Procedures To Be Invoked For Significant Budget Reallocations And Reductions - Footnotes

1 This document was originally prepared by a committee of current and former Academic Planning Committee members, then Chancellor Graham Spanier and Professor George Tuck, then President of the UNL Academic Senate. This current version was approved in 2011.

2 Throughout this document, a director is defined as anyone (other than clerical/secretarial/service staff) who reports directly to a vice chancellor or anyone, excepting the vice chancellors or clerical/secretarial/service staff, who reports directly to the chancellor.

3 The Chancellor may name a designee to carry out this function.

4 Once the budget reduction/reallocation process has been invoked by the Chancellor, the appropriate representatives of the Staff Senate shall serve on the APC for the remainder of the process and shall vote only on budget reduction matters.