We welcome all questions you have about the Creative Writing Communities. You can join almost any time, and undergraduates, graduate students, and even faculty and staff can participate.

For general questions about creative writing communities:
Daniel Nyikos; daniel.nyikos@huskers.unl.edu

Faculty, to schedule a visit about Creative Writing Communities with your class:
Kate Kostelnik; katekostelnik@gmail.com
Kelly Meyer; kelly.meyer22@huskers.unl.edu or,
Daniel Nyikos; daniel.nyikos@huskers.unl.edu

Our creative writing community facilitators:

Neal Gebhard; therealneix@gmail.com; Interests: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fiction, Poetry

Eric Holt; ericholt.rds@gmail.com; Interests: Screenplays, short fiction, slam poetry

Kelsey McIntyre; kelsey.n.mcintyre@gmail.com; Interests: Novel-length fiction, short stories, fairy tales

Adriana Martinez; apmartinez21@gmail.com; Interests: poetry short stories micro fiction fantasy sci fi

Daniel Nyikos; daniel.nyikos@huskers.unl.edu; Interests: Fantasy, sci-fi, literature, historical, supernatural

Blaze Owens; blazeowens70@gmail.com

Charity Regennitter; charity.regennitter@gmail.com