Old LGBTQ Minor

 If you entered UNL during bulletin year 2007-2008, you are on the old track. These are the Old Track Requirements.

Minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Sexuality Studies

What is LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies?
LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies is the academic study of sexuality. At the heart of the field is the recognition that sexuality is a category of difference all its own, one that bears as much intellectual scrutiny as do race, class and gender. Classes in the field cover a wide range of topics — homosexuality and heterosexuality, queer theory and queer communities, inter-racial relationships and miscegenation laws, pornography debates and obscenity laws, birth control practices and eugenics debates — all of which can be assessed through a variety of disciplinary lenses, including anthropology, English, history, philosophy, psychology, and sociology, to name just a few. Although people have long been interested in the study of sexuality, LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies has only in the last thirty years emerged, producing some of the most innovative scholarship to date. UNL has been a part of this new intellectual tradition from its earliest days and is now proud to offer a minor in LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies.

Why minor in LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies?
The minor in LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies offers an interesting, interdisciplinary program of study in a vibrant field that is on the cutting edge of scholarly inquiry. This minor allows you to:
• study diverse populations and communities (lesbian, gay, transgender) whose voices and stories have long been neglected by traditional scholarship,
• gain a wider perspective about current social and academic debates
• take courses from a wide range of disciplines,
• critically examine how gender and sexuality are constructed and defined,
• develop finely tuned skills in reading, writing, and analysis,
• and study sexuality in all its varieties—homosexuality, bisexuality, intersexuality, and heterosexuality as well.

>Download the list of requirements for the Minor in LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies.


For the minor a student must complete 18 hours of coursework. Nine hours should come from List A and include courses from three departments with at least one course at the 400-level. Nine hours should come from List B and include at least one course at the 400-level.

List A

•WMNS 201. Introduction to LGBTQ Studies
•WMNS 400. Senior Seminar
•CLAS 440. Gender & Sexuality in the Ancient World
•ENGL 212. Introduction to Lesbian and Gay Literature
•ENGL 239. Film Directors: Gay and Lesbian Directors
•ENGL 414. 20th Century Women Writers: Lesbian Literature
•HIST/WMNS 402. Sexuality in 19th and 20th Century America
•PSYC 421. Psychology of Gender
•PSYC 471. Human Sexuality and Society

List B

•ANTH 410. Women and Men: An Anthropological Perspective
•ENGL 245D. Chicano/a Literature*
•ENGL 445. Ethnic Literature*
•HIST/WMNS 441. Women and Gender in the USA
•PHIL 218. Philosophy of Feminism
•PSYC 330. Psychology of Diversity
•SOCI 490. Sociology of Women/Gender
•SOCI 448. Family Diversity
•SOCI 490. Sociology of Women/Gender
•WMNS 211. Applying Social Justice to LGBTQA Programs & Services
•WMNS 400. Senior Seminar
•WMNS 497. Internship in Women's & Gender Studies *


*These courses will count for the minor only when a significant portion of course content is related to LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies. Before enrolling check with an advisor.

•Rose Holz, 472-9380, rholz2@unl.edu