Presented by: Dr. Camille Kolu, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Team members providing behavioral services are positioned to

make life-changing decisions impacting those with autism: Does

trauma matter? How do we ask about it, honor experience and

history, and develop ethical and compassionate assessments and

plans? This webinar expands boundaries of competence while

providing resources, and real-life examples.

Developed by Teri McGill, M.Ed, BCBA

This webinar will cover information to help look below the surface and gain a better understanding of students with autism who have average to above average language and cognitive abilities.  It will discuss how to use this information to develop classrooms and school communities that support and improve the education experience for these indivdiuals.  

Presented by Kaye Otten, Ph.D.

This four-part series will support teachers faced with the immense challenge of  providing a free and appropriate public education to learners with a wide variety of  needs that often manifest in significantly disruptive behavior. Each ninety-minute  session will involve practitioners who have many years of combined experience  developing and leading evidence-based behavior support programs across the state of  Nebraska.