Game Day

As a result of ongoing security issues, Westbrook Music Building is closed to the general public on home game days. Through no fault of their own, band parents and band alumni will not have access to Westbrook Music Building on football Saturdays for any reason. Please understand that this decision was not made lightly and that we all regret having to take this step. Although many options were explored, this was the only viable choice at this juncture.

Stadium rehearsals usually begin 5 1/2 hours prior to game time. Check this web page for schedule updates. Stadium rehearsals are open to the public, however, please follow these security guidelines: Enter and exit the stadium through Gate 3 ONLY. Gate 3 is located in the southwest corner of the stadium. Please follow the instructions from the security staff regarding seating in either Section 10 or Section 22, and all other aspects of Stadium security. Note that the clear bag policy is in effect for the game day rehearsal. No food or drink will be allowed into the Stadium during the rehearsal period. Do not wander around the stadium. Please be courteous to the stadium staff and security personnel. They have a difficult job to do and they're trying to keep all of us safe. A security check will be done immediately following rehearsal. Please exit the stadium quickly taking your personal belongings with you. Everyone associated with the band program appreciates your adherence to the above requests. Our continued access to the stadium on game days depends on your assistance. We are fortunate to have the privilege of an open rehearsal in the stadium on game days. We must do everything we possibly can to preserve this privilege. Thanks for your patience, and Go Big Red!

Band Parent Food Policy

While we appreciate you supporting the students on game days, they have full days and tight schedules. Please be respectful of their obligations. It’s very kind when you provide snacks for them and their sections, but please stay within reason. The University has specific guidelines for food service on campus, and we’re subject to those. Food and drink items should be fully cooked and pre-packaged before distribution. We cannot accommodate grills and other cooking devices and they violate our policies.

Go to the University's Food Policy Website

Stadium Map

CMB Game Day Warm-up Concert and Route to Memorial Stadium

Due to the renovation of Kimball Recital Hall and the construction of a new music building our warm-up concert location and route to Memorial Stadium has changed. Please note that the lawn on the north side of Kimball Recital Hall is a fenced-off construction zone. Also, the sidewalk on 11th Street from Q Street past Westbrook Music Building will be closed on game days because of construction zones.

The marching band will play their warm-up concert on the south side of Woods Art Building and on the west steps of Sheldon Museum of Art. Please keep this area clear so that the band can set up. The warm-up will begin one hour prior to kick-off.

New route to Memorial Stadium: The band will form up on the east side of the Sheldon Museum of Art on the sidewalk where North 12th Street ends. The band will proceed north on that sidewalk, then turn left onto T Street on the south side of Memorial Stadium, and then turn right onto Stadium Drive. As in the past, the band will enter Memorial Stadium through Gate 3 in the southwest corner of the stadium and through Gate 11 in the northwest corner of the stadium.

Thank you for your patience with our construction. The projects are exciting and will be wonderful spaces when the work is finished.

Download the Marching Band's New Route to Memorial Stadium

Homeward Bound Route on Game Days

The CMB exits the stadium via Gate 24 (Southeast corner). The homeward bound route winds around the north side of Avery Hall to the large sidewalk that runs between Oldfather and Hamilton Halls (previously 12th Street). The band will turn west at the sidewalk that runs on the south side of Hamilton Hall to assemble in the green space east of Woods Art Building, which is the site of the original University Hall, for dismissal. The change came about to alleviate traffic flow concerns as fans make their way out of the area. Thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you along our homebound route!

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