Ad Club Officers

Emma Hanson, again
Steph Graham

Steph is our Commander-in-Chief. She keeps us on track in meetings so we don’t end up talking about Beyoncé instead of deadlines. If your questions are not related to Queen Bey, she’s the person to hit up about anything Ad Club. Beyond answering emails and keeping us in line, she likes to sing her heart out in the Boots & Cats acapella group, sew, crack jokes and hit up the lake.

Emma Hanson, again
Carleen Glenn
Art Director

Carleen is our Copywriter. Basically, she just writes cool things about Club events, but she also snaps pics too. Give her some chocolate, and she’ll take your headshot. Besides photography, her talents include gift-giving, guessing where people keep their silverware and getting freaky on the dance floor

Emma Hanson, again
Jared Mikuls
Creative Director

Jared is our Creative Director. He’s in charge of all things graphic design, and he makes us look a lot cooler than we actually are. His interests range from concerts and record collecting to rock climbing and golfing. He once met Shia Labeouf in a Village Inn and learned the secret to success... Just do it.

Emma Hanson, again
Kelli Britten
Phone: (616)-818-8161

Kelli is our Ad Club Advisor, and honestly, she might be the biggest Ad Club enthusiast of us all. When she’s not going on wild adventures, such as her quest to tour all the state capitols, she’s in the classroom teaching advertising strategy and development, strategic writing and copywriting. If her teaching career doesn’t work out, stand-up comedy is definitely her next step.