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We go beyond other disciplines that ask what it is to be human. We attack this critical question holistically, comprehending the human condition from an interconnected perspective of biology, behavior and society, and the legacies and distant echoes of each.

We offer BA, BS, and MA degrees, with specialized masters programs in Ethnic Studies, Environmental Studies, Great Plains Studies, Professional Archaeology and Women and Gender's Studies. Many graduate students choose to complete a certificate in Digital Humanities, Museum Studies, or Forensic Anthropology.

Our department offers a field school in archaeology annually and we help students identify internship opportunities in the city of Lincoln, the state of Nebraska, and elsewhere. Our students have interned at the Smithsonian and at museums and national agencies throughout the United States.

In Lincoln, students have completed internships with the Asian Community and Cultural Center, the Indian Center, the National Park Service Midwest Archeological Center (one of two major NPS research laboratories), the Nebraska State Historical Society, and the People’s City Mission, to name just a few.


To engage in innovative anthropological research and teaching. Our work is theoretically grounded, practice-oriented, and student-centered. We integrate research and teaching across the subdisciplines in Anthropology—archaeology, biological anthropology, and cultural anthropology. We find value in a comparative perspective and highlight experiential approaches. We utilize and develop cutting-edge digital and other technologies to enhance our research and that of our students.


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Engaging in research that advances our understanding of the emergent human condition globally and through time.

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Applying research to issues affecting contemporary populations in Nebraska and elsewhere in the world through collaborations with stakeholders (indigenous communities, governmental agencies, NGOs) and others with valued expertise in agriculture, business, computer science, education, engineering, journalism, law, medicine, museums, and natural resources.

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Preparing students for entry into top-tier graduate and professional programs and for careers requiring skills and knowledge from a synthesis of the social and STEM disciplines as well as the humanities. Graduates in anthropology are broad thinkers with a holistic perspective; effective research, analysis, and communication skills; and, the ability to culturally contextualize and address problems in our world today.

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