Digital Projects in Anthropology

Maya architecture 3D

MayaArch3D Project

Assistant Prof Heather Richards-Rissetto (U. Nebraska-Lincoln) co-founded this internationally-funded, interdisciplinary project developing a 3D WebGIS that allows 3D models and GIS– to “talk to each other” for studies of ancient Maya architecture and landscapes. MayaArch3D  brings together archaeologists, art historians, and cultural resource managers with experts in remote sensing, 3D modeling, and Virtual Reality.

Chaco Research Archive

Chaco Research Archive

Associate Prof Carrie Heitman (U. Nebraska-Lincoln) is the Director and Co-PI for the Chaco Research Archive. This project brings together archival resources and current techniques in digital archaeology to advance research on Chaco Canyon, New Mexico - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Historical Park.

Yano family

Yanomamö Marriage, Kinship, and Reproduction Data Base Archive

Through an NSF funded grant entitled "Demographic and Genealogical Dimensions of Cultural and Biological Success," Prof Raymond Hames (U. Nebraska-Lincoln) and Napoleon Chagnon (U. Missouri) are collaborating to produce a demographic and kinship data base of approximately 4,000 Yanomamö to be housed at ICPSR (U. Michigan). 

land cover

LandCover 6K

Dr. LuAnn Wandsnider's (U. Nebraska-Lincoln) LandUse 6K North America is part of a larger effort, LandUse 6K, to recruit archaeological, geographical and historical data on land use to correct extant models of anthropogenic land cover. With these corrected models of pre-modern land modification, climate modelers will be able to develop global climate simulations that are of higher fidelity and with better predictive power than currently exist. For more detail, see and

Cuban battlefields

Cuban Battlefields

Under the direction of Drs. Peter Bleed and Doug Scott and supported by the National Geograpic Society, this battlefield archaeology project is an investigation of the Spanish-Cuban-American war at a variety of important battle sites.  For more information on this project click here

Omaha Ponca Dictionary

Omaha Ponca Dictionary

Under the direction of Assoc. Professor Mark Awakuni-Swetland (now deceased) and through funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities and assistance from UNL's Center for Digital Research in the Humanities this project presents a sophisticated dictionary of Omaha and Ponca words with their English translations.  Visit the dictionary.  It will continue to grow with regular updates as Dr. Awakuni-Swetland's team continues this work.