The Nebraska ASD Network is committed to providing up-to-date information and training based on current research about autism spectrum disorders. Shown on this page are links to several websites that offer on-line training opportunities related to autism spectrum disorders.
Autism Internet Modules
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Autism Internet Modules (AIM): The Nebraska Autism Spectrum Disorders Network has partnered with the Ohio Center for Autism, the Autism Society of America, the National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the Geneva Centre for Autism, to support the development of a variety of user friendly, free, web training modules on issues related to autism spectrum disorders.

National Professional Development Center (NPDC) on ASD
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The National Professional Development Center uses rigorous criteria to determine whether a practice is evidence-based. Currently, the Center has identified 24 evidence-based practices. Please note that every identified practice is not necessarily appropriate for every learner. Practices are most effective when carefully matched to a learner?s specific needs and characteristics.

ADEPT(Autism Distance Education Parent Training)
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An original M.I.N.D. Institute/CEDD 10-lesson interactive, self-paced, online learning module providing parents with tools and training to more effectively teach their child with autism and other related neurodevelopmental disorders functional skills using applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques. Please note that this interactive training requires Adobe Flash to run.

Autism Society of America: What is Autism?
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Includes a short on-line course on Autism.
The course covers the following areas:
  - Introduction to Autism     Spectrum Disorder
  - Treatment Options
  - Treatment Assistance
  - Transition to Adulthood
  - More Information and Resources

TARGET: Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism Training Home Page   click to view website 
The Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching is designed to assist schools in developing practices from initial referral to program development and implementation with a strong emphasis on research-based and peer-reviewed strategies. As such, this guide contains four sections relative to autism spectrum disorders: