The Writing Center Director, Assistant Director, and Consultants are available for both brief classroom presentations about the Writing Center as well as longer workshops on a variety of subjects. To request a 10-15 minute class visit to discuss what we do at the Writing Center, please fill out this form.  If you would like to collaborate on a session that goes into greater depth or is tailored to your specific class, please contact our director, Dr. Rachel Azima (, or our assistant director, Nicole Green ( directly.  We ask that you contact us at least 2 weeks in advance if you are interested in a tailored session, to give us time to prepare and to collaborate with you.

Instructors may request any of the following workshops or work with the Writing Center staff to design a workshop more tailored to the particular needs of a class or discipline. Possible topics for workshops include, but are not limited to:

Effective Peer Response: This workshop is designed for classes in which students will be asked to read and provide feedback on writing to one another. Students will learn how to give and receive feedback designed to promote meaningful and productive revision

Planning for Research and Writing: This workshop is designed to teach students forward-thinking skills essential to the design and implementation of effective writing from shaping a research question and identifying source material to strategies for mapping a writing project.

Strategies for Writing to Learn: This workshop is designed to teach students a variety of ways to use writing informally to learn and retain knowledge more effectively.

Introduction to Effective Citation: This workshop introduces students to the underlying logic of citation in American academic writing as well as to American citation styles. Instructors may request instruction in a particular citation style or a more general workshop.