Priming for the Holidays and Other Activities

Priming for the Holidays and Other Activities Annette Wragge

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Priming is a very effective strategy that parents and teachers can use in the home, school and community settings to help prepare for upcoming activities.  During the busy holiday season there are many new and different activities that can be difficult for individuals on the autism spectrum.  

Priming is an evidence based intervention method for individuals with autism.  The basic idea behind priming is to preview activities with a student/child before he or she participates in that activity.  Priming sessions are short and concise, and typically involve using the actual materials that will be used in the lesson. It is not meant to teach the material. Instead, priming familiarizes the child with the material so he/she is comfortable with it and therefore more ready to learn.  

*During the holidays priming can be helpful in preparing for a holiday/class party, how to accept or give a gift, preparation for a holiday program, etc.  

Priming is not meant to teach all skills necessary -  only to familiarize the individual with the upcoming event!

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