Band Camp Information

2018 Band Camp Information

Welcome to the 2018 Cornhusker Marching Band Camp and second round audition information pages. This page will be revised and updated on a regular basis. Continue to check this site prior to the start of the camp.

Everything you need to know about Band Camp and the second round of auditions will be posted on this page. Please read it carefully as the site contains a considerable amount of information. Refer back to it as questions arise. Please scroll down to see all of the information.

If you still have questions AFTER reading this information thoroughly, please email the Band Office or call 402/472-2505.


Cornhusker Marching Band director Anthony Falcone.

Congratulations on passing the first round of auditions for the Cornhusker Marching Band! You are part of an elite group that now has the opportunity to become a part of one of the finest college marching bands in the country and perhaps the most visible student organization on the University campus.

There are exciting things ahead for us this season, and I’m anxious to get going. The first round auditions have been outstanding. We’ll have some work to do at band camp to reach our roster limit, so you’ll need to be prepared. It’s very important that you read the information on this web site and respond accordingly. We’re going to be looking for the 300 best performers with the best attitudes that we can put on the field.

For those of you who are joining us as new members, the amount of material, and the pace at which it must be mastered may seem overwhelming. Do the best you can, and remember that you have a large support group of the best people on this campus at your disposal. Don’t be shy about seeking help. Also, there will be those who will try and discourage you from participating. The band is perhaps the best gateway into campus involvement there is. There are typically over 70 different academic majors represented. The band can help you to be a more successful student. You can do it!

I hope that our veterans will continue to hone their skills, and lead by example. The great traditions of the CMB live in you. Your knowledge and experience are vital to our success. We are a family; be there for each other!

Again, congratulations for making it to this level. You should take great pride in your accomplishment, for there are many talented individuals that we could not invite to camp. I look forward to meeting you in August and to helping this year’s version of “THE PRIDE OF ALL NEBRASKA” become the ultimate in collegiate marching bands!


Professor Anthony M. Falcone
Associate Director of Bands
Director, Cornhusker Marching Band


Confirmation forms must be submitted by noon on Friday, July 20, 2018

MANDATORY -- Band Camp Confirmation Forms


Instrument, locker, and color guard equipment forms must be submitted by noon Friday, July 20, 2018

Your My.UNL ID is required to log onto the instrument and locker, and color guard equipment request forms. Click on the link below if you are a new student who needs to activate your account for the first time.

Activate Your My.UNL ID Account

Instrument & Locker Request Form Winds AND Battery Percussion

Locker Only Request Form

Color Guard Equipment Request Form NEW FOR COLOR GUARD


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Download the Band Camp Schedule The Band Camp schedule was updated on August 6.


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