Study Café/Tutor Lab

New SPRING 2015 Study Cafe Tutor Schedule!

The W.H. Thompson community encourages engaged student learning – and one resource that W.H. Thompson Scholars have access to is the Study Café/Tutor Lab.  The W.H. Thompson Study Café provides scholars with complimentary snacks and beverages, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, popcorn, and trail mix, while also offering a variety of quality study spaces.  While at the Study Café, scholars have access to private study rooms (great for group projects or working with a study partner!), reading space, tables for homework space, and a computer lab.

The Study Café has other amenities as well – scholars have access to tutors through the W.H. Thompson Tutor Lab, and UNL library staff visit the W. H. Thompson Study Café on a bi-monthly basis to assist students with writing papers and completing research assignments.  Some W.H. Thompson faculty members have also utilized the Study Café space to conduct extended office hours. The William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community employs a group of highly-successful, well-trained peer tutors to assist our scholars.  Our tutors are fellow undergraduates who are earning a 3.5 or better cumulative GPA and have earned As in the classes and subjects that they tutor.  In 2014-2015, tutors will be available in a variety of subjects, with an emphasis on math and science.  They are free of charge and ready to assist scholars with specific questions about course content as well as with general study tips and habits.

The Study Café/Tutor Lab is located on the first floor of Harper Residence Hall, and hours of operation for 2014-2015 school year are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 6-10PM.

William H. Thompson Tutor Lab Schedule, Spring 2015
1st Floor Harper Residence Hall, MTW 6-10pm


Tutoring Times


Accounting 201,  202

Coming Soon!

Biology 101

MTW 6-10PM

Alyssa, Devin, Olivia, Jordan 

Biology 206 (Genetics)

MTW 6-10PM

Riley, Jordan

Biology 213 (Physiology)

TW 6-10PM

Alyssa, Riley

Biology 214 (Anatomy)

On Request

On Request

Biochemistry 431

T 6-10PM


Chemistry 109-110

MTW 6-10 pm

Chem 109: Jordan , Devin, Riley, Zully, Olivia, Hannah
Chem 110
: Jordan, Devin,  Zully, Olivia, Hannah

Chemistry 113

W 8-10 pm


Chemistry 251-254 (Organic Chem)

MTW 6-10PM

Alyssa, Devin, Riley, Jordan

CHME 114

W 8-10PM


CSCE 155

MW 6-10 pm, T 8-10 pm


Economics 211, 212

MTW 6-10 pm

Berenice, Leland

EDPS 209

MTW 6-10PM



MW 6-10PM


JGEN 220

MT 6-10PM


Life 120, 121

MTW 6-10 pm

Jordan , Olivia, Riley(120)

Math 100A-107, 208

 MTW 6-10 pm

Kali(104) Leland (104), Alyssa, (104), Jordan (107), Olivia (107), Devin (107) Zully (208),  Wyatt (208), Hannah (208)

MECH 223

MW 8-10PM

Zully, Hannah

Meteorology 140/Astronomy 103

Upon Request


Nutrition 250, 401

M 8-10pm, TW 6-10 pm

Devin, Riley, Alyssa (250, 401)


MTW 6-10 pm

Kali, Berenice

Physics 115, 141, 142  211, 212

MTW 6-10 pm

Leland (115), Alyssa (141), Devin (141, 142), Wyatt (211), Hannah (211), Olivia (211), Wyatt (211)

Psychology 181, 268, 287

MTW 6-10 pm

Kali , Jordan (268, 287), Alyssa

Sociology 101

MW 8-10 pm,W 6-10 pm



MTW 6-10 pm

Devin, Berenice, Hannah, Alyssa

Statistics 218

M 8-10 pm, TW 6-10 pm

Devin (218), Riley (218)


MW 8-10 pm

Writing Center

*Study Skills/Time Management/ Note-Taking

MTW 6-10 pm

Kali, Berenic

***Please see reverse side for availability and subjects by tutor.

Availability and Subjects by Tutor


Days and Times


Jordan Beck

MW 6-10 pm

Chem 109, 110, 251 / Life 120 & 121/Math 100-107/Psych 268 & 287/ Bios 206

Thomas Backman MT 6-10pm

Accounting 201, Econ 212, Spanish

Leland Chow

MW 6-10 pm

Math 100-104/Physics 115/Econ 211 & 212

Hannah Christian

MW 6-9/T 6-10

Chem 109 & 110/ Math 100-208/ JGEN 200/ Physics 211/ Spanish/Mech 223

Devin DeLuna

MW 8-10

Chem 109 – 254/Life 120 & 121/Bios 101/ Bios 206/Bios 213/Stat 218/Spanish/ Soci 101/Math 100-107/Psych 181

Alyssa Eitzmann

W 6-10

Bios 101/ Bios 213/Chem 109-253/Psych 181/Math 100-106/Nut 250 & 401/ Spanish 319/ Physics 141

Riley Giesler

T 6-10

Bios 206/ Bios 213/Bios 312/Bios 431/ Chem 252 & 254/ Life 120/ Stats 218

Wyatt Osborn

M 6-10 pm/T 8-10 pm

CSCE 155E/ Math 100-208/ Physics 211

Kali Patterson

MT 6-10 pm/W 6-8 pm

Math 100-104/ GEOG 155/Spanish 102-201/Phil 106/Study Skills/Time Management/Note-Taking/ Com 101/ Japanese 101

Zully Perez

M 6-10/ W 8-10

Math 100-208/221/ Chem 109 & 110, 113

Berenic Tavizon

MT 6-10pm

Econ 211 & 212/ JGEN 220/Phil 106/EDPS 209/ Spanish

Olivia Thomas

T 6-10

Math 100-107/Chem 109, 110 & 221/Bio 101/Life 120 & 121/ Spanish / Physics 211

Taylor Whitney

Upon Request

Meteorology 140 & Astronomy 103

Writing Center

MW 8-10 pm


The William H. Thompson Scholars Learning Community’s mission is to foster a sense of belonging, promote learning, increase engagement, and celebrate success.  Recognizing the importance of meaningful relationships, we develop the voices of future leaders who will engage as active citizens in our local and global community.  United by our varied experiences and diverse backgrounds, we discover our individual potential, the power of education, and the foundation for a better tomorrow.