Scholarship/ Fundraising

Since 1901, scholarships to UNL students have been a key component of the UNL Women’s Club.  Scholarship funds come from general donations, memorial and honorary donations, and fundraising activities.  Scholarships are based on academic achievement, financial need, extracurricular and community volunteer activities.  The University of Nebraska Foundation manages an endowed scholarship fund for the Women’s Club.

If interested in donating to the UNL Women’s Club scholarship fund, please send contributions to the UNL Women’s Club treasurer.

Quilt Fundraising


Beth Goble was the lucky winner of the Amish Quilt, raffled at the Spring Luncheon. The quilt generated $885 for the UNLWC Scholarship Fund.

This quilt (pictured below with the ladies) is being raffled during the 2016-2017 year with all proceeds going to the UNLWC scholarship fund for current UNL students.  The disclosure of who wins the quilt will occur at the Spring Luncheon.  

Clockwise from front: Jeanne Foster, Lori Miller, Linda Gosey, Wanda Omtvedt, Jane Clegg, Billie Lefton, Gay Gallo, Erny Von Bargen  

                          International Sue Comes to UNL