2018 Summer Field School in Archaeology

Sand Hills Archaeology flyer


Phil Geib

The Sand Hills comprise one of the major physiographic regions in Nebraska, accounting for more than one-quarter of the state. Yet it is the least known area archaeologically. This lack of knowledge largely stems from a lack of significant archaeological investigation. This project aims to provide baseline data about past human use of this area through a combination of survey and testing.

Learning Objectives
Students will learn skills and archaeological field techniques that will prepare them for careers in archaeology, museums, public outreach, and historic preservation. They will learn how to conduct a surface archaeological survey, how to locate and map archaeological sites, how to identify and document artifacts, how to document archaeological sites and excavate archaeological deposits, how to record soils and cultural strata, and other skills.

Fieldwork will be conducted in 3 10-day sessions, with 4 days off between sessions 1 & 2. 

  • Session 1, May 16-25
  • Session 2, May 30-June 8
  • Session 3, June 13-22

There will be two days of classroom instruction (May 14-15) prior to starting fieldwork. The fieldschool ends June 22nd.

We will be camping in the field, so, students will need to be prepared to weather challenging conditions--from cold to hot to high winds.  Cooking and shower facilities will be available. Cell phone service will be inconsistently available. You will not be able to take this course and complete an online course simultaneously!

In Lincoln, students will need to make housing arrangements. Sororities and fraternities often have rooms to let for short visits and we can help facilitate this.

For both Nebraska resident and non-resident undergraduate students:

  • $1,550 (tuition and program fee)
  • $1,250 (transportation and food; due by 1 April, 2018 in order to assure your enrollment in the field school.)

For Nebraska resident and nonresident graduate students, add $455 more.

Download field school brochure here.

Apply here.
 Applications will be accepted until all 15 spots are filled.

Provide us with Emergency Contact Information (click here). Download and sign  Summer Field School in Archaeology Agreement form and the Image Release form (click on each of the highlighted forms). Please send these forms along with a copy of your insurance card to the Department of Anthropology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, NE 68588-0368 (or scan to Dr. Geib, pgeib2@unl.edu).

UNL students are eligible to compete for a $1000 Hubbard Scholarship, to assist them with Summer Field School expenses. To apply, click here.

For more information, contact Dr. Phil R. Geib, pgeib2@unl.edu.