Code of Ethics


  • We will respect the dignity and integrity of students* on the campus.
    1. When dealing with students in general, we will be sensitive to the permission the student is or is not giving us (overtly or covertly) to enter his or her life and have influence there. We will not violate the right of any student to make choices, even if we feel those choices are not in the best interests of the student. We will endeavor to walk the narrow line between the necessity of offering wise counsel or passionate persuasion and the injustice of usurping the individuality of the young person.
    2. In general advertising and personal contact, we will always identify the sponsorship and agenda of our program. We will not seek to mislead or covertly influence a student for our cause. All information and conversations will be above board.
    3. We will be sensitive to and have respect for the religious history of students. We will endeavor to discover their allegiance to their background, and will counsel them in involvement appropriately. Our major concern will be to aid students in making informed choices about their religioius lives, and not just to promote our own particular program.
    4. We will be aware of the fact that religious zeal and a sense of duty before God can often desensitize us to the rights and needs of people as individuals. When in doubt as to any question of ethical behavior, we remember the edict: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Program will never be more important than person.
  • We will respect the dignity and integrity of fellow campus pastors as professionals and persons.
    1. We will show respect for one another theologically. Understanding ours to be primarily a professional rather than a theological commitment to one another, we will agree to disagree on matters of faith and practice. We will not understand silence to signify consent, nor will we feel the need to defend our own positions against our peers. We will maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual concern for the spiritual well-being of the students.
    2. We will assume the sincerity and good will of the other campus pastors. We will never suspect one another of violations of ethics or breech of trust without good reason. In cases of reported misunderstanding, we will assume proper motives and investigate with such expectatioins. We will grant one another the benefit of the doubt.
    3. We will give each other permission to approach one another with constructive criticism and suggestions concerning the fulfillment of this code. We will respect one another enough to listen and to speak when questions arise concerning relationships among us or the groups we represent. When it is necessary to offer such criticism, we will endeavor to do so from a concern for each other an the good of campus ministry at UNL.
    4. Overall, we will seek cooperation whenever possible; we will endeavor not to view ourselves as being in competition with one another; we will respect the agenda of each campus ministry; and we will treat one another as we would like to be treated.
  • We will respect the dignity and integrity of the programs of other campus ministries and the students involved there.
    1. Understanding that there are thousands of students on campus with no campus ministry affiliation or commitment, we will see our primary field of prospective members there, and not among the students affiliated with other campus ministries.
    2. When visiting with students, we will make it a primary responsibility to discover any current involvement in campus ministry. We will seek to help the student understand any existing involvements and responsibilities, rather than simply to promote interest in our own program to the exclusion of present commitments.
    3. Understanding the rights and the development of the student as primary, we will view a student's voluntary approach as permission to share with him or her concering our personal convictions and the programs of our particular ministry.
    4. As our convictions allow, we will be supportive of the programs of other campus ministires; we will encourage coopoeration among our students in an effort to create a more unified spirit of campus ministry and fellowship.
  • We will respect the program and policies of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
    1. We will have due regard for administrative policies on all levels concerning proper conduct toward students and proper behavior on campus.
    2. We will understand ourselves to be cooperative members of the university community, and will act as part of it rather than at odds with it.
    3. We will excercise our freedom to protest or criticize with a dignity worthy of our office as religious leaders. We will endeavor to seek a peaceful and equitable solution to any conflicts with the university systems.