Strategies & Techniques for Effective Practice: Educating Children w/Autism

What is S.T.E.P.S.?

The STEPS program was developed in an effort to enhance educational programs and outcomes of students with ASDs by providing training and support to educators and administrators through a partnership between the Nebraska ASD Network and Nebraska schools.

Students with ASDs display a wide range of strengths and needs that must be considered when planning their educational program. The STEPS program was conceptualized to provide systematic, thorough training related to educational programming for students with ASDs. Initial training content, together with mentored, hands-on experiences related to assessment, selecting interventions and implementing interventions for children with ASDs are based upon current research and best practices.


The framework of the STEPS program has been developed on the foundation of instructional design for students with ASDs. Program content was developed to incorporate comprehensive, up-to-date information related to empirically-validated and best practice techniques.


Participants will take part in various training opportunities for one year. Throughout that year, an ASD Network team member will serve as a mentor providing ongoing feedback and support as the participant implements new strategies and techniques.


Research indicates that multiple exposures, opportunities to practice and active involvement following initial training are crucial elements of effective training. The STEPS program was developed to address the need to provide full-scope training. Administrative support is also an important element in establishing effective programs for students with ASDs.

The STEPS program has been developed in collaboration with Nebraska special education administrators and will include opportunities for administrators to gain important knowledge related to effective programming for students with ASDs.

S.T.E.P.S. Partners
The ASD Network will…
  • Provide comprehensive training and resources emphasizing foundational and comprehensive knowledge and mentored experiences in designing effective educational programs for students with ASDs
  • Work collaboratively with participant school district to support STEPS training in their district
  • Provide assistance with program assessment and planning to identify program components and practices to target
  • Work collaboratively with participants and team members through regularly scheduled meetings toward the achievement of identified goals
  • Provide a mentor for each participant site
  • Provide reimbursement of registration fees for attending the ASD Network annual state conference
The School District will…
  • Develop a collaborative relationship with the ASD Network to support STEPS training opportunities
  • Provide ongoing leadership and administrative support to STEPS participant
  • Provide time and support for participant to attend STEPS training, as well as time to plan and implement techniques they have learned in their classrooms
The Participant will…
  • Be employed by Nebraska public school or educational service unit
  • Have at least 2 years of experience working with students with autism
  • Serve a student with an autism spectrum disorder during the time they participate in the STEPS program
  • Collaborate with the target student's IEP team
  • Be willing to lead training opportunities as requested by district following participation in the STEPS program
  • Be committed to enhancing programs for students with autism by participating in and completing all aspects of STEPS training
S.T.E.P.S. Training Topics
  • Assessment

  • Collaboration

  • Communication

  • Sensory

  • Social skills

  • Transition

  • Behavior

  • Educational Strategies

For more information about the application process for the STEPS program, please contact your regional ASD Coordinator.