Application of the Assessment Process: In this session, we will apply the content from session 1. Video examples will be used to explore how to complete the general assessment process with different learner profiles.

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Presented by Laura Anthony, Ph.D.

This webinar willl explore the topic of: How to teach EF skills and accommodate EF weaknesses in online teaching.

Participants will understand the extra EF challenges in online learning.

Participants will problem-solve around how to make a tool for fun into a tool for online learning.

Participants will be able to make some small changes in virtual teaching to get better effects.

 Presented by: Sean Smith, PhD.

This webinar will discuss the topic of reopening schools and designing effective instruction for all student.  The presenter will discuss the following topics:

What do we Know & How do we Apply

Supports for Educators & Parents/Families

Tips, Strategies, & Solutions

Kristin Hanson-Hofmann, Ed.S This webinar will review topics to be considered by leaders of programs educating students who have an Autism Spectrum Disability. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the components of the Colorado Department of Education’s Autism Quality Indicators; family Involvement, transition and behavior supports(at all ages).
Rhonda Danner, MS Ed, and Alissa Mullett, MA, CCC‐SLP This webinar will help participants understand the triad of characteristics present in Autism Spectrum Disorder, how these characteristics may affect students in the school setting, and the basic strategies used to develop communication, social, and behavioral skill sets in students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.