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Scholarships and Aid
Scholarships and Aid

Graduate Student Travel Award

As a student pursuing the WGS graduate specialization or minor, you are encouraged to present your scholarship and creative work at professional conferences. These opportunities can enrich your background in Women’s and Gender Studies and enhance your professional preparation.

The WGS Program would like to support you in these endeavors and has developed a new policy regarding co-sponsorship requests for WGS graduate students. As a WGS graduate specialization or minor student, you are eligible for funding of up to $300 one time during your academic career at UNL for expenses related to presenting at a conference. Your conference presentation must address WGS issues.

Application Procedures:

All requests must be submitted utilizing the WGS Graduate Student Travel Award Application, and the advisory board will then review your request. Students must also fill out the Pre-Trip Travel Authorization form, and this form must be submitted with your application. Please note that up to five graduate students can receive funding each academic year (three awarded in the fall, two in the spring). Remaining funds, if any, will be rolled over for the next academic year.

Application Deadlines:

Fall: October 1
Spring: March 1

Graduate Student Travel Award Application

Pre-Trip Travel Authorization Form

Please return all application materials to:
Carolyn Kollmann
Women’s and Gender Studies Program
327 Seaton Hall
City Campus   (0632)

Once your application has been approved, Carolyn will contact you regarding the reimbursement process. If the conference has already occurred at the time of application, keep in mind that reimbursement requests must be received no later than 60 days after the final day on which expenses were incurred. Please plan accordingly.

Melba Cope Scholarships For Women's & Gender Studies Majors With Junior Class Standing

The Melba Cope Scholarship recognizes the importance of supporting Women's and Gender Studies students in their scholarship, and acknowledges the contributions WGS students make to the WGS Program and to the campus and wider community. The Melba Cope Scholarhips provides two $300 scholarships for Women’s & Gender Studies undergraduate majors for the academic year.

Eligibility: Applicants must be full-time Women’s and Gender Studies undergraduate majors in the College of Arts and Sciences with at least junior class standing, and they must have successfully completed at least 12 hours of courses in Women’s and Gender Studies. Candidates should have demonstrated outstanding work in Women’s and Gender Studies including research projects, creative works, contributions to the WGS Program, and/or community service. Previous scholarship winners are allowed to reapply for scholarship renewal.

Application Process:

Complete the Scholarship Application available through the UNL MyRED Portal (located under the Financial Aid tab). (Note: This is the combined Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid and College of Arts and Sciences application. There is no individual application for the Melba Cope Scholarship.)

Application Deadline: February 1, 2017

Awards Presentation:

The scholarships will be presented at the Women’s and Gender Studies Graduation Reception and Awards Ceremony in April (time and date to be announced). Winners will be notified ahead of time to she/he can be present.

If you have questions, please contact Carolyn Kollman at or 402-472-9392.

Apply on MyRed

The Drs. Crompton & Diaz-Perdomo Scholarship

A scholarship through the NU Foundation Crompton & Diaz-Perdomo Scholarship Fund is available through Student Involvement’s LGBTQA Resource Center at UNL.

Description & Eligibility: The purpose of the award is to provide financial support to LGBTQA students attending UNL and to encourage continuing education for self-identified LGBTQA persons. The award is in the amount of $500, to be split evenly between fall and spring semesters. Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be UNL undergraduate students who are attending UNL during the academic year that the scholarship is provided, with preference to those who demonstrate financial need as defined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 
  • Applicants must be enrolled or participating in one or more of the following: the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor, a member of the Queer Ally Coalition (QAC), a member of another recognized student organization (RSO) for LGBTQA students at UNL (Spectrum, The Change, oSTEM, and/or Students for Sexual Health), and/or Queerteers (volunteers, student staff or supporters at the LGBTQA Resource Center).
  • Applicants must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5.

Required Documentation:

  • Application
  • Documentation of membership in QAC or a LGBTQA RSO at UNL (Spectrum, The Change, oSTEM, or Students for Sexual Health), or enrollment in the LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies minor (a letter from Women’s and Gender Studies or verification of participation from the RSO Leadership), or as a volunteer at the LGBTQA Resource Center
  • 2 letters of reccomendation
Applications should be submitted to the LGBTQA Resource Center, c/o 346 Nebraska Union, Lincoln, NE 68588-0453.
Applications are due March 17, 2017.

If you have questions, please call Pat Tetreault, LGBTQA Resource Center Director, at 402-472-1752

LGBTQA Resource Center DRs. Crompton & Diaz-Perdomo Scholarship

Women's & Gender Studies Outstanding Achievement Award

Each spring, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program sponsors the Women’s and Gender Studies Outstanding Achievement Award. This monetary award of $500 will be given to an undergraduate student who has done outstanding work in Women’s and Gender Studies at UNL during the last two completed semesters. This award recognizes contributions to Women’s and Gender Studies within an academic, activist, and community framework. Students should show evidence of contributions to the campus and/or wider community as well as academic work.  Submissions might include evidence of campus or community activism, internships in the community, and/or unpublished term papers, projects, or creative work. In the case of a tie, the award will be divided evenly.


  • Students must have at least a junior standing
  • Students must have completed 12 hours of Women's and Gender Studies courses at UNL.

Application Process

Completed applications will consist of:

  • The application form including names, addresses, and phone numbers of two references.
  • A written description, no more than one page, from the applicant about his or her contributions to Women’s and Gender Studies.
  • Other supporting materials, such as those listed above.

Application Deadline

All application materials must be submitted to the WGS administrative support associate, Carolyn Kollmann, via email by noon February 1, 2017.

Awards Presentation: The award will be presented at the Women’s and Gender Studies Graduation Reception and Awards Ceremony in April. The winner will be notified ahead of time so she/he can be present.

If you have questions, please contact Carolyn Kollmann at or (402) 472-9392.

Download Achievement Award Application

Women's & Gender Studies Karen Dunning Scholarly Paper / Creative Activity Award

Each spring, the Women’s and Gender Studies Program sponsors the Karen Dunning Award for a Scholarly Paper, Research Project, or Creative Activity in Women’s and Gender Studies. Awards of $250 each will be presented to two undergraduate students and two graduate students on the basis of relevance to Women’s and Gender Studies, quality of the work, originality, and potential impact.

Eligibility: To apply, students must be currently registered at UNL, but do not need to be a WGS major, minor, nor graduate specialization student. Only one submission is allowed per applicant.

To facilitate the judging: Submissions should be double-spaced. Do not put your name anywhere on the paper, project, or description.

Completed applications will consist of:

  1. Completed application form.
  2. Copy of the project, which may consist of one of the following:
    • Scholarly research paper/project
    • Creative project or activity (a creative project may be poetry, artwork, drama, photography, dance, music, etc., and could also be submitted as slides, CD, DVD, or in another appropriate format when available).
  3. A paragraph describing how the entry relates to Women’s and Gender Studies.
  4. Research and creative project entries should include a paragraph describing how and why it was developed and examples of how it was used in the community.

Application Deadline
Submit the application form, your paper or project, and any supporting materials to the WGS administrative support associate, Carolyn Kollmann, via email by 12pm (noon) on February 1, 2017. If unable to submit your project digitally via email, you may hand-deliver it to the WGS Office, 327 Seaton Hall.

Awards Presentation: The award will be presented at the Women’s and Gender Studies Graduation Reception and Awards Ceremony in April (time and date to be announced). Winners will be notified ahead of time so she/he can be present.

If you have questions, please contact Carolyn Kollmann at or (402) 472-9392.

Download Dunning Award Application

Judging Criteria for Karen Dunning Award

Each submitted project will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to Women's and Gender Studies: Although many projects will be situated within the context of a discipline other than WGS, gender should be a central construct of the project that is addressed in a thoughtful and meaningful way.
  2. Quality of the Work: The projects should reflect high quality work, taking into account the students' discipline and educational level (e.g., graduate v. undergraduate).

For papers in the sciences: Is there a theoretical basis for the work? Do the hypotheses logically follow from previous work? Are the methods and analyses sound? Are the implications of the work discussed?

For papers in the humanities: Does the work thoroughly and insightfully address the topic? Does the author provide adequate and appropriate information for understanding the issue? Does s/he engage in critical analysis of the material? When appropriate, does s/he identify the theoretical perspective from which s/he approaches the material?

For creative projects (e.g., arts, creative writing): Does the work engage the reader/viewer and provoke thought? What is the artistic merit of the work? Does it reflect relevant skills (e.g., artistic or dance techniques)?

  1. Originality: Does the topic address a novel issue in WGS? Alternatively, does it approach a more established issue from a new perspective or with a new methodological approach?
  2. Potential Impact: Does the work have the potential to contribute to and inform the WGS literature, the community, and/or important issues facing women and men? For creative projects, has the work been shown/performed/read in the community?

The Leta Stetter Hollingworth Fellowship

For University of Nebraska students who go to Columbia University for their Graduate Studies

Description & Eligibility: This fellowship is available to graduate students at Columbia, preferably, but not necessarily, to a woman graduating or graduated from the University of Nebraska.

Required Documentation:

  • A copy of the student's transcript from the University of Nebraska
  • A letter of reference from a faculty member of the University of Nebraska

If you have questions, please call the Women's and Gender Studies office at 402-472-9392, or contact either the WGS Director Margaret Jacobs at or Associate Director Rose Holz at

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