NSF CAREER, etc. (2009-present) 
                Edgerton Innovation Award, UNL College of Engineering (2013)
                US Army Research Office (ARO, 2009-2012)
                NASA Nebraska Space Grant (2009-2012)
                SD Board of Regents Competitive Research Grant (2008)

Mechanical characterization of fiber networks  

               To optimize the microenviroment of cells and design future clincial relevan biomaterials.


Vascular remodeling: role of hemodynamics and solid mechanics   

               To understand the mechanism of in-stent restenosis from multiple scales (cell, tissue, organ) and multiphysics ( blood-artery interactions).


Traumatic brain injury: shock tube testing and  computational modeling of fluid-structure interaction

           To characterize the blast or impact induced brain damage.


Image assisted analysis

           To transform 2D images data, such as CT , MRI or microsopy, to 3D solid model with the utmost accuracy and flexibility, and perform a variety of design and analysis on the 3D model.