• Photo of a Cornhusker Marching Band trumpet player at Memorial Stadium
  • Photo of Dr. Carolyn Barber conducting the Wind Ensemble
  • Photo of the Wind Ensemble percussion section.
  • Photo of Cornhusker Marching Band color guard member at Memorial Stadium.
  • Photo of Professor Anthony Falcone conducting the Symphonic Band.
  • Photo of the Big Red Express at Pinnacle Bank Arena.
  • Photo of Wind Ensemble flute players.
  • Photo of Cornhusker Marching Band cymbal players at Memorial Stadium.

About Nebraska Bands

The University of Nebraska bands are alive and well and looking for creative, energetic and innovative musicians to join us as we explore new territory this fall. The Cornhusker Marching Band is just finishing its first round of auditions. If you missed the deadline but would still like to jump in on the process contact the band office: 402-472-2505, band@unl.edu or submit the audition request form (see the links below). We’ll need to wrap up the process very soon so don’t delay.

If marching isn’t your thing but you love Husker athletics, the Big Red Express pep bands will be looking for members this fall. We’re not sure how the season will look for our Big Red teams, but the band will be ready to cheer them on. Contact Professor Doug Bush for more information, or submit an audition request using the link below.

If concert bands are more your style, there will be two running this fall: Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble. We’re hard at work building a new paradigm and there is a place for you if you would like to help design the future. To learn about Symphonic Band, contact Anthony Falcone. To investigate the Wind Ensemble and its unusual lab format, contact Dr. Carolyn Barber.

UNL Bands: the future is here!

Check out the Doug and Tony Show video links below to learn more about our program.

YouTube Video - Part 1: Who We Are

YouTube Video - Part 2: Cornhusker Marching Band

YouTube Video - Part 3: Cornhusker Marching Band Auditions

YouTube Video - Part 4: Big Red Express

YouTube Video - Part 5: Concert and Jazz Bands plus Camps and Festivals

Conhusker Marching Band Auditions

Big Red Express Auditions

All veteran marching band members: Please use the veteran registration form to sign up for the 2020 CMB rather than the request for a first-round audition at the link above. Percussion and color guard veterans can sign up for an audition using the veteran registration form.

CMB Veteran Registration Form

BRE Veteran Registration Form

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