Membership and Terms of Appointment

Article 2 Membership and Terms Section 1 UNL Bylaws “1.10.1 Membership. The Academic Planning Committee shall consist of sixteen members as follows:

  • (a) six faculty members elected as provided by the Academic Senate to staggered three-year terms. These members shall represent biological sciences, social sciences, physical sciences, and humanities with no more than two from a single college;
  • (b) one faculty member at large selected by the UNL Graduate Council to serve a three-year term;
  • (c) two academic deans selected by the Chancellor to serve three-year terms;
  • (d) the President of the Academic Senate (or designee); (e) one undergraduate student and one graduate/professional student as selected by the President of ASUN;
  • (f) the Director of Institutional Research and Planning for UNL who shall serve as secretary;
  • (g) the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs;
  • (h) the Vice Chancellor of Agriculture and Natural Resources; and (i) the Vice Chancellor for Research as an ex officio non-voting member. The Committee shall select its chair from among its faculty members.”