Online ASD Training and Resources for Remote Special Education Services

Para-Educator Online Training  

The Tri State ASD Collaborative and the TASN network are offering an online training for Para educators.  Each session covers best practice information on working with students with autism and related disabilities.  A Certificate of Completion for CEU hours is available at the end of each session.  The entire session must be completed to earn the certificate of attendance for CEUs. 

 Session 1 Includes Lessons On: What is ABA,  Overview of Structured Teaching Components, Data Collection and Measurement, Introduction to Antecedent Based Intervention and Reinforcement (7 CEU hours)

 Session 2 Includes Lessons On: Assessment/Observation, Skill Acquisition, and Teaching Procedures (7 CEU hours)

 Session 3 Includes Lesson On:  Challenging Behavior, and Behavior Reduction Strategies (7 CEU hours)

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Tri State Webinar Series - Recommended Training for Para-  Educators

The ASD Network has a wide variety of webinars that are designed to provide para-educators and other special education staff with critical content on the characteristics of autism spectrum disorders, and evidence based practices.  Completion certificates for CEUs are available for all TS ASD webinars.  To view the list of recommended webinars for para-educators click here.  

Autism Internet Modules
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Autism Internet Modules (AIM): The Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network has partnered with the Ohio Center for Autism, the Autism Society of America, the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the Geneva Centre for Autism, to support the development of a variety of user friendly, free, web training modules on issues related to autism spectrum disorders.

Basic FBA to BIP Individual Modules (Open Enrollment)

This course provides access to the same seven training modules in the Basic FBA to BIP: Specialist Training, however access to the modules is more flexible. This course allows users to pick and choose individual modules for a refresher or if users identify that they want to narrow the focus of training to a specific module within the training without being required to progress through all seven modules sequentially. Completion of individual modules in this course will provide user a Certificate of Completion for the individual module and 2 CEUs.  To register for this course click here.