Industries, jobs and technologies change. Nineteenth-Century Studies empowers you to focus broadly — develop a wide knowledge base — so you can see what’s coming, and be ready to lead the way. Below is a list of courses to get you started on your life’s story.

Graduate Catalog list of courses

Core Courses

Fall 2018
“Legal Fictions”
William G. Thomas III (History) & Peter J. Capuano (English)
Spring 2019
Interdisciplinary Seminar in Nineteenth-Century Studies
Theme and instructors TBD

Discipline-Specific Courses

802E American Poetry
802L Romantic Poetry
805A 19th Century British Novel
805M American Novel I
832 American Authors to 1900
865 19th Century British Literature
902 Seminar in Poetry
931 Seminar in British Authors since 1800
932 Seminar in American Authors to 1900
965 Seminar in 19th Century Literature
802 Sexuality in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century America
803 U.S. Military History 1607-1917
824 European Social and Cultural History Since 1815
834 England in the Victorian Age
842 Antebellum America 1800-1850
843 American Urban and Social History I
844 American Urban and Social History II
845 The American Civil War and Reconstruction
846 America in the Gilded Age
848 History of Women and Gender in the American West
849 Ideas in America to the Civil War
850 Ideas in America Since the Civil War
851 The American West to 1900
857 U.S. Economic History I
865 History of Plains Indians
885 Africa Since 1800
889 African American Origins to 1877
889 History of United States Foreign Relations to 1909
933 Readings and Problems in Recent European History
934 Seminar in Recent European History
941 Readings and Problems in American History
942 Seminar in American History
FREN 853 French Literature: The Nineteenth Century
FREN 854 French Literature: The Nineteenth Century
FREN 876 French Poetry from the Romantic to the Contemporary
FREN 898 From Balzac to Proust: The 19th Century French Novel in Translation
FREN 927 Flaubert
GERM 848 Romanticism
GERM 849 Survey of Nineteenth Century German Literature (1820-1848)
GERM 850 Survey of Nineteenth Century German Literature (1848-1900)
GERM 851 Naturalism and Expressionism
GERM 859 The Works of Goethe and Schiller
GERM 860 Goethe's Faust
RUSS 841 The Russian Novel
RUSS 842 Russian Poetry the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
RUSS 854 The Russian Intellectual Tradition (1700-present)
SPAN 853 Survey of 19th Century Literature and Culture in Spain
SPAN 957 Literary Movements: Realism Naturalism and Modernity in 19th Century Spain
888 Music of the Romantic Period
841 Impressionism and Post-Impressionism
851 19th Century American Art