2020 Band Camp Audition Information

Please note that due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pandemic, there will be many departures from our usual procedures and all information presented in these pages is subject to change at any time. We're providing the best information we have at the present time, but circumstances can change quickly based upon mandates or recommendations from the State of Nebraska, City of Lincoln, NCAA, Big Ten Conference, UNL and its Athletic Department. Please be prepared to be flexible and know that the health and well-being of our students is our top priority.

Trumpet players at Memorial Stadium.

Second-Round Auditions for Brass, Woodwinds and Color Guard will be via video submission. The videos will contain Dear Old Nebraska U (There is No Place Like Nebraska) and Hail Varsity played from memory, select marching fundamentals for Brass and Woodwinds, and portions of the Pregame show and a dance/flag combo routine to be taught by the Instructor for Color Guard candidates. Trumpet and Trombone players may have an additional etude to determine Rank placement. Details on how to submit the videos and which fundamentals to include will be provided at a later date. The deadline for video submissions is Monday, August 10th.

The Percussion Section and Twirlers have been decided. However, both groups must be on campus by Sunday, August 16th in time for the evening marching band meeting. Percussionists must bring their Percussion Handbook with them to Band Camp. The Percussion Handbook was sent to students after the spring audition sessions. Contact the Band Office at band@unl.edu to obtain a replacement copy, if necessary.

Trumpet and trombone players please note that we are not making part assignments prior to Band Camp. Candidates for the trumpet and trombone sections should memorize the part that best fits their range. Note that part assignments may be adjusted on the final roster based on the needs of the ensemble.


The Cornhusker Marching Band second-round audition information was updated at 10:30 AM on August 7, 2020.

The first task during Band Camp is to select the personnel for the Cornhusker Marching Band. The best 300 candidates will be chosen based on the following:

In order to give those who rely on University owned instruments some time with them, and due to the general uncertainty around the beginning of our season, we're pushing back the due date of second-round audition videos for Brass and Woodwinds to Wednesday, August 12. If this still presents a problem for you, please contact Professor Falcone and we'll work things out on a case by case basis.

  • Hail Varsity and Dear Old Nebraska U (There Is No Place Like Nebraska) played from memory. You are not responsible for the Fanfares in Dear Old Nebraska U. Begin at measure 42.
  • Do not play along with a metronome.
  • Audition etude for Trumpets and Trombones (optional required for placement in A or E ranks).

  • Use your instrument, or if unavailable, a prop of similar size.
  • Start at Parade Rest, call into Attention and hold for a a few seconds (you can do this yourself), call Horns Up then proceed to two boxes of Right Slides to a metronome at 120 BPM.
  • March and Play Hail Varsity. Mark Time through from measures 1 through 8, Forward March from measures 9 through 24, halt on the downbeat of measure 25 sustaining the final note for four counts. Use a metronome set at 132 BPM for the count-off through measure 8, then turn it off on the step-off of the forward march.
  • Double Time March to metronome set at 132 BPM for 16 counts.

  • Each element should be filmed in one continuous take where the student is visible he entire time. So, please make one video for each song and one video for each of the visual elements.
  • The playing elements should be filmed from behind so it is clear the student is not looking at music.
  • Visual elements should be filmed on a lined field or lot, if possible. If not, do the best you can.
  • Videos will be done through VidGrid and submitted to your Section / Rank Leader (detailed instructions will be sent via email).
  • Please title videos: "INSTRUMENT - LAST NAME, FIRST NAME - Hail Varsity" changing the last bit for each element item so that judges can easily find and identify your videos.
  • All audition videos are due by August 12th (date change made on August 7th)


Download the two fight songs, Dear Old Nebraska U and Hail Varsity by clicking the appropriate button below.

Trumpet 1 (A Rank)

Trumpet 2 (B Rank)

Trumpet 3 (C Rank)

Horn (D Rank)

Trombone 1 (E Rank)

Trombone 2 (F Rank)

Trombone 3 (G Rank)

Baritone (H Rank)

Tuba (I Rank)

Tenor Saxophone (J Rank)

Alto Saxophone (K Rank)

Piccolo (L Rank)

Clarinet (M Rank)

Play a recording of Dear Old Nebraska U The recording includes the fanfares.

Play a recording of Hail Varsity.


  • They maintain a positive outlook, particularly in frustrating situations.
  • They read and follow directions, and are punctual and prepared for each event or activity.
  • They meet deadlines and respond promptly to inquiries.
  • They take excellent care of University instruments and equipment.
  • They are proud of their accomplishments and celebrate the achievements of their teammates.
  • They understand the organizational structure of the Band Program and work within it, supporting those who lead even as they mentor those who follow.
  • They cherish the opportunity to be an active part of one of the finest band organizations in the country, and they stay involved as alumni.
  • If they choose to engage in social networking media, they do so ethically and responsibly, with the clear understanding of the potential impact their decisions and actions may have on the Band Program, and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.
  • They know their first priority is to be an excellent student and they do what it takes to succeed in the classroom; they understand their reason for coming to the University is to earn a degree.
  • They know the first priority of the Band Program is excellent musicianship and they do what it takes to uphold the standard.
  • They are motivated by a desire to be the best they can be, and inspired to help the Band program be the best it can be.
  • They strive to solve problems independently but don't hesitate to ask for help when it's needed.
  • They accept the consequences of their actions and avoid making excuses.
  • They are confident yet understand the limits of their knowledge and skills, always striving to learn and improve.
  • They are flexible, focused, loyal, dedicated, reliable, open-minded, and typically have a great sense of humor.
  • They recognize the need for discipline to maintain the integrity of the Band Program, and they cultivate self-discipline as a tool for success in life.
  • They have fun. They embody good sportsmanship. They know that there is no place like Nebraska.

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