Hopewell Culture project launches website

Photo Credit: Hopewell mounds
Tue, 07/19/2016 - 11:04

A team of researchers, led by Carrie Heitman, has developed a website that makes a collection of artifacts of Hopewell Culture publicly accessible.

The website launches Thursday, July 21 at hopewell.unl.eduThe goal of the website is to "foster interest in the Hopewell Culture of the Ohio River Valley and serve as a catalyst for future work to create a larger, more comprehensive, repository."

This collaboration between the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Northwestern University and the Field Museum of Natural History combines museum collections, archives, and digital humanities computing.

Heitman is the project lead for:

  • William Parkinson, University of Illinois at Chicago and The Field Museum, Co-Director
  • Krystal Britt, University of Illinois at Chicago, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Jamie Kelly, The Field Museum, Collections Manager
  • James Brown, Northwestern University, Project Advisor