W.H. Thompson Classes

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 As a W.H. Thompson Scholar, you will be required to enroll in three W.H. Thompson courses your first semester. These courses are similar to your other college courses except that they are reserved exclusively for W. H. Thompson Scholars and are smaller than many of your other classes so you can work more closely with your faculty and get to know other students in your classes. You are able to choose from a wide variety of courses to meet your ACE and major requirements.  The list of courses will be available to you during New Student Enrollment this summer with the assistance of your academic advisor. Your academic advisor and the W.H. Thompson Scholars professional staff will be available to help you choose courses based on your interest and degree requirements.  The course requirements for a First Year W.H. Thompson Scholar include taking 3 W.H. Thompson Scholar Courses, one of which must be the W.H. Thompson First Year Experience Seminar.  During their second semester, First Year Scholars will take 2 W.H. Thompson Scholar Courses.  Second Year W.H. Thompson Scholars will take 1 W.H. Thompson Scholar course during the first semester of their second year.  Finally, Second Year Scholars are not required to take (unless they want to) a W.H. Thompson Scholars Course during the second semester of their second year at UNL.