Internship Information for Women’s and Gender Studies Students

Internship Information for Women’s & Gender Studies Students
Women’s & Gender Studies Internship Contract

About Internships:
An internship is work in the community for which you receive academic credit. In the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, we strongly encourage students to do an internship at some point during their academic career. Previous students have found them an excellent way to find out what kind of work they might want to do after graduation, and to make connections with people in the community interested in the empowerment of women. Occasionally, job offers have even resulted from internships.

Internships can be taken as WMNS 497/897. A Women’s and Gender Studies faculty member must agree to sponsor the internship. Students should contact a faculty member they have already worked with, or the Women’s and Gender Studies advisers: Rose Holz (WGS Associate Director) at (402) 472-9380 or Chantal Kalisa (WGS Director) at (402) 472-9300.

How Internships Work:

  • Work: 10-12 hours/week* with the agreed upon organization;
  • Write (all work must be submitted to the supervising instructor):
  • monthly write-ups describing your work. These should include:
    • record of the hours you worked;
    • description of your activities;
    • description of what you observed; learned.
  • a final synthetic paper describing your work and how it relates to your interest in Women’s and Gender Studies and advances your personal, academic, and/or professional career. In this paper, please include a section which describes the organization, how it is organized/run, and its funding. For undergraduates, this must be 7-8 pages in length; for graduate students, 10-12.

*For those who wish to pursue fewer academic hours, the following rule applies. Please note, however, that all written requirements and procedures remain the same:

  • 1 credit hour = 4-6 hours/week
  • 2 credit hours = 6-9 hours/week

Procedures for Internships:

  1. Read through “Internship Information for Women’s & Gender Studies Students”.
  2. Contact the agency you are interested in working with and talk about what kinds of things you would like to do, what they would like you to do, etc.
  3. Contact the Women’s & Gender Studies Associate Director or Director in order to get a copy of the “Women’s & Gender Studies Internship Contract.” You’ll then fill this out completely.
  4. Take completed copy of the contract to the WGS Associate Director or Director who will then give you the permission code and you can register in the usual way. Original copies of all forms will be kept at the WGS office. Copies of the contract should be made for the student, the organization supervisor, and the supervising instructor (if other than the WGS Associate Director or Director). All written assignments will be kept on file by the supervising instructor.