First-Hand Perspectives

Topics: First-Hand Perspectives Social Supports

A spectrum of voices: Listening to young adults with ASD

For an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the transition from adolescence to young adulthood can create new challenges, as there is a continuing need for support, often with limited available resources. Listening to those who are on the autism spectrum can help professionals be more sensitive to their goals, needs, concerns, wishes, and preferences. The objective of the panel is to allow professionals to acquire knowledge of how to serve such a diverse population by hearing voices.

Completion Time: 60 minutes

Topics: First-Hand Perspectives Mental Health

Masking and Mental Health

Autistic Self-Advocate, and developmental psychologist, Dr. Jacquelyn Fede will provide a brief overview of what masking is, what it can look like, why it is done and its implications for the mental health of autistic people. Tips for minimizing masking will be provided.

Completion Time: 60 minutes

Topics: First-Hand Perspectives Mental Health

"It's okay to talk about it": Navigating Mental Health & Autism Part 1

Part 1 of this 2-part series will address a few red flags to watch for (that especially apply for neurodiverse individuals), and we will address a few possible barriers that can prevent those who are affected with mental health conditions from getting the help they need to improve their quality of life.

Completion Time: 45 minutes

Topics: First-Hand Perspectives Mental Health

"It's okay to talk about it": Navigating Mental Health & Autism Part 2

In this Part 2 webinar series, Lindsey will focus on how we can identify effective approaches for those involved in the person’s everyday life (family members, educators, coworkers, etc.) and effective approaches for the person to apply to their own self-care.

Completion Time: 56 minutes

Topics: First-Hand Perspectives Transitions

Post-Secondary Supports and Students with Autism

Participants of this webinar will learn about the differences in expectations of students in high school vs. post-secondary education programs, as well as types of supports that may be beneficial to post-secondary students with ASD. Information about the Marshall University's college program for students with ASD will also be discussed.

Completion Time: 48 minutes

Topics: Assessment / Curriculum First-Hand Perspectives

Interoception, the 8th Sense: An Interview with Chloe Rothschild

This webinar will focus on interoception (the 8th sense) and autism spectrum disorders. Interoception helps you to understand and feel what's going on inside your body. Those who struggle with the interoception may have trouble knowing when they feel hungry, full, hot, cold or thirsty. Having trouble with this sense can also make self‐regulation a challenge. In this webinar Kelly Mahler MS,OTR/L, will interview Chloe Rothschild about her personal experiences living with interoceptive differences.

Completion Time: 40 minutes

Topics: First-Hand Perspectives

Sensory Processing: Overview and Strategies - Part 1

This webinar will provide an overview of sensory systems and how differences manifest. Participants will learn common terminology, which will allow them to understand and discuss sensory differences when working with students, teachers, administrators and parents.

Completion Time: 28 minutes

Topics: First-Hand Perspectives

Sensory Processing: Self-Advocacy and Strategies- Part 2

This webinar will provide information on how sensory differences may impact an autistic person throughout their lifetime. Judy will share how often sensory solutions for an individual can be considered problematic behaviors instead of recognizing that the individual is problem solving and figuring our their differences.

Completion Time: 60 minutes