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Ms. Kelli King

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Dr. June Griffin
Faculty Coordinator

I am an Associate Professor of Practice in the English Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  My scholarship and teaching in the field of Composition and Rhetoric focuses on using technology to enhance reading and writing and on understanding the ways technology changes literacy practices.

As the Faculty Coordinator for the Thompson Scholars, I arrange the courses offered through the learning community, provide teaching development opportunities and support to faculty teaching W. H. Thompson courses, facilitate conversations between students and faculty, and assist students in locating additional academic support as needed.

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Malika Yadgarova, M.S.
Assistant Program Coordinator

My name is Malika Yadgarova. I was born and raised in Khujand, Tajikistan. Shortly after finishing middle school, we moved to Lincoln, NE and I have come to think of Lincoln as my second home. I completed my bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Education with emphasis on Leadership at UNL. I also got my Master's Degree in Leadership Development here at UNL with hopes of working with students.

As an Assistant Program Coordinator for William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community, my passion is to have a positive impact on students that I meet, and help them with any needs they have throughout their college career here at UNL. I hope that students know that I am always open to listen, talk, and get to know them. I also want to help students in their academic success, support in building their mentorship experience, and guide their future careers beyond UNL.

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Kriston Burroughs
Assistant Program Coordinator

My name is Kriston Burroughs and I am from St. Louis, Missouri. As a First-Again College Student (my grandmother was a kindergarten teacher for over 30 years) education has always been something that I have been exposed to but I never realized that it was an underlying passion of mine that until a few years ago. I am a first-generation Husker and my numerous experiences as an undergraduate at Nebraska lead to the pursuit and attainment of a M.A. in Higher Education Administration, Specialization in Student Affairs.

As an Assistant Program Coordinator for the William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community, my desire is to help students reach their full potential in all areas of personal & academic excellence.  Leadership development is a big passion of mine and while I am with the program, I hope to plant seeds of wisdom in everyone I work with.

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TIm Loughrist
Assistant Program Coordinator 
I was raised on a small dairy farm in Central New York and now I live in Lincoln and hold a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Nebraska. In between I fell in love with the transformative power of education, with the excitement of digging into a difficult question, with the beauty of the answers to those questions, no less when they are wrong than when they are right. 

As an Assistant Program Coordinator for the William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community, my purpose is enabling students to fully experience these things that I love so much. I want to help students to see that there is more to reading than understanding the words, that there is more to writing than filling a page with sentences. I aim to show students that they are more than passive recipients of information; they have the capacity to actively increase understanding, to extend and deepen the body of human knowledge rather than just to benefit from the contributions of others.

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