Summer Marching Camper Information

2018 Cornhusker Summer Marching Band Camper Information

Welcome to the 2018 Cornhusker Summer Marching Band Camp participant page. The camp is scheduled for Sunday, July 8 through Thursday, July 12. The camp faculty and staff are looking forward to working with this year's campers.

Continue to check this site prior to the start of the camp for updates. Everything you need to know about your time at camp will be posted on this site. Please read the information posted here so that your camp experience is pleasant.


Camper safety and well being is our utmost priority. We ask that parents and guardians help us in our efforts to account for every student as they move throughout the camp. If you will be picking up your camper and removing them from camp at an unscheduled time, please contact the Camp Administrator before you leave with the student. The camp administrator may ask for identification and/or a signed release statement. Attendance is taken multiple times throughout the day. If a camper is unaccounted for at any point, certain security procedures will ensue. This may include a report to public safety authorities to initiate a formal search. Please help us avoid false alarms by engaging in clear and timely communication.


In August of 2017 a number of changes were made to vehicular traffic on campus. 16th Street is now a two-way street; stoplights at 16th and Vine, 16th and S, 16th and R, and 17th and R have been replaced with stop signs; and 17th Street is no longer a through street between R and Vine Streets. The intent is to slow and divert traffic through campus to increase pedestrian and biker safety. It is best to approach campus via Vine Street traveling east to west. Turn north at 17th Street. Turn right into the service road in front of the Welcome Center and Abel Hall. You must exit the service road to the north and turn right. Please look at the campus map carefully before arriving on campus.


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is a tobacco and alcohol-free campus. All tobacco products (including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, chewing/pipe tobacco, and vapor products) are prohibited in all indoor and outdoor areas of campus. Likewise, all forms of alcohol and illegal drugs are similarly prohibited in all areas of campus.


Conference Services is committed to providing appropriate accommodations to guests with disabilities. In order to ensure that appropriate arrangements can be made, guests with disabilities who need reasonable accommodations must contact the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities at 402-472-3787 at least three weeks prior to their scheduled arrival on campus. Please be prepared to tell that office the name of the conference/camp and dates of attendance. Also, please call the Band Office at 402-472-2505 so that we can assist as needed. Westbrook Music Building and Abel Hall are both accessible to persons with disabilities and accessible parking is available at all sites.

If you still have questions after reading this information thoroughly, please call the Band Office at 402-472-2505.


ALL CAMPERS check-in for on Sunday, July 8 from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM at the Abel/Sandoz Welcome Center. Enter the Welcome Center (building #85 on the campus map) through the large glass doors. Campers will receive a name tag, meal card, and parking permit if one was requested on the registration form. Note that name badges must be worn at all times, except when you are in your residence hall room. Resident campers will be staying in Abel Hall (building #84).

ALL CAMPERS drop off instruments at Westbrook Music Building (building #1) and receive locker assignments from 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM. There will be a check in table inside the southwest entrance (off 10th Street). A short meeting will take place at 11:15 AM, then all campers will walk to the Abel-Sandoz dining hall for lunch.


Resident campers are staying in Abel Hall. The residence hall will provide bed linen (sheet and pillow case) and a pillow for the week. You may want to bring a blanket with you since the rooms are air conditioned. The residence hall does not provide hangers. Each room in Abel contains a small refrigerator. Free WiFi access is available for your use. The residence hall staff will explain how to set up the WiFi service on your device. The Abel/Sandoz Welcome Center contains a small convenience store that sells snacks, beverages, personal maintenance items, and some Husker gear. All campers may shop in the convenience store.

University of Nebraska students have been hired to serve as camp counselors and will be in residence on each of the floors assigned to the Summer Marching Band Camp. Please feel free to ask these individuals for assistance.

The use, possession, or storage of hoverboards or similar devices is not permitted in any University of Nebraska-Lincoln residence hall, dining facility or apartment building ("Housing facility"). Any such device is subject to confiscation.


University music and band students will serve as camp counselors and will supervise camp participants throughout the day and overnight at the residence hall. Following check-in on the first day, campers will be escorted to and from the residence hall and Westbrook Music Building. The camp counselors will be in residence on each floor at the residence hall throughout the evening and night. There will be a room check every night and the curfew will be strictly enforced. The camp counselors will also serve as instructors during the masterclass and small instrumental learning sessions. All clinicians, instructors, staff and counselors undergo a background check before the camp begins.


Parking permits will be distributed at check-in to those that requested them on the camp registration form. Resident campers may not drive their cars during the camp and must turn their car keys over to the camp coordinator during check-in on Sunday. Car keys will be kept in a safe location and will be returned at check-out. Day campers may not transport any other campers in their cars.


All camp meals will be served in the Abel/Sandoz dining hall. Day campers will not eat breakfast in the residence hall. The dining hall staff has been advised of all allergies and/or special diets as noted on the registration form. Please send an email to immediately if you forgot to include dietary issues on the registration form. Include the camper's full name and a brief, but specific description of the dietary issues in your email. Note that we need information about allergies and special diets (i.e. vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant, etc.) We will NOT make special arrangements for food preferences.


Summer is officially in full swing, and that means one thing in Nebraska, it could be hot. Please remember to bring plenty of loose, comfortable clothing as many of our rehearsals will be outside. Bring a water bottle marked with your name and sunscreen for these rehearsals. Shorts, T-shirts and comfortable shoes are a safe choice. Please do not plan on marching in flip-flops, or any other kind of sandal. We do not wish to infringe upon your personal sense of style, however, we do ask that you exercise good judgment and not wear anything that has inappropriate language, graphics or print. You will be walking to and from the Glenn Korff School of Music and the Abel Hall residence and dining hall. Please plan to wear comfortable shoes. If you are sensitive to the sun, please make sure the counselors are aware, and let us know if you feel ill at any time.


You will be working with students from a variety of backgrounds who play, march, and spin at different levels. Everyone is attending camp to learn how to improve as a marching band member. So, we ask that you extend courtesy to all in attendance and that you demonstrate a positive and professional attitude. We welcome questions related to the subject matter in all sessions. Feel free to ask the clinicians and counselors for information and/or clarification. This is your time to learn, explore, experiment and discover. Don't allow fear or peer pressure to get in the way. Come ready to try new things.


Download the Campus Map

Go to the On-Line Campus Map

Download the camp schedule by clicking on the green button below. You will need software that reads PDF files, such as Adobe Reader or Preview to open the file.

Download the Cornhusker Summer Marching Band Camp Schedule


You are not required to provide any music, nor will you be sent any music prior to your arrival on campus. All music and class handouts will be provided during the marching band camp after your arrival. We are looking forward to a wonderful week of learning, getting to know each of you and helping you grow as musicians.


All camp participants, including those in the drum major clinic, must bring their instrument or pole and silk, and all necessary materials (percussion carriers and stands, percussion sticks, mouthpieces, reeds, ligatures, slide/valve oil, etc.). The Glenn Korff School of Music will provide lockers for musical instruments. Secure storage will be provided in locked rehearsal space for any marching percussion instrument that does not fit in a locker.

The Glenn Korff School of Music will provide all front ensemble percussion instruments. Campers should bring their own mallets and sticks as appropriate.

Please be aware that you are responsible for ALL of your personal belongings, including portable electronic equipment. The University and the Glenn Korff School of Music are not responsible for the loss or theft of camper's personal belongings.


The University carries liability insurance; however, students are not covered while traveling to and from the camp. If parents have health insurance for their children, they should abide by the rules of their insurance company.

Note that the University and the Glenn Korff School of Music cannot be responsible for lost or stolen personal items, so it would be best to avoid bringing large amounts of cash or extremely valuable items to camp (other than your musical instrument.)


The Band Office and camp staff cannot provide band aids, aspirin or any other over the counter medication. Please bring these items with you to camp. We encourage parents to send a cell phone with the camper, if possible. There are no telephones in the residence hall rooms.

  • INSTRUMENT – Campers must bring their own instruments in good working order. Battery percussionists need to bring their own sticks, mallets, carriers and instrument stands (if possible) in addition to the instrument. The University will provide front ensemble instruments. Reed players need to have plenty of extra reeds.
  • Pencil and notebook
  • Water bottle marked with your name.
  • Sun screen
  • Casual, cool clothing. Shorts and t-shirts are fine.
  • Comfortable athletic shoes and plenty of socks.
  • Light jacket
  • Resident campers: towel, blanket, alarm clock, toiletries
  • A small amount of cash for snacks.


Possession of items two through five will result in the immediate expulsion of the individual from camp.

  • Bicycles, skate boards, long boards, hoverboards or scooters
  • Guns or weapons of any kind, including pocket knives
  • Illegal drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol

END OF CAMP SHOW Please note that the information about the end of camp show has been corrected and updated.

The camp performance is Thursday, July 12 at 11:00 AM in Memorial Stadium (building #23 on the campus map.) Enter the stadium through Gate 3 in the southwest corner of the stadium. Seating is in the lower lever on the west side. There is no admission fee. A public parking garage (building #16) is located on North 10th Street on the west side of Memorial Stadium. Parking fees are at your own expense.

Please be prepared to spend the performance time in the sun. There is very little shade in Memorial Stadium. You may bring water bottles into the stadium with you IF you take them out of the stadium with you at the end of the performance.

Inclement weather policy for the show: The show will go on in the event of light rain. We will cancel the show in the event of heavy rain or lightening in the area.


The Abel Hall front desk is staffed on a 24-hour basis. You may reach a University Housing employee or the Head Counselor of the Cornhusker Summer Marching Band Camp by calling 402-472-1010. You may also call the Band Office at 402-472-2505 (8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.)


The University Health Center is well equipped to meet the medical needs of the campers and has a full staff of doctors and nurses. It is required that any student who becomes ill be taken to the University Health Center or another medical facility. The University cannot assume the responsibility of caring for a sick camper in his or her room.


The following regulations apply to all campers. Exemplary behavior is expected of all students.

  • All resident campers must attend camp activities with the camp group, which includes staff members.
  • All resident campers must be in their rooms and quiet hours observed by 10:30 PM.
Housing Regulations:
  • The University will bill any damages to property to the students and/or parents.
  • No room visitation permitted by members of the opposite gender at any time.
  • Smoking, drinking, or the use of illegal drugs will not be permitted.
  • Day campers visiting or eating at Abel/Sandoz Dining Hall are subject to all rules and regulations pertaining to resident campers.

Additional rules that are specified in the orientation and floor meetings apply.

Violation of Regulations:

Campers who violate these regulations are subject to discipline by the Head Counselor or the Camp Director. Any camper who persistently violates academic, Cornhusker Summer Marching Band Camp and/or Abel Hall regulations or standards of the University makes himself or herself liable for suspension by administrative action.

Grounds for Automatic Dismissal:

The use or possession of any illegal drug, alcohol, tobacco products, or any other controlled substance; the use of fireworks; the possession of any weapon; the breaking of any civil law or city ordinance is grounds for automatic dismissal from the Band Camp. Parents or guardians will be notified, and they are responsible for the camper’s immediate transportation home.

Have questions about the Summer Marching Band Camp?

Contact the Band Office at 402-472-2505.