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Dear Scholars,

Congratulations on receiving the Susan T. Buffett Scholarship!  We are delighted that you have selected to attend UNL and we look forward to meeting you in the fall. All recipients of the Susan T. Buffett Scholarship who choose to attend UNL automatically become members of the William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community, or “Thompson Scholars” as our students are known on campus.  The goal of the W.H. Thompson community is to foster the achievements and potential that earned you the Buffett Scholarship.  We aim to support your academic, personal, and social development through a variety of opportunities, programming, and classroom experiences.

The staff and students of W.H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community are so very pleased that you will be joining us.  Again, we wish you a heartfelt congratulations on your scholarship and high school graduation as well.  We’re looking forward to meeting you at the W.H. Thompson First-Year Scholars Orientation on Saturday, August 22nd  from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm and welcoming you to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln !


 Ms. Kelli King 
W.H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community 
 Dr. June Griffin 
Faculty Coordinator 
W.H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community