Christian Student Fellowship

University of Nebraska | Lincoln

Weekly Gathering

Come join us on Wednesday nights at 8pm in the City Campus union. ALL are welcome!! Come learn about Jesus and who we are because of Him and how He has created us for a purpose and a mission! 

CSF Lincoln is primarily focused on three things.

We are:

Centered on Jesus.

Come join us any Wednesday night. This is where we come together to learn who Jesus is while worshipping Him through music, Bible teaching and prayer.

One in community.

Our heart is for all people to feel like they belong and will be heard at a personal level. We do this through Bible studies and hangouts (both random and organized) throughout the semester.

Outward in focus.

God’s heart is for all people and all nations, and if our hearts are aligned with God, we will join with Him in mission. We long for everyone to know Jesus and intentionally organize our time and schedule in aiming for this goal.

Have questions? Contact a CSF Staff member:

Doug Elliott: | (843)945-0814

Heidi Foland: | (308)390-2538

Mackenzie Labus: