From the President...

It is exciting times for the University of Nebraska Lincoln Women’s Club.  One of the important missions of UNLWC is to provide scholarships to worthy students at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.  UNLWC provided $15,000 in scholarships for deserving students currently enrolled at UNL this past year. A major thank you to Enid Newman, Chairman of the fund raising committee and to all members who donated to UNLWC.  Providing scholarships to UNL students is an important part of our UNLWC heritage.

A huge “Shout Out” to Carol Rundquist, chairperson and committee members: Chris Zygielbaum, Helen Beukelman, Jane Zatechka, Kelly Powell, and Wanda Hein for the fantastic Spring Luncheon. Guest presenter, Diane Mendenhall, Associate Athletic Director for Development and Ticket Operations at UNL gave an inspiring presentation, “ Motivating Women Student Athletes”.

Our theme for this year is “Honoring our Heritage While Soaring into the Future”. Looking forward, I want to acknowledge the 2016-2017 UNLWC Board for their commitment to leadership and service so that UNLWC can forge ahead.  Following are the members of the UNLWC Board of Directors: President, Ivette Bender; President-Elect, Marion Carr; Treasurer, Amy Kucken; Recording Secretary, Kelly Powell; Second Vice President – Newcomers, Jill Richmond; Third Vice President – Membership, Marla Kraft; Hospitality, Jane McGinnis; Advisor/Parliamentarian, Rhonda Obermeier; Webmaster, Sally Wei; Communications, Ivette Bender; Newsletter, Eileen Carroll; Interest Groups, Rhonda Obermeier; Historian, Brenda Keith; Fundraising, Theresa Cornelius; Scholarship, Pam Walter; Fall Brunch, Beth Goble; Tour, Kay Rockwell; Programs, Carol Rundquist; Spring Luncheon, Mary Beth Shomos; Telephone, LaVerne Bish; Courtesy, Diane Mohrhoff.

Being a member of UNLWC offers the opportunity for making friends, being involved in interest groups, and giving back through our UNL Student Scholarships.

 Let’s make this a year to remember.


Ivette Bender

UNLWC President 2016-2017   


Calendar of Events

A calendar of upcoming meetings, fundraising activities, and special events is published in each newsletter


November 9, 2016    Fall Brunch at the Landing, Williamsburg Village, 10:30am

January 25, 2017    Interest Group Luncheon, location TBD

February 8, 2017   General Meeting, TBD

March 8, 2017    General Meeting, TBD

April 14, 2017    Spring Luncheon at the Country Club of Lincoln