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Daniel Nyikos

Interests: Fantasy, sci-fi, literature, historical, supernatural
Bio: I am a PhD student studying Creative Writing with an emphasis in Fiction. I have been taking workshops for eight years now, though the more I learn the more I realize I still have to learn. I have written numerous short stories and poems. I’m currently working on a novel about a man who is raised in America but returns to his native Hungary after his grandfather’s death, where he learns about his family’s secrets from the Communist era and becomes involved in life in the town. In my free time, I’m also working on a series of fantasy sword-and-sorcery stories set in an alternative past ten thousand years ago. I also have a cyberpunk and a young adult fantasy novel in various stages of uncompletion. Some of my favorite writers are William Gibson, Robert E. Howard, Leo Tolstoy, and Sherman Alexie (which may be the most eclectic list of favorite writers ever compiled).

Neal Gebhard

Interests: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fiction, Poetry
Bio: I am a senior English major with a minor in religious studies. I am very much into poetry, fiction, and any other kind of writing.  My thesis project is a fantasy story that is exploring post-colonial themes in ways that complicate our own recent history.  I am a Nebraska native and also the Editor of the Plains Song Review magazine, based out of the Great Plains Studies department.  I also have experience in independent publishing, so feel free to ask me about that if you have questions.  I am a full-time nerd and in my spare time, I enjoy biking, video games, eating sushi, and sleeping (all other time is spent writing!).

Kelsey McIntyre

Interests: Novel-length fiction, short stories, fairy tales
Bio: I’m a sophomore English major. I have experimented with writing several novels, and am currently revising the outlines of a few of them--in particular, one about a girl who runs away from home and gets lost in a neighborhood where strange things begin to happen, and one in which the characters are aware they live in a novel and rebel against the author’s plot. I am also a regular contributor to Gilbert Magazine, and have been working on short stories loosely in the style of classic fairy tales for publication there.

Eric Holt

Interests: Screenplays, short fiction, slam poetry
Bio: I'm a Freshman Film Studies major. I mainly focus my writing on screenplays, but often dabble in absurd short stories and slam poetry. Though I find it difficult to finish many of these projects, it's nice to have so many ideas lying around that I can borrow from and combine. Currently, I'm working on a dark comedy screenplay, which has been well over a year in the making. A more recent project involves the tale of a serial killer told in the killer's words himself. In the past, I participated in a literary magazine critiquing poetry and short stories. My favorite authors are Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, and Sherman Alexie.

Adriana Martinez

Interests: poetry short stories micro fiction fantasy sci fi
Bio: Hello all. I'm a junior english major with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in sociology and another minor that is tbd. I am very interested in reading any and all kinds of writing. I am particularly interested in the concept of "story-telling" and how oral stories translate to written ones. I currently write poetry that has no rhyme and very little reason and am playing a lot with micro fiction that always ends up turning out to be some sort of medical/psychological/sci fi thriller. I often frequent the dog park with a borrowed dog.

Blaze Owens


Charity Regennitter