater Street, Suite 408
Ontario K1P 5H3
Phone: 613- 563-0681
Contact: Linda Chippingdale

Mount Saint Vincent University
166 Bedford Highway
Nova Scotia B3M 2J6
Also home of the Institute for the Study of Women.

Simone de Beauvoir Institute
1455 de Maidonneuve Blvd. West
Concordia University
Quebec H3G 1M8
Phone: 514-848-2370
Contact: Arpi Hamalian
Houses collectives for research purposes. Has a documentation center.

The Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women
110 O'Connor St., 9th floor
P.O. Box 1541, Sta. "B"
Ontario K1P 5R5
Phone: 613-992-4975
Contact: Sylvia Gold
CACSW was established in 1973. It is an independent body funded by the federal government, set up to advise government of issues concerning women.

Women's Studies Research Unit
University of Saskatchewan
Education Building
Saskatchewan S7N 0W0
Contact: Dawn Currie

The Centre for Women's Studies in Education
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
252 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 416-923-6641
Fax: 416-926-4725
"The Centre for Women's Studies in Education is a unique combination of research oriented programs which promote multidisciplinary feminist scholarship on issues and areas of educational and social significance. The milieu is conducive to cooperation, communication, and the sharing of resources among feminist scholars, to the stimulation of graduate work in women's studies and to the promotion of research findings with the aim of influencing individual and collective thinking about women's issues."

Populations Studies Center
National Taiwan University
Phone: 3930097/3510241 ext. 2595
Contact: Elaine Tsui
National Taiwan University is also the home of the Women's Research Programme.

The Women's Committee of the United Nations
Association of the Republic of China
101 Ning Po West Street
Contact: Helen H. C. Yeh Lee
Research, community outreach, scholarships and grants, and publications.

Czech Republic

Charles University in Prague
Box 695
111 21 Prague 1
Phone: 232-71-06
Contact: Jana Hradilkova

The Research and Co-ordination Center for Gender Studies
Charles University in Prague
PO Box 188
111 21 Prague 1
Phone: 42-2-297542
Contact: Olga Kucerova
Charles University is also the home of the Curriculum Center and Library for Gender Studies.


Center for Development Research
Kongensgade 9
1472 Copenhagen K
Telephone: 14 57 00
Contact: Kirsten Westergaard
One of the center's priority research areas is Third World women.

Centre for Feminist Research and Studies
Copenhagan University - Amager
Njalsgade 106
2300 Copenhagen S
Telephone: 31 54 22 11
Contact: Bente Rosenbeck
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

Center for Kvinde-Og Konsstudier
Odense University
Campusvej 55
5230 Odense M
Telephone: 66 15 86 00 ext. 3388
Contact: Nina Lykke

Center for Kvinde- og Konsforskning
(Center for Women's and Gender Studies)
Aarhus University
"CEKVINA has a varying number of research scholars attached in temporary positions and sometimes also teaching staff in temporary positions. The administrative side counts one full-time secretary and one part-time librarian. CEKVINA has a one-year degree programme called Gender, Communication and Culture." The program publishes a news magazine and working papers.

FREIA - Centre for Feminist Research
University of Aalborg
Fibigerstraede 2
9220 Aalborg O
Phone: 98-15-85-22
Contact: Ruth Emerek

Institute of Social Medicine
University of Copenhagen
Panum Institute
Blegdamsvej 3
2200 Copenhagan N
Telephone: 31 35 79 00 ext. 2400
Contact: Birgit Petersson
The Institute is also the home of the Feminist Research Center in Medicine.

Samkvind - Centre for Women's Studies in the Social
University of Copenhagen
St Kannikestraede 11
1169 Copenhagen K
Pphone: 33 91 21 66 ext. 251
Contact: Sanne Ipsen

Dominican Republic

Centro de Investigacion para la Action Femenina (CIPAF)
Benigno Filomena Rojas no. 307
Aparado 1744
Santo Domingo
Contact: Magaly Pineda

International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women
Calle Cesar Nicolas Penson 102 A
Apartado Postal 21747
Santo Domingo
Telephone: 685 2111
Contact: Eleni Stamiris
Now a worldwide organization with headquarters in Santo Domingo, the Institute's activities include training, information, research, and communication for and about women.


African Training and Research Centre for Women
United Nations Economics Commission for Africa
Box 3001
Addis Ababa
Contact: Mary Tadesse


The Christina Institute for Women's Studies
University of Helsinki
PO Box 4
00014 Helsinki
Telephone: 0 191 3395/191 3387
Contact: Pia Purra
Note: Women's Studies courses are taught at most Finnish universities. Information from Ms. Liisa Husu, Coordinator for Finnish Women's Studies, Council for Equality Between Men and Women, PO Box 267, 00171 Helsinki, Finland. Telephone: 358-0-160-5705.


Centre d'Enseignement, de Documentation & de Recherches pour les Etudes Feministes CEDREF - Universite Paris VII
2 place Jussieu
75251 Paris
Telephone: 44 27 56 23
Contact: Liliane Kandel
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

Centre de Recherches & d'Etudes Feminines
Universite Paris VIII
2 rue de la Liberte
93526 St Denis
Telephone: 49 40 65 03
Contact: Marguerite Sandre
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

Department d'Etudes Britanniques et Nord-Americaines
Universite de Nancy II
23 Boulevard Albert ler
BP 33-97
54015 Nancy
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

Institut d'Anglais
Universite Paris VII
10 rue Charles V
75004 Paris
Telephone: 42 74 27 54
Contact: Sully Morland
Graduate work in Women's Studies.


Fakultaet Paedagogik
Universitaet Bielefeld
Postfach 8604
4800 Bielefeld 1
Telephone: 49 521 1604550
Contact: Juliane Jacobi

FB Sprach und Literaturwissenschaft
Universitat Osnabrueck
Neuer Graben 4-
Postfach 4469
4500 Osnabrueck
Telephone: 0541 125232
Contact: Magdalene Heuter
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum
HDZ der Universitaet Dortmund
Rheinlanddamm 199
4600 Dortmund 1
Telephone: 0231 7551
Contact: Sigrid Metz-Gockel
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

Great Britain

Akina Mam wa Afrika (AMWA)
Solidarity Among African Women
London Women's Centre
Wesley House
4 Wild Court
London WC2B 5AU
Telephone: 071 405 0678
Contact: Mabel Ikpoh
Organization of African women, focused on research on African women, publication and dissemination of findings, and co-ordinating with grassroots women to act as a pressure group for matters concerning African women.

Anglia Polytechnic University
East Road
Cambridge CB1 7PT
Telephone: 0223 63721 ext. 2264
Contact: Penelope Kenrick
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

De Montfort University
School of Arts
PO Box 143
Leicester LE1 9BH
Telephone: 0533 551551
Contact: Imelda Whelehan
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

Manchester Metropolitan University
All Saints
Manchester M15 6BH
Telephone: 061 247 2000
Contact: Margaret Beetham
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

Nene College
Moulton Park
Northampton NN2 7AL
Telephone: 0604 715000 ext. 224
Contact: Gabriele Griffin
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

School of Women's Studies
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
Telephone: 0203 523600
Contact: Terry Lovell
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

Sheffield Hallam University
Psalter Lane
Sheffield S7 8UZ
Telephone: 0742 532601
Contact: Sue Hall
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

The University of Kent
Canterbury CT2 7NY
Telephone: 0227 764000 ext. 7534
Contact: Mary Evans
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT
Telephone: 021 414 6060
Contact: Maureen McNeil
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

University of Bradford
Bradford BD7 1DP
Telephone: 0274 383515/733466
Contact: Jalna Hanmer
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Home of: West Yorkshire Centre for Reseach on Women (WYCROW); Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations Research Unit; Work and Gender Research Unit; Employment group; Women and Development group; Feminist Archive.

University of Bristol
Bristol BS8 1TH
Telephone: 0272 303619
Contact: Liz Bird
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

University of East London
Longbridge Road
Essex RM8 2AS
Telephone: 081 590 7722
Contact: Maggie Humm
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
The University of East London is the home of the Women's Studies and Feminist Research Group.

University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park
Colchester CO4 3SQ
Telephone: 0206 2628
Contact: Elaine Jordan
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

University of Greenwich
Wellington Street
London SE18 6PF
Telephone: 081 316 8000
Contact: Denise Leggett
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

University of Lancaster
Lancaster LA1 4YL
Telephone: 0524 65201 ext. 2879
Contact: Janet Hartley
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
The University of Lancaster is the home of the
Centre for Women's Studies, Feminist
Reading Group, Language and Gender in the Classroom Group.

University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9QN
Telephone: 0273 606755 ext. 2433
Contact: Sybil Oldfield
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

University of North London
1 Prince of Wales Road
London NW5 3LB
Telephone: 071 607 2789 ext. 4086
Contact: Sue Lees
Graduate work in Women's Studies.
Home of the Women's Studies Centre.

University of Oxford
Queen Elizabeth House
Contact: Shirley Ardener
Home of the Center for Cross-Cultural Research on Women.

University of Portsmouth
Milldam Site
Burnaby Road
Portsmouth PO1 3AS
Telephone: 0705 842234/842238
Contact: C. Lupton
Home of the Women's Studies/Feminist Research Group.
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

University of Wolverhampton
Dudley Campus
Castle View
Dudley DY1 3HR
Telephone: 0902 321000
Contact: Jenny Williams
Graduate work in Women's Studies.

University of York
York YO1 5DD
Telephone: (01904) 433671
Contact: Mary Maynard
Home of The Centre for Women's Studies


Centre for Research in Women's Issues
2 Krekopos Street
10558 Athens
Phone: 32 38 791
Contact: Maria Repoussi

Kegme-Mediterranean Institute for Women's Studies
Harilaou Trikoupi St 115
11 473 Athens
Phone: 01 3615660
Contact: Ketty Lazaris
KEGME involves teaching, publications and documentation as well as research. Founded in 1982, the Institute conducts social science research from a feminist perspective.


Women's Studies Unit
University of Guyana
PO Box 10 11 10
Phone: 63691
Contact: Janice M. Jackson


Association of University Women in Honduras
El Centro
Tegucigalpa, DC
Cass No. 1241 y 7a Ave
Phone: 37 0294
The Association of University Women in Honduras was founded in 1950 with the aim of obtaining equal employment opportunities and salaries. Research has been carried out on deployment and women in Honduras. Publications include a history of feminism in Honduras and a monograph on Honduran women.


Women's Studies Centre
Budapest University of Economics
1093 Budapest
Fovam ter 8
Phone: 361 1186 855/177
Contact: Katalin Koncz
Established in 1992. First of its kind in Hungary. Focuses on research, networking, and Women's Studies courses.


Rannsoknastofa i kvennafraedum vio Haskola Island
Centre for Women's Studies
Iceland's University
Oddi IS101
Phone: 1 69 45 95
Contact: Gudrun Olafsdottir
Founded in 1990 to promote and co-ordinate women's studies and feminist research in Iceland.


Centre for Women's Studies Development
Indian Association for Women's Studies
Banras Hindu University
228 Faculty of Social Sciences
Varanasi 221005
Contact: Surinder Jetley
Founded in 1987 to strengthen and develop Women's Studies in higher education. Offers research fellowships for interdisciplinary work. Publishes Newsletter of the Indian Associationfor Women's Studies.

Project India
"Project India is dedicated to providing short-term volunteers the opportunity to contribute while experiencing India. If you have three weeks or more and an open mind, you can volunteer in India and work with our local service organizations for positive change." Project India volunteer positions fall into four main categories: Health Care, Education, Social Development, Arts & Recreation.Cost: $1650 (includes lodging, transportation, and meals) The program is three weeks long. For more information contact:
Cross-Cultural Solutions
965 Stunt Road
Calabasas, CA 91302
Telephone: 818-222-8300
Fax: 818-222-8315
World Wide Web:

Saheli: A Women's Issues Tour Program
"The Saheli program gives women the opportunity to travel to India and learn about the experiences and views of Indian women through direct personal contact. Your guide and liaison while with the Saheli programwill be Ms. Rashmi Misra, founder of "Prayas," one of India's most inspiring social welfare programs focusing on women's empowerment and child welfare. As you travel throughout India together, Ms. Misra will provide you with essential background information on Indian culture, thought, religion, and history to facilitate discussions with the Indian women you will meet." Cost: $3,500 (including transportation, lodging, and most meals) The Saheli program operates in October and April, with additional programs available upon request. The program is three weeks long. For more information contact Cross-Cultural Solutions (see preceding entry).

Women's Studies Unit
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
PO Box 8313 Sio-Trombay Road
Bombay 400088
Phone: 5510400
Contact: Suma Chitnis
Teaching and research. Offers financial and intellectual support to researchers.


University College Dublin
525 Library Building
University College
Dublin 4
Phone: 0 1 269 3244 ext. 7302
Contact: Ailbhe Smyth
Courses in Women's Studies.


Women's Studies Programme
University of Haifa
Mt Carmel
Haifa 31999
Phone: 240 111
Contact: Marilyn P. Safir
Multi-disciplinary undergraduate programme.


City Women's Research and Resource Centre
Universita Degli Studi di Bologna
Via Zamboni 16
40 126 Bologna
Phone: 39 51 227253
Contact: Vita Fortunati
Involves teaching and research.

Interdisciplinary Working Group on
Women's Studies
European University Institute
Villa Schifanoia
Via Boccaccio 121
50133 Florence
Phone: 055 509 25 38
Contact: Heinz-Gerhard Haupt


Information and National Exchange Division
National Women's Education Centre
728 Sugaya
Saitama-Ken 355-02
Phone: 0493 62 6711
Contact this agency for information about specific Women's Studies courses, which are offered at many of Japan's universities.

Women's Studies Society of Japan (WSSJ)
Shokadou Women's Book Store
Nishinotouinn-Nishiiru, Shimodachiuri
Phone: 075 441 6905
Contact: Toyoko Nakanishi


Institute for Women's Studies in the Arab World
Beirut University College
PO Box 12 5053
Phone: 811968
Contact: Julinda Abu Nasir


Women's Studies Centre
University of Vilnius
Universiteto g.3
Vilnius 2731
Phone: 0122 76 27 63
Contact: Giedre Purvaneckiene
Established as an independent research and study institute in March 1992. Involves research, library documentation, and publications. Monthly seminars are held for scholarly discussion. Research is concentrated in the disciplines of Social Sciences, Humanities, Law and Medicine.


Project KANITA
School of Sciences
University Sains Malaysia
11800 Penang
Phone: 04 883822 ext. 436
Contact: Wazir-Jahan Karim
A research and consulting body, Project KANITA has been concerned with academic, action-oriented and evaluative research, and the development of appropriate research tools and strategies. Research focus has included health and medicine, patterns of female employment, female leadership, participation of women in national planning and evaluation of governmental programmes for women.


Afdeling Vrouwenstudies Letteren
Universiteit Amsterdam
Faculty of Arts
Spuistraat 210-kamer 350/352
1012 VT Amsterdam
Phone: 020 525 38 72
Second-year undergraduate level courses in Women's Studies.

Anna Maria Van Schguurman
Centre for Women's Studies
Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht
Drift 13
3512 BR Utrecht
Phone: 030 39 21 52
Teaching, publications and documentation and research.

Centre for Women's Studies
University of Nijmegen
Thomas van Aquinostraat 2.01.22
Postbox 9104
NL-6500 HK Nijmegen
Phone: 31 24 361 23 39
Fax: 31 24 361 18 81

Department of Women's Studies
Erasmus University Rotterdam
PO Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam
Phone: 010 400 23 99
Contact: H.J. Groenendijk
Degree-level work in social policy.

New Zealand

Centre for Women's Studies
University of Waikato
Private Bag
Phone: 071 62 889
Contact: Jane Ritchie
The Centre was established in 1986, formally recognizing the field of Women's Studies. Research issues include: women and work, women and education, women and smoking, women and trade unions, feminism and racism, and women's health. Future plans include appointment of Maori staff members.


Women in Nigeria
PO Box 253 Samaru, Zaria
Kaduna State
or PO Box 5600 Benin City
Bendel State
Contact: Glory Kilanko
Women in Nigeria was established in 1982 as a national, independent, non-religious organization to research and disseminate information on women. A Resource and Documentation Centre is being established. Women in Nigeria publishes proceedings of work.


Senter for humanistik kvinneforskning
Centre for Women's Studies in the Humanities
University of Bergen
Herrmann Fossgt. 12
5007 Bergen
Phone: 55 21 24 71
Contact: Lisbeth Mikaelsson
Founded in 1985 to coordinate research and develop feminist theory. Research fields are gender ideology in literary analysis and women's history.


Applied Socio-Economic Research
Flat No. 8, 2nd Floor Sheraz Plaza
PO Box 3154
Phone: 877613
Contact: Nighat Said Khan
ASR was founded in 1983 to work on a range of activities, including research, publishing, training, film production and documentation. Research issues include women and land, oral histories of women, women and Islam, and feminist theory in South Asia. Workshops are organized both at a grassroots level (e.g., video production training for women) and on conceptual and theoretical work on women and development and feminism.


Grupo de Estudio de la Mujer Paraguaya
(Group for the Study of Women in Paraguay)
Eligio Ayala 973 C.C. 2157
Phone: 443734
Contact: Graziella Corvalan
The group was founded in 1985 to develop research on women's issues. Recent research issues include
women and the labour market, women and education, women and politics, and images of women in the media.


Institute of Women's Studies
St Scholastica's College .
PO Box 3153
Phone: 50 77 86
Contact: Mary John Mananzan
Aimed at both adult education level and as a prerequisite to graduation.


Women's Studies Centre
University of Lodz
Kosciuszki 65
90514 Lodz
Phone: 366337
Contact: Ezbieta H. Oleksy
Practical training, focusing on the role of women in post-communist society. The first Women's Studies Centre in Poland was established in 1992 and cooperates with the international Women's Foundation based in Lodz, and with the Women's Caucus at Parliament.

South Africa

Center for Women's Studies
University of South Africa
PO Box 392
Pretoria 0001
Contact: Sylvia Viljoen

South Korea

Korean Women's Development Institute
San 42-4, Bulkwang-don
Seoul 122-040
Phone: 356 0070
Contact: Hyung Deok Kim
Founded in 1983 to carry out research on women's issues and collate research findings.


Centre d'Investigacio Historica de la Dona
Universitat de Barcelona
61 Brusi
08006 Barcelona
Phone: 93 200 45 67
Contact: Dr. Marisa Siguan


Sudan Women's Research and Development Organisation
PO Box 208 I
Contact: Awartif Khalifa
This organisation acts as a resource centre, both with Sudan and on an international basis. Promotes the development of the status of women by research projects.


The Women's Studies Centre
Gothenburg University
41298 Gothenburg
Phone: 031 77 31 944
Contact: Eva Borgstrom


Women's Research and Documentation Project
University of Dar es Salaam
Box 35185
Dar Es Salaam
Contact: Betty Komba Malekala


Women's Studies Programme
Faculty of Social Sciences
Chiangmai University
Phone: 053 221 699 ext. 3572
Contact: Virada Somswasdi
Established in 1986 in order to focus research on women and development in northern Thailand.


Grupo Estudio la Condicion de la Mujer en Uruguay
(Group for the Study of Women in Uruguay)
Juan Pamilier 1174


Research Centre on Women
6 Quinh Cong Trang
Contact: Le Thi Nham Tuyet