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UNL Army ROTC designated as an Army Nursing Center of Excellence

    The University of Nebraska – Lincoln Army ROTC, partnered with the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing (CON) is proud to announce its newly-appointed designation as a US Army Nursing Center of Excellence. This designation has only been given a select number of Army ROTC programs nationwide. The quality of the curriculum, students, faculty and staff at the UNMC CON and the relationship between UNL Army ROTC and the UNMC CON are what has earned this prestigious designation. As an Army ROTC Nursing Center of Excellence, students participating in UNL Army ROTC while earning a Nursing degree at UNMC will get priority for ROTC nursing incentives within the region to include scholarships, mentorship, and career guidance. The UNMC CON-Lincoln will also offer three guaranteed seats into their Nursing Program to UNL Army ROTC Cadets every academic year. The partnership between UNL Army ROTC and the UNMC CON under this new designation will assure the graduation of extraordinary Army Nurses. .

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is offering in-state tuition for highly qualified out-of-state Freshmen participating in ROTC! Deadlines are fast approaching, so interested students should contact UNL Army ROTC at 402-472-4268 or